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😷 Fight Winter Sickness 😰 with Best Apps for Grocery Delivery

😷 Fight Winter Sickness 😰 with Best Apps for Grocery Delivery

By Dec 28, 2018

The correct diet can help you fight winter sickness and grumpiness. Even better, Best 10 Apps for Grocery Delivery ensure you can buy the food without going out and facing the winter harshness.

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For most people, there aren’t many reasons to look forward to winter besides Christmas and mulled wine. You can easily get sick and even sad thanks to cold weather and shorter days.

Luckily, depending on the food you take you can act like a hacker of your own body and ensure your system is winter-ready.

We bring you 5 food tips to make winter super easy to handle.

1. Eat Iron To Stay Warm

Food: red meat, eggs, beans, dried fruit.

Bad jokes aside, we’re not talking about iron used to make steel. But besides warm clothes, eating food rich in iron is a great way to keep the body warm, especially for people with anemia.

Iron acts as Uber to help oxygen deliver nutrition and heat to cells. When there’s no iron to “drive” oxygen around, you’ll start to feel the chills.

2. Vitamin C Won’t Cure Flu But…

Food: citrus fruit, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers.

Contrary to what your grandma told you, oranges won’t make you flu-proof, but it might ensure you have minor flu instead of full-blown pneumonia.

Besides reducing the length of the symptoms, Vitamin C goes great with exercising because it strengthens bones.

If it’s too cold to go shopping, use Instacart to have vitamin C-rich groceries come to you.

3. Smart Carb Intake to Wash Your Winter Blues

Food: sweet potato, corn, brown rice, whole oats

Food rich in carbs has a bad reputation because it can make you fat. But when S.A.D. aka Seasonal Affective Disorder hits, carbs can cheer you up!

So instead of eating candy and cake, eat food rich with complex carbs like sweet potato. It’s healthier, sweet and it just might put a smile on your face.

4. Zinc Helps with Dry Skin

Food: peanuts, roast beef, pumpkin seeds, ginger.

You know when winter hits and suddenly your skin looks flaky and scaly as if you were a lizard? Well, there’s a 4-letter solution to the problem and it’s called zinc.

Zinc helps your skin and nails stay shiny, especially during dry winters and as an added bonus, helps with your immune system.

5. Balance Your Vitamins, Iron, Carbs & Zinc

It’s cool we’re providing this helpful info, but how to juggle all these vitamins, zincs and irons?

You see, too much zinc or iron can cause stomach aches and certain toilet problems. That’s never a good situation, no matter if it’s summer or winter.

So, a good strategy is to use healthy eating apps to plan your winter diet and get the correct balance of everything you need.

Carb Counters, diet coaches, and more, all at the touch of a button! Develop a healthier lifestyle for your dietary needs with the best healthy eating apps.

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Let’s be honest, winter is a harsh time of year. We either get sick, sad or both - it sucks. But with some smart eating decisions, you can combat sickness and sadness.

The problem is, there isn’t some “superfood” to fight everything and shopping can get overwhelming.

So we recommend Best 10 Apps for Grocery Delivery to easily get your hands on healthy food without having to “Jon Snow” your way across the snowy desert.

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