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Enjoy your favorite videos and channels with the official YouTube app.

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  • ??

    by Lillie G

    I usually use this app every day multiple times a day with little to no problems. Today when I opened it it didn’t display any of my subscriptions or videos and instead said authentication error or something along those lines. I couldn’t remember what email I used for viewing/subscribing but when I figured it out and I tried to log back in, the same account that I had used every day with multiple, probably more than 50 subscriptions had only four or five subscriptions on the account. I don’t understand what happened or why this happened, because it was doing it before i updated it. i figured it needed to be updated when i saw “authentication error” so i updated it. it was still doing it after. Hopefully this is fixable but for now I guess I’ll have to go find every channel that I was subscribed to before now. Not to mention all of my comments and liked videos and my watch later folder are all gone. it’s like i have to start over.

  • by Salman khan

    Hello YouTube team,I have noticed that many videos are just viewed from start till end and even if the content is mind blowing and out of this world. People just ignore the like Button move onto the next video, would really like to have the YouTube Like and dislike be placed and highlighted next to forward and backward buttons shown at the end of the videos. but none the less awesome app.👍

  • A Small Detail That’s Driving Me Crazy.


    Will still rate it 5 Stars because this is definitely one of my most used apps, and I’m sure plenty of other people can say the same. Despite how great YT is, there’s this one “lag” (I don’t quite know what to call it). Half the time I go to the comments and want to look at the replies under a certain comment, it won’t let me view them. I’ll press the “view replies” button a large number of times but quite literally nothing happens. Only way I myself can fix it, is to refresh the tab. Then when that happens sometimes I can’t even find the comment again. Even in general that is just an irritating thing to deal with. However, this could just be a problem with my phone. I’m not smart enough to tell the difference haha. If you have managed to stumble upon this review, just wanted to say thanks for the hard work, but also please acknowledge my frustration lol. -Syd

  • by Naval Kishore Singal

    Dear Developers, I don't have any complaint about the app but would like to inform about an issue viz. When I try to upload single video app works well but when I try to upload multiple videos in row, it take n times the time to upload if uploaded videos one after another. Suggestion, if it suits you i.e. instead of uploading them altogether at once why not to put them in a queue. Uploading together wastes lots of processing, data resource and energy as bandwidth is shared and registers created.

  • Video overlay bugs and awkward UI design. But the app itself is still convenient enough.

    by The Other Whey Protein

    At various points watching a video the overlay will flash, partially blocking my view with the pause/play controls, video progress slider, and various other controls while also dimming the video itself until I either wait for it to leave or tap in an unused space. In terms of user interface, i find it unnecessarily difficult to engage the ‘options’ control (in the bottom right corner of a thumbnail) while browsing. I usually attempt to use this feature when trying to add a video that I’ve not watched to my watch later list. More often than not, however, despite pressing where I need to, I’ll be thrown into the video instead. It’s like trying to click something pixel perfect with your thumb. Thirdly, and this is a personal gripe, but MAYBE not showing me the same advertisement five times in a video would be nice? If I’m gonna be assaulted by them, may as well have variety. Seeing the same ‘Wow, You Can Really Dance’ Tik Tok commercial really wears down my patience, to put it lightly.

  • by Nathan Smith

    Love it, except for the fact bthat EVERY TIME I open the app, it asks if I want to sign up for YouTube Music... No... No I don't. I haven't wanted to the time I opened it yesterday, earlier today, or the entire duration it has been available. I dont even care if there is a constant ad at the bottom when not in full screen viewing, but having to close a full screen ad every time I open YouTube is excessive. Just. Stop.

  • i love it! one annoying problem...

    by Web259

    i love this app, i use it almost every day. the one issue i have is that (it didn’t used to be this way, but it’s been doing it and won’t go away) when i have a video and want to make it full screen, it doesn’t matter if i click the full screen button or tilt my phone, it glitches and only shows me a corner of the video. it cuts the screen into fourths basically and the top left one is the bottom of the video and the other pieces are just gray or something. it’s SUPER frustrating and won’t go away. a few months ago i didn’t have this problem. then a while back i had a similar issue coming out of full screen. it would cut off half of my screen when i minimized the video by tilting my phone upwards and i would have to either close out of the app, or swipe down from my video to fix it. i love the content, accessibility, recommended, etc. but these two things affect like everything i watch. it may just be me but it’s been so annoying!

  • Pure awesomeness but...

    by slendypants

    The app is unbelievably good and runs really well but here are the issues that NEED to be fixed: 1.the notification-the notification system use to work really well but nowadays it’s broken and it doesn’t notify the subscriber about the newest upload. 2.the lag-this problem is caused by disconnecting or lagging right when you click on the video, when this happens the video plays but with the quality taken down and the audio of the video not being set as the video(the video plays but the audio starts after a few seconds). 3.same problem but-this problem is basically the same but it happens during the video with no lag or disconnections. 4.comments-for some reason nowadays when you want to add a comment in the comment section there’s no problem but when you’ve added the comment and leave, after a few hours if you return to see your comment for a reason it’s not there. 5.basically the same with the likes-it’s just the same but when you like the video and leave and after a few hours you return the video isn’t liked by your account. That’s it, this is what I’ve been experiencing for the past couple of weeks. I apologize about the few grammar mistakes I’m not American or English so I’m sorry. I hope you read this and I hope that this helps you to fix these problems. ♥️♥️

  • It’s great and extremely entertaining

    by Hello ___

    If your looking on a app to keep you entertained for hours and hours, I suggest you get this app. And if you want to be a youtuber, it’s very easy to upload videos. Also if you have about 10,000 subscribers you can interact with your fans by posting a message on a community tab. Though, if your under the age of 13, or your child is under the age of 13, Do not get this app! They’re many people who create very inappropriate videos or make sex jokes, There is some porn on it and very bloody pictures. Be careful on here. They’re is a lot of rude people on this app. Though if your child is over the age, it’s fine, the app is very entertaining and I promise you they won’t get bored. -Suggestion for this app- On the Community app, you can comment, and obviously the creator can like or reply to that comment. But, they can’t reply back to the creator. Can you please make it so we can reply back to the creator? And that other people can reply on their comments?

  • Incredible Resource for Knowledge and Entertainment

    by 🤔😉🤗

    I love to read about traditional and Non Traditional subjects sparked by my Upbringing and influences. In reading I don’t have time to read subjects varied from my likes dislikes and opinions, However, on You tube I can also find things that are not necessarily my opinion and either learn or retreat from said information quickly as I browse through numerous subjects that may have been a college elective or an older sibling or parent turning me on to sci fi or other varied and adventurous subjects or my passion for History and Various Forms Of Music That I experienced and reminds me of times or passions I share with friends and acquaintances that may have had similar or different experiences. I also like the fact that I can benefit from friends acquaintances experiences and knowledge that I can grow from or Not. It’s a brilliant tool and I am happy to live in the communication age as a marketeer and Entrepreneur, who can see inside and outside the box, without Judgement.

  • by Sneaky Serpent

    Way too many ads. The recommendations suck. Most of the videos have already been watched by me (If it's music I understand) so I have to use the "Not interested" feature, which is useless, because if I choose the "I don't like this channel" option, I still get the videos from the same channel. I deleted my watch and search history to make the recommendations change, but they're still the same thing (also I watched like 100 videos from the important videos list and nothing changed, bad job Google.

  • Bugs

    by rbelcher98

    There are a few bugs that really are getting old and need to be fixed, but a lot of people have already pointed out the majority of the ones that I’m having issues with, so I’m not going to bother complaining about things that are already well known issues. That being said, I didn’t see anyone else mention the main one that I’m having issues with, and it’s gone on so long that it is incredibly frustrating for me to watch videos on the app now. When I’m watching a video, the transparent screen that that allows you to pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. (it normally comes up if you click the screen) continually pops up, on its own, every 15-30 seconds, and it is extremely frustrating. I watch a lot of 15+ minute videos, so you can imagine how annoying this gets after it happening that frequently. I would rate the app 5 stars if not for that, but because this is such an annoying bug I definitely can’t give that high of a rating while this is an ongoing issue.

