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😵 Cure the Party Hangover with The Best Apps for Juicing & Juice Recipes

Our brain is around 70% water. Alcohol blocks the production of the hormone that helps your body hold water which leads to dehydration and you guessed it, headaches.

2018 is out of the picture, but you might be feeling the consequences of your fantastic New Year’s party and yes, it sucks - like with every other party.

So what better way to fight a New Year’s headache (or any other) than with anti-pain ingredients mixed directly into a healthy juice or smoothie?

Here are 4 anti-hangover ingredients you can put in your mixer right now.

1. Banana - Alcohol’s Arch-Enemy

Alcohol is really good at munching at magnesium and potassium in your body which directly causes the hangover nightmare.

Bananas are rich in exactly those two elements so they can help with the excruciating pain.

And we know what you’re thinking. Maybe in the future, all you have to do is order some weird drink with a banana flavor. We thought the same thing, but as it turns out; it doesn’t work.

2. Tomatoes - Bloody Mary Minus the Alcohol

When your body is in the need of help with combating the hangover, call tomatoes (or buy them).

Tomatoes are great because they contain glutathione - the main weapon for battling the evil hangover armies.

Wondering how the heck can you make a drink that isn’t Bloody Merry (Christmas)? Apps like 101 Juice Recipes have more than one delicious and healthy juice.

3. Coconut Water - Say Goodbye to Hangovers

The liquid hiding inside a coconut is basically an anti-hangover powerbomb as it contains potassium, sodium and other goodies.

And we’re sure you figured it out, but it’s water. Meaning it will nurture and hydrate your body at the same time.

With a headache, you might not be in the mood to crack a coconut. But think about it, it’s better you crack a coconut than a headache cracking your brain.

4. Ginger - The Natural Aspirin

How many times did you reach out for an aspirin? Next time, we suggest ginger instead.

Besides a great juice ingredient, this delicious root can help with pain and inflammation. Even better, it might be smart to take some ginger before a party next time.

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There you go, these are the top 4 ingredients you should take if you’re feeling the hangover blues. And now that you know what you need, all you have to do is mix it up in a delicious juice.

The great thing about the Best 10 Apps for Juicing & Juice Recipes is all you have to do is type in the ingredient and you’ll instantly get the juice recipe you need.

Finally, although 2020 party might be a year away, there are many other reasons to have fun. That doesn’t mean you need to feel the consequences the day after. Enjoy!

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