💲 Secure Yourself For Life with The Best Apps for Insurance

By Jan 9, 2019

Shopping for insurance is all about being prepared. So before you start browsing The Best 10 Apps for Insurance, find out what you should know so when you start, you get exactly what you need.

There's hardly a person who enjoys life insurance shopping and hunting for the best quote, the truth is, we have to do it. 

Still, only around 62% of American citizens say they have life insurance.

Nevertheless, just because it's something we should do it, that doesn't mean you should be at the mercy of the person selling you the insurance.

So we bring you 3 tips to help you be a bit more ready once you enter the office for the faithful talk.

1. Find The Numbers Yourself

You can never get the exact number, but you can calculate a pretty accurate expectancy which can find you better insurance quotes.

First, you should add your debts, mortgage, and funeral costs. We know, not the most cheerful activity.

Next, multiply your annual income with the number of years your family needs support.

As an extra, include kids' education and that's it. You have an estimate.

2. Get a Bit More For More Safety

It is tempting to save money, but keep in mind this isn't like buying milk - you can't just pick a new cow if you don't want the first.

It is recommended to add a little bit extra and the reason is the same as for why you can't get an exact number - life changes.

Your income will likely go up as the years pass and so will your expenses. Since this is a future investment, invest a bit extra.

3. Pick Monthly Payment

No matter if you're buying term life insurance or whole life insurance, it's always advised to pay monthly, rather than quarterly.

Based on research done by an insurance quote company, in 99% of times, you'll pay less annually if you pick monthly payment. 

Naturally, you can also pay the annual cost at once if you can. But if not, the monthly payment is likely your best bet.

Although getting life insurance takes a bit more than just 3 steps, the 3 tips will hopefully help you once the time comes to make the decision.

You can also check out insurance quotes and offers by using one of The Best 10 Apps for Insurance and see if you find out what you need. 

It's easier and you don't have to wait in line. Either way, we wish you all the best and hope you get the insurance as fast as possible.

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