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⛱️ Discover Teen Vacation Habits with The Best Vacation Rental Booking Apps

⛱️ Discover Teen Vacation Habits with The Best Vacation Rental Booking Apps

By Jan 12, 2019
No matter your age, you like to travel and The Best 10 Vacation Rental Booking Apps make finding the next location easy. But our interests heavily differ depending on the generation we belong to.

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In 2018 53% of people found accommodation using an app. Although this might not make you go “wow”, 2018 is the first year in which more people booked a vacation through an app than through conventional means.

This signals a change in how more and more people will look for vacation in the future.

And while everybody wants to have a good time, the way we spend that time and how we find the perfect place isn’t the same.

To get a better idea of how everything is changing, we bring you 3 significant differences between younger and older generations and how that influences your vacation plans.

1. Adventure Before Relaxing

Vacation means relaxing on a beach while drinking a refreshing drink with zero thoughts in mind, right? Not if you ask people born after 1996.

Only 18% go on a vacation to unwind and 30% put adventure as the main reason to go on vacation - climbing, digging, bungee jumping included.

That’s likely the reason travel agencies focus on adventure packages where sleep is the last thing you’ll enjoy.

2. Vacation Includes Work

The difference between work and vacation is as clear as night and day. At least it used to be

Although only 28% of people aged between 34-54 mix work with leisure, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for 55% people aged between 18 to 34.

More than any other generation before, they are more like to extend a business trip into a vacation trip. If you are already there, why stop?

3. Social Media = Travel Agency

Although it isn’t a huge surprise, it’s still interesting to discover that 84% of young generations find inspiration for the next trip on Instagram and Snapchat (sorry Facebook).

While other generations also use social media, they rely more on classics means of finding their next travel location.

So next time you’re wondering where to go, try social media. You'll find your answer in an instant.

Just a couple of decades ago, vacation meant relaxing. Today, vacation is about relaxing, adventure, WiFi, social media, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and more.

There are so many more opportunities today than before, but since it moved to a new global platform, it’s no wonder many people aren’t aware of the possibilities.

Fortunately, to whatever generation you belong, you can still find and book your perfect holiday with one of The Best 10 Vacation Rental Booking Apps.

And no matter if you like adrenaline adventures or a simple escape from everyday life, you do deserve a break. 

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