1010 Puzzle Games

1010 Puzzle Mobile Apps

1010 puzzle mobile apps are a specific kind of logic puzzle game
that combines reaction, spatial awareness, and strategy. Available on PC and mobile forums, this game can be incredibly addicting. The point of the game is to fill the spaces on a blank grid with blocks of varying shapes and sizes. These blocks are presented to the player 3 at a time, so he or she must decide where to put them without knowing where the next 3 are going to be able to fit. Once you completely fill in a line, that line will clear away, giving the player more open space on the grid. 

It's a little bit like the classic game of Tetris, which challenges the player's ability to make shapes fit together to save space. The largest difference from Tetris is that you, the player, will control the pace of the game. And you can place the blocks anywhere, not just into the bottom row. The idea is to make the most of your space, so a popular strategy is to start at the outside of the grid and work your way in. 

Learning How to Play

While these 1010 puzzles can be very addicting, they do take some time to master. The game board is a 10x10 space grid, and the blocks range in shape and size. There is a 3x3 space block that takes up the most room on the board, so you have to plan ahead with what you're going to do with this one. As you get the hang of things, you'll find there are different strategies to fitting the most blocks or clearing lines most quickly. 

Many of these 1010 puzzle games come complete with tutorial modes that will teach you about the game. If you've never played, you should definitely try one of the tutorial apps out first. If you have played before and understand the game pretty well, it might behoove you to try an advanced tutorial that shows you the various strategies as well. The more you learn about the game, the more you'll want to spend hours on your phone filling in these grids in creative ways and crushing your high score. 

Varying Levels of Difficulty

After you master the tutorials, these 1010 puzzle apps offer various degrees of difficulty. That's why they can be so addicting. Even as a beginner, you can find just enough of a challenge and success to keep you coming back. If you enjoy combining math (specifically geometry) with logic and spatial awareness, then choosing where to place these blocks to clear the most lines will have you entertained for hours. 

You can start with beginning levels to learn the game. These beginning levels provide tips in certain situations (that you can disable after a while), and they even let you look ahead at the next blocks on certain occasions. These crutches will go away as you level up, but you'll be a pro by then. Pretty soon, you'll be doubling up on star bonuses, clearing lines quickly, and sailing past your previous high scores with ease. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and these apps have a place for everyone to start comfortably. 

Challenge Your Friends

Another great aspect of 1010 puzzle mobile games is how easy and convenient they are to play with your friends. While it may be a solo game, it's always fun to duel with your friends online to see who can post the highest score. Games like 1010! Color offers exciting online play and even group high score charts that can be kept over time. It's almost like being in a bowling league except you can post your best round wherever, whenever.  

These games don't require cellular data when playing solo, but you can use data or WiFi to connect with friends, chat on the game, and challenge them with high scores. You can even screen record your rounds to share online so that other people can see your mastery. With online connectivity, the options are endless. These mobile apps transform the solo gaming world into an interactive gaming group of people who love 1010 just as much as you do. 

Other Kinds of Puzzle Games

Furthermore, the action doesn't have to stop with 1010 puzzle games. If you love these kinds of challenges, you'll be a big fan of other kinds of block puzzle games as well. With the variety of game modes and challenges that these block puzzle mania apps have to offer, you're going enjoy bouncing back and forth between games like Unblocked and Rush Hour and the 1010 puzzles. Block puzzle games feature similar challenges to 1010 games with some interesting and exciting twists. 

Also, if you want to try your hand at number block puzzles, there are also apps available like Sudoku games that can be a refreshing challenge. Trying to fit blocks into certain spaces can be fun, but trying to fit numbers in a particular order and pattern can also be an exciting change of pace. You can switch back and forth so you don't wear yourself out with either game style. 

No matter what your expertise level or what kind of experience you're looking for, 1010 puzzles provide an addictive thrill that is easy to learn and fun to play for hours.