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Enjoy your favorite videos and channels with the official YouTube app.

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  • Use it every day.

    by tnoiset

    Love so much about the app, especially the ability to adjust playback speed and the ability to link to my TV at home for family viewing. Of course, some YouTubers use inappropriate language on things they aren’t even mad about, which makes me have to repent to my wife and kids for allowing this to happen. Hey, maybe a “bleep option” for viewers, or an electrical shock to every YTer every time someone watches one of their videos with every cuss word. Is foul language ever appropriate? Well, it wouldn’t be called “foul”, now would it. The other suggestion I would make is that the other videos showing up beneath or on the side of the video being viewed either be by the same channel or on the same subject, if that is even possible. Anyway, the app works great, and YT has saved me all kinds of time and probably money through the years, with presenters giving valuable insight to help me out of mechanical and household dilemmas. Glad that the “information superhighway” is alive and well, and that YT is a part of it, although I appreciate a more libertarian mindset (if it ain’t hurting another person, let it ride, except when it comes to foul language, of course 😉), instead of banning people because of their beliefs, politics, or opinions. Not sure how all the money works on YT, but I trust that no one is being taken advantage of.

  • by Paul Mcateer

    I still like this YouTube app apart from the terms and conditions! It it has become much more commercial! The variety of channels is the best thing that keeps me interested in YouTube as long as people can upload content regardless of political views! But it seems some political views are not always acceptable, I always find if someone has a wrong opinion or certain political views we may not like or agree with may get banned from the digital public square!

  • Why 1 star? (Now 5 stars again)

    by Babybird phone

    *Update* Just tried the most recent version and all of my complaints were addressed. The settings I wanted are now available. If the below annoyed you too, tap your profile picture and go to settings where you can fix all those annoying things! Thank you, Google! *Previous version* The automatic playing of video thumbnails while scrolling through the list of videos. That's honestly the sole reason for me giving the lowest possible rating. What an abominable waste of bandwidth! Not only that, but there's no option to make it stop! Ever! It just sits there and keeps right on playing whether it makes you want to throw your phone at Google's head or not. That is the single WORST "feature" ever! Google, did all the smart people who once worked for you quit and move on to greener pastures? You used to know and care how not to annoy all of your products so they didn't migrate to other platforms to be bought by different advertisers. Remember the 1990s and early 2000s when advertising had lost its collective minds and threatened to destroy all the value in the internet, so you came along and introduced ethics and respect for those being advertised to and the internet took off and became an amazing place? I 'member! Now you're just slowly morphing into the great beast everyone heralded you for slaying. It's not good. Please go back to being the Google of old. Either that or just cease to exist already.

  • by JD

    I will give it 5 stars once I'm able to go back and view the video I was just watching. Instead, I have to go to my library and last viewed video. I have to do your often, since the touch screen on my phone is sensitive. I'm not sure how difficult this is. I would think it's as simple as program building 101, but of course it's never that easy with YouTube.

  • Accessibility issue

    by TheBlindPianist

    This happened before, but I thought it was fixed. If you use a braille display with VoiceOver, (which onewould if blind), and you try going to the bottom of the screen with the normal command, space with 4-5-6 (as if that’s going to help you), it goes to the next video. It’s frustrating. And when I go to the top of the screen, it doesn’t showthe usual “video player” “colapse video” bits, which you had before, labled perfectly. Now, I haveto tap the colapse video button, but instead of closing it, it wants me to swipe again, which is cumbersome for accessibility. It’s much better to just have it close when you tell it to. I can’t go to the top or bottom of the page, as I stated before, but this is getting ridiculiously annoying. You are part of google, and you want to be accessible...not doing a great job so far. And now, updating. 3days later: I am unable to watch the videos at all, because if I click on one, it keeps jumping back to the one I was previously on. Also, even if I’m not using the Braille display, I still can’t get the videos to stop going to the next one. There is a command with VoiceOver, where pressing on the bottom of the screen goes to the bottom of the screen, which I use to find the comments section, but when I do that command, it jumps to the next video. I’m lowering my rating now. Not impressed Google. At all.

  • by Seth Bean

    Before your updates ruined everything, I used to spend all day on this app. Now, even with YouTube red, I can't background play videos. On top of the already bugged video times, now I can't even have music going. Very disappointing. Good fight YouTube.

  • by Khalil Ammari

    Needs Option to Disable "Cast Option". Google Developers must think my comment is irrelevant, but it is relevant. Imagine your family watching TV and someone hits the cast button by mistake, or someone does it on purpose for "fun". I'm not lying when I say that anytime I try to up the video quality, I legit get anxious about that cast button. Again make the Cast Button Optional.

  • Video Preview annoyances

    by Gamer4Ever!!!

    First of all, I do enjoy this app. It is convenient and I use it a lot. The only problem I have with it is what I found out recently. When on the feed page, you can preview a video by hovering over it, which is a good feature, but why does it go to my watch history? If I didn’t click on the video, it shouldn’t be in my history. The other problem just started happening yesterday, where I would “preview” a video by hovering over it, scroll down to another video and tap on it to actually watch it. This activates the audio, but not just for the video I want to watch, but also for the previewed video I hovered over prior to tapping on the one I wanted to watch. So audio for two videos are playing at the same time. It is annoying because I have to exit the video, hover over the one I want to watch so it starts previewing, then click on the video so I don’t have two audios playing simultaneously. Sometimes it tricks me into believing that there is a bug in the video’s audio itself or someone is talking in the background, but that isn’t the case. Please fix this bug.


    by Haris04

    So when I look at the thumbnail for a video in my home page it automatically starts playing where the thumbnail was with no volume but with captions, and it goes to my history. I can’t even choose if I want it to play or not and I don’t want some of that in my history! And the worst pat is that when I click on a video and drag it down then scroll through my home page, a video starts playing from a thumbnail and the screen of the video that I clicked on is completely black! So then I have to close the video and go to history and watch it from there. Please tell me if I can fix this or turn it off. Also sometimes when I click on a video it buffers at 5 or 6 seconds and it won’t load so I close the video and the app then open it again and it still won’t load after 5 or 6 second!! Then I have to watch another video and come back to the video that won’t load. Then it finally works. (This might just be a problem with my connection/data but I don’t think so because I have a brand new iPhone X and still have the same problem on data)

  • by Eva Danti

    Love this apps actually, but there's only one thing that i hate which is sometimes the subtitles won't show up in the video for a minute, then it shows up again but after that it'll be gone again. but if i watched it in my laptop, the caption shows up just fine. I'm not a native speaker so sometimes I'm using subtitles to understand the video. please fix this issue, I'll give 5 stars if you fix it, thank you

  • Pretty Fun

    by 12345🤪

    I love going on to the app and having so many videos to choose from. Once I find the right video I click it and it says it’s restricted. I go in my settings and turn restricted mode off. I go back to the video I wanna watch and it’s still restricted. I go in my settings again and it’s turned on again. What that about? I’ve watched so many Youtubers that complain about you guys because you think the videos are bad. There have been youtubers talking about how they have communicated with you and you won’t fix this. Kids channels are being shut down and they are loosing subs. And you have flagged kid videos because they say words like “Fart, barf, feet, etc” those aren’t bad! Also I watched one video where a baby slid down the stairs on his stomach feet first and he wasn’t hurt that’s how he learned to go down the stairs and then you guys think that’s so bad that a baby goes down the stairs the way he wants to? That’s messed up. Anyway please read this and fix these problems because I would like to be able to watch things again without have to go through the whole restricted thing...

  • by Matthew Nikolaus

    Great app. I am having an issue with YouTube, but it may just be the device I am using. Sometimes when watching a video, the image lags behind the audio for about 2 seconds, and then they just stay the 2 seconds apart. Pausing and unpausing the video allows the image to catch up again but then it lags behind again almost immediately. I will not remove a star, since I don't know if it is a problem with the app itself, but if it is, it would be nice to have it fixed.

  • Very good app, just a couple of suggestions

    by elenaCaballero

    I use this app every single day, and it is honestly very good. I would just like to give a couple of suggestions and report a bug. The suggestions are: the ability to like a video from landscape mode, I personally love to add to watch later and then watch all my vids one after the other, but to give a like I have to go to portrait mode, I'd like to have that ease of liking while in landscape. The other suggestion is that I would like to add to watch later directly from my notifications! I hope you take these in consideration. As for the bug, I don't know if it's just my iPhone 6s plus, but sometimes when I'm watching in landscape mode and I tap the screen to show the controls, the app freezes my phone. I can't tap anything, I can't press the home button, instead I have to press the lock button multiple times to lock the phone and then unlock it to be able to fix the issue. Please look into this, it doesn't happen all the time and the app doesn't crash, but it annoys me quite a bit...