  • Getting tired of this!8

    by celsea1123

    I’m getting so tired of getting so many adds in one video it so annoying all I get is ace and tic tok add and o don’t wanna buy add free because my mom won’t let me then all the time I get to fricken adds at a time,the adds that get on my nerves are the tic tok ones like really I do t care about that stupid app and half the time the add for an app or whatever most of the time I already have the app!this gets so tiring of just watching adds all the time like can’t I ever just watch a full funny video without getting and add Jesus all of my friends talk about this problem too so if this app could just please not do as many adds!another thing is that most of the time when I get adds there always the same like when I get a STUPID tic tok one then the next add will be tic tok to! IM SO TIRED OF THESE ADDS! Otherwise this app is great minions the STUPID adds! Then when it gets to a good part of the video I get an add!then it cuts off,god I’m just so tired of it it’s getting to the point we’re I’m just gonna delet the app!

  • by Paroxysm

    Ads... I listened to THREE songs in a row, and there was an ad for every one! Some uploaders put an ad at the end of their videos, and thats whatever, but to have to deal with two more unskipable ads in a row, for a total of three ads? Annoying! Remember that ep of black mirror, 15 million merits? The people were literally, nonstop interuppted by ads, thats whats happening now and no one likes it.

  • Only gets two star because of the content creators.

    by Gert2341

    The two stars is for my favorite content creators who the Susan whatever deems bad and will don’t deserve money. One reason she got that job is probably just because she was a women. I bet she did many other things but being a women helps. The promote leftist views by putting left wing videos on the home page and on trending such as Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently every video that get 200,000 views in two days is trending. Every time someone such as Bill Wurtz posts it is trending because people like him and he doesn’t post very often. They also censor right-wing views by removing the videos demonetizing them and not putting their videos in people’s sub boxes. Also they change things that content creators don’t want changed and makes it harder for fans to find videos. So overall I give it a two star just because of the content on the site.

  • Its amazing and I love it

    by KarimoSmurf 99

    I love YT it always helps me with studying and when I’m bored i sometimes love to go watch my favorite Youtubers and I love to watch family videos talk shows and funny youtubers and when I feel sad or mad I watch there videos and they help me forget everything sometimes the quality might go bad but in a talk show u don’t really need to watch sometimes and it helps me sleep a lot from asmr and when I can’t sleep I watch YT sometimes and it really helps me fall asleep to videos that are not asmr just them talking or saying funny jokes or a family blog together and I love the way it’s always available it never says sorry it’s not working. Sometimes it doesn’t work cause of the WiFi but rather than that perfect quality all the videos u need sometimes movies to and if u install this app u will be much happier.

  • Strange status Bar glitch

    by The One And Only The Prodigy!

    Hi there… This app is great… But there is one problem… there is a strange status bar bug… lets say you are watching a video… And you want to check the time The time doesn't change… If you check the status bar while watching a video for example… Let's say I play a video that is 15 minutes long… At 9:31 AM and when that video is finished… It's already 9:47 AM unless… You exit out the video… The time still says 9:31 AM it'll be 5 o'clock in the afternoon and the status bar would still say 9:31 AM it's like… The clock got stuck The time doesn't change… Unless you restart the app… Or exit out the video also… Nothing in the status bar changes including the battery level The only way to see the correct time and all of the other information displayed you have to exit out the video And… For the iPad version if you select add to bye accident there is no cancel button it's been like that for three years please fix those issues… There really annoying

  • by Andrew Rogalla

    *Fixed. Thanks for listening.* "Swipe to next video" is a stupid feature nobody wants. Just a tool for you to make more money by showing more ads when idiots like myself accidentally swipe off the video they are watching because they want to check the time or clean their screen. I am about 2 more accidental swipes away from uninstalling. So the app will maybe make it to tomorrow.

  • Needs Some Improvements

    by Rose Mairi

    For the most part, this app works really well, but sometimes after a video ends while I have it on full screen, it freezes and stays black for a few seconds, which is a little odd. The only other problem I have is that when I pause a video to read something and have to tap the vid to get the white pause symbols out of the way, it glitches if I tap it twice too fast and the symbols freeze for a few seconds, which is aggravating and has been happening for a few months now. I’d really appreciate it if you guys could fix these two small issues. Other then that, everything else is great. Update: It doesn’t seem like any of the problems I mentioned have been fixed, as they’re still happening. Please fix those issues. Also, for some reason, this app just now closed on me and my phone turned off and immediately turned back on. I’m assuming it has something to do with the app itself. If so, please fix that problem.

  • by Clady Tacos

    I love this app, I truly do... but they're about to get rid of the chat option and that's how I talk to most of my friends... that's literally the only way we have to keep in touch with the mom of our best friend, Jaz, who died of a cancer a few months ago, and who was only 17... my heart is broken and I'm crying because YouTube's chat option means a lot to me, to us, and I don't know what I'm going to do without it... Anyways, sincerely hope that this option will be back.

  • Getting a little annoying...

    by Linz115

    I hate to be that person right now, but for the past month or so, whenever I play a new video on my mobile device, one that is originally on the main page will sometimes start playing and I can’t stop it. Both videos will play together, and I thought if I paused the video on the main page screen, then I can watch the video I originally selected. That has not been the case at all. I believe it is due to the new feature of “previewing” videos before we select them. You know, how they will play so we can see the content before clicking it. I know it is a cool feature but the kinks are starting to become a drag. Oftentimes, the video that plays in the background won’t start and I will have to restart the app so I can just watch the video I originally wanted. I know this probably doesn’t make sense and I would be more than happy to talk with anyone about this, but it would be nice to have this issue fixed.

  • Great app! Almost perfect

    by EragonMax1995

    Like I said in the title, this app is soooo amazing! I have found so many funny videos, video game guides, music videos, etc, on here. But there’s only one problem and I believe it’s a bug. Sometimes I like to look and see what other videos are on here that are recommended for me, but I also like to watch videos or just listen to videos while I’m doin this, but after I add like maybe 4-5 videos to my certain playlists, the app just crashes on me. Please fix this cause it’s very annoying when it happens and I’d like to be able to continue finding new videos to watch while I’m also watchin another video at the time. If y’all fix that issue, there’s only one addition that I’d suggest you made to the app: a side button in the app that lets you see where your favorite YouTuber has commented or liked one of your comments on their video. If you can add that and fix the issue, this app will be perfect. Hope you’ll listen to my ideas.

  • 😡 Super Annoying 😡

    by HeatherLandry

    This seems to be a bug, because it doesn’t do it all the time and I can’t reproduce it at will, but here’s what’s happening. I minimize a video and it shrinks to the bottom and as I’m moving in to click the X to close it, the minimized video bounces up and I end up selecting a video underneath where it previously sat. It’s very frustrating. As for YouTube’s content, I enjoy the videos, but I’m scared to death of what you’ve done to our country by spending the last several years helping to brainwash idiots into believing alt-right nonsense. I don’t know whether this damage can be undone. You knew these pundits were liars and conspiracy theorists, yet you continued to not only allow them to post videos, but you routinely recommended those videos to anyone who was even remotely interested in similar topics. Thank you for finally doing something about it, but the damage is kinda done by now, isn’t it? I mean, Trump is our president. It can’t get too much worse.

  • Overall good app but there are some problems

    by mgoldman78

    I use this app very often! But of course, any good thing also has some down sides. I think that you guys should ban the people who truly deserve it. And there are TONS out there who really need to get taken down(Mainly Logan and Jake Paul) also, I think the three dots by each video should be put in a different spot. Because if I am trying to press it, it will click on the video and I will have to try to tap on it repeatedly until it finally works. For example, say you see a video from a youtuber you dislike, you try to press the three dots to get the video off of there. But when you try to press it, it clicks on the video instead. You go back and try to do it again. But it clicks on the video once again. You do this repeatedly until it finally works. This has happened to me too often. But overall, this is a really well made app.

  • Great but major bugs...

    by Csrgamingfan

    When I play a video after a few seconds it says “Something went wrong please try again" and that really annoys me because the video starts for the beginning again so if you have any answers please let me know! Over all AMAZING!❤️❤️❤️ Edit: okay there are a lot of bugs in the latest update it keeps saying “something went wrong please try again" and I can't play any video because of that HUGE ANNOYING BUG! The videos don't “stay" I mean that when I leave the page open for a few minutes it just goes away! These bugs really annoy me and I would like you to fix them please...I can't watch my daily videos and it's just annoying! It gets so annoying that I quit watching videos and play boring games! So I would love it if you fix theses major and huge bugs...thanks if you do!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Some issues with the latest update

    by Reality Macro

    I use this app probably more than any other app on my iPhone. For the most part it’s really great, but not without flaws. Most of the videos displayed in the Home screen no longer show the video length timestamp in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail which is really irritating. It looks like all other views in the app show the timestamp, so hopefully it’s a bug that’s fixed ASAP. A couple random videos in the Home list show the timestamp while the other 95% do not, which makes no sense. Sometimes the video rotation gets stuck in landscape and will not revert back to portrait view, only the opposite landscape view. This has been a problem for a few months now, and the only way to fix it is to force quit the app. This is quite irritating. Finally, a good addition but extremely overdue feature is the ability to sort the Watch Later playlist. FINALLY this utterly BASIC feature exists. I have no idea why the Watch Later playlist worked so differently than regular playlists for so long, but that’s fixed now. The best addition from a few months ago was the feature of double-tapping to rewind and fast forward. Every video player needs this. It’s incredibly user friendly. It’s way better than the rudimentary 15-second skip buttons that many players now have.

