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👩 ❤️ 👨 Boost Your Dating Chances with Best Apps For Finding Hookups

According to research, the ideal length of your online dating bio should be between 225-275 words. Wondering why that is important?

Right after your profile picture, a great bio is the second most important thing. In fact, it’s so important, that people hire expert writers to help with their “about me” section.

So you don’t have to spend money on a writer, we bring you 3 tips on how to write a fantastic profile description to boost your dating odds.

1. First Paragraph - The Hook

When fishing, the first thing you do is pick a proper “hook”. That’s precisely what you should do with the first sentence.

Make sure to keep it snappy and short. The important thing is to write something that will instantly give the other person material to message.

For example, if you describe your next travel spot, the person can ask you about the location or start talking about his travels.

2. Second Paragraph - Preferences

The second paragraph is when you start adding some in-depth info about what you like and whom you’re looking for.

You will be tempted to say you’re looking for someone with a sexy body - but instead of mentioning the result, write the action.

Instead of “sexy body”, say you’re looking for a “physically active” person. Instead of “smart”, write “someone who likes to read”.

3. Third Paragraph - Bring Home

Before you get your hopes up, we’re not talking how to bring a date home. Remember that fantastic “hook” you wrote in the first paragraph?

Bring it home by writing about that but add slight humor. This way you’ll round up your biography in one nice package.

For example - if you wrote how you want to travel to France, you can end by asking: “Who want to climb the Eiffel Tower with me?”

Although by using one of The Best 10 Apps for Finding Hookups, you can online date from your bedroom, it still takes some effort to find the right person.

Fortunately, with creating a couple of great images (we discussed that here) and an intriguing description, you’re a couple of steps closer.

Finally, relax and enjoy the game. If you learn to have fun while dating, everything else will be much easier.

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