💲 🎁 Save Money On Last-Minute Gifts with Best Gift Cards Apps

We spend around $900 per person just on Christmas gifts. That’s a lot!

And depending on how many family members and friends you have, you can run out of cash faster than you can open a present.

To help you save money and even buy last-minute gifts for those you might have “accidentally” forgot, we bring you 4 money-saving tools to quickly dish out the presents all over the country.

1. Send Thoughtful Christmas Cards Instantly

An average American sends around 20 Christmas cards each year. That’s a lot of writing!

This won’t hurt your wallet, but it takes time to write each one. So why not go digital? And we don’t mean pixelated cards.

TouchNote allows you to quickly create custom cards and send them in batches via postal mail. Even better, you can get them framed and also get discounts if you’re sending more than one.

2. Send Customized Last-Minute Gifts

Besides spending money, it takes a lot of time figuring out the perfect gift. And that’s not all. After figuring out, you need to find it, then buy it and then deliver or send it.

So why not cover all the steps at once and save money along the way?

Giftagram is a unique app that allows you to browse gifts at one moment and have them wrapped and sent the next. Plus, they offer generous discounts.

3. Save Cash on Fine Drinks

If you have friends who enjoy a fine bottle of wine or liquor for Christmas, buying gifts can be an expensive sport.

A $40 bottle here, a $40 bottle there and you’ll soon wish you’ve spent all that money on a single bottle for yourself.

Luckily, Minibar might save you from going bankrupt and uncomfortable headaches. Plus, you can send the order as a gift in a matter of an hour. 

4. Send Gifts on Time Even When Late

You’re eating the Christmas dinner and just as you’re about to dig into your favorite cake, you remember you forgot to buy something for a family member.

The clock is ticking, but what can you do? It’s already Christmas!

Gyft comes as a last-minute resort as all you have to do is pick a gift card and send it instantly. Oh, and you can include a cheerful video how it was all a surprise as well.

Oh No!

This app was removed from the app store by the developer. We suggest other top Loan Calculator apps here:

Best 10 Gift Cards Apps

Buying Christmas presents is a great way to show your appreciation, but it doesn’t mean you have to go all out.

Instead, play it smart and save some cash without sacrificing the joy with one of the Best 10 Gift Cards Apps.

Finally, and most importantly, remember to share the upcoming holiday cheer with family and friends, because in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

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