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💑 Boost Online Dating Chances with Best Selfie Apps

By Jan 2, 2019

When it comes to online dating, a profile image is your introduction. Besides using one of the Best 10 Selfie Apps, you can take the extra step and improve your photography game.

In the world of online dating apps, beauty is the name of the game. The sexier you are, the higher the chances, right?

A research done by OkCupid showed that simply being “pretty” might not be the main factor for receiving that life-changing private message.

“So what is it then?!” You ask in a slightly sarcastic tone. And our answer is: we don’t know.

But we do know that a nice profile image is pretty important, so we bring you 4 tips to create the best possible profile pic.

As for filters, we leave that to you.

1. For a Hundredth Time - Smile!

At this point, you’re thinking what cliche advice. You thought we’d be somewhat creative.

But just by taking a quick stroll through a couple of dating apps, it seems most people still don’t get this “cliche” advice. Even though research clearly shows that a smile can compensate for possible unattractiveness.

The smile is a top-quality photo filter given to you by nature - use it!

2. Wear Clothes That Pop Out (Like Red)

There’s nothing better than math to help you out with online dating, so here we go.

According to a Tinder study, 72% of men and 56.2% of women wear neutral colors like black, blue, grey and white in their profile images. By doing the same you’re as noticeable as a flake of snow on a white canvas.

Try red. Next, imagine a red dot on the same white canvas, would you notice it? That’s you!

3. Use The Golden Hour For Professional Lighting

Some of you might not know what the golden hour is. But no, it’s not a professional studio lighting company.

Golden hour is the time after sunrise or right before sunset. And a little birdy told us that’s the best time to shoot outside.

Funny enough, we suggest you use one of the apps for sunrise and sunset to plan in advance. Who’d thought you’d be using weather apps to find dates online, right?

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4. Do Some Quick & Minor Color Editing

And no, we’re not talking about filters. All you have to do is correct colors which you can do in a few seconds with the right tool.

We suggest Snapseed as it has an intuitive Tune Image option that lets you correct colors with just a couple of swipes.



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Professional quality photo edits with the new Snapseed.

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5. Have Someone Else Choose Your Picture

You think why you should do that. Instead of dumping boring science research on you, see for yourself in the short video.

A research was done with an FBI forensic artist where he drew people based on their description of themselves - he never saw them.

As you can expect, every person ended up uglier on the sketch than they really were. So share the images with friends and let them help.

You might not be the prettiest in the town, but who is? At the end of the day, we are all average.

But with some basic photography knowledge, you can easily improve your dating game when using one of the Best 10 Selfie Apps to snap your next profile image.

Everybody takes selfies, so why not go the extra mile and be better than others?

Check below:

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