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🍷 Master Wine Tasting 🍷 with The Best Apps for Finding Wine

🍷 Master Wine Tasting 🍷 with The Best Apps for Finding Wine

By Dec 27, 2018

Enjoying wine can be even more interesting by learning the basics of wine tasting. And after mastering the basics, you can use Best 10 Apps for Finding Wine to get your hands on your favorite bottle.

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Winter is when we bring out the red wine. Besides mixing perfectly with heavier winter meals, wine tasting is also a great way to socialize. The problem is, most of us have no idea what all that wine sniffing, glass swirling and mouth gargling has to do with the fine art of wine tasting.

To help you feel less embarrassed the next time a friend brings a bottle of red wine, here are 3 quick and helpful wine tasting tips.

1. Visual - Learn Wine Age & Alcohol

You know how it goes. Some guy picks up the glass, points it towards the light and in a smirky voice says: “yes, this is a 10-year-old wine.”

What he’s looking at is the color and wine tears or small drops near the top. The longer the wine tears are, the more alcohol the wine has. Similarly, if you pick up orange hues, it means the wine is old, while purple indicates youth.

2. Smell - Discover Aromas

The next step is to put your nose in the glass. If you’re unlucky, you’ll instantly smell moldy, almost fish-like odor. This is a sign you should throw the wine in the toilet. Luckily, only 1 in 100 bottles turns bad.

What you’ll be looking for is fruity smells (not grape). With red wine think of red fruits like strawberry or black fruits like blueberry and let your imagination run free.

3. Sip To Come to a Conclusion

Tasting is done to round up everything you learned from observing and smelling. Is it strong in alcohol? Can your tongue locate the same aromas as your nose? Find the connection between the taste and smell.

Remember that wine tasting is a personal experience and if you want to take notes, apps like Vivino are perfect for that. Although, after gaining experience, you’ll no longer need help.

Congratulations, you learned what that wine smelling and swirling is all about. As a bonus tip, to keep an open bottle as fresh as possible, store corked bottles horizontally. This prevents oxidation which is the main reason why good wine turns rotten.

Finally, you likely have a bottle at home, but if not, you can easily find one using Best 10 Apps for Finding Wine.

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