  • by Garvit Patwa

    New update is not good. The old style of minimizing the video was great and please bring dark mode asap. iOS got it integrated before us . How can you do this to us the Android users not fair google not fair.

  • It’s ok but needs a lot of work!

    by Olivia Winslow

    I love watching family vloggers and even listening to music! But there are some issues I’m running into here’s #1. The videos load ok at times at other times videos will stop and buffer, sometimes sit and buffer for 2 minuets and then continue playing. #2. At times videos keep switching different quality and won’t stay locked on to the default quality setting which is 1080p but it keeps switching between 144p to 360p then back to 1080p. #3 the app crashes and when it occurs it even causes my whole phone to crash and lock up and not do anything so I press the home button 3 times to gain access to my phone again to close the app completely out and restart it but it doesn’t crash every often it happens maybe every 3 or 4 times I open the app to watch the family vloggers! So all in all, all of these things are annoying and if these things can be fixed I would find it to be better then before! Some will say no it’s your internet, I say explain to me why I’m having these issues with the app and internet if my internet speed is 1 gig per minute!

  • Video overlay bugs and awkward UI design. But the app itself is still convenient enough.

    by The Other Whey Protein

    At various points watching a video the overlay will flash, partially blocking my view with the pause/play controls, video progress slider, and various other controls while also dimming the video itself until I either wait for it to leave or tap in an unused space. In terms of user interface, i find it unnecessarily difficult to engage the ‘options’ control (in the bottom right corner of a thumbnail) while browsing. I usually attempt to use this feature when trying to add a video that I’ve not watched to my watch later list. More often than not, however, despite pressing where I need to, I’ll be thrown into the video instead. It’s like trying to click something pixel perfect with your thumb. Thirdly, and this is a personal gripe, but MAYBE not showing me the same advertisement five times in a video would be nice? If I’m gonna be assaulted by them, may as well have variety. Seeing the same ‘Wow, You Can Really Dance’ Tik Tok commercial really wears down my patience, to put it lightly.

  • by Atli Chipu

    YouTube is like the best video watching app. Whenever I'm sad or anything, I could just watch a funny video to cheer up and over millions of videos you can just watch

  • A Small Detail That’s Driving Me Crazy.


    Will still rate it 5 Stars because this is definitely one of my most used apps, and I’m sure plenty of other people can say the same. Despite how great YT is, there’s this one “lag” (I don’t quite know what to call it). Half the time I go to the comments and want to look at the replies under a certain comment, it won’t let me view them. I’ll press the “view replies” button a large number of times but quite literally nothing happens. Only way I myself can fix it, is to refresh the tab. Then when that happens sometimes I can’t even find the comment again. Even in general that is just an irritating thing to deal with. However, this could just be a problem with my phone. I’m not smart enough to tell the difference haha. If you have managed to stumble upon this review, just wanted to say thanks for the hard work, but also please acknowledge my frustration lol. -Syd

  • by The Emerald Armor

    I like the videos it's really useful sometimes when I'm playing Minecraft Bedrock edition or ROBLOX on the PC I can listen to my music playlist with a bunch of NCS btw so sry for using diamond heart wthout perms i didnt know i dont know about when i turn 13 i will have to delete all those videos with copyrighted music for now i just wait

  • Amazing app, just needs a few fixes

    by Boedinator

    I love this app a lot and use it literally every day, it is absolutely amazing but I feel there could be some improvements made: 1. I keep having a glitch problem where I’ll press play on a video and the audio will start but the screen is frozen and I’ll have to press the home and power button like crazy to get it to stop then it takes a while for me to get my phone on again to actually watch the video 2. After watching a video sometimes it has this “ghost” effect where the replay and other options are see through or even doubled and I can’t turn my phone to get out of full screen mode so I have to do what I do to fix problem 1 where I push buttons like crazy 3. So we are now able to adjust video speed but It would also be nice if we had the loop option like when you right click on desktop mode, also if we could put in what times to start and stop the loop that would be great, if not then just a simple loop option would suffice 4. Sometimes I’ll press like on a video and it’s will like it but if I rewatch the video later it’ll say I haven’t liked it yet and I keep having to re-like videos when I watch them Those are just some things that come to mind at the moment that I think could be improved upon but besides that the app is great, I don’t remember at the moment if there were any other problems but I do know that the ones I listed should be fixed soon because they are a bother to deal with at times

  • i love it! one annoying problem...

    by Web259

    i love this app, i use it almost every day. the one issue i have is that (it didn’t used to be this way, but it’s been doing it and won’t go away) when i have a video and want to make it full screen, it doesn’t matter if i click the full screen button or tilt my phone, it glitches and only shows me a corner of the video. it cuts the screen into fourths basically and the top left one is the bottom of the video and the other pieces are just gray or something. it’s SUPER frustrating and won’t go away. a few months ago i didn’t have this problem. then a while back i had a similar issue coming out of full screen. it would cut off half of my screen when i minimized the video by tilting my phone upwards and i would have to either close out of the app, or swipe down from my video to fix it. i love the content, accessibility, recommended, etc. but these two things affect like everything i watch. it may just be me but it’s been so annoying!

  • by A Google user

    i love it and some how you can create your own youtube channel on it and i like it so much and some how vlogger will post amazing video and you can watch some movie on it i swear to you plss if you reading this comment download it now its really good i like it 5 Stars for this apps download it now!!! 💞

  • Only gets two star because of the content creators.

    by Gert2341

    The two stars is for my favorite content creators who the Susan whatever deems bad and will don’t deserve money. One reason she got that job is probably just because she was a women. I bet she did many other things but being a women helps. The promote leftist views by putting left wing videos on the home page and on trending such as Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently every video that get 200,000 views in two days is trending. Every time someone such as Bill Wurtz posts it is trending because people like him and he doesn’t post very often. They also censor right-wing views by removing the videos demonetizing them and not putting their videos in people’s sub boxes. Also they change things that content creators don’t want changed and makes it harder for fans to find videos. So overall I give it a two star just because of the content on the site.

  • It’s great and extremely entertaining

    by Hello ___

    If your looking on a app to keep you entertained for hours and hours, I suggest you get this app. And if you want to be a youtuber, it’s very easy to upload videos. Also if you have about 10,000 subscribers you can interact with your fans by posting a message on a community tab. Though, if your under the age of 13, or your child is under the age of 13, Do not get this app! They’re many people who create very inappropriate videos or make sex jokes, There is some porn on it and very bloody pictures. Be careful on here. They’re is a lot of rude people on this app. Though if your child is over the age, it’s fine, the app is very entertaining and I promise you they won’t get bored. -Suggestion for this app- On the Community app, you can comment, and obviously the creator can like or reply to that comment. But, they can’t reply back to the creator. Can you please make it so we can reply back to the creator? And that other people can reply on their comments?

  • What's new???

    by Bakari Bryan

    This 'redesigned' app was different for a short time, but now despite numerous updates, it seems to be the same old thing... Where are the new features?

  • Incredible Resource for Knowledge and Entertainment

    by 🤔😉🤗

    I love to read about traditional and Non Traditional subjects sparked by my Upbringing and influences. In reading I don’t have time to read subjects varied from my likes dislikes and opinions, However, on You tube I can also find things that are not necessarily my opinion and either learn or retreat from said information quickly as I browse through numerous subjects that may have been a college elective or an older sibling or parent turning me on to sci fi or other varied and adventurous subjects or my passion for History and Various Forms Of Music That I experienced and reminds me of times or passions I share with friends and acquaintances that may have had similar or different experiences. I also like the fact that I can benefit from friends acquaintances experiences and knowledge that I can grow from or Not. It’s a brilliant tool and I am happy to live in the communication age as a marketeer and Entrepreneur, who can see inside and outside the box, without Judgement.

  • Bugs

    by rbelcher98

    There are a few bugs that really are getting old and need to be fixed, but a lot of people have already pointed out the majority of the ones that I’m having issues with, so I’m not going to bother complaining about things that are already well known issues. That being said, I didn’t see anyone else mention the main one that I’m having issues with, and it’s gone on so long that it is incredibly frustrating for me to watch videos on the app now. When I’m watching a video, the transparent screen that that allows you to pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. (it normally comes up if you click the screen) continually pops up, on its own, every 15-30 seconds, and it is extremely frustrating. I watch a lot of 15+ minute videos, so you can imagine how annoying this gets after it happening that frequently. I would rate the app 5 stars if not for that, but because this is such an annoying bug I definitely can’t give that high of a rating while this is an ongoing issue.

