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5 Apps to Help You Learn About the United States Constitution

App 1: United States Constitution

Just as the name implies, this app contains the full length of the Constitution, the United States of America’s supreme law. It consists of seven articles; three of which are pointers to the division of powers in the federal government; the legislative (bicameral Congress), the judicial (the federal courts and the Supreme court), and the executive (the presidency).

The next three articles major on federalism, describing all the responsibilities and privileges of state governments with regards to the federal government. And the seventh article defines the process adopted by all the thirteen states to sanction it.

This app also contains the twenty-seven amendments—the number of times the Constitution has been amended. The first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rights, restricts the government’s control and protects the freedom of the individual. The remaining seventeen amendments are directed at government-related processes and reinforcing civil rights.

The United States Constitution app lays out the Constitution in a user-friendly manner and is ideal for teaching citizens about their Constitutional rights. What more? It is free.

App 2: Interactive Constitution

This app does not only present the United States Constitution, but it also seeks to provide its users with a broader, legal, and philosophical perspective. In a bid to help the individual understand the Constitution better, the app relays the conversations between Constitutional scholars through essays and articles.

The Interactive Constitution app is free and is an effective means to interest citizens in reading and understanding the U.S Constitution. The National Constitution Centre designed this app in conjunction with the American Constitution Society, and they carefully divide all the significant sections of the Constitution into tabs.

With Interactive Constitution, you can now learn the Constitution more quickly, having a more balanced understanding using different standpoints. This is one of the best constitutional apps.

App 3: United States History

Here is the one-stop concerning every updated information about the United States. This US history app is mostly a collection of past speeches, documents, dates, and it can be a reliable source of prior information when you need it.

Some of the historical information contained within here include:

Constitution, branches of government, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, flag code are some of the vital historical information currently stored on the United States History app.

The United States History app is regularly updated to keep abreast of the information flow.

App 4: US Amendments

Everywhere you go, you can now have your Constitutional Amendments go with you by using the U.S Amendments app.

Since the institution of the Constitution in 1789, it has undergone amendments twenty-seven times. Amendments are usually necessary to strengthen the feebler articles of the Confederation and protect the civil rights of the individual.

In 1791, the first ten of the twenty-seven amendments were ratified collectively as the Bill of Rights, and the remaining seventeen ratified later. The majority of these amendments restrict the government’s powers and protect the individual’s civil rights to liberty.

All of this information is contained within the U.S Amendment app and they are easy to obtain everywhere you go. It is a dream app, straightforward, and devoid of annoying ads. So, now you can learn the Amendments on the move.

This app is a privately-owned mobile software that eases the process of finding solutions to legal-related problems. It is a versatile app that fills in for a physical law library. U.S Laws and Legal Issues contains several distinguishing features and activities which you can carry out using the app. Some of which are:

• Learning to file complaints to resolve consumer-related issues properly

• Hire Legal counsel services at low-cost or for free

• Understand employment laws and how to address related problems

• Learn about the legislation guiding voting and the election process

• Learn to self-protect from scams and thieves.

The U.S Laws and Legal Issues app still have several other things to offer, and any individual can get access to them after downloading the app for free.

All American citizens should learn the Constitution. These rules and beliefs are the backbones of society, and they structure every aspect of our lives. You no longer need to sweat over it. Just as mobile apps make learning and obtaining information from books, dictionaries, encyclopedias easier and faster, today, some apps contain the Constitution and make it easier for citizens to learn about their Constitutional rights.

You cannot fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are. Download the best U.S. Constitution Apps today and make it your mission to learn the Constitution.

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