  • Gets worse and worse

    by Roblox mobile

    this app was great before the latest three or four updates. i used the app daily before those updates but when they installed the apps performance and my rating for it went downhill. cant have more than one of the same video in a playlist, thats terrible for my playlist of band music. app doesn't run properly even when on wifi after entering my own wifi zone. drains my phone and iPad battery even when there is only one video running. all in all i just think this app needs lots of help and taking off the latest three or four updates and im sure it will work perfectly and my rating will go back up. -EDIT app is just terrible now i cant even do anything in my own wifi zone or any other wifi zone. service on data or in wifi is just not up to date and its like watching tv in 1965. yall really need to get your crap together and fix this freakin app cause its just terrible now.

  • Shuffle feature on playlists

    by Ethan "Eman"

    You had it all figured out in the last update, now it’s back to what it used to be, a useless feature... Who in their right mind would want a shuffle portion that only shuffles the first immediate 200 videos and actually physically shuffle them not even jump to a random song while keeping the playlist intact? That is my only issue other than making it so ads play on every video in a playlist rather than what it used to be if you kept watching you’d get less ads unless you physically chose the next song. Edit: To make matters worse you made it so when you do shuffle and hit he next button it doesn’t send you to for example: 3261, it just goes to the song right after it. Having a playlist that nears 5,000 songs I would like that the playlist doesn’t physically shuffle and just skips to different parts of the playlist like how any other app’s shuffle works.

  • I’ve never had problems with this app before so I’m kinda disappointed

    by Lovelan💕

    Just today I was listening to music on the app and out of no where the screen turns black but the music continued to play. I then click out of what I was listening to and restarted my phone, that helped fix that problem but then I went to my like list (I mostly have music on it for easy access). So I started listening to the music on my like list and whenever a video is done playing it atomically changes to the next video on my like list like it supposed to but whenever it goes to the next video my my list it freezes but still the audio continues to play. I left my like list think that it was what was causing the problem but this happens every time the app changes videos....... ugh please fix this.

  • A bug that needs to be fixed NOW!

    by Sabrina Rivera

    I’ll be watching a video while charging my phone, so I have to turn my phone a specific way to watch in full screen. I’ll turn my phone and it will be UPSIDE DOWN! I try to fix it by exiting the app completely but then it happens again it is extremely irritating because my iPhone needs to charge so if you want me to use your app more often then you need to fix that so I don’t have to take an hour pause to let my phone charge. Other than that I love the app I wish it wouldn’t randomly quit on me mid video also, stop flagging random YouTubers they Are the only reason you are where you are today check if what you are striking then think why you are taking a innocent video down for doing absolutely nothing. To the people:If you want this app buy it however comma it has some flaws you can inspire others with your words but be careful of the audience you are posting to 👉🏼👉🏼

  • Pls Fix

    by MomoMJS

    I like the app overall. But there’s one problem that keeps occurring. Every time I press pause/play a lot of times, the app completely freezes up. All the buttons and stuff still work but the screen just stays the same and doesn’t respond to the buttons I’m pressing. For example, when the screen freezes up, when I press play the sound continues as if the video is still playing. But it is not matching with the screen and it just stays frozen. I can only turn my phone off. Even when I do that, when I try to turn the screen on, I have to wait about 10-20 seconds or even more for it to come back on. I don’t know if this is just my phone or the app. But I think it’s the app because this doesn’t happen with any of my other apps. So please fix this bug. Thanks!

  • annoying bug PLZ fix!!!

    by Neerfa922

    I've noticed that when I watch videos on the app, the screen will automatically act as if I clicked on it every 10 seconds. I'll be in the middle of a video when the screen changes to what it looks like when you tap on it (with the pause button) and it doesn't sound like a big deal but when it keeps happening ever 10 seconds and the screen keeps dimming, it gets super annoying. Been happening for months. PLEASE FIX THIS. I'm not sure if you understand what I'm saying because I don't know how to word this. Basically, when watching a video in full screen, the video will dim every 5-10 seconds and the "play" screen pops up, as if I clicked on the video, but I didn't. Other than that, love the app and use it almost 24/7.

  • I love this app, but...

    by Junebaby1962

    This is my favourite app, but when I put my music playlist on shuffle, it will play maybe one or two songs. After those one or two videos, it will jump back to the second video on the list (it shows my videos in order even when it’s on shuffle) and it will play it over and over and over again. And when I skip it, it won’t even go to the next video, it will stay on that video. Also, sometimes when I turn on shuffle, it will show it in shuffle order, and it will have the perfect order, but when I listen to a few songs, it will start on the song I just listened to, and shuffle the whole thing again. I don’t know if it’s supposed to shuffle over and over, but I thought that I should mention it. But, please fix these possible bugs, because once again, this is my favourite app. Thank you!

  • This is ridiculous

    by Doopdoopdo

    All of the sudden my homepage has become FILLED with content I have never shown an interest in, channels I have never watched, and most of it isn't even "suggested" because of anything I watch either (which I would know since I just had to go through 20+ suggestions and mark *Not Interested*). I don't know if this is content you're being paid to push, but for an app where I get unsubbed from the creators I love, have trouble finding their videos, and don't always get notified about channels I have notifications turned on for this is inexcusable. Especially with rumors going around that the sub page might not be chronological much longer, how are we supposed to see the content we actually WANT and SUBBED TO? Fix your app, or at the very least stop pushing this random nonsense on your user base. If you guys weren't the only option I (and a lot of others) would have moved on A LONG time ago.

  • One major bug

    by Storm flare

    I’ve had this app for quite a long time. Years, really. I haven’t had any major issues throughout, but recently I’ve had a bug where, for a specific few content creators, there’s a bug with ads that makes the actual video unwatchable. What happens is, I click on a video and it loads an ad. The ad then cuts and it changes to the video. This has happened, usually if there’s a loading error with ad. However, then the video cuts back to the ad, which doesn’t load, and cuts back to the video, and so on and so forth. I thought it was just a one-off, so I tried another video by the same person. Same issue. I restarted my phone and the app, no fix. I came back days later, same issue with the same person. I’ve only had it happen with two creators, but they are ones I would regularly watch so I’m a little annoyed.

  • The ad system

    by RedEveTillDawn

    Why in the world are there two ads in a row now? Are you guys not making enough money? Are you just that money hungry that you want more ads so people would want to buy the ad free version to get rid of them? Multiple ads during one video is enough but now this is ridiculous. I don’t want to wait for two ads in a row until I get to watch my video. I use this app every day, it’s one of my favorite apps. The stories are annoying but now you’re making us wait for two ads in a row before watching videos?? That’s ridiculous and not worth it. You make enough money already and it’s ridiculous that you’re trying to manipulate people to pay even more. I just want to enjoy a simple video without paying money for it or having to wait through two ads. Please fix this because it’s honestly ridiculous.

  • Unwanted change

    by βryan

    Can you please switch to the old card view when you pull down videos to search for others? It used to just fill the bottom right, but now it fills the entire bottom as an elongated card instead of just the video, and it even makes the video part smaller and chops off some of the top and bottom of the video which I dislike. I don’t need to have the whole title down there. Go back to the old style and make the card of variable size depending on the video. I noticed that videos are actually 4:3 or of other lengths when viewing them in portrait mode now, instead of always showing in a 16:9 area with letterboxing. I absolutely love that change and it would be super amazing if you could implement the old pull-down card version with that addition. I really prefer swiping to the left to dismiss those video cards instead of down with the new style as well.

  • This app is part of why I don't own a Google phone

    by SirNickity

    Google's software quality is amazingly bad. For a company that has literally innovated the Internet up to where it is today, they really drop the ball on simple things. Like proper handling of screen rotation. (Has anyone even had this problem in ANY other mobile app? I haven't. Yet it has plagued YT for years.) Or that one bug where video would restart from the beginning while audio kept going. (Thankfully that seems to be fixed now, but it was a problem for way too long.) With the latest update, YT is now able to turn my phone into a hand warmer. 30 min of video drained a quarter of my battery life. Well that's new. I've got to learn not to update this app anymore when I finally run across a version that works. Or, more accurately, when the bugs it has don't affect me enough to care. Get your $@!# together, Google. "It compiles" is not QA.