  • Pure awesomeness but...

    by slendypants

    The app is unbelievably good and runs really well but here are the issues that NEED to be fixed: 1.the notification-the notification system use to work really well but nowadays it’s broken and it doesn’t notify the subscriber about the newest upload. 2.the lag-this problem is caused by disconnecting or lagging right when you click on the video, when this happens the video plays but with the quality taken down and the audio of the video not being set as the video(the video plays but the audio starts after a few seconds). 3.same problem but-this problem is basically the same but it happens during the video with no lag or disconnections. 4.comments-for some reason nowadays when you want to add a comment in the comment section there’s no problem but when you’ve added the comment and leave, after a few hours if you return to see your comment for a reason it’s not there. 5.basically the same with the likes-it’s just the same but when you like the video and leave and after a few hours you return the video isn’t liked by your account. That’s it, this is what I’ve been experiencing for the past couple of weeks. I apologize about the few grammar mistakes I’m not American or English so I’m sorry. I hope you read this and I hope that this helps you to fix these problems. ♥️♥️

  • Awesome but needs some work... :)

    by Daniela Etchin

    This app is amazing!!!!!! Sometimes it’s terrible... On my phone there are very few problems... I’ll have a list of the problems on the next line... 1. I can’t resume! So sometimes I cannot resume playing the video so I have to start all over again!!! But I still love the app :) 2. My iPad won’t resume or sign in! My iPad never let’s me start where I left off! I have to restart every time! And I can’t even sign up!!!!! Fix it pls!!! 3. My iPad always crashes!!! The past days/months/years my iPad barely crashes!! Nowadays my iPad crashes so much!!!!!!!!!! Please help! Also extra note. 4. I’m not gonna put a title to this part but on my iPhone and iPad they both rarely get stuck in fullscreen!!!!!! And lastly 5. Remove restricted mode pIs!!!! I am stuck in it and cannot turn it off!!! love the app but please make improvements. :)

  • Strange status Bar glitch

    by The One And Only The Prodigy!

    Hi there… This app is great… But there is one problem… there is a strange status bar bug… lets say you are watching a video… And you want to check the time The time doesn't change… If you check the status bar while watching a video for example… Let's say I play a video that is 15 minutes long… At 9:31 AM and when that video is finished… It's already 9:47 AM unless… You exit out the video… The time still says 9:31 AM it'll be 5 o'clock in the afternoon and the status bar would still say 9:31 AM it's like… The clock got stuck The time doesn't change… Unless you restart the app… Or exit out the video also… Nothing in the status bar changes including the battery level The only way to see the correct time and all of the other information displayed you have to exit out the video And… For the iPad version if you select add to bye accident there is no cancel button it's been like that for three years please fix those issues… There really annoying

  • Needs Some Improvements

    by Rose Mairi

    For the most part, this app works really well, but sometimes after a video ends while I have it on full screen, it freezes and stays black for a few seconds, which is a little odd. The only other problem I have is that when I pause a video to read something and have to tap the vid to get the white pause symbols out of the way, it glitches if I tap it twice too fast and the symbols freeze for a few seconds, which is aggravating and has been happening for a few months now. I’d really appreciate it if you guys could fix these two small issues. Other then that, everything else is great. Update: It doesn’t seem like any of the problems I mentioned have been fixed, as they’re still happening. Please fix those issues. Also, for some reason, this app just now closed on me and my phone turned off and immediately turned back on. I’m assuming it has something to do with the app itself. If so, please fix that problem.

  • Overall good app but there are some problems

    by mgoldman78

    I use this app very often! But of course, any good thing also has some down sides. I think that you guys should ban the people who truly deserve it. And there are TONS out there who really need to get taken down(Mainly Logan and Jake Paul) also, I think the three dots by each video should be put in a different spot. Because if I am trying to press it, it will click on the video and I will have to try to tap on it repeatedly until it finally works. For example, say you see a video from a youtuber you dislike, you try to press the three dots to get the video off of there. But when you try to press it, it clicks on the video instead. You go back and try to do it again. But it clicks on the video once again. You do this repeatedly until it finally works. This has happened to me too often. But overall, this is a really well made app.

  • I’ve never had problems with this app before so I’m kinda disappointed

    by Lovelan💕

    Just today I was listening to music on the app and out of no where the screen turns black but the music continued to play. I then click out of what I was listening to and restarted my phone, that helped fix that problem but then I went to my like list (I mostly have music on it for easy access). So I started listening to the music on my like list and whenever a video is done playing it atomically changes to the next video on my like list like it supposed to but whenever it goes to the next video my my list it freezes but still the audio continues to play. I left my like list think that it was what was causing the problem but this happens every time the app changes videos....... ugh please fix this.

  • Some issues with the latest update

    by Reality Macro

    I use this app probably more than any other app on my iPhone. For the most part it’s really great, but not without flaws. Most of the videos displayed in the Home screen no longer show the video length timestamp in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail which is really irritating. It looks like all other views in the app show the timestamp, so hopefully it’s a bug that’s fixed ASAP. A couple random videos in the Home list show the timestamp while the other 95% do not, which makes no sense. Sometimes the video rotation gets stuck in landscape and will not revert back to portrait view, only the opposite landscape view. This has been a problem for a few months now, and the only way to fix it is to force quit the app. This is quite irritating. Finally, a good addition but extremely overdue feature is the ability to sort the Watch Later playlist. FINALLY this utterly BASIC feature exists. I have no idea why the Watch Later playlist worked so differently than regular playlists for so long, but that’s fixed now. The best addition from a few months ago was the feature of double-tapping to rewind and fast forward. Every video player needs this. It’s incredibly user friendly. It’s way better than the rudimentary 15-second skip buttons that many players now have.

  • Shuffle feature on playlists

    by Ethan "Eman"

    You had it all figured out in the last update, now it’s back to what it used to be, a useless feature... Who in their right mind would want a shuffle portion that only shuffles the first immediate 200 videos and actually physically shuffle them not even jump to a random song while keeping the playlist intact? That is my only issue other than making it so ads play on every video in a playlist rather than what it used to be if you kept watching you’d get less ads unless you physically chose the next song. Edit: To make matters worse you made it so when you do shuffle and hit he next button it doesn’t send you to for example: 3261, it just goes to the song right after it. Having a playlist that nears 5,000 songs I would like that the playlist doesn’t physically shuffle and just skips to different parts of the playlist like how any other app’s shuffle works.

  • A bug that needs to be fixed NOW!

    by Jocelyn Rivera11272006NYC

    I’ll be watching a video while charging my phone, so I have to turn my phone a specific way to watch in full screen. I’ll turn my phone and it will be UPSIDE DOWN! I try to fix it by exiting the app completely but then it happens again it is extremely irritating because my iPhone needs to charge so if you want me to use your app more often then you need to fix that so I don’t have to take an hour pause to let my phone charge. Other than that I love the app I wish it wouldn’t randomly quit on me mid video also, stop flagging random YouTubers they Are the only reason you are where you are today check if what you are striking then think why you are taking a innocent video down for doing absolutely nothing. To the people:If you want this app buy it however comma it has some flaws you can inspire others with your words but be careful of the audience you are posting to 👉🏼👉🏼

  • Gets worse and worse

    by Roblox mobile

    this app was great before the latest three or four updates. i used the app daily before those updates but when they installed the apps performance and my rating for it went downhill. cant have more than one of the same video in a playlist, thats terrible for my playlist of band music. app doesn't run properly even when on wifi after entering my own wifi zone. drains my phone and iPad battery even when there is only one video running. all in all i just think this app needs lots of help and taking off the latest three or four updates and im sure it will work perfectly and my rating will go back up. -EDIT app is just terrible now i cant even do anything in my own wifi zone or any other wifi zone. service on data or in wifi is just not up to date and its like watching tv in 1965. yall really need to get your crap together and fix this freakin app cause its just terrible now.

  • Pls Fix

    by MomoMJS

    I like the app overall. But there’s one problem that keeps occurring. Every time I press pause/play a lot of times, the app completely freezes up. All the buttons and stuff still work but the screen just stays the same and doesn’t respond to the buttons I’m pressing. For example, when the screen freezes up, when I press play the sound continues as if the video is still playing. But it is not matching with the screen and it just stays frozen. I can only turn my phone off. Even when I do that, when I try to turn the screen on, I have to wait about 10-20 seconds or even more for it to come back on. I don’t know if this is just my phone or the app. But I think it’s the app because this doesn’t happen with any of my other apps. So please fix this bug. Thanks!

  • I love this app, but...

    by Junebaby1962

    This is my favourite app, but when I put my music playlist on shuffle, it will play maybe one or two songs. After those one or two videos, it will jump back to the second video on the list (it shows my videos in order even when it’s on shuffle) and it will play it over and over and over again. And when I skip it, it won’t even go to the next video, it will stay on that video. Also, sometimes when I turn on shuffle, it will show it in shuffle order, and it will have the perfect order, but when I listen to a few songs, it will start on the song I just listened to, and shuffle the whole thing again. I don’t know if it’s supposed to shuffle over and over, but I thought that I should mention it. But, please fix these possible bugs, because once again, this is my favourite app. Thank you!

