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️🔥 Test Your Survival Instincts With the Best Survival Adventure Games

If you're reading this just as you're sharpening your survival knife, packing a tent, and checking your food supplies, we urge you to give us a second.

Going out in the wild can be dangerous, especially if your only survival experience is packing job or school lunch.

Still, we do know you're interested in what it would be like to live alone in a dangerous place, so allow us to provide an alternative.

Here are the current three best survival games that provide genuine survival rush - minus the possibility of getting eaten of course.

1. ARK - Dinosaur Survival

Ark blew up when it came out for PC, PlayStation and other platforms, so it's no wonder the developers created a mobile version.

It's a free survival game where you build a cottage, gather resources and cook food while surrounded by blood-thirsty dinosaurs.

If that isn't enough, you can tame them like cute little dogs. Except that with these pets, you can destroy anything in your way.

2. Live or Die - Zombie Survival

If dinosaurs aren't your thing, how about zombies? Live or Die is another relatively new game in the growing survival genre.

As always, you are somehow the only guy who managed to survive a zombie apocalypse, and now you need to fight for your life.

Although the gameplay is classic survival, Live or Die has a nice dose of strategical gameplay, making it great for people who want to think first.

3. Don't Starve - Island Survival

Finally, here's another survival game that made a great transition from PC to mobile - Don't Starve.

The game is like a fun, family adventure island, except the jolly fun is replaced by the fear of monsters lurking in the darkness. You'll love it!

Like a true endless game, it will test you for how many days can you survive without getting eaten or because you don't have anything to eat yourself.

We hope you're still with us and you decided not to go into the wilderness alone. 

Instead, it's a better idea to pick one of The Best 10 Survival Adventure Games and find out for how long you can survive in the virtual world.

But be careful. Just because it's a game, it doesn't mean it won't put your survival chops to the test - cooking, building, hunting included. Good luck!

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