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📺 Discover iGen Entertainment with Best Apps for Streaming Movies & TV Shows

By Jan 2, 2019

Generation Z (iGen) is changing the world of entertainment for all of us and many of the Best 10 Apps for Streaming Movies & TV Shows are directly influenced by the tech-savvy generation.

Generation Z (iGen) is shifting the world of entertainment! You might be used to discovering new TV shows on a TV, but because of Gen Z, you have to look for new quality shows somewhere else.

Gen Z (born after the mid-’90s) is the “tech-savviest” generation! Although they share similarities with millennials (born after 1980), they are leaving generation X (born after 1965) in the technological dust.

If you ever wondered what makes the generation born with a phone in their hand so different, we bring you 3 facts about Gen Z, TV consumption and why it directly influences all of us.

1. New Generations Don’t Have to Watch TV on a TV

If you ask 50% of Gen X what does “watching TV” mean, they might give you a weird look. It’s watching TV - that cubical thing.

But for 72% of millennials and 70% of Gen Z, “watching TV” can be experienced on a TV, phone or any device with a screen and web connection.

Because of the trend, show production is shifting towards streaming services and leaving classic cable behind.

2. TV Shows Build Gen Z’s Social Identity

Do you have to watch a TV show to talk about it? Not if you ask Gen Z.

Around 20% of Gen Z talk about TV shows without watching and they use news media and show/movie reviews to be “in the now” and socially updated.

The social impact is bringing back the importance of entertainment journalism, but not the usual one. Instead, it’s the journalism created by users for the users.

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3. For Gen Z Ads Aren’t Evil

There’s nothing worse than an ad ruining a TV show. But according to the same research, Gen Z doesn’t share the hatred.

While 45% of Gen Y and 43% of Gen X thinks ads are useful, Gen Z is the first generation ever to have a majority of people liking ads with 54%.

Today, ads are better targeted than before and for many young people, ads are a perfect way to find the products they want.

Streaming apps and Gen Z are creating a perfect synergy that might not be perfect for everyone. But the same as young people are here to stay, so are streaming apps.

So it’s time to embrace the change and discover something new with one of the Best 10 Apps for Streaming Movies & TV Shows.

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