  • Needs a back button!!!!!!!

    by Raccoon T-Bone

    The app works like a charm every time. It’s so simple that you really don’t ever have to think about it because there seems to never be any bugs whatsoever. However, it would be so helpful to have a back button. Sometimes you search out content and then take different suggested videos and then all of a sudden you accidentally tap a video with your big clumsy fingers voyeur video ends before you can replay part of it it takes you onto another one and you just want to go back to the last one you were on but instead you have to try to start over from your search and find your way back to the video that you may have accidentally dismissed, especially if you didn’t catch the title of your last video.

  • One major bug

    by Storm flare

    I’ve had this app for quite a long time. Years, really. I haven’t had any major issues throughout, but recently I’ve had a bug where, for a specific few content creators, there’s a bug with ads that makes the actual video unwatchable. What happens is, I click on a video and it loads an ad. The ad then cuts and it changes to the video. This has happened, usually if there’s a loading error with ad. However, then the video cuts back to the ad, which doesn’t load, and cuts back to the video, and so on and so forth. I thought it was just a one-off, so I tried another video by the same person. Same issue. I restarted my phone and the app, no fix. I came back days later, same issue with the same person. I’ve only had it happen with two creators, but they are ones I would regularly watch so I’m a little annoyed.

  • This is ridiculous

    by Doopdoopdo

    All of the sudden my homepage has become FILLED with content I have never shown an interest in, channels I have never watched, and most of it isn't even "suggested" because of anything I watch either (which I would know since I just had to go through 20+ suggestions and mark *Not Interested*). I don't know if this is content you're being paid to push, but for an app where I get unsubbed from the creators I love, have trouble finding their videos, and don't always get notified about channels I have notifications turned on for this is inexcusable. Especially with rumors going around that the sub page might not be chronological much longer, how are we supposed to see the content we actually WANT and SUBBED TO? Fix your app, or at the very least stop pushing this random nonsense on your user base. If you guys weren't the only option I (and a lot of others) would have moved on A LONG time ago.

  • Fix the playlists

    by ZestfulElf

    I have a few playlists with one of which being the default “watch later” playlist. My watch later playlist is full but sometimes I’ll still try to add things to it. A few days ago I tried to add a video to a playlist that I use when I teach my saxophone students different things and the video was automatically put into the playlist that I had last added something to, although I did not want to add it to this playlist. Last night I was trying to add a video to my watch later playlist and of course it just told me that there was an error. Now when I try to add any video to a playlist it will try to add it I my watch later and tell me that there is an error. The old system was much more time efficient for people like me who had more than a few playlists where they add videos every day.

  • Unwanted change

    by βryan

    Can you please switch to the old card view when you pull down videos to search for others? It used to just fill the bottom right, but now it fills the entire bottom as an elongated card instead of just the video, and it even makes the video part smaller and chops off some of the top and bottom of the video which I dislike. I don’t need to have the whole title down there. Go back to the old style and make the card of variable size depending on the video. I noticed that videos are actually 4:3 or of other lengths when viewing them in portrait mode now, instead of always showing in a 16:9 area with letterboxing. I absolutely love that change and it would be super amazing if you could implement the old pull-down card version with that addition. I really prefer swiping to the left to dismiss those video cards instead of down with the new style as well.

  • This app is part of why I don't own a Google phone

    by SirNickity

    Google's software quality is amazingly bad. For a company that has literally innovated the Internet up to where it is today, they really drop the ball on simple things. Like proper handling of screen rotation. (Has anyone even had this problem in ANY other mobile app? I haven't. Yet it has plagued YT for years.) Or that one bug where video would restart from the beginning while audio kept going. (Thankfully that seems to be fixed now, but it was a problem for way too long.) With the latest update, YT is now able to turn my phone into a hand warmer. 30 min of video drained a quarter of my battery life. Well that's new. I've got to learn not to update this app anymore when I finally run across a version that works. Or, more accurately, when the bugs it has don't affect me enough to care. Get your $@!# together, Google. "It compiles" is not QA.

  • Notifications Glitch? READ AND FIX

    by from Licoricewand ;)

    This is the most useful app out there for many things, but idk I just don’t think I want to rate 5 stars. ANYWAYS. There’s a glitch, I’m not sure what really but every time I get a notification about a replied comment or someone commenting on my videos (which is a big deal as I’m a small channel with not even 30 subs) I tap to go to the comment and it’s gone. Nothing. I thought the first few times they deleted their comment but now I don’t think it’s that. After I tap on it there’s no finding it. If this is a glitch or happening to anybody else PLEASE FIX IT. I spend most of my time watching the same peoples videos and I leave a comment on every one, I have to be able to respond or like. And I can’t do that if it’s gone. Please fix this glitch. I’ll change it back to four or five stars if this is fixed or explained.

  • Some issues on iPad

    by Dude of Sandbox

    It is a good platform for watching many varied videos, but suffers from some problems. -Commenting has issues. Sometimes a comment infinitely processes with the “loading” symbol. Other times, it’s an issue to click out of writing a comment. You usually are able to tap on the screen away from the comment typing box at any time to close it and return to the main interface, but sometimes it just doesn’t work and you must close the app in itself. Replying to comments almost always leaves a double reply, which is more of a visual glitch since it reappears when going back to the comment chain you had left a reply on. -Every video has a “Not interested” you can select. While watching a video, there is a recommendations bar at the right of the screen. The video at the very top of this bar does not have a Not interested selection, so if you do not like the video at all you will still get it recommended to you. -The app randomly crashes often -When scrolling through the play bar, most videos show you a small screenshot of what displays at that point in time of the video. Other videos do not have this. -Finally, this one isn’t an issue but could be useful. Advertising options, such as not immediately starting the video after an advertisement ends for more information.

  • Needs a little improvement

    by Avi Avalos

    I like the app it just has a few glitches that need to be fixed. When I start watching a video it takes forever to load than when it starts playing it stops about 10 seconds into the video and it says it’s loading when it’s not. I restart the video a few times and it stops at the same place so I close out of the video and try again. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t so I have to repeat the process multiple times. Another thing is that when there is an add it takes a really long time to load or it doesn’t load. I’m the middle of a video I close out then I have to repeat the process I do at the beginning. Than when it finally starts working correctly I have to find my place and that takes even longer to load. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but that doesn’t fix the problem.

  • Great app! Just one thing tho…

    by WhyINeedHell

    Trust me, this app is wonderful and it’s been used for about 12 years and people still use it all the time, but theres this only thing that bothers me is a new update I got a few days ago… So every time I click on the “save to playlist” button, it just saves to a random playlist which I don’t want it to be in. Ik I can just press and hold on the button so that all my playlists will pop-up, but I kinda feel more comfortable when I could just click on the button and all my playlists pop-up instead of it being in a random playlist that I don’t want it to be in. And plus I keep forgetting that I need to press and hold lol. So I hope this made sense, and that u can change it cuz it’s really starting to bother me.

  • Great App - Needs 2 Important changes

    by TechaddictATX

    I use this app all the time and I love it. That being said, there are 2 major things I would like to see fixed. First, I would like to be able to have a search box when I’m looking at a specific channel, so I don’t have to search through all of YT for that channel’s specific video. It can even be a lot just to search through that channel’s content for an older video, let alone the entire platform. Second, I would appreciate it if YT didn’t restart so frequently, causing me to lose my place in my video, even after navigating away from the app after just a few minutes. I’ve taken to adding every video I don’t finish right away to the Watch Later list, which is a bit annoying. Other than that, I’m really liking all the recent updates and reorganization.

  • 15 mins of fame was only a glimmer

    by BarstoolGeneral

    First and foremost, All Praise and thanks of being go to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for without we would not exist; can I get a Marinara, amen, or have been brought forth towards Warhols’ famous equation on fame, population times media over hours in a day equals all will at least have fifteen minutes of fame. Now what he hadn’t envisioned was that those mins would be multiplied by views and thus make 15 mins equal years mathematically. Any-who, thanks to this wonderful ‘new’ media we can experience the wonder of all moments. The good or bad and all that grey matter of the in-between shot stored and saved for all human posterity and who knows maybe just maybe we will all see a bit of ourselves in others as we laugh, cry, awe and learn from our collect selves. Make love not war!😘💙🖖

  • I love the app, but I am here to report a bug

    by Mason Hillhiker

    This problem has only occurred within the last hour, but while using the app, it doesn’t show me anything, and it says that there is an error loading, and won’t show me any videos in my subscriptions list or anything for that matter. I can search videos and their thumbnails and titles will pop up, but when I click on the video it won’t play and the same error displays. I am not sure if it’s a networking error, but I do not believe it is as I am perfectly capable of searching, and I am on wifi, receiving messages and etc. I am disappointed because I use this app so much. Literally 60% of my screen time. Anyway I hope this is helpful, because I love the platform as a creator and a user.

