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💪 Stay Winter Fit with The Best Body Weight Workout Apps

Winter might be here, but that’s no reason to hibernate and put on extra pounds. It made sense back when humanity lived in caves but, you know, we’ve come a long way since then.

In fact, there are many perks of winter exercise than you’d think. So we bring you 3 benefits of a winter exercise that might just make it worth your while.

Because what better time to start looking sexier than when days are shorter and nobody can see you?

1. You Can Burn Some Extra Calories in Winter

Unless you’re living in Alaska, there isn’t time that’s too cold for an exercise (as long as you put on your threads of course).

With proper clothes, your body will not only maintain the optimal temperature of 98.6 degrees but also burn an extra few of those turkey calories before you even start.

What’s that sorcery you ask? Since it’s colder, just by shivering you burn a couple of bonus calories!

2. Helps You With Sickness

Ok, we understand, you don’t like to go out. But you still should exercise as it can boost your immune system.

It’s a great way not to end in the 20%-club of Americans that catch a cold or flu every winter. Just don’t overdo, keep it moderate and of course, don’t exercise sick.

We suggest Freeletics because if you don’t feel like going to the gym - the gym can come to you.

3. Helps You With Sadness

If you’re following our newsletter (you’re awesome btw), you know we talked about the best food to wash away winter blues. Well, hold your forks and knives!

Exercise is a great way to fight grumpiness. We hate feeling grumpy and a quick 15-minute workout can easily fix that.

15 minutes is all it takes with Sworkit. Because what’s better? 15 minutes of exercise or 24 hours of moodiness?

While the strong bear is sleeping somewhere in a wintery cave, it’s time for you to bear up! A quick exercise and a simple diet will turn a harsh and dry winter into a summer breeze.

Finally, you can use one of the Best 10 Body Weight Workout Apps if you want to exercise at home without having to buy any exercise equipment.

You’re basically burning calories without burning money. How great is that?

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