  • Fix the playlists

    by ZestfulElf

    I have a few playlists with one of which being the default “watch later” playlist. My watch later playlist is full but sometimes I’ll still try to add things to it. A few days ago I tried to add a video to a playlist that I use when I teach my saxophone students different things and the video was automatically put into the playlist that I had last added something to, although I did not want to add it to this playlist. Last night I was trying to add a video to my watch later playlist and of course it just told me that there was an error. Now when I try to add any video to a playlist it will try to add it I my watch later and tell me that there is an error. The old system was much more time efficient for people like me who had more than a few playlists where they add videos every day.

  • Needs one thing..

    by EndertheFox45

    This app is good, and the problem is very minimal but I feel very important and it annoys people no doubt. Im going to see a movie today. What does that have to do with this review you may ask? Well I was doing my usual scrolling through the videos and then I saw the ending clip for the movie I'm going to see and it spoil a big thing. Kinda upsetting seeing I have been trying desperately to avoid things like that. Anyways I'm sure it's happened to loads of other people and I want to change that. There should be a filter in settings (yes settings because that seems logical) that filters out actual clips of the movies with it on unless people actually search for it. This would exclude trailers. It may take a long time to add it in but it would be for the better.

  • Notifications Glitch? READ AND FIX

    by from Licoricewand ;)

    This is the most useful app out there for many things, but idk I just don’t think I want to rate 5 stars. ANYWAYS. There’s a glitch, I’m not sure what really but every time I get a notification about a replied comment or someone commenting on my videos (which is a big deal as I’m a small channel with not even 30 subs) I tap to go to the comment and it’s gone. Nothing. I thought the first few times they deleted their comment but now I don’t think it’s that. After I tap on it there’s no finding it. If this is a glitch or happening to anybody else PLEASE FIX IT. I spend most of my time watching the same peoples videos and I leave a comment on every one, I have to be able to respond or like. And I can’t do that if it’s gone. Please fix this glitch. I’ll change it back to four or five stars if this is fixed or explained.

  • Some issues on iPad

    by Dude of Sandbox

    It is a good platform for watching many varied videos, but suffers from some problems. -Commenting has issues. Sometimes a comment infinitely processes with the “loading” symbol. Other times, it’s an issue to click out of writing a comment. You usually are able to tap on the screen away from the comment typing box at any time to close it and return to the main interface, but sometimes it just doesn’t work and you must close the app in itself. Replying to comments almost always leaves a double reply, which is more of a visual glitch since it reappears when going back to the comment chain you had left a reply on. -Every video has a “Not interested” you can select. While watching a video, there is a recommendations bar at the right of the screen. The video at the very top of this bar does not have a Not interested selection, so if you do not like the video at all you will still get it recommended to you. -The app randomly crashes often -When scrolling through the play bar, most videos show you a small screenshot of what displays at that point in time of the video. Other videos do not have this. -Finally, this one isn’t an issue but could be useful. Advertising options, such as not immediately starting the video after an advertisement ends for more information.

  • Needs a little improvement

    by Avi Avalos

    I like the app it just has a few glitches that need to be fixed. When I start watching a video it takes forever to load than when it starts playing it stops about 10 seconds into the video and it says it’s loading when it’s not. I restart the video a few times and it stops at the same place so I close out of the video and try again. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t so I have to repeat the process multiple times. Another thing is that when there is an add it takes a really long time to load or it doesn’t load. I’m the middle of a video I close out then I have to repeat the process I do at the beginning. Than when it finally starts working correctly I have to find my place and that takes even longer to load. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but that doesn’t fix the problem.

  • Not happy with newest update

    by veryunimpressed74030

    After I watch a video it will show as watched but a few minutes later it takes the view off and it’s like I never watched the video. I usually watch a lot of videos a day and sometimes bounce from playlist to playlist! So it has been really hard to keep track of what I’ve watched & what I haven’t. Also I don’t like that it has been changed to remove a video from a playlist. You used to just swipe to the left and easily delete it. Now you hold the video down and the selection is at the bottom of the screen. I have accidentally clicked on videos while I’m in the middle of another video. All I wanted to do was delete! It can be pretty frustrating. Other than that, don’t know what I would do without YT! Thank you!

  • Needs a back button!!!!!!!

    by Raccoon T-Bone

    The app works like a charm every time. It’s so simple that you really don’t ever have to think about it because there seems to never be any bugs whatsoever. However, it would be so helpful to have a back button. Sometimes you search out content and then take different suggested videos and then all of a sudden you accidentally tap a video with your big clumsy fingers voyeur video ends before you can replay part of it it takes you onto another one and you just want to go back to the last one you were on but instead you have to try to start over from your search and find your way back to the video that you may have accidentally dismissed, especially if you didn’t catch the title of your last video.

  • 15 mins of fame was only a glimmer

    by BarstoolGeneral

    First and foremost, All Praise and thanks of being go to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for without we would not exist; can I get a Marinara, amen, or have been brought forth towards Warhols’ famous equation on fame, population times media over hours in a day equals all will at least have fifteen minutes of fame. Now what he hadn’t envisioned was that those mins would be multiplied by views and thus make 15 mins equal years mathematically. Any-who, thanks to this wonderful ‘new’ media we can experience the wonder of all moments. The good or bad and all that grey matter of the in-between shot stored and saved for all human posterity and who knows maybe just maybe we will all see a bit of ourselves in others as we laugh, cry, awe and learn from our collect selves. Make love not war!😘💙🖖

  • Great App - Needs 2 Important changes

    by TechaddictATX

    I use this app all the time and I love it. That being said, there are 2 major things I would like to see fixed. First, I would like to be able to have a search box when I’m looking at a specific channel, so I don’t have to search through all of YT for that channel’s specific video. It can even be a lot just to search through that channel’s content for an older video, let alone the entire platform. Second, I would appreciate it if YT didn’t restart so frequently, causing me to lose my place in my video, even after navigating away from the app after just a few minutes. I’ve taken to adding every video I don’t finish right away to the Watch Later list, which is a bit annoying. Other than that, I’m really liking all the recent updates and reorganization.

  • Kids channels need this too

    by bluehuskiedragongod

    Stuff like funnel vision or more of their productions aren’t inappropriate it’s just funny I know that YT is setting them up and dough much fun cmon it’s just a six year old boy playing and revealing toys how is that inappropriate!!! YT has gone way to far!they are doing everything they can to ENTERTAIN us billions of people think the same also look in a dictionary YT it’s so easy to understand all of the comments why don’t you have the privilege to put skip immediately on each inappropriate ad?its just stupid because YT is going to be bland if all kid channels go out think about giving funnel vision and others a second chance please. Oh look it says “family sharing” more like kid disappointment ya know kids wake up every single day to watch these vids right???

  • Dis app is da best

    by STUCK WATCHING you tube Kids

    Ok this app is great but the upset ting thing is that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE IT. Ok, I know this is nobody’s problem, but imagine not being able to watch you tube and only allowed to watch You Tube KIDS. Like, bruh. Come on man this is sad for me guys. Shout out to you tube and PLEASE uninstall you tube kids if ya have it. This is one of the best apps I have ever seen I used to have it, but I wasn’t allowed to use it after a while. Isn’t dat sad? Plz for peeps out there, help and support the people who can’t watch you tube. But let’s be honest , even 3 to 6 year olds are allowed to watch you tube. I MEAN WHO IN THE WORLD USES YOU TUBE KIDS?! I mean, WHO? If u are one of those kids who aren’t allowed to watch you tube, I FEEL YA. Don’t be sad u guys aren’t the only ones who aren’t allowed to watch you tube tank you and goodbye?

  • Hello

    by kdjrjswnspsn

    Im a being from an alternate earth dimension. This may sound far fetched but I assure you, this is real. I emerged from a loophole somewhere in Denmark, I decided to march my way across the very shallow oceans you have hear on earth and I make my way to Houston, Texas. I find this working contraption that is called a cellular device, but is also called a phone. I go to this red and white arrow symbol and there are a plethora of long and short films. As I was in the middle of watching a film i was greeted by (what you call) a rating system. I rated the maximum stars possible which is five. Thank you for listening, but I must return to my portal in Denmark and tend to my pie which has been in the oven for quite some time now that I think bout it. Oh yes, pardon my punctuation this earths English is different than ours. Goodbye.