  • Great but major bugs...

    by Csrgamingfan

    When I play a video after a few seconds it says “Something went wrong please try again" and that really annoys me because the video starts for the beginning again so if you have any answers please let me know! Over all AMAZING!❤️❤️❤️ Edit: okay there are a lot of bugs in the latest update it keeps saying “something went wrong please try again" and I can't play any video because of that HUGE ANNOYING BUG! The videos don't “stay" I mean that when I leave the page open for a few minutes it just goes away! These bugs really annoy me and I would like you to fix them please...I can't watch my daily videos and it's just annoying! It gets so annoying that I quit watching videos and play boring games! So I would love it if you fix theses major and huge bugs...thanks if you do!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • One annoying problem

    by Allthestupidnicknamesarechosen

    I don’t write reviews much, but I am extremely upset that the smaller video layout has been changed. You used to be able to swipe down on a video and watch it in a little box while browsing for your next selection. If you didn’t want to watch that video anymore you could just swipe it away. Now you can still swipe down, but the video is about 50% smaller and the rest of the space is taken up by the title of the video (unnecessary because I’m already watching it, I know what it’s called), a play/pause button and an “x”. Instead of allowing the users to just swipe away the video, the developers have decided to take away space from the size of the video to put an “x” that you have to click if you want to exit the video. It’s a waste of space and moved in the wrong direction. I would love it if that was fixed.

  • Amazing, however...

    by GameX-10

    During watching videos longer than 10 minutes, the app acts like it crashes except audio is still able to be heard, it’s just the screen goes black for a few seconds, upwards to about 15 seconds that I’ve experienced, and after the blank out I can’t interact with the interface at all. Tapping in the screen doesn’t bring up the video duration or pause button and the home button is buggy. It may just be an iPhone thing or maybe I need to update it again, though. I just thought it was worth mentioning since it happens so often. I even tried reloading the app to see if that would fix the problem. Sadly my efforts didn’t change much or anything. I think I might’ve actually made it worse.

  • It is amazing

    by Pickschu Slayer10

    You could watch everything that you want to watch on here but there is one thing I want y'all to do I want y'all to make a video for season one two and three of the flash it would be cool if someone could make a video one the seasons of flash I am still trying to catch up on the season I am going to be honest I haven't even finished the second season a true flash fan would be done with the second season but I started watching it about a month ago and I am still not done with the second season but I am on S2 E19 I really need to finish the second season and the third season before they come out with the fourth season or if that is the end of the movie and if a creator of flash is watching this don't stop making flash seasons PLEASE

  • Great app but needs work

    by Becca380

    This app is great but there's one problem, I can't access all of my playlists from my library. Just before the update I had all of my playlists right when I wanted them at on my library section , and I loved that I could do it at anytime I wanted. But now I have to go all the way to my channel which doesn't even include and playlists I just saved and bookmarked and I have to say I don't like it. If you can, can you please make it so I can access all of my library saved and created playlists, that would make me and so many more people very happy also for uploading videos it would be great if the app itself lets me use more than one choice of music but everything else is awesome.😊

  • Disgusting

    by LobsterPartyMan

    You screw over the content creators and youtubers who put so much work and effort into their content and then screw them over so easily. It’s ridiculous and until you fix you’re disgusting, disgraceful and dishonest, awful system that puts the people that make up your money, and interesting content being unrewarded for their hard work. Until you fix the problem where it’s so easy to ruin people’s hard work for nothing and no reason then I will continue to recommend this app as the worst place for anyone to flourish their creative wonders on the world, because what I’ve seen you do and what I’ve seen people do with your system is downright sickening... fix it because frankly your about as popular with me as Facebook right now... the only difference is I never liked Facebook... I hope this all blows up in your face totally just like them😠

  • Auto clicks

    by XxxCartMan25Xxx

    In the middle of a video I am watching, it auto clicks the next video when I am watching a video. I hate it but that doesn’t mean I hate hate it. It is still a good app but I would like to see that be removed or I may just be on my part. I dunno. Also, this only happens on my phone but in the middle of a video, the screen goes dark but there’s still audio, so I have to click to the next vid then go back to the one I was watching and have to deal with it staring over or like 20 seconds before the point I was at. Me and my Dad have the same phone (Samsung J3 Emerge ) and I asked him if he has the same issue an me, he does not, so idk if it’s just my phone or more widespread than I think it is. But overall a great app and gave it a 4/5 stars. Sorry for any spelling mistakes that are in my review.

  • Really annoying problem...

    by Alexbabasade

    Alright, so right after google fixed a couple problems I had with the app before, they added a feature where you can slide between videos so it’s (I guess) easier to switch to them. However, really don’t like this method. First of all, I always keep swiping to the next/previous videos on accident, and it really bugs me. I’ll have to wait for the video to load in order to go back to the one I was actually watching. And when I try to swipe away a card in a video, I always keep swiping to the next/previous video. It’s really annoying because sometimes, I don’t need to read the card. Google, if your reading this, please add an option where you can turn this swiping feature off, because it’s really annoying. Thanks

  • It Kills My Phone

    by urboyHamada

    I love the app, it is probably the mist used app on my phone, but the app absolutely obliterate my phone in performance. When I’m watching a video and want to swipe down to close the video the app freezes but the audio of the vid is still working, I can here the vid. At this point my phone is destroyed, I close my phone from the side button but the vid audio is still on, I can here what is said, I keep punching my phone from the back, then after a minute of frustration my phone starts lagging, it’s screen opens then closes. At this point I restart my phone during the lag. This problem never stops, even after making the latest updates, but what is even weird is the description of every update is about bug fixes and performance being better. Please make something happen. By the way, my phone is iPhone 6 Plus.

  • 99% of the YT Experience on the Go

    by NiceGuyAnimeFan

    The app does everything the main site does anywhere you have data. Videos are clear, sound is great, etc and I burn many, many hours at a desk job listening to game play or podcasts or similar. I only really have two qualms. One: When making a comment if you have to “edit” it or similar even before posting the cursor will move erratically from top to bottom of it and then back to where you had it. Two: Recently the app started playing videos that appear in your Recommended if you stop scrolling for even a few seconds. This leads to them appearing in your History and further warping your Recommended. Not a fan of that. But those are honestly minor all things considered. It does the job very well for an app. Highly recommended.

  • 👏🏼👏🏼

    by BmashShea

    Most of the time it’s great. I don’t know if my internet that makes my you tube run slow sometimes, but I gave it four stars because there have been some slight issues with it. Too many pop ups, and I’m not talking about the commercials. It would be great if we could “listen” to the videos atleast while were in a different app. Like the music you tube only with videos. Other than that I LOVE it, I love that you can add them to your watch later lost because I Bennett watch videos for hours sometimes and if you click back or somewhere else you forget what the video you saw on the “up next” section that you wanted to watch was called. It’s an awesome feature and I’m glad we have it. I could brag about toms more you tube features but I’ll leave it at this ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Luna MVP My video player is really dark

    by Luna MVP

    Every time I watch my video the video player looks dark but the pause button I can see clearly I updated the app and it said that it had all the bug fixes worked out but I didn’t I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that didn’t work either so try and fix my screen I turn off my voice over and after I turn voiceover off I you guys are really out of control when it comes to your videos that’s why you should update your app again because my video player is completely dark but the rest my video isn’t tap the video player turn it back on but when I tap the video player it brightens so can you fix that problem My videos look all gratis

  • Videos with pi

    by Ninjahypers

    A fun video to video with friends. I recommend it. While you're here, please enjoy this pie recipe: Ingredients: 1. 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 2. 1/2 cup white sugar 3. 1/2 cup brown sugar 4. 1/4 cup water 5. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 6. 1 pinch salt 7. 5 apples - peeled, cored and sliced 8. 1 pastry for double-crust pie Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). 2. Combine butter, white sugar, brown sugar, water, cinnamon, and salt in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and set aside. 3. Roll out half the pastry to fit a 9-inch pie plate. Place bottom crust in pie plate; pour in apple slices. 4. Roll out top crust into a 10-inch circle. Cut into 8 (1-inch) wide strips with a sharp paring knife or pastry wheel. Weave the pastry strips, one at a time, into a lattice pattern. Fold the ends of the lattice strips under the edge of the bottom crust and crimp to seal. 5. Pour butter-sugar mixture over top of pie, coating the lattice, and allowing any remaining sauce to drizzle through the crust. 6. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), and bake until the crust is golden brown, the caramel on the top crust is set, and the apple filling is bubbling, 35 to 40 more minutes. Allow to cool completely before slicing.

