🎶 Listen to Holiday Songs with the Best Apps for FM Radio

Who would’ve thought that Jingle Bells was originally sung on Thanksgiving?! Holidays are sure full of surprises.

While you’re still feeling the Christmas cheer, you can enjoy it more by discovering the classic and new holiday songs.

We made your job easier by collecting 3 perfect apps to bring the holiday cheer to your family home through the entire week.

1. Listen to Holiday Jazz, Rock & Classics

Some family members prefer rock, some prefer jazz, but you all love the holidays (we’re guessing it’s true if you’re reading this).

So if you’re looking for some diverse source of winter songs, we believe Christmas Radio will be perfect for you.

We also think the app should be called Christmas Radios because you can easily pick from over 20 different radio stations. It’s Christmas all winter long!

2. Have a Holiday Karaoke Party

There are also family members who don’t like to sing, but we’re certain even the most hesitant ones let their pipes run free during winter.

And that’s the perfect time for karaoke. To easily keep the Christmas cheer in your home, we suggest Karaoke by Yokee as it has an exclusive list of holiday songs.

A little birdy told us you can also record and send charming cards to the ones you love.

3. Christmas Songs From Around the World

Everybody knows songs like Jingle Bells or All I Want For Christmas Is You - timeless classics for sure!

But what about songs from other countries? We suggest Christmas Music as it’s an incredibly simple app that collects holiday tunes from the entire World in one place.

You can find and listen to the song you like, or you can pick a radio station and the let the good times roll all winter long.

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Best 10 Apps for FM Radio

Holiday songs and family go together like beautifully wrapped gifts and a stylishly decorated Christmas tree.

And the easy way to find great songs for the family gathering is with the Best 10 Apps for FM Radio.

Enjoy the special days with the ones you love and sing a song or two. Who knows, somebody in your family might have hidden singing talent.

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