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👩 ❤️ 👨 Overcome Distant Love Trials with The Best Apps For Video Chatting

A long-distance relationship (LDR) can easily become a sinister “doom-clock” that hovers above your head counting down when everything will shatter in a million pieces.

Don’t worry - we bring you 4 tips for a successful LDR: 1tip for creating a cherishable past, 2 tips for an enjoyable present and 1 for a positive future.

1. Past - You Need to Create Memories

It might surprise you, but positive nostalgia plays an important role in a happy relationship. Sadly, it’s hard to create memories, especially when there are hundreds of miles separating you.

Couple is an app that allows you to create a unique timeline you can build together. Create memories that make the relationship stronger and last longer.

Oh No!

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Best 10 Apps for Video Chatting

Couple - Relationship Ap

2. Present - Show Your Love With a Gift

If someone would surprise you with a gift right now, how would that make you feel? We’ll take a wild guess and say happy. That becomes a bit tricky when the person is far away.

Still, the inability to pleasantly surprise your partner is another reason LDRs tend to fail.

Fortunately, apps like TouchNote allow you to create custom postcards you can physically send and make your partner’s day.

3. Present - Do More Than Just Talking

You don’t have to be a love guru to know you need to do stuff together to stay happy. But what can you do besides just talking? Especially when you run out of words and silence creeps in.

What about watching YouTube? Airtime allows you to watch YouTube videos together and chat at the same time. If you love both YouTube and your partner, you just hit the jackpot!

4. Future - Make Your Visits Happen

The worst thing you can do is plan to see each other and then never make it happen. It leaves a sour taste both in yours and your partner’s mouth.

Same as the first tip helps you create a cherishable past, Between is a similar app that helps you make future plans happen.

This way, the moment you decide to see each other, you know it will be more than just a dream.

It won’t be the most romantic thing you’ll hear, but LDRs require hard work. The reason you say “yes” to LDRs is that you believe something more is possible.

Using one of the Best 10 Apps for Video Chatting is the foundation of a successful LDR. And with some extra effort, you can easily make an LDR not just happen, but blossom into something you never thought was possible.

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