💥 Battle Hundreds with The Best Multiplayer Shooting Games

Battle Royale games are here to stay and unless you’re a gamer who’s been living under a rock, you already know about Fortnite and PUBG.

But we’re guessing you might be getting a bit tired of these two games. It’s always fun to try something new, so here are 3 battle royale mobile games with a bit different approach.

1. Rules of Survival

What’s Different: 300-player arena!

If you like battle royale or FPS games with more chaos, more vehicles and more players on the map, Rules of Survival is a great choice.

Why? Plain simple. The game has a gigantic map for a crazy 300-player deathmatch. That means you need to fight 299 other players in real time. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

2. Grand Battle Royale

What’s Different: Smooth Minecraft-style graphics

Many will agree there’s just something about blocky graphics. Especially when mixed with guns-blazing action and heavy explosions. Hilarious!

There’s no real difference regarding the gameplay, but the funny Minecraft graphics make Grand Battle Royale fresh as if it’s the first battle royale game you’ve ever played.

3. Black Survival

What’s Different: Battle Royale meets a visual novel

Black Survival is the most unique one of the bunch. The game has a calmer approach to the battle royale genre and is perfect if you want a more relaxing experience

But just because you’re not running around constantly, it doesn’t mean there’s no suspense - quite contrary. Once you engage in combat with other players, seconds become hours.

It’s astonishing how much shooter games have evolved over the last 10 years. Currently, it’s all about online gameplay, so it’s no wonder new online shooting games are springing up like baby rabbits.

If 3 new battle royale, multiplayer games aren’t enough for you, check out Best 10 Multiplayer Shooting Games and see if you can find an even more unique battle royale game.

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