  • Great app! Just one thing tho…

    by WhyINeedHell

    Trust me, this app is wonderful and it’s been used for about 12 years and people still use it all the time, but theres this only thing that bothers me is a new update I got a few days ago… So every time I click on the “save to playlist” button, it just saves to a random playlist which I don’t want it to be in. Ik I can just press and hold on the button so that all my playlists will pop-up, but I kinda feel more comfortable when I could just click on the button and all my playlists pop-up instead of it being in a random playlist that I don’t want it to be in. And plus I keep forgetting that I need to press and hold lol. So I hope this made sense, and that u can change it cuz it’s really starting to bother me.

  • 2 videos at once

    by Faby1013

    So I’m not sure sure if this has happened to anyone else, but lately I’d be on my Home page looking at my recommendations, and I’d hover over a video and it was show a clip or I’d push the “Not interested” button on a video, and then I’d find a video I want to watch, so I’d click on it but the audio from the other video that I’d just hovered over or removed from my Home page would start playing with the current video I would want to watch. And I don’t know why, so what I do is take off the video I’m currently watching and the audio some times stops playing and other times it won’t, so I try to click another video to see if it would stop and sometimes it works but other times the audio just starts playing again with the current video. Not liking this glitch.

  • I love the app, but I am here to report a bug

    by Mason Hillhiker

    This problem has only occurred within the last hour, but while using the app, it doesn’t show me anything, and it says that there is an error loading, and won’t show me any videos in my subscriptions list or anything for that matter. I can search videos and their thumbnails and titles will pop up, but when I click on the video it won’t play and the same error displays. I am not sure if it’s a networking error, but I do not believe it is as I am perfectly capable of searching, and I am on wifi, receiving messages and etc. I am disappointed because I use this app so much. Literally 60% of my screen time. Anyway I hope this is helpful, because I love the platform as a creator and a user.

  • One annoying problem

    by Allthestupidnicknamesarechosen

    I don’t write reviews much, but I am extremely upset that the smaller video layout has been changed. You used to be able to swipe down on a video and watch it in a little box while browsing for your next selection. If you didn’t want to watch that video anymore you could just swipe it away. Now you can still swipe down, but the video is about 50% smaller and the rest of the space is taken up by the title of the video (unnecessary because I’m already watching it, I know what it’s called), a play/pause button and an “x”. Instead of allowing the users to just swipe away the video, the developers have decided to take away space from the size of the video to put an “x” that you have to click if you want to exit the video. It’s a waste of space and moved in the wrong direction. I would love it if that was fixed.

  • Amazing, however...

    by GameX-10

    During watching videos longer than 10 minutes, the app acts like it crashes except audio is still able to be heard, it’s just the screen goes black for a few seconds, upwards to about 15 seconds that I’ve experienced, and after the blank out I can’t interact with the interface at all. Tapping in the screen doesn’t bring up the video duration or pause button and the home button is buggy. It may just be an iPhone thing or maybe I need to update it again, though. I just thought it was worth mentioning since it happens so often. I even tried reloading the app to see if that would fix the problem. Sadly my efforts didn’t change much or anything. I think I might’ve actually made it worse.

  • It is amazing

    by Pickschu Slayer10

    You could watch everything that you want to watch on here but there is one thing I want y'all to do I want y'all to make a video for season one two and three of the flash it would be cool if someone could make a video one the seasons of flash I am still trying to catch up on the season I am going to be honest I haven't even finished the second season a true flash fan would be done with the second season but I started watching it about a month ago and I am still not done with the second season but I am on S2 E19 I really need to finish the second season and the third season before they come out with the fourth season or if that is the end of the movie and if a creator of flash is watching this don't stop making flash seasons PLEASE

  • Luna MVP My video player is really dark

    by Luna MVP

    Every time I watch my video the video player looks dark but the pause button I can see clearly I updated the app and it said that it had all the bug fixes worked out but I didn’t I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that didn’t work either so try and fix my screen I turn off my voice over and after I turn voiceover off I you guys are really out of control when it comes to your videos that’s why you should update your app again because my video player is completely dark but the rest my video isn’t tap the video player turn it back on but when I tap the video player it brightens so can you fix that problem My videos look all gratis

  • Does not work 90% of time with Apple TV

    by Awesome guy123446789

    This app does not work with apple tv most of the time (streaming from iPhone 6+ via an Apple TV). Interestingly enough though, ads would play without a single issue almost 10 out 10 times, but when it gets to the content that i am interested in playing, there is a playback error 9 out 10 times. When I hit ‘Tap to Retry’ i have to watch another ad, there is an error after that again, and then cycle repeats itself again, again and again, indefinitely. At one point i had to skip through 10 ads, but i still could not watch the content i wanted to watch. Tried different video - same issue. I guess Google isn’t really interested if I get to watch what I want to watch as long as ads keep playing and ad revenue keeps coming in...

  • Happy & Pleased

    by Ronery084

    I have nothing bad to say. I’ve had moments where I couldn’t comment on a video. I’ve had times on rare occasions the whole app would crash. I do have one idea that I hope it gets added and wondered why it hasn’t be added already. Being able to type a comment while scrolling up or down a bit to reply to someone’s comment accurately instead of doing the whole “highlight all” “copy” delete what you wrote; read what they posted; go back to replying to said person; tap post a comment; paste what you copied and finish up before posting said comment. Facebook allows you to. It just makes sense. To freely scroll up and down is just easier. Maybe even allow us to pause videos while typing a comment. Again, instead of doing the whole “copy all” stuff.

  • 99% of the YT Experience on the Go

    by NiceGuyAnimeFan

    The app does everything the main site does anywhere you have data. Videos are clear, sound is great, etc and I burn many, many hours at a desk job listening to game play or podcasts or similar. I only really have two qualms. One: When making a comment if you have to “edit” it or similar even before posting the cursor will move erratically from top to bottom of it and then back to where you had it. Two: Recently the app started playing videos that appear in your Recommended if you stop scrolling for even a few seconds. This leads to them appearing in your History and further warping your Recommended. Not a fan of that. But those are honestly minor all things considered. It does the job very well for an app. Highly recommended.

  • Auto clicks

    by XxxCartMan25Xxx

    In the middle of a video I am watching, it auto clicks the next video when I am watching a video. I hate it but that doesn’t mean I hate hate it. It is still a good app but I would like to see that be removed or I may just be on my part. I dunno. Also, this only happens on my phone but in the middle of a video, the screen goes dark but there’s still audio, so I have to click to the next vid then go back to the one I was watching and have to deal with it staring over or like 20 seconds before the point I was at. Me and my Dad have the same phone (Samsung J3 Emerge ) and I asked him if he has the same issue an me, he does not, so idk if it’s just my phone or more widespread than I think it is. But overall a great app and gave it a 4/5 stars. Sorry for any spelling mistakes that are in my review.


    by fed up with improvements

    “Shinier Bell’s and whistles” is a pathetic excuse for release notes. Why do developers insult their customers with such nonsense? Cleverness should be applied to the coding itself. Here is what your current release notes really say to us: “We update our app every regularly just to annoy you and consume bandwidth for millions of downloads. We don’t actually know what changes are in the release, so we just give you this inane statement because we have to put something in this release notes field. Mostly, all we are doing is trying to fix some of the bugs we created in the previous poorly planned release. Two weeks from now we will release again to fix some bugs in this release, if we can find them. Meanwhile, we will introduce some additional unwanted functions and force you to use them because you can’t opt out of them.”