  • Taking away likes?

    by shfiek

    Whenever I watch a video I like and leave a like on the video I may re watch it if I really like it, like a music video or something. But when I re watch it I notice that my like is gone, like I didn't leave one in the first place. I thought it was only certain videos but leaving a like on a video does nothing because it takes it away as soon as I exit the video! Not being able to support content creators I like is annoying. Other than the fact that some youtubers get their videos taken down for certain reasons and yet others get to keep there's up and sometimes even have ads playing on their video, despite the video breaking multiple community guide lines, is annoying too. I won't let my bias opinion make me rate this app 1 star for this but it won't let me give I a 5 or 4 either.

  • Great app but problem with sound...

    by Chicken N a Bisket

    This app overall is a great app but for some reason whenever I go on the app for the first time in a day the sound on every video either is non existent or it's just a buzzing sound, but it's only for the actual video. The ads before the videos still have their regular sound. I've asked my friends if they have the same problem but no one else has a problem with the sound. I have the most recent update of the app and my phone has IOS 10.2 so not the most recent update with my phone but it's done that since before IOS 11.0.1 came out. I don't know if it has to do with my phone or the app because restarting my phone will fix the problem but it's just annoying to have to do it everyday whenever I first get on the app.


    by gdasenbrock

    Ok. So yeah like a quite of few people I’m a youtuber. And so far it’s going good. I watch other YT videos for hours every day and I love the convenience of them. But if there’s one thing that I would have to say about it as a YouTuber I want to use the community tab to post my art and some polls I want to make for my followers but I can’t do that because apparently I don’t have enough followers. Amount of followers shouldn’t matter I should be able to post on the community tab if I have at least 5 followers which I do. I don’t know about you but I feel like it would help me grow my channel. If you could maybe at least let more people use it that would help me a lot and I just might give you guys those 5 stars! Thanks for listening! Love~ Qumi Cutie

  • Videos play at random

    by IBeCaptainGreen

    I’ve been using this app for years and never really had a problem, other than that they won’t let you play music while your phone isn’t on. But one thing has really been ticking me off, when a video is playing, even when in windowed mode in the corner. It will change the video without you pressing or using the autoplay feature! It really annoying when I’m watching a video when in the middle of a suspenseful part of the video, it will change with no matter what you do! I’ve tried restarting my phone, I’ve tried un and reinstalling, I’ve even thought that my glass screen protector pressing it for me, but It changes when the video is playing at the bottom left of the screen. This app is the best in the App Store, but because of the video problems I can’t give it a full rating...

  • Possible Bug?

    by anranranranr

    I have been using the app on all of my phones for years and love it. Something recently started happening though. When I’m watching a video, and leave the app to look at a text message and then come back there is audio playing in the background that sounds like an ad. I leave the app(but not fully close it out) and it takes 3 attempts to stop the background talking. I sometimes do fully close the app out but that is getting annoying because I don’t want to have to either go to my history to find the video or have to re-search for it. Not sure if this is happening to others. Just wanted to make the company aware of the issue that I’m going through currently. If that gets fixed/ I get a solution then I think the app is 5/5

  • Pretty descent tech but with a creep catch

    by Foocifer

    I like the tech of you tube. The platform is functional. Good even. However the creepy 1984 Totalitarianism-esque we knows what’s best for you smacks of a belief of the management that they somehow own their audience specifically and can make decisions on what you are allowed to view that are not violating decency and legal standards by de-plat forming, de-monetizing and just generally bullying viewers and creators. After a while you get sick of dealing with the lies and blatant falsehoods. Obviously some of it is bad actor employees using their position to play at politics like bullying children but that brings into question company management even further as they have no oversight and review of employees and the work they are doing. There is far too much politics involved in the management of the tools and that is truly a shame because it is destroying a perfectly good piece of tech.

  • Love YT but....

    by Dugbuynjmede

    I really do love YT. I appreciate more of the smaller channels than the popular ones. I have no interest in watching Pewdiepie or any other big youtuber. What I don’t understand is the algorithm of recommended videos. I hate sports but yet they get recommended to me. Why? Because maybe a video I watched has someone playing sports so you or a computer assumes I like to watch the NBA or the NFL? When I watch a video of someone vlogging and they might show their nephew I suddenly get recommended pregnancy journey or announcement videos! Why??? When I click that I’m not interested it’s back the next day. Some recommendations are spot on some I don’t understand. It’s probably the same computer the demonetizes depression videos but will monetize stupid ones. I wish this could be fixed but I doubt it.

  • What’s up with the lack of navigation?

    by JohnSays

    What I don’t get about this app is that there is no easy way to navigate forward and backward to videos you have just watched. So I cannot easily - and that is the keyword - branch to a new video and then return to where I was two videos ago. I have to go to History and find that video. Only that is in itself difficult. And never mind the endless crashes where my history just is not saved. How is it that a app that has been around as long as this one has, cannot return to vertical mode without crashing? My method of watching videos is watch two or three and then terminate the app and restart because it got stuck in useless horizontal mode again.

  • Information from Utube

    by Flyinjeep

    Anything you want to look for you can find on utube. I’ve found it to be the most informative site there is. Plus the fun you can have watching videos. I wanted something that couldn’t be found in the United States. I knew they were out there. One look in utube and had a video showing me where, the name of place, Internet address. Half hour later I had the object found, paid for and a delivery of 2-3 weeks. I had exhausted myself trying to find it in the U.S. It was just a watchband made by a big watch company. Even being directed to main parts for this I was always told the same thing, there’s no such thing. I could even give the part number. Thank you Utube.

  • No Volume Bar

    by Lyslyslusluslyalya

    With the most recent update, the volume bar has gone away. It used to be that when I was watching videos horizontally (full screen) that to not intrude on the visuals, the volume square that usually shows up in the middle of the screen when adjusting the volume doesn’t appear. Instead there was a slim white line toward the top of the screen that would show me the volume that I had the video at. However, recently this white volume bar indicator has gone away and now there is no way to tell what volume the video is at which our sliding up and looking in my control panel to adjust the volume. Adjusting volume still works but I liked it when I was able to see what the volume was at while adjusting. Overall, everything else is güd.

  • Good but the update kinda messed up my viewing experience

    by seeshell9

    I love the app and have been using it ever since I got my iPhone 7 plus and I've had no issues. Until now. After doing the update yesterday, for some reason it's making it very harder for me to watch a video. Say for instance I just started a music video, it will play for about 10-30 seconds, before it magically turns to the next video on my upcoming. This has been happening with every video and live steam I've been trying to watch. It's actually getting very inconvenient for my viewing. I would then have to open and reopen the video at least 3 times before I cab watch the entire thing. With adds in between. I still really enjoy the app, but I hope this will be fixed soon.


    by hirgnvhirfncjifen

    I LOVE this app 💜 but I think that you should have community available for ALL devices even the ones a tiny bit older like for instance say you have and older iPad and you just heard that your favorite YouTuber had just made a HUGE announcement in community and have no other devices so you can’t see it or you are staying at a hotel for the week and you didn’t want to bring your computer and have an iPad not a phone and they announced on a video that they were going to put something on community for the week then take it off but you can’t see it (I know that’s not very likely but it’s possible some people may do it and a lot of people may get upset) but overall i love this app

  • Latest update did something to the playback quality

    by TruPinoy122

    the app was just recently updated, and now when i play videos ( and i tried it on a couple of videos just to be sure ) the video playback is not in sync with the audio. kinda like what we used to get on those old “martial arts” movies see the mouth move but the audio is behind. well whats happening is kinda like that but in reverse. audio is fine but the video playback is lagging. i deleted the app the reinstalled it twice. i know its not my wifi connection, im pushing 150mb download speed and my currently device is the iphone 7 plus (128gb). Again never had this issue until the latest update. just wanted to let the devs know is this is something that coming up.

  • Slight issue

    by KK glow

    Not necessarily too sure if it’s the app or the IOS 12 update, but whenever I have my phone in my pocket or faced down, the screen turns off and stops the music. At first I thought it was cuz I had the battery saver on, but I turned it off hours ago and the problem is still happening. I can’t walk and keep my phone in my pocket for 2 seconds w/o having to turn my music back on. Again, don’t know what’s the problem but I’d like a solution for it. Update : I just updated the app itself and now my playlist or anything else won’t load. I changed WiFi connections multiple times, turned off and turned back on my phone, and reset my network settings. Wth is happening?

