🎮 Replay the Nostalgia With The Best Retro Arcade Games

Believe it or not, the most sold game in history is Tetris with 495 million copies sold!

But do you remember the times when mobile phones weren’t important as food and you couldn’t buy high-graphic games with a single click? We don’t either.

4 decades ago, not only had you take a 30-minute walk to play a game, but you also had to ensure you had a bag of pennies in your pocket.

So it’s amazing to see how the new generation of gamers is still playing games that are 40 years old.

We bring you 4 games that somehow survived the test of time and people still play even in 2018… sorry, 2019.

1. Pac-Man - The Yellow Mouth That Could

Although the mobile version of Pac-Man looks the same, it comes with tons of fun additions like new mazes and diverse missions you need to complete.

Besides proving to be a fun game, if you want some challenge, the current Pac-Man record is 3,333,360 points. Beat that!

Finally, if you want a bit different approach, there’s also Ms. Pack-Man you can play. If the name makes sense.

2. Q*bert - Familiar Game with a Modern Design

Another retro game also played today is Q*bert. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who Q*bert is, all you have to know is that the game is incredibly fun.

The mobile game comes with modern and classic retro graphics so it will appeal both to young gamers and the old ones hungry for some nostalgia.

The current high-score is 37,163,080 points and it took the player over 80 hours - good luck.

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Best 10 Retro Arcade Games

3. Golden Axe - The Coin Devourer

Back in the days, a coin was your ticket to the gaming world but the games were so unfair, you’d end up penniless in 10 minutes.

And none game did it better than Golden Axe. The game was ruthless but there was something about slashing the enemies and beating levels.

Today, you can play for free and although there isn’t an official highest score, beating the game is an incredible feat by itself.

4. Tetris - The Most Successful Game Ever

Ok, you knew this was coming. Even after more than 30 years, Tetris is the most sold game in history. Imagine that!

There are countless versions, so we picked the best one with stylish graphics and even the original famous tune mixed to fit the modern ear.

FYI, the current high score is 999,999 points and… you can’t go higher than that. But you can try and join the hall of fame.

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Best 10 Retro Arcade Games

People who were kids back when the games came out are full-adults now, but the games still seem as young as ever.

Even though we’re closing in on the 2nd decade of the 21st century, people worldwide still play retro games.

There’s just something relaxing about simple retro games in a world where high-end graphics and complex gameplay is the go-to game design.

If you want to play more popular retro games, check our list of the Best 10 Retro Arcade Games. Years might have passed, but they are still rocking as before.

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