🚀 Skyrocket Job Opportunities With The Best Lifelong Learning Apps

Constant job hopping is millennials’ least favorite dance and we shiver just thinking of the consequences. So here’s a shot of healthy motivation for you.

Lifelong learning and new skills not only make finding a new job easier but you’ll likely to earn at least 50% more over the lifetime than sticking to one job. Besides investing in learning, here are 3 tips to help you find the job you want.

1. Search Outside the Box = Find a Job

We love to search online job posts. But incredible 80% of job opportunities don’t get posted! Think about it - out of 10 options, we find only 2. In gambling terms, those are extremely bad odds and we don’t want to gamble.

So what to do? Research! Take a day to discover companies in your field and send that resume. If you do that, your chances theoretically increase by an incredible 80%!

2. Send Follow-Up Email = Get the Job

We want to believe our work is done after we send the job resume. Fast forward 2 weeks, no reply and we can’t help but hate the employer who doesn’t understand our potential.

But by sending a follow-up email or a simple thank you note after the interview, your chances grow astronomically. To put it in other words - 56% of employers see lack of follow-up as lack of employee’s seriousness.

3. Nurture Soft Skills = Receive Promotion

Soft skills aren’t actual skills, but valuable personality traits we improve through lifelong learning. Baffling 93% of employers think critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills are more important than a degree.

Soft skills might seem abstract but famous sites like LinkedIn Learning have classes focused exclusively on soft skills in their library of lifelong learning courses.

The clear-cut way to enjoy the pleasure of changing jobs is to have goals and constantly develop skills and gain experience. You gain experience by waking up in the morning and facing the music. As for skill development, The Best 10 Lifelong Learning Apps are here to help you.

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