  • Ya..........

    by Bethyork

    Ummm, if you don’t know about you tube by now, then you must not enjoy music,,,,,, or technology,,,,,,,,, or the 21st century. You tube is the MTV of the internet. AND you can watch others who have made videos, or post a video yourself! Some are funny, some are serious, some are sad, and some make no sense at all. But either way, it’s free entertainment. And You can’t beat that. So, what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading these boring comments when you could be listening to any song you’d like, or researching how to build a flowerbed. Or watching some brand new you tube sensation of the hour, as they do something stupid................ or you could be watching a million other things. ENJOY!! ✌🏻❤️☺️ 😎

  • Best watching app

    by Eeveeplaysgames(yt name)

    I love using your app! It runs really well and the quality is amazing! And I love the fact that you have no limit to subscribers! I love the livestream options like you can do it on google hangouts and twitch. And for livestreams you can do events and set a time for it for when your ready! But the livestream lags a lot when playing games or reactioning to videos! And for uploading videos on mobile devices it is really cool that you have options for music and trimming and even filters and effects! But I don’t like the time limit for my phone or iPad! I also like the fact you can set up your channels look! And lastly you shouldn’t ban channels that swear a little bit in there videos!

  • Playlists have horrible bug...

    by Carleennn

    I have a lot of playlists but I have to keep on making more because after a certain amount of videos is added to a playlist it just stops adding for example my watch later has 280 videos in it and I noticed that whenever I put something there it doesn’t show up so I made a watch later 2.0 which only fit about 270 videos and now I have a watch later 3.0 which is kind of annoying to do. Because now I’ve been adding videos to my playlist but they never actually add. And there isn’t really a limit per say, so I want to know if there can be a fix to this issue. Other than that I love the app as of right now.

  • Bug fix

    by Papu641

    The latest update has this bug that is really annoying. This is my typical scenario on my iPhone 8, I go through my feed and preview videos without clicking on them. I just watch a little bit of it as a preview and typically put no interested on it because either I have already seen the video or it doesn’t interest me. Then when I do find a video I want to watch and I begin to play it, the audio from the last video I previewed and put as not interested begins to play at the same time as the audio from the video I am playing. The only way to get it to stop is to close the app and relaunch. So now I can’t go through my recommendations previewing or getting rid of other videos without this problem happening. Please fix

  • Volume changing issue

    by noteleks eht snaS

    This has happened to almost everyone I’ve seen using the app recently. For a long time, when you’ve adjusted the volume, it’s been contained to a small bar at the top of the screen. This is really nice because you can still see your current volume level but it doesn’t cover your video. Recently, however, the normal volume box has reappeared! In addition to the little bar at the top of the screen, the big, screen filling box shows up every time I adjust the volume. This is really annoying and the most recent update still hasn’t fixed it. Please fix this as it makes it difficult to enjoy a video with unstable volume!

  • It was good till recently

    by Julian DeHoff

    There’s been several bugs we’ve been experiencing and I know cause I’ve came across this several times, but whenever I try to open the description for a video it will morph itself inside the list of other videos or comments. The next one is that almost 7 out of 10 times I watch a video where it starts off with an add, either the audio will be extremely off or the video will just stop at one frame yet the audio will still play yet it doesn’t get fixed unless you watch the same video from a different device, and thirdly there’s been problems with the dark theme where either the screen will spaz out with white and black colors, and one time it will just turn into a dark void of nothingness. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go back to this app and go to twitch.

  • Subscription box

    by clairejohnson

    I highly recommend updating the way the subscription box works. I think you should keep it the same where newest videos at the top and the further you go down the older the video is; but you should make an update where it makes it so that after you’ve watched a video that was In your subscription box it goes down to a separate section. That way all the videos that you haven’t watched in your subscription box are at the top so u don’t miss any or have to scroll super far down to find them. Also if they were super old videos or you didn’t watch them because they weren’t interesting you can always click the hide option on the side of the video. Your welcome for the recommendation. Haha Thanks.

  • Please fix the community tab

    by Luna the wariror cat

    Recently, the community tab has been bothering me. I see that on some person’s channel that only had 1,500 subs had the community tab. People say that you have to reach 10k subs to unlock it. Despite me only having 23 subs, I am keen to get my paws (hands) on that feature. My main question I keep asking myself is: why can’t you give the tab to everyone? Is it really that difficult? Please please please update this app to where the community tab is given to everyone. In my opinion, it’s kind of unfair for the unpopular youtubers not to have it, but the popular (DanTDM, StampyCat, CaptainSparklez, SSSniperWolf, etc) do have it. I beg you to update that. PLZZZZZZZZZ!!! Want to support me? Subscribe to me today! I hope to see you in the comments! :3 ❤️ User: CatCookie

  • Best App Ever but Kinda Not

    by Isabella McCall

    I think it is very swell but it has changed over the years now it’s the same videos that pop up in my recommendation section and most of the time I haven’t even watched one of the youtubers videos! But now for the good part😅. I love the dark mode it helps me at night because when I watch my videos I won’t have a terrible headache when I get up. I also love that you don’t have to slide left to get to the different sections such as “trending” “subs” ect. I also love that when you slide down the video you can still watch and pause/play it. It helps me when I chose a different video I also love the section that you can speed up the video and slow it down. That’s all once again I love this app so much keep it going 👍🏻😀😁

  • Swipe left and right update

    by avald24

    I noticed this morning that on the app, there’s now a feature that lets you swipe left or right for another video. This feature has been very annoying so far and it’s been less than 24 hours. Whenever I want to wipe something off my screen I would switch to a new video when I clearly don’t want to. In fact that’s how I accidentally discovered this feature. I looked through settings and could not find a way to turn this off, which as I said makes the app more annoying. Prior to this feature I had no real issues with the video player. I would prefer they either remove the feature or give an option for us to remove it. Other than that I feel the app is great

  • I like watching it, but there is one problem

    by Cheesykittykat

    I use this app a lot, and there is something that’s happened recently that is upsetting. This has happened twice now. I go to watch a video, which works fine, but when I tried to exit the video it froze. I tried scrolling through and it is barely working. I tried to press the home button, but it wasn’t working. Neither was the power button. I tried shutting it down but it didn’t work. In the end it brought me back to the lock screen, which was weird. I don’t know if it’s my iPad or if it’s the app. I’d like it if that bug was fixed though. I really love this app, so I’d appreciate it if it worked fine. But this has only happened twice, so I hope it doesn’t happen again 🙂

  • App freezes

    by vessUnit

    I enjoy the experience of being able to watch videos well on my new iPhone, however, there is one drawback that persists to agonize me. This happens to me only when I have the video in landscape. When I pause the video for some time, the app itself will freeze the phone, whereas I must click my power button to make it sleep. I have to press after a certain amount of time after turning off the screen in order for it to pop back up to the way it was. This especially happened when a video ended and autoplay is set to on. I don’t know if it continues when it is off, but it is an annoying bug for me. Just earlier, my phone crashed entirely because of it. Please find a solution, thank you.

  • Has bugs

    by lazulistar

    Works good most of the time, however any time I pause a song and minimize the app, the app automatically refreshes me to my home page and stops playing the playlist and song. So I have to go find my playlist and exact song all over again. This can be bad if you are in a car and driving! Also noticed that every once in a while I play my playlist, it works good playing my songs then it suddenly starts playing songs not on my list and I usually have to wait for it to fix itself, close the app and reopen my playlist or reboot my phone. Never had this problem before but it plays songs I never have listened to before so not sure why my playlist randomly stops working. Otherwise a good app.

  • It shows a still from the previous video

    by SgtHaddix

    I’m having an issue that if I watch a video in landscape mode, then turn my phone to portrait mode to read comments, it will change to show the previous videos comments title likes dislikes suggestions and shows a freeze frame of the previous video, but the audio of the current video still plays and if I turn back to landscape I can see the correct video. It is more than mildly irritating and it happened in the update before last, I downloaded the January 10th update hoping it would be fixed but no luck there. Please fix this, it’s really irritating and also shows that somebody messed up badly this previous couple updates. For reference I am using a iPhone XS on the latest software as of January 13th 2019

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

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    great application..

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    Love this app!

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    it is very useful app i am always happy with this app


    Very nice app dor watching vedio and movies and etc

  • It is good for everything

    by 123qwterhzc

    It is good for everything

  • yo theres a problem with the app rn lol

    by Othello's Phallus

    theres this issue with the app, and im not sure if its exclusive to me. ill click a video and an ad will play only the ad video doesnt play but the sound of the ad does. the actual video youre trying to watch will start playing but with the ad noise still going. the only way to stop the ad sounds is to completely close youtube. once this is fixed ill update my review

  • I love youtube

    by LilTeezy1

    It is cool and fun

  • Videos

    by jegjj

    I don’t like how the video starts playing even if you don’t click on it when scrolling down

  • Yup

    by Creepertastic

    Iiiiiiooiii llllllloooooovvvveee iiiiiitttttt!

  • Why did they do this to mobile?

    by Adiaale.

    So. After this new update for my mobile version of YouTube. I now don’t have the ability to change my YouTube icon or channel art. This update basically excludes the mobile devices that have YouTube. What if I don’t have a PC so now, I can’t change my YouTube channel art or icon. As an animator on this site, I would like you guys to change this update. As much as I like YouTube, this update is horrible for the mobile devices.

