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🎵 Discover Teen Music Habits with the Best Music Streaming Apps

Although there’s a slight age gap between an average 30-year old and a 23-year old, it seems the way they consume music is extremely different.

How’s that possible, you might think? Both are young, tech-savvy app users, right? But it looks like the way they see music differentiates in many ways.

Same as with movies and TV shows, teens are changing the music industry. We bring you 4 unique and surprising trends in youth’s music consumption habits.

1. Money Isn’t a Taboo For Teens

Back when the Internet became a thing, it allowed people to download free music illegally. The music industry didn’t like that.

This created a huge controversy as many Millennials thought music should be free.

But not for the average modern teen. Over 60% of people between 18-23 years old are fine with paying for music, in comparison to 52% of Millennials. Richer or simply fairer?

2. YouTube = Discovery, Spotify = Listening

YouTube is still the number one place where people find entertainment and stunning 75% of teens use YouTube to discover new music.

But, once they discover new tunes, the percentage drops down to 25% as over 60% of them use Spotify for long-term listening.

And to hopefully make someone feel good, around 38% of them still use CDs. Yes, those round things with a hole in the middle.

3. Albums Are No Longer a Thing

Remember the joy you’d get when you finally got your hands on a new album? Well, that’s in the past now.

It estimates that teens have an attention span of 8 seconds and that’s nothing compared to a full-length album.

Around 74% of teens between 16 to 19 years old claim they’d rather listen to one song, than the entire album. Because who has 40 minutes to listen to just one artist?

4. Teens Are the Most Diverse Listeners

But the likely reason why teens don’t have the time to listen to albums is that they are listening to more different music than anyone before.

Almost 97% of teen girls claim they listen to at least 5 different genres on a daily basis.

And if you think listening to a single song is shallow, songs that hit top charts tend to stay much longer on the top than they did in the ‘60s or ‘70s.

When it comes to music, we’re living in a fascinating age where we have everything - tons of music genres and tons of possibilities to listen to music.

But people who are still looking at the TV and waiting for something new to pop up are knocking on the wrong door.

By using one of the Best 10 Music Streaming Apps, teens are not only changing the industry for the artists but us consumers as well. 

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