  • Really annoying problem...

    by Alexbabasade

    Alright, so right after google fixed a couple problems I had with the app before, they added a feature where you can slide between videos so it’s (I guess) easier to switch to them. However, really don’t like this method. First of all, I always keep swiping to the next/previous videos on accident, and it really bugs me. I’ll have to wait for the video to load in order to go back to the one I was actually watching. And when I try to swipe away a card in a video, I always keep swiping to the next/previous video. It’s really annoying because sometimes, I don’t need to read the card. Google, if your reading this, please add an option where you can turn this swiping feature off, because it’s really annoying. Thanks

  • It Kills My Phone

    by urboyHamada

    I love the app, it is probably the mist used app on my phone, but the app absolutely obliterate my phone in performance. When I’m watching a video and want to swipe down to close the video the app freezes but the audio of the vid is still working, I can here the vid. At this point my phone is destroyed, I close my phone from the side button but the vid audio is still on, I can here what is said, I keep punching my phone from the back, then after a minute of frustration my phone starts lagging, it’s screen opens then closes. At this point I restart my phone during the lag. This problem never stops, even after making the latest updates, but what is even weird is the description of every update is about bug fixes and performance being better. Please make something happen. By the way, my phone is iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Great app but so many INAPPROPRIAT VIDS!

    by 🦄SparklyRainbowUnicorn🦄

    OMG I had this app for like 3 years and I just watched so many videos on it so many vids 2 watch but guess what? My parents deleted it from my device in 2016 bc of all the inappropriate videos on it that I was watching AS A KID. NOT OK. Has stuff like peoples private parts in videos and GIVING BIRTH TO BABIES and there are very unrealistic videos on it like 4 example one that was titled "TEN THINGS YOU WONT EVER BELIEVE" that said "a sixteen ft long giant finger was found in California woods" or "a skeleton of a real life mermaid was washed up on the shore of a London beach"... how do u even expect people to BELIEVE that??!! Fake and inappropriate videos that kids can see are on here. At least 50% are probably inappropriate! Well yeah, great vids that I watched doe so long u till my parents took it away, but SO MANY INAPPROPIATE VIDS AND ADS not ok with me

  • 👏🏼👏🏼

    by ++BriShea++

    Most of the time it’s great. I don’t know if my internet that makes my you tube run slow sometimes, but I gave it four stars because there have been some slight issues with it. Too many pop ups, and I’m not talking about the commercials. It would be great if we could “listen” to the videos atleast while were in a different app. Like the music you tube only with videos. Other than that I LOVE it, I love that you can add them to your watch later lost because I Bennett watch videos for hours sometimes and if you click back or somewhere else you forget what the video you saw on the “up next” section that you wanted to watch was called. It’s an awesome feature and I’m glad we have it. I could brag about toms more you tube features but I’ll leave it at this ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Great app but problem with sound...

    by Chicken N a Bisket

    This app overall is a great app but for some reason whenever I go on the app for the first time in a day the sound on every video either is non existent or it's just a buzzing sound, but it's only for the actual video. The ads before the videos still have their regular sound. I've asked my friends if they have the same problem but no one else has a problem with the sound. I have the most recent update of the app and my phone has IOS 10.2 so not the most recent update with my phone but it's done that since before IOS 11.0.1 came out. I don't know if it has to do with my phone or the app because restarting my phone will fix the problem but it's just annoying to have to do it everyday whenever I first get on the app.

  • Hmmmm.....

    by Mad-Dog MacLeod

    Today i went into YT and knew something wasnt right. Now I know everyone loves YT but ive been having problems w it lately. For starters, its been glitching in and out while all of my other apps are just fine. Also, today when i opened it, it wiuld only let me watch certain videos and was saying to turn off restricted mode, so I went into settings and turned it off. But then it still said that restricted mode was on so i went back into settings and kept trying different things, when i saw it need to be updated. I updated it and I still could only watch half the videos. and most videos i wanted to watch are from people i sub to and i try to be as consistent as possible. But now i cant even watch their videos and im very angry. YT please do something about this.

  • Love the app,but some new features have made it somewhat annoying

    by os every nickname takenwtf

    What annoys me the most is the amount of ads recently, especially before a video. I used to not mind it because it would play one before the video, then one or two during the video, and then one after. But recently, before a video starts, I will get to commercials, one after another. It’s quite annoying, especially when I can’t skip both of them. Very confused as to what all of a sudden this is a thing. Besides that, sometimes, when I’m not even trying to or on accident, It’ll swipe the video to the left or the right, and play the next video, and when I try to swipe back I’ll always get an add, which is very annoying because I didn’t even want to go to a different video anyway.


    by gdasenbrock

    Ok. So yeah like a quite of few people I’m a youtuber. And so far it’s going good. I watch other YT videos for hours every day and I love the convenience of them. But if there’s one thing that I would have to say about it as a YouTuber I want to use the community tab to post my art and some polls I want to make for my followers but I can’t do that because apparently I don’t have enough followers. Amount of followers shouldn’t matter I should be able to post on the community tab if I have at least 5 followers which I do. I don’t know about you but I feel like it would help me grow my channel. If you could maybe at least let more people use it that would help me a lot and I just might give you guys those 5 stars! Thanks for listening! Love~ Qumi Cutie

  • Videos with pi

    by Ninjahypers

    A fun video to video with friends. I recommend it. While you're here, please enjoy this pie recipe: Ingredients: 1. 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 2. 1/2 cup white sugar 3. 1/2 cup brown sugar 4. 1/4 cup water 5. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 6. 1 pinch salt 7. 5 apples - peeled, cored and sliced 8. 1 pastry for double-crust pie Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). 2. Combine butter, white sugar, brown sugar, water, cinnamon, and salt in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and set aside. 3. Roll out half the pastry to fit a 9-inch pie plate. Place bottom crust in pie plate; pour in apple slices. 4. Roll out top crust into a 10-inch circle. Cut into 8 (1-inch) wide strips with a sharp paring knife or pastry wheel. Weave the pastry strips, one at a time, into a lattice pattern. Fold the ends of the lattice strips under the edge of the bottom crust and crimp to seal. 5. Pour butter-sugar mixture over top of pie, coating the lattice, and allowing any remaining sauce to drizzle through the crust. 6. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), and bake until the crust is golden brown, the caramel on the top crust is set, and the apple filling is bubbling, 35 to 40 more minutes. Allow to cool completely before slicing.

  • Taking away likes?

    by shfiek

    Whenever I watch a video I like and leave a like on the video I may re watch it if I really like it, like a music video or something. But when I re watch it I notice that my like is gone, like I didn't leave one in the first place. I thought it was only certain videos but leaving a like on a video does nothing because it takes it away as soon as I exit the video! Not being able to support content creators I like is annoying. Other than the fact that some youtubers get their videos taken down for certain reasons and yet others get to keep there's up and sometimes even have ads playing on their video, despite the video breaking multiple community guide lines, is annoying too. I won't let my bias opinion make me rate this app 1 star for this but it won't let me give I a 5 or 4 either.

  • Videos play at random

    by IBeCaptainGreen

    I’ve been using this app for years and never really had a problem, other than that they won’t let you play music while your phone isn’t on. But one thing has really been ticking me off, when a video is playing, even when in windowed mode in the corner. It will change the video without you pressing or using the autoplay feature! It really annoying when I’m watching a video when in the middle of a suspenseful part of the video, it will change with no matter what you do! I’ve tried restarting my phone, I’ve tried un and reinstalling, I’ve even thought that my glass screen protector pressing it for me, but It changes when the video is playing at the bottom left of the screen. This app is the best in the App Store, but because of the video problems I can’t give it a full rating...

  • Possible Bug?

    by anranranranr

    I have been using the app on all of my phones for years and love it. Something recently started happening though. When I’m watching a video, and leave the app to look at a text message and then come back there is audio playing in the background that sounds like an ad. I leave the app(but not fully close it out) and it takes 3 attempts to stop the background talking. I sometimes do fully close the app out but that is getting annoying because I don’t want to have to either go to my history to find the video or have to re-search for it. Not sure if this is happening to others. Just wanted to make the company aware of the issue that I’m going through currently. If that gets fixed/ I get a solution then I think the app is 5/5

  • What’s up with the lack of navigation?

    by JohnSays

    What I don’t get about this app is that there is no easy way to navigate forward and backward to videos you have just watched. So I cannot easily - and that is the keyword - branch to a new video and then return to where I was two videos ago. I have to go to History and find that video. Only that is in itself difficult. And never mind the endless crashes where my history just is not saved. How is it that a app that has been around as long as this one has, cannot return to vertical mode without crashing? My method of watching videos is watch two or three and then terminate the app and restart because it got stuck in useless horizontal mode again.

  • Pretty descent tech but with a creep catch

    by Foocifer

    I like the tech of you tube. The platform is functional. Good even. However the creepy 1984 Totalitarianism-esque we knows what’s best for you smacks of a belief of the management that they somehow own their audience specifically and can make decisions on what you are allowed to view that are not violating decency and legal standards by de-plat forming, de-monetizing and just generally bullying viewers and creators. After a while you get sick of dealing with the lies and blatant falsehoods. Obviously some of it is bad actor employees using their position to play at politics like bullying children but that brings into question company management even further as they have no oversight and review of employees and the work they are doing. There is far too much politics involved in the management of the tools and that is truly a shame because it is destroying a perfectly good piece of tech.

