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✋ Stop Procrastinating with The Best Day Planner Apps

By Dec 28, 2018

Productivity like any good plan needs to have a head and a tail. With the Best 10 Day Planner Apps you can quickly bring order to your day and start feeling more satisfied.

An unorganized workday is like fast food. You don’t feel the damaging consequences until much later. Actually, it’s even worse, because it doesn’t even taste good.

Especially if you’re a freelancer, the lack of organization brings you to work during your unproductive hours, bad eating habits and the worst of all - thinking you don’t have time for having fun.

And the fact about organizing is - you need to do this by yourself! But, to help you out here’s are 3 quick tips to bring just the right amount of order in your life to make you more satisfied.

1. Morning - Find Your Weapon Against Procrastination

Morning procrastination is that “harmless” bacteria that eats you from inside out. You wake up 8 am to start working at 9 am only to realize it’s already 1 pm.

So you need to keep it in place. If you’re a writer, open a document instead of Twitter, if you’re a designer, open your designs instead of Instagram.

You need a mental weapon that breaks the habit every time procrastination creeps in.

2. Afternoon - Walk Your Way Towards Productivity

An unorganized day is also like evil domino blocks. You feel bad for morning procrastination, so around 3 pm, you push yourself way to hard.

But the irony is, you need a break no matter if your “morning work” was staring at a wall or actual work.

One company asked workers to take two 15-minute (phoneless) daily walks and after a month, the company received a 30% productivity boost!

3. Evening - Avoid Tomorrow Blues with Quick Today Planning

The happiness you feel at the day’s end always comes back to bite you the next morning. Why? Because it’s pity happiness and not genuine happiness.

By taking 15 minutes in the evening to plan tomorrow’s actions tells your brain what to expect and apps like help you quickly organize in advance.

Because what’s 15 min of planning compared to feeling satisfied 24/7?

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  • To do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders

Remember, there isn’t an instant way out - we’re not living in a La La Land, but in the Real Real Land.

The key to a productive day is making that small forced push in the morning, taking a break in the afternoon and a bit of planning in the evening.

Finally, with the Best 10 Day Planner Apps the entire process will be faster because you’ll have “physical evidence” of your progress. And nothing says success like a row of green checkmarks on your work list.

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