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💑 Plan a Perfect Couple Trip with Best Trip Planning Apps

By Jan 4, 2019

Planning a trip as a couple is different than planning a trip with friends. With the help of The Best 10 Travel Planning Apps, it's much easier to ensure a romantic trip stays romantic.

Around 68% of couples believe traveling together is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. 

And how wouldn't they? We're surprised the percentage isn't higher.

But grabbing bags and jumping on the first plane doesn't mean everything will go exactly as you planned. Why? Because you need planning.

We're not saying you need to plan absolutely everything - that's as bad as not planning at all.

So, to find the sweet spot, we bring you 4 tips for planning a romantic trip.

1. Book Your Trip Under 7 Days

You might think the longer you and your partner travel the better. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

According to Dr. Angela Durko, an assistant professor of recreation, park and tourism sciences, satisfaction drops after 6 days.

We're guessing you don't want your romantic vacation ruined, so book under a week and enjoy your vacation like a newly dating couple.

2. You're Not Alone - Compromise To Success

If you ever went on a romantic trip, you probably had an outstanding revelation - your partner doesn't like everything you do. Shocking, we know.

Although you already found great travel deals, you likely didn't think what you will do once you get there.

Before packing, use CheckMyTrip to create an itinerary together so you know you won't get in each other's way (not too much at least).

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3. Going Together Doesn't Mean You Can't Have Solo Time

When you think about romantic trips, you automatically picture you'll spend every second together in perfect harmony.

It will be great! You'll sightsee together, eat together, sleep together and then... probably have a big fight.

So while you're creating that itinerary, you should both plan your solo time as well. That doesn't mean you don't love each other; it means you're human.

4. A Quick Way to Solve the Money Problem

You thought we wouldn't talk about the green monster?

Money can quickly become a problem so keep it simple. Have one side pay for everything and once you get back home, the other one can wire-transfer their part.

We'll make it easy by suggesting an app called Venmo. You can even share vacation purchases in case you find yourselves in an unexpected situation.

  • Venmo: Send & Receive Money
  • Venmo: Send & Receive Money
  • Venmo: Send & Receive Money
  • Venmo: Send & Receive Money
  • Venmo: Send & Receive Money

The whole idea of a romantic trip is to further improve your relationship. 

With the tips in your mind, you can be sure everything will go as planned. Finally, it becomes even more comfortable if you use one of The Best 10 Travel Planning Apps.

But most importantly, have fun together - you deserve it.

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