  • Alright, but flawed in fundamental ways

    by Sevallis

    The iOS app constantly forgets the actively playing background video when I lock the screen, and even if it appears on the lock screen to pause/play, trying to start and stop it via Bluetooth headphone burins also constantly fails and instead starts playback of something random from my Music app. Also, when I swipe a video down and then go to close it, get rid of that stupid bounce animation that moves it if I had just liked a video. That animation makes me miss the X close button due to it moving around and getting bumped by other notifications. Make the other notifications come up above the video at the bottom and not move the playing video minimized strip, and make it instantly move to the bottom predictably so I don’t miss the close button and re-maximize it.


    by hirgnvhirfncjifen

    I LOVE this app 💜 but I think that you should have community available for ALL devices even the ones a tiny bit older like for instance say you have and older iPad and you just heard that your favorite YouTuber had just made a HUGE announcement in community and have no other devices so you can’t see it or you are staying at a hotel for the week and you didn’t want to bring your computer and have an iPad not a phone and they announced on a video that they were going to put something on community for the week then take it off but you can’t see it (I know that’s not very likely but it’s possible some people may do it and a lot of people may get upset) but overall i love this app

  • Information from Utube

    by Flyinjeep

    Anything you want to look for you can find on utube. I’ve found it to be the most informative site there is. Plus the fun you can have watching videos. I wanted something that couldn’t be found in the United States. I knew they were out there. One look in utube and had a video showing me where, the name of place, Internet address. Half hour later I had the object found, paid for and a delivery of 2-3 weeks. I had exhausted myself trying to find it in the U.S. It was just a watchband made by a big watch company. Even being directed to main parts for this I was always told the same thing, there’s no such thing. I could even give the part number. Thank you Utube.

  • Good but the update kinda messed up my viewing experience

    by seeshell9

    I love the app and have been using it ever since I got my iPhone 7 plus and I've had no issues. Until now. After doing the update yesterday, for some reason it's making it very harder for me to watch a video. Say for instance I just started a music video, it will play for about 10-30 seconds, before it magically turns to the next video on my upcoming. This has been happening with every video and live steam I've been trying to watch. It's actually getting very inconvenient for my viewing. I would then have to open and reopen the video at least 3 times before I cab watch the entire thing. With adds in between. I still really enjoy the app, but I hope this will be fixed soon.

  • No Volume Bar

    by Lyslyslusluslyalya

    With the most recent update, the volume bar has gone away. It used to be that when I was watching videos horizontally (full screen) that to not intrude on the visuals, the volume square that usually shows up in the middle of the screen when adjusting the volume doesn’t appear. Instead there was a slim white line toward the top of the screen that would show me the volume that I had the video at. However, recently this white volume bar indicator has gone away and now there is no way to tell what volume the video is at which our sliding up and looking in my control panel to adjust the volume. Adjusting volume still works but I liked it when I was able to see what the volume was at while adjusting. Overall, everything else is güd.

  • Best watching app

    by Eeveeplaysgames(yt name)

    I love using your app! It runs really well and the quality is amazing! And I love the fact that you have no limit to subscribers! I love the livestream options like you can do it on google hangouts and twitch. And for livestreams you can do events and set a time for it for when your ready! But the livestream lags a lot when playing games or reactioning to videos! And for uploading videos on mobile devices it is really cool that you have options for music and trimming and even filters and effects! But I don’t like the time limit for my phone or iPad! I also like the fact you can set up your channels look! And lastly you shouldn’t ban channels that swear a little bit in there videos!

  • The best app I’ve ever used

    by 12345@6667890

    Are use this app every single day it is so useful but I did not know that you could update it which is kind of annoying but other than that the app is amazing I think you should like all the movies like in the regular app be free because people don’t really want to watch expensive movies and that’s kind of annoying but other than that this is the best app I’ve ever had in my whole entire life I’ve had this iPad so long and this is the best app I’ve ever had I do wish that you could do like you could like when you make your own video you would decide how long it would be which would be better to but other than that this was the best app i’ve ever had

  • Latest update did something to the playback quality

    by TruPinoy122

    the app was just recently updated, and now when i play videos ( and i tried it on a couple of videos just to be sure ) the video playback is not in sync with the audio. kinda like what we used to get on those old “martial arts” movies see the mouth move but the audio is behind. well whats happening is kinda like that but in reverse. audio is fine but the video playback is lagging. i deleted the app the reinstalled it twice. i know its not my wifi connection, im pushing 150mb download speed and my currently device is the iphone 7 plus (128gb). Again never had this issue until the latest update. just wanted to let the devs know is this is something that coming up.

  • Ok I love this app but...

    by Brodster0123

    Ya I love this app and use it all the time for whatever I have questions for, or entertainment but this is what pisses me off because it’s one of those little things that always happen to me and I feel like only a couple people now but it has been happening for about a year and I thought this would’ve been patched by now but no it isn’t and that is whenever I post something in the comments of a video it always posts 2 comments of mine and whenever I delete one it deletes both. It isn’t a huge deal where it makes the app not work it is just extremely annoying because it happens EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great app but ya please fix this it bugs the heck out of me.

  • Slight issue

    by KK glow

    Not necessarily too sure if it’s the app or the IOS 12 update, but whenever I have my phone in my pocket or faced down, the screen turns off and stops the music. At first I thought it was cuz I had the battery saver on, but I turned it off hours ago and the problem is still happening. I can’t walk and keep my phone in my pocket for 2 seconds w/o having to turn my music back on. Again, don’t know what’s the problem but I’d like a solution for it. Update : I just updated the app itself and now my playlist or anything else won’t load. I changed WiFi connections multiple times, turned off and turned back on my phone, and reset my network settings. Wth is happening?

  • Irrelevant Recommendations

    by talentedcrafter100

    I usually watch the same channels on a regular basis, but it seems for the past few weeks I’ve been getting these random video/channel recommendations in my feed that don’t relate to the content I watch at all. Most of the things that get recommended to me are either unrelated music videos or random irrelevant channels. Now I am aware of the “not interested” option to click, but I keep getting unrelated videos/channels in my feed even when I haven’t strayed from my usual content I watch. I tried clearing my search/watch history but the random stuff keeps coming back just as bad as spam mail. I also have encountered that audio bug a couple times where you click a vid and exit it but the audio still continues. ಠ_ಠ

  • Ya..........

    by Bethyork

    Ummm, if you don’t know about you tube by now, then you must not enjoy music,,,,,, or technology,,,,,,,,, or the 21st century. You tube is the MTV of the internet. AND you can watch others who have made videos, or post a video yourself! Some are funny, some are serious, some are sad, and some make no sense at all. But either way, it’s free entertainment. And You can’t beat that. So, what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading these boring comments when you could be listening to any song you’d like, or researching how to build a flowerbed. Or watching some brand new you tube sensation of the hour, as they do something stupid................ or you could be watching a million other things. ENJOY!! ✌🏻❤️☺️ 😎

Positive Reviews in Most Recent



  • by amul rao


  • by Aashif Hashmi


  • by jamar Boucher


  • Es muy buenas aplicacion la recomiendo

    by maldo ramos

    Es algo muy bueno para encontrar lo que buscas

  • I love this app

    by pablo931665

    I love this app

  • Sub to MiStIc clan on yt its the one with 42 subs the rest r copys

    by MiStIcMAGZ

    Just self promoting

  • Good

    by Don't Know A Good Username

    I look forward to laying in bed watching YouTube all day on weekends

  • Amazing but with some problems

    by Timmy 168

    Amazing the app is really good but the 2 ads change is very annoying and the YouTube Algorithm is not really the best for small youtubers

  • Awesome!

    by Beartor

    I have been enhancing my knowledges in different issues.

  • Great app

    by Ololokook

    Just a great app all around

  • YouTube

    by Go Paige

    YouTube is so great only it want let me subscribe,comment, or like a video

  • Checks thiIck

    by ramen slick

    Awesome but rock

  • To: Youtube (Please read)

    by Bushi rahama

    I recently got youtube premium and overall the app is great i use it literally everyday but the only problem is comments are always disabled on my favorite family youtube channels and that is disappointing knowing that i can no longer support those channels verbally so please don’t disable the entire comments section just don’t let mean comments go through when people are writing them or censor any inappropriate or threatening comments please listen because this isn’t just bothering viewers its bothering the youtubers that are dealing aswell. If you don’t do anything about this i will rate this app one star.

  • Update for better video quality

    by MrCherratastic

    iPhone users are being handicapped with only 1080p 60FPS w HDR we need 4K support otherwise great app!

