👪 Decorate Family Home on a Budget with The Best Home Shopping & Furniture Apps

You’re in luck! Well, if you’re shopping for family home furniture at least. You see, January and July are the best months for exactly that!

Wondering why? February and August are months when most of the stores introduce the new line, so there’s a pressure to sell the old one.

If you’re on the hunt for a new child’s bed, living room sofa or just feel like you need a new set of chairs for the kitchen, we bring you 3 additional tips to buying furniture so you can save even more money.

1. Buy From the Manufacturer

It’s tempting to go to the first furniture shop, but you can save a nice chunk of your budget if you buy from the manufacturer.

Unlike with shops where you’ll pay the retail price, with manufacturers you’ll get your furniture by the wholesale price. And yes, this applies both to online and in-person shopping.

You can easily find manufacturers by googling online supplier directories.

2. Wait for a Warehouse Sale

Buying from the manufacturer isn’t user-friendly, but no worries. If you don’t feel like going through the trouble, another great way is to wait for an overstock.

Every retailer opens their warehouse to customers where you can quickly snatch a fat discount on returned items or furniture samples.

We suggest using official store apps like Wayfair to know when the next warehouse sale will happen.

3. Go Second-Hand & Save Big

Buying furniture second-hand doesn’t sound like a good idea, but things have changed since our grandparents were throwing couches in the nearest dump.

There are families like yours looking for new and getting rid of old furniture, often in mint condition.

Check prices and the condition with Local Buy & Sell Apps. You can find people from your local area selling all kinds of stuff.

Buy and sell whatever you want with ease. Buy or sell books, phones and even cars and gift cards with these great buy & sell apps.

Buy & Sell

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If you use just one of the above tips, you’re already on your way to decorating your family home exactly as you want. Imagine then if you exploit all 3 tips?

This way, you practically remove all limits and you can get your hands on the exact piece you want and who knows, you might even get something extra.

Finally, if you’re looking for regular discounts, you can always check one of The 10 Best Home Shopping & Furniture Apps.

We wish you the best of luck!

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