😊 Rewind Over Weekend With The Best Apps for Running & Walking

“Laughter is the best medicine”. When someone gives you this cliche advice after a stressful week, in the best case scenario, you want to punch the person.

As it turns out, just by putting a smile, you trick your brain to release helpful chemicals that make you feel better. Of course, that doesn’t mean smiling solves all problems.

But it’s a great way to start the rewinding process after a hard working week. We bring you 4 other tips to refill your batteries and prepare for the upcoming week.

1. Don’t Bring Your Work Home - Seriously

Around 52% of employees in the US say that bringing work home has a negative impact on social and family relationships. Even worse, 43% of them believe that makes them perform worse at work!

So you’re creating a vicious circle you don’t really need in life, especially on a weekend. So start by turning off everything related to work. Your boss might just thank you for that.

2. Plan a Weekend Activity (Bring Your Friends or Family)

Planning a weekend hike is a bulletproof way to unwind and refill your batteries. But a hike requires some planning, so put it on your bucket list for now. Instead of a hike, go for a walk.

Even in colder days, a simple walk can instantly reduce stress and you get bonus points if you go with friends. Who’d thought putting one foot in front of the other was so beneficial, right?

3. Track Your Activities to Double the Reward

No, we’re not talking about tracking job statistics, we left that in the office. By tracking fitness progress, your brain automatically accepts the challenge and makes you feel good once you succeed - plus, it's healthy.

How to track you ask? Well, it doesn’t make sense to count it yourself. Instead, you can use apps like Pacer to count steps and map your routes.

4. Finish Your Day With a Movie

What? TV?! Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about a 6-hour binge marathon. But watching an enjoyable movie at the end of the day on one of the streaming apps can make you feel better.

There is a catch! If you watch TV feeling stressed, you’ll feel more stressed. If you do it after a relaxing activity like a walk, you’ll feel more relaxed. So remember, walk/run first, TV later. 

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The weekend is your opportunity for relaxation, stronger and happier so it’s important to take the chance. If not, your stress will spill over from one week to another.

Not bringing your work home is the first step. The second is to find a mix of activity and fun. Take a simple walk or run and track progress with Best 10 Apps for Running & Walking.

Finally, wrap it all up with a TV show. This way, you’ll be ready for Monday and any other day in the week.

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