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By Dec 27, 2018

To avoid being annoyed by people you meet using one of The Best 10 Free Dating Apps you need to hide your online footsteps. But you have to do it before, not after you swiped right.

Studies show that relationships develop faster online, but it’s still unsafe to blindly jump into the Internet love pool. You already know you shouldn’t give any personal information in case the online matchup goes wrong. But people can track you in other ways as well.

We bring you 3 helpful tips to make sure you can’t be traced by an online date that ended up not being for you.

1. Create a New Email Address

It’s extremely easy to trace someone by a heavily used email address and you don’t want to be spammed by strangers around the world, right?

Some online dating apps show your email address so creating an email address you’ll only use for online dating is your first line of defense. Extra tip, it might be obvious, but don’t use your name in your new email address.

2. Don’t Use Instagram Images

Images can easily be traced with just two clicks. Although it’s tempting to use existing images for online dating, by doing that, your social media accounts might get flooded by weird messages.

Instead, take a couple of new stunning images, maybe even use some photo filters and enjoy your untraceable online presence.

3. Create a Virtual Phone Number

You finally found someone you can have fun chats with so you decide to exchange phone numbers. Unfortunately, you realize the person isn’t for you so you ignore them. But the person has your phone number and annoying messages keep on coming.

A quick way to avoid this is to simply create a new phone number. It’s super fast and you never have to worry about changing your real number.

Using one of The Best 10 Free Dating Apps is a great way to meet interesting people, but an interesting person can easily turn into annoying trouble.

With these 3 simple tips, you can safely get the best out of online dating, without wasting time on dodging weird people you might encounter. 

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