💰 🚗 Frugal Car Owning with Best Apps for Tracking Car Maintenance

An old proverb (we don’t know how old) says “I’m too poor to buy cheap.”

Let’s say you buy cheap shoes to “save” money only to buy new cheap shoes two months later because the first ones wore out. A year later you end up with $600 less in the pocket and with crappy shoes on your feet.

We apply similar (il)logic to our vehicle maintenance, except the annual expense is bigger than $600. We bring you 4 tips to save money on maintenance and also make your car happy.

1. Clean Car’s Air Filter To Increase Mileage

Cost: $0

Annual Saving: $130

You know how hard it is to breathe when you get a stuffy nose over winter? That’s what a dirty air filter does to your car.

Although it’s good to check monthly, the important thing is to clean the filter every now and then. A dirty filter shortens the engine’s life and can reduce gasoline mileage by 10%. Not good.

2. Don’t Waste Your Money on Premium Gas

Cost: Regular gas costs 50 cents less per gallon

Annual Saving: $200-400

We love the word “premium”. It makes everything shinier and better. But it turns out premium gas isn’t any better than regular gas.

Unless you’re driving a monster SUV, the advantages of premium gas aren’t exactly premium. Besides sticking to regular, you can save money by finding lowest gas prices with apps like GasBuddy.

3. Change Oil, But Not Every 3,000 Miles

Cost: $25-50

Annual Saving: $250-2000

To further use human body analogies, oil is car’s blood. And if the engine (heart) can’t pump correctly, the repair costs can easily go 4-figure.

Since we’re not living in 1970s, you don’t have to do it every 3,000 miles. Instead, 8,000 is more than enough.

Apps like myCARFAX can remind you every time an oil change is due.

4. Save Your Money on Car Parts

Cost: Depends on the Car Part

Annual Saving: Depends on the Car Part

You already know this, but at one point, something has to break. It’s the cruel reality of the world we live in and we’re sure your car shares the pain.

But, when something breaks on your car, instead of regular car part shopping, try one of the apps for finding car parts. You can easily find discounts and special offers.

Don't stress over finding a deal on auto parts. Compare car part warehouses and find the best parts & accessories near you in minutes!

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Let’s wrap up with one more body analogy. Same as keeping a close eye on your body keeps you healthy, the same applies to your car.

With Best 10 Apps for Tracking Car Maintenance, you become your car’s private doctor who saves money by keeping his patient healthy. It’s a win-win situation when you look at it that way.

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