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✈️ 👶 Fly Stress-Free With Kids with The Best Apps for Finding Flights

Not many parents know, but if you give your baby the bottle, it can help with the ear pressure they experience when the plane takes off or lands.

Also, the trick works with older kids if you give them chewing gum. But before the plane lands, first you need to survive the flight.

There's something unsettling about being locked in a plane with 80 strangers and a child that's just discovering the art of screaming.

To make the flight experience easy for you, we bring you three tips to ensure your boarding and flight goes as smooth as possible.

1. Reserve Aisle & Window Seat

If you have the option to reserve seats, it's a good idea to "exploit" the system. Trust us; other passengers will be grateful.

Reserve window and aisle seat for yourself so the mid is free. There's a high chance it will stay empty, so your kid can have all the room for playing.

We advise SeatGuru as it provides a user-friendly seat-map so you can easily find the best seats and book flights.

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Best 10 Apps for Finding Flights

2. Split Up When You Board

Flying with kids is one thing, but before you take for the skies, first you need to board the plane.

You should split where one parent boards the plane early to prepare everything while the second parent entertains the child until the last boarding minute.

When you're facing a restless child, teamwork is everything so split the tasks for care-free boarding.

3. Surprise Kids with Toys

Kids can seem restless, but in reality, they are easy to please. So wrap simple toys as small presents back at home and bring them on the plane. 

It's a simple trick, but children will spend hours discovering what's inside because kids love surprises.

Bring the simplest toys possible and if you don't have any, you can check stores like Nordstrom that provide all kind of kid accessories.

For finding cheap flights all you have to do is use one of The Best 10 Apps for Finding Flights. But for kids, there still isn't an app to calm children when flying.

Instead, you need to be smart and take actions in advance, so your child doesn't have the time to raise a ruckus.

If you do it right, the kid will have the best time, you'll fly smoothly and you won't get angry gazes every time you walk down the plane aisle.

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