  • Ads

    by Cameron Szedziewski

    I feel like youtube is trying to make me watch ads I’m getting 2 ads before he video starts and then more during the video, not to mention when I do a 1/24 of a swipe on my phone it changes to a different video and then when I go back to the video it PLAYS 2 MORE ADS! YouTube can fix this by making you do more of a complete swipe across you phone so you don’t do it on accident.

  • OMG

    by dragonfroot

    This is the app that brings the others to shame. I watch the videos all the time and they are always entertaning👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • I love it

    by naufhifbfksskjx

    Well YouTube doesn’t really need a review by its YouTube but yeah it’s the best

  • YouTube is the best!!

    by HOW!!!???

    YouTube is the best app for kids and adults. Adults can use youtube for step by step directions on somthing and kids can watch a bunch of family's and diy's and music videos.

  • Nothing better

    by Nelliebell5023

    Let’s face we learn so much better from a video. Don’t know what I’d do without YouTube!

  • Nice

    by Mikhail 7


  • Mischa propaganda

    by platinni

    Demasiada propaganda

  • Inappropriate stuff

    by mj2kalldaymick

    I love you YouTube

  • You tube

    by Theresa Morgan

    I have always enjoyed you tube but I would to see you return to what you tube use to be just 3 short years ago. I really want you tube to stop suppressing videos and stop being political. There was a time I loved You tube now I just enjoy you tube and there is a difference

  • Make the suggested videos appear after the video is finished

    by Bozart89

    It is very annoying to have my video being blocked towards the end. Can’t you guys let us at least finish the video and then show the suggested videos. And also the white line on the top right corner showing related topics, yes it is also very annoying. Please remove anything that blocks the screen while we are watching the videos. show them after the videos have completely finished playing.

  • YouTube

    by Comicnerd 7

    I do think there is flaws with this app I can’t live without it, and I like the amount of opinions and stuff

  • I Love YouTube

    by Mymini007

    Best thing since slice bread!! !! YouTube is a wealth of resource, fun and relaxation. Thks YouTube. Rasta Drew

  • Awesome!!

    by KloverLeafProductions

    This app is awesome! I highly recommend you download this! It’s fun, and it’s family friendly!

  • YouTube estoy agradecido con ustedes pero me gustaría hacer virales mis videos que puedo hacer

    by kora detector rodriguez

    Gracias YouTube espero puedas apoyarme con mis videos

  • good but !

    by Moonlight nasa

    i wish there’s a option to delete videos i’ve seen as ( mark them all , mark many videos) rather than to delete one by one

  • Educational

    by Tuffy boy

    Great tool.

  • Review

    by shoreh c f

    Thank you for creating such channel that allows the world enjoy seeing things and learning things that otherwise would have been impossible, shame on governments such as Iran which band such terrific site / channel Thanks again

  • I like it

    by qumiya

    It is so good it does good and every one loves it

  • Coolest app

    by kayleedoglover987

    #best app

  • Sub to pewdiepie

    by Twamothy


  • Love it! 🥰

    by cassandda

    I’m a kid, so I don’t care no bugs bug me

  • Here’s what I think.

    by pickles100008

    I love youtube overall it’s fun I have had YouTube for over 2 years now it’s fun I even have a YouTube channel now with 109 subscribers I love YouTube and it’s been a journey but I’ll still not stop uploading videos on a rate of how much I love YouTube it’s a 10 I’m having so much fun watching videos and making videos I really don’t get how people hate YouTube so I’ll give it 5 stars because I love it but if we could have 10 stars I would do 10 I’ll still tell you if I find a bug but right now I can’t find any I’m just focused on making videos that’s all for now.

  • Great expectations!!!!

    by LaRubi555

    It is so amazing all interesting things we have there to see!! It’s a wonderful and resourceful experience!

  • Review

    by christopher.million

    The service is very very good!

  • Wish I was allowed to share what I believe to be the truth about the tyranny being imposed

    by ErskChrisKC8

    I’m impressed with the quality, the experiences, the truths. Not easy to share with my friends and family? Don’t know why?

  • Videos to learn

    by fothofanaty

    So much information! So much to learn ‘ Im so glad I have the aplicación!!!💕

  • I always enjoy watching YouTube

    by import2race

    I always enjoy watching YouTube from Sports to Movies to Gaming news & Cobra Kai show

  • I hate chad and vy

    by Jamil real

    Remove chad wild clays canel even vy quant

  • Like it but ruins some dreams..

    by EclipsewolfYT

    I am a youtuber, I’m only just rolling into 4th grade, but restricted mode is ruining my youtuber dreams! I really wanna invite a collab in the comments of a video, but NOPE restricted mode doesn’t let you use comments, please remove restricted mode, it also thinks that some STUPID things are bad it gets on my nerves, and I can’t even turn it off! Please listen, before it crushes a lot of dreams, and also please make it stop doing TWO ads


    by KoriHarmon11

    if you are reading this subscribe to my channel

  • The best ever created

    by Une dame fidele

    I rely so much on YouTube it helps with my everyday needs... I sometimes wonder what I would’ve done without it, I’m there mornings to night it’s almost like a friend I know i can always count on... ❤️

  • Best of the best

    by qqllppaa


  • Rating would be better

    by secure money

    Stop censoring free speech.

  • Love the app

    by SavorySheets

    It is just so perfect but the only small thing is that when your offline it becomes a little pixelated but it’s perfect. Thank you Google LLC

  • Bonita experiencia 👍🏻

    by China 10000

    Fue una gran experiencia 🤷🏻‍♀️👍🏻🙏🏻

  • sanchezz

    by Whwhffjdjdjd

    muy buen bideo amigo tengo una troca con esas fallas intentare si puedo arreglarlo

  • YouTube

    by Chokiecoc28

    Its fun

  • جدة المملكة العربية السعودية

    by azizz38

    بسبب كثرث الدعايات الغير مفيده مثل تطبيقات التعرف لهدم العلاقات الانسانيه واشباع الغريزه الجنسيه بالزنا

  • Great App.

    by NicholasB178

    Always cool to see what’s new on YouTube.

  • Capt Siv

    by Capt Siv

    With out youtube my life would 90% less enriched, and 100% less enjoyable. I would recommend it 1000% to anyone anywhere anytime. Especially those who live with disability, youtube allows to access the many activities that we might no longer be able to do. I was in a very dire place suffering from PTSD and youtube had help immensely providing guidance and encouragement all off which is accessible anytime around the world. For example I love these videos produced by Herons Bonsai which has provided me a new way to cope and enjoy life again. Thank you so very much for Youtube.




  • Only a couple complaints

    by Shay!a

    1. I can’t refer back to the comment I’m replying to while typing. Instead of allowing me to scroll up, it makes me discard the whole of what I typed to look back at the original comment. 2. I’d like there to be a dark mode for the mobile app. If there is one, I just haven’t found it yet. Haha. 3. I would prefer that YouTube go back to making more recommendations based on the video that I’m watching currently rather than my history. Update: suggestion #2 has been added. Thanks developers!

  • Mrveeee you are so wrong

    by oofaoofaTerrence

    YouTube works very well and your device is probably trash get a new device ok !

  • Good deeds go on

    by rocker chair shelfs

    It happens to me all the time

  • Congratulations

    by Sujan N Majumder

    YouTube is the best socia media app for watching news, sports, songs, entertainment, enjoy and also help to learn everything. It's help to learn education for all types of people. So it is best for me.

  • Rule

    by Winter271

    I love it

  • Let me post video s

    by CohenDR85

    YouTube I can not post any videos if it games plush toys volg I can not post this so fix it now

  • Full of knowledge

    by khamis salem

    This program helped me to improve my knowledge

  • Music and sports

    by byrd on the beat

    Byrdman loves espn, my little pony, nfl and nba.

  • Write a review

    by Tyler Lipira

    YouTube is the best thing since sliced bread. Anytime I want to find anything I go to you guested YouTube. I go to sleep watching YouTube videos on YouTube.

  • Content

    by glsbejhend

    Disable inappropriate videos and thumbnails

  • ?

    by M. Ryan

    Hi, can you please STOP ASKING ME if I want YouTube premium? I’m so tired of the first video I click being stopped not only for now two ads, but also stopping those ads themselves from even playing so I can actually watch my video to show me your ad about YouTube premium. If I’ve said no 500 times, I promise I’m not gonna change my mind suddenly. I get you wanna make money, but my gosh is it annoying. 😠🥺

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