  • Good, but not good enough.

    by shawnthor

    It’s good, but need picture-in-picture...

  • Good app, but there’s a bug.

    by SkuIIhead3Writes

    I use the YouTube app pretty much everyday, and it’s great, but there’s a weird bug. Whenever I click on a video sometimes another video plays, and I have to close the app out in order for it to work correctly. This has been going on for a long time, and I want it to stop as it’s really annoying. So please, fix this bug if you can.

  • Bad customer service and user experience

    by LetMeSubmitAReview

    After the most recent updates, if I decide to watch a video be prepared to close the app entirely because advertisement videos will play over the videos you press to watch. If you try to get help and in contact with customer service be excited because its terrible, slow, and won’t help you.

  • Ye

    by Ulgy rat

    Ye ye ye ye ye ye ye noob : )

  • A lot information

    by Jorlenni

    Easy to search anything you looking for!!!!

  • Great

    by Ogdodpgsox

    This app is great but there is one problem. Sometimes when I tap on a video, the ad that is supposed to play before it plays during the video, but you can only hear the sound. So you can see and hear the video that you want to watch, but you also get an annoying ad playing in the background that you can’t see or skip.

  • YouTube da best

    by greattube

    Great app Must buy

  • YouTube

    by gtfyfvjhbhjytftfc

    YouTube is so addicting but I cannot stop playing it so you should be playing it too.

  • Best

    by IkeOtt

    Favorite app

  • Background play

    by sfuhfigfhjh

    No Background play

  • YouTube, making America dreams happen!

    by Wesley World 808

    YouTube is one of the best big companies out there, they allow the small guys to make it and offer the American dream to everyone, where else can you do something fun and make money with it!, YouTube, thanks for the opportunity you’ve given me , it’s greatly appreciated.

  • YouTube

    by nanac15

    It’s awesome

  • It the best

    by Wendy2099

    I give it five stars because it is the best

  • My LOVES!!!

    by 007HONEYBX


  • YouTube Review

    by Jimmy "The Greek"

    YouTube is a fantastic format of valuable information and entertainment value.

  • The best

    by shbstsgsdftzggsgssgsstgsstop

    YouTube is so good

  • How good it is though they should ban sexual vids...and other violence

    by great but has issues

    It’s a great app to watch stuff like movies and cool videos do but..they should really ban or delete if they can....sexual vids and other violence I’m a kid and for others like me this is not safe I’m 8 years old was alive for 9 years and in 3rd grade I want YouTube to be a kid-friendly place

  • You tube

    by Bamakiki

    Amazing videos

  • YT the best app!

    by flax the best

    YouTube is a very good app to watch videos on!!! and it is a great way to relax and have fun watch other people having fun making videos but the only thing I don’t like about the app is if you want to make videos you have to buy a good camera and it costs like $300 but at least people have fun making videos!!! so thanks for reading my review and I hope you have a wonderful day! Sincerely: Maddox Thompson

  • To YouTube

    by Harrypotter#14

    I like it because you can search anything you want to and it will give me videos that I watch a lot and this app doesn’t cost you anything

  • Bugs

    by angmerch

    love this app BUT whenever i click on videos, there’s still audio playing from a video that was a few up that i paused at for a second. pls fix!!


    by MRS PH3


  • Fantastic Platform for knowledge

    by Angeljorge

    I enjoy You Tube in every sense of the word. You Tube provided entertainment on many facets and also serves as an educational fountain of knowledge on varied disciplines. If i feel nostalgic , i can summon up old cartoon, movies and commercials that used to run when I was a kid. You Tube, you are the best platform available to disseminate knowledge to the world out there. The only complaint I have is that you also serve to disseminate bigoted, hateful agendas from extreme right wing nationals. Please do something to correct that. There is enough hate, divisiveness and discrimination out there already without having your platform facilitate these ‘haters’ further. Thanks for your service. A loyal viewer

  • It’s oki

    by GCrxsi

    It’s oki😐

  • I love it so much

    by okivia6473😕

    I wish I want to do this 🤩🤩 and this 174747

  • How good YouTube is

    by Jay wolf girl

    I like YouTube so much but I need YouTube Chanel please!!!

  • Glitch?

    by sishvchdis

    I’ve had YouTube for a while now, but for some reason it I click on the app, and click on a video, the audio from another random video will start playing along with the video I’ve clicked on. I’ve tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, etc. it still happens

  • >:(

    by LittleDragneel-

    The app won't allow me to change my channel art , no matter how many times i try . it's the not , failed to upload channel art , but it doesn't give me the button to do so .

  • Views not updating

    by goatloverix

    I’m a YouTuber but my views are not updating on YouTube it says 79 views And in the yt studio it says 84 views Please fix this hopefully an update comes in

  • Advertisement audio playing being video

    by Zao_Zeeeee

    I’ve been using YouTube since it came out. The apps on the phones have been great, but it seems as though after the most recent update, I hav this glitch where the advertisement would play behind my video. Is this just me?

  • Great but......

    by carlossgsgdgd

    There is a problem with the customization feature because it won’t let me change it

  • YouTube

    by demwae

    Just awesome enough said

  • Video preview issue

    by jaysoñun

    So this problem is really really annoying every time I pass by a preview video and click a desired video to view it plays the ad for the preview video and my desired video which makes it really irritating, please fix this, or remove the preview video feature, thanks!

  • Freezing on ipad pro

    by 夜自习嗨

    constantly freezes on ipad pro 2nd gen.

  • 🤩

    by RavenonNormal

    It’s amazing and I love the content

  • Eh

    by Cheese goat

    I have been using the YouTube app for about 2 years now with no problems until now. Sometimes when I click on a video in my recommended audio from a different video will play over the video that I clicked on. Please Fix!

  • Sonido Estrellalatina ny

    by dj estrella


  • YouTube is the bast

    by Rest in peace lil peep

    I like YouTube because it has everything you wanna watch and your favorite people that you guys would probably like

  • Tunes

    by D.Brumpkins

    Loving the way YouTube projects all the right songs at the right time based off what I listen to. I’ve deleted Spotify twice in two weeks. Keep rocking on YouTube.

  • Play While Closed

    by taytayjohnjohn

    Wish you could play music while the app is in the background.

  • Really fun I love YouTube

    by cahiquis07

    It’s so much fun I watch YouTube when I’m bored or when their is nothing to do 10/10 recommend

  • Advertisements

    by BossCEO1

    Too many advertisements , other then that YouTube is very awesome!

  • Downloads

    by Muhammad Baroudy

    Youtube shows that a video has been downloaded but it crashes as i try to open it offline Plz fix this issue as i download a lot of videos and use this feature a lot

  • Ok it’s 4 star for one reason

    by Hacker Killer (YT)

    So I downloaded YouTube a while ago and it was great. Then as I saved and posted 1 video it eventually took up half my storage on my phone. That’s why it is rated so low.”

  • It be good.

    by G-String Mac

    Hello its me. I love it.


    by ItsAMeMario1313

    My daughter is completely disabled and unable to control her arm movements to choose videos. YouTube is her FAVORITE! But now I can’t walk away from the iPad by every time one video ends, that’s it, another one won’t start. I have toggled it off and on, deleted and redownloaded the app, tried different videos, I’m just about done with this stupid app!!

  • wth

    by Mah Waifu xD

    I can’t change profile pic or banner

  • Video playing in background

    by ggkr1100

    When I open a video about half of the time there is the sound of another video playing over it. This forces me to restart the app. Can you please update to remove this problem

  • The Most Annoying Bug

    by 479921fjizd$@@,!&elfin

    Whenever clicking on a video sometimes when there should be an ad pop up at the beginning it does not appear but the audio plays over the video and you can’t do anything to mute it the only way to fix it is to restart YouTube but even then why would I need to do that. If the ad were to be a 5 minute add you would have to here the audio play as loud as the actual video you are watching and you cannot fix it unless resetting the YouTube app or waiting through the invisible ad plus if you were to just minimize YouTube it still would not work and I think that it also plays even when coming back to the app. Please fix

  • Amazing!

    by Buju Central

    This app is great. It’s so entertaining, but there’s a lot of educational videos. But, that’s not a bad thing. I’ve learned more on YouTube than in school. There are so many great videos and content creators.

  • Sound issues!

    by Flower 5384673836

    When I start watching one video i can hear some background sound from some other video at the same time!

  • Background video

    by Erinna29

    Recently like on Monday there has been like another video playing in the background and it’s getting very annoying because I can’t really hear what’s going ton in the videos

  • Good but can be better

    by MatthewLaurelton

    Update has lots of bugs

  • حياتي

    by iXpeeD

    اليوتيوب بدونه مقدر اعيش يومي كامل على اليوتيوب و في الاستخدام اليومي في الاسبوع مايقل عن 72 ساعه

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