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💰 Mastermind Your Debt Payoff with The Best Apps for Calculating Credit Card Debt

If you ask any person that managed to pay off their debt how they did it, the answer will likely be similar - strategy and determination. Sound simple, right?

Well, it is. Paying off a debt isn’t magic done by some wizards in weird-looking dresses, but careful step-by-step planning.

So, we bring you 4 tips to help you pay off your debt and tools that make the journey towards a happier future super easy and even enjoyable.

1. Quickly List Your Debts

The first thing you need to do is swallow the bitter bill, sorry, pill and face the music. And that means listing your debts. If you don’t do this, you’ll just end up running circles.

We suggest Mint as a great tool to organize your credit cards, debts and everything else in a single app.

Trust us, you might cry a bit, but you’ll feel a giant boulder lifted off your back.

Oh No!

This app was removed from the app store by the developer. We suggest other top Loan Calculator apps here:

Best 10 Apps for Calculating Credit Card Debt

2. Easily Find the Pay Off Money

No, we’re not talking about borrowing money from shady people in a dark alley. The reality is, you have the money, you just don’t know it (yet).

A simple way to find “secret money” is by using the budget info you gather in Mint. This way you’ll have your master plan in one app.

This isn’t obvious until you start, but once you list, you’ll realize there’s $200 here and $200 there you can use.

3. Pick Your Personal Payoff Strategy

One strategy is to pay off the minimum amount for every debt except the one with the highest interest rate. Use the leftovers to pay the high-interest debt.

The second is the snowball strategy where you start with the low-interest first.

The first strategy is more effective, but the second provides quick results. We suggest Debt Payoff Planner for finding out which strategy works better. 

4. Receive an Unexpected Payoff Boost

Remember that awesome financial plan you created following the first and second tip? Well, there are tons of small situations where you’ll “get” extra money along the way.

Bought something on discount? Got tax return? Received a bonus? Hell, got $100 for your birthday? Put all that saved money in the payoff budget.

When you sum up these mini inflows, you’ll discover that 2+2 can be thousand!

Debt can seem like a rabbit hole filled with spikes, snakes, bombs and everything else that makes going into it horrific.

But all you have to do is put your strategic hat on and start planning.

Just creating a simple strategy already removes tons of obstacles and using a couple of the Best 10 Apps for Calculating Credit Card Debt makes it even easier.

Don’t believe us? Well, you can’t know until you try it. Good luck!

Check below:
  • Stebt: Payoff Debt with a Snowball Loan Calculator. Time to be Debt-Free.

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  • Do it, do it now! See what it takes to become Debt Free!

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  • FreeBird (Formerly LendPal) - Track all the money You Lent or Borrowed

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  • Average lifetime savings of $5,300*. No more high APRs, missed payments or fees.

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  • IOU (I Owe You) - personal debts and loans manager for things and money

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  • Loan Calculator!
    Easy, Fast, Useful

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  • List of debts - write down and you will not forget!

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  • An easy-to-use tool to estimate payment, affordability and refinance opportunity

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  • Track and manage your debts and loans (Finance)

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