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5 Effective Workouts for Women at Home

Workout 1: Single-Leg Deadlift

When it comes to working your back muscles for best results, deadlifts make worthy mentions. Deadlifts touch all that concerns your back from your hamstrings to your glutes. Its benefits are visible in your core muscles and also leave the back muscles well-toned.

The single-leg deadlift is one variation that's proven effective for quick results. With the single-leg deadlifts, you won't spend your time on less impactful moves that produce average outcomes on your back. Instead, performing this workout on one foot strengthens your body balance in the long run.

How to Do the Single Leg Deadlift

• Get a pair of dumbbells, stand on your left foot.

• Stretch your right foot out behind you. Be sure to maintain a firm balance, and also keep your chest up.

• With the dumbbells still in both hands and your right leg behind, bend your hips forward.

• Press the right dumbbell downwards to your left foot.

• Reassume your standing position.

Perform 10 reps on each side (left and right). 

Workout 2: Side Plank

Planks come highly recommended in abdominal workouts. Of the popular planks, the side planks are just one of the few variations.

Toned abs and well-powered core muscles are some known plank benefits you'll experience after months of devotion. The core muscles give our body the balance, stamina, and stability essential for spinal activity.

The side-planks utilize an oblique-directional movement to energize abdominal muscles in positions regular crunches may not.

How to Perform Side-Planks

• Lie on your left side with your legs stretched out.

• Prop your upper body up on your left elbow and forearm.

• Lift your waist until your entire body forms a parallel line from your feet to your shoulders. Maintain this position for 30 seconds and release.

• Switch to your right side and repeat the same movements. Gradually move your endurance duration from 30 to 45 seconds, to whatever is convenient for you.

Workout 3: Push-Ups

Comprehensive workouts are highly preferred when the goal is to challenge the entire body. They make great programs as they burn out those unwanted calories. The push-up is an excellent example of a comprehensive workout.

There are several push-up types readapted to attain different results and are also effective for females.

For beginners, the push-up is an example of an efficient workout. It builds your body with the strength you need to execute actual movements. So, it still plays a vital role in improving your agility in other workouts and daily activities.

How to Push-Up

• Begin on all fours with your hands and legs on the floor slightly apart. Ensure they are in the same frame with your shoulders. Keep your feet closed.

• Keep your hips lifted and core firmly braced. Now lower your body to the ground (still brace yourself with chest nearly touching the floor) and mount your way back up by pushing yourself up with your hands.

Perform 15 reps regularly and increase the number of reps with time.

Workout 4: Second Position Pliés

Lower body considerations are essential for mapping out your workout routine as a woman. Here, 2nd position pliés become useful to your lower body. They come highly recommended for women due to the impact they have on the muscles that dwell in the lower part of your body.

Not all workouts target the lower body entirely, which is integral to having a good figure and the desired body balance. Pliés do more than working your lower half, the workouts build the muscles there and also burn calories.

During the pliés move, the squat movement you make helps tone your inner thighs and the sides of your butt too.

How to Do the 2nd Position Pliés

• Stand with your feet extended, and slightly turn out your toes.

• Get down by bending your knees until your thighs are in a parallel position with the floor. This position is also known as the pliés position if you're looking to hone your ballet skills.

• Get your arms akimbo and shoulders down.

• Gently push your body back up to your initial position and perform 15 reps.

Note: For beginners and pros alike, it's best to perform 2nd position pliés with guides from instructional videos and workout apps.

Workout 5: Triceps Extension

One of the popular features everyone looks for when measuring the body goals of exercise is the biceps. But the arms may never achieve their stellar look if you overlook the triceps. Like other variations of the tricep workouts, the triceps kickbacks will keep your arm healthy and good-looking.

Here's How to Do the Triceps Kickbacks:

• Get lightweights, which would allow you to perform 10 to 15 reps.

• Begin in a lunge position, with dumbbells weighing at least 2 pounds, with your heel on the floor.

• Lean over the knee bent forward as you raise your arm to your side with weight facing upwards.

• Raise and lower the weight in just an inch before switching sides (left-right)

• Perform about 30 reps per side.

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