3D Puzzle Games

3D Puzzle Games

3D puzzles are a unique combination of creativity and logic, not to mention a whole lot of fun for people on either side of that spectrum. Instead of creating a 2D picture that you can only display by hanging on the wall, you can build a masterpiece that can be seen from all angles. Plus, these puzzles open up a whole new world of design options, from medieval architecture to modern-day stadiums and everything in between. Why would you want to put a picture of city scenery together when you can build a skyline that ascends towards the ceiling in real life? 

Even though 3D puzzles can be very realistic, that's also their flaw. They're nearly impossible to create and take with you. If you want to build a 3D puzzle, you'll be building it in one spot. You'll be at work, thinking about getting home to your workshop and diving back into your 3D puzzle. New technology, however, might just be able to change all that.

3D Puzzle Mobile Apps

Fortunately for those who can't get enough of these design challenges, 3D puzzle mobile apps are now available on iPhone and Android. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Well, if it's on a phone screen, it's not really going to be 3D." You'd be very surprised at how much it feels like the real thing, even just on your phone or tablet. You'll still be positioning each 3D piece in the design and seeing it grow outwards and upwards, all beneath your fingertips. So before you decide to write these puzzles off as "not as good as the real thing", you might want to consider all of the features they bring to the table. 

Instead of being confined to one puzzle at a time, you can save puzzles on these apps and come back to them. You can also embrace your creative side by choosing from a variety of puzzle designs, shapes, landscapes, and cityscapes so that you can build your favorite subjects. These games are also much more convenient to play while traveling, and offer the added bonus of online connectivity, making what was once a solo activity into a potential group event.

Convenient Fun on the Go

Unlike a 3D puzzle you create on a table or in your home workshop, a 3D puzzle mobile game can go with you wherever you go. As you travel, you might find yourself wishing you were at home building your puzzle. This could really take the fun out of vacation if you're wanting to spend some of your downtime working on a 3D puzzle, but they can be very challenging to tote around.

With a 3D puzzle app on your phone, you don't have to worry about packing up 1000 pieces or finding space in your vacation house to build. And since they're portable, you can play them in the car, during a long plane flight, or even during a slow day at work. These games are very realistic to actual 3D puzzles, and whatever touch of traditional puzzle-making you might lose when you move to these on-screen alternatives, you'll make up for it with convenience. It's never been easier to enjoy 3D puzzles on the go.

Varying Difficulty & Styles

Along with convenient travel options, 3D puzzle apps also provide flexibility of style and difficulty level that you won't find in their physical counterparts. When you are looking for your next 3D puzzle, you're either confined to what you see in the store or you're waiting for it to get delivered. Conversely, the mobile app versions allow you to choose from thousands of pictures, hundreds of styles, and multiple difficulty levels so that you can find the perfect fit for you. 

With so many choices available, you might even want to work on multiple puzzles at the same time. There are even puzzle game challenges and game modes that can keep you guessing, and keep you entertained when you want a break from your project. As you scroll through all of the options, you can filter choices by topic, difficulty, and style so that you can create anything from a Rockie Mountain cabin scene to a cruise-liner sailing the ocean.

Join Other Puzzle Lovers

Another amazing feature of 3D puzzle apps is its online connectivity. This allows you to link up with friends in many different ways. For instance, if you're someone who loves to have a partner working on a puzzle with you, you'll still be able to do this through the apps. All you need is cellular data or a WiFi connection, and you'll be able to work on the same puzzle as your friend. You could also message and chat about your favorite puzzles or share a finished product with your friends.

These multiplayer and messaging opportunities can turn your solo puzzles into group puzzle adventures, or at least give you the ability to show off what you've worked so hard on. Now, instead of your friends never seeing your 3D puzzle collection until they come over to your house, showing them is just one touch of a button away. 

It doesn't matter if you've been doing puzzles for years, or just getting started. 3D puzzle mobile apps offer the engaging excitement and breathtaking scenes of 3D puzzles, combined with the convenience and connective capabilities of your smartphone.