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Enjoy your favorite videos and channels with the official YouTube app.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

24.2% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Yubi Eloriaga

    I would've given you 4 or 5 stars back then tbh but you've been getting worse and I could feel a sense of bias from you. First, youtube rewind used to be really good and inspiring now you treat everything as a joke and ignore the actual events that made up each year. Second, you've deleted 10M of the views from Boy With Luv and you claim that you don't delete views as seen in a tweet. We are really tired of this and if you want me to give you 5 stars, please improve and DON'T. LIE. AND BE. FAIR.

  • Form over function

    by Branthony67

    This app looks great. This app is not very useful at times and has a number of critical functionality issues and bugs that need to be addressed. Two of which affect my experience with the app extremely adversely. When viewing a playlist and scrolling through recommended videos, the scroll function will freeze and force you to either select a certain video and then go back to the video you were on or minimize your current video and then being it back up, to re-enable scrolling. When saving videos to a playlist, outside of another existing playlist, the app will automatically add the video to the last playlist that you added a video to, which includes the “watch later” playlist, and will require users to wait for a delayed prompt to manually reassign the video to a different playlist. The function of manually reassigning videos may occasionally fail to work correctly and require the user to remove the video from its “saved” state and save it again and attempt to reassign the video with the same prompt that had just failed to work. These are two of many glaring functionality issues with the app that users will not encounter when viewing on a normal computer. These obvious glaring issues, among others, could have been addressed long ago and could have been easily avoided with even a small QA team that had been given half competent directions.

  • What’s Going On?

    by khosmere

    I don’t know if my phone hasn’t updated it until now or if this is just now happening but when I click to listen to my music playlist it shows the videos in the order they’re usually in when not on shuffle like it used to. But when I click the shuffle button to start it shows the order that it’s shuffled so that I know what the next song will be. There’s no problem with that but the irritating part is that when I find the song I want to listen to and turn the shuffle off, it doesn’t revert back to playing in order like it used to. It continues to play that song and then play the next song on the shuffle list, not on the next song that would normally play if it wasn’t on shuffle. Now, I don’t mind listening to my music on shuffle, that’s the whole point of shuffle, but I have a rather large playlist for songs and sometimes I’m looking for a specific group of songs that are next to each other in the playlist. Because of my having a large playlist, I used the shuffle feature to find the songs I want and then turn the shuffle off to listen in the normal order rather than scrolling through hundreds of songs to find the right ones. The feature of it reverting back after clicking to turn the shuffle off is helpful when I’m looking for specific songs but it’s hard to do that now that shuffle no longer does that.

  • by Lovely Maddison Baldwin

    what does youtube has against BTS (korean boy band) Fans like us just stream their new Music Video! and within 24 hrs, we already reached the 100 million views! but when i go back at the link, it became 90 million views again! what's happening? please bring back our 10 million views. don't delete it! youtube have the worst services among the other apps like FB,instagram, twitter etc.😡

  • App is old and clunky

    by Phoenix1887

    I even pay for premium. But I can’t give a good rating stars to an old dusty app that needs to be redesigned. It shouldn’t take three difficult clicks to change the playback speed. You have to click a tiny menu accessible in the corner of the screen then click an option in a drop-down menu then select another option in a small drop-down menu (that blocks the entire screen mind you!). It astounds me how these companies who have been around for longer than the iPhone and have $Billions have these crappy apps they never l innovate to accommodate for new technology or common sense design standards... Play back speed should be adjustable straight from the main screen. You should be able to easily dial in increments from 1/8x up to even 4x with the press of a button. I frequently change playback speed multiple times as I go through a video. Impossible with the current design! Another simple feature it needs is a queue. It’s insane how I’ll be going through a list while watching a video and I can’t even queue videos to play up, only add to a playlist. Excuse me is this the year 2019??? What the hell is wrong with the app design team did they time travel out of this dimension already???? Update your freaking app with basic usability features for heaven’s sake you’ve had more than enough time to do this.

  • by D.W. Lip

    Recently started automatically determining my video resolution for every single video regardless of connection health. Used to give me the option to turn that off way back when. Took that away, oh, a year or two ago? Hasn't been much of an issue up until now, though, because I could just set it to whatever resolution I wanted and it'd stay there until I closed the app or cleared out my cache. Uses up too much battery, memory and data, too. That clearly hasn't changed. Fix your app. Come on.

  • Over a decade of never getting it right.

    by 76514567890

    Every time there is a new update, I start getting these little errors that pop up as my videos crash that say “experiencing difficulties?”. The answer, besides the everyday usual incompetence of this app, is no. It happens the same way, with the same choppy cut sequence every time. Seems deliberate. Videos you click on don’t display in watch history until after the ad has finished. So if the app has a problem like it usually will, or you have to walk away from your device, you can’t find the video again. Can’t right a comment and rotate the screen without it freaking out and having the word box disappear or freezing while the keyboard changes color to a dark gray. Thought a white play button was a stupid idea? Well here, let me dim the background so you can’t see what’s going on! To top it all off, half the time when the screen is rotated and the switched back, it shrinks to 1/4th full screen and requires a restart. These are problems on all of mine and my friends devices. We’ve a game of see what will break next. At least there incompetence is good for something. Most of the time I can use a simple trick to completely skip all ads..

  • Dont ruin something that’s already broken

    by MichelleeRuiz

    Update: it continues to do what ive mentioned previously and now it sometimes wont even connect to my chrome cast. So, this app had already not worked well for me when it came to staying connected to the chromecast but at least before if it would stop working (i.e. when I turn my phone screen off & go back to the app & try to play/pause it wouldnt work) but at least I could still skip through my videos on my queue & it wouldnt completely disconnect which is what happens now. It doesnt even take me turning my screen off, I could just be scrolling down my subscriptions or a playlist or even just scrolling through what I just searched & it will completely disconnect from my chromecast but will still be playing on my TV. I have to close down the whole app & then try again. If I try to just connect it back to the chromecast without closing the app entirely, it will just say it’s connecting to my cast but my queue will be empty & it doesnt show what I am watching because it is still casting the video I was watching. It was better before & even then it wasnt great. Fix it please!!

  • by Tim O'Shea

    The latest update adds zero additional functionality whatsoever, only a higher percentage of videos returned in search results are advertisements. Plus, after every video it seems to think I want to watch videos in portrait orientation. This is beyond stupid! I've been waiting for YouTube to remove videos shot in portrait mode or at least suspend them for a week. People take and watch videos in landscape mode. Period. Do the developers even use YouTube? Epic fail!

  • by Nick Currie

    I don't want to swipe to change videos. I pull down to see my phone's notifications, and suddenly I'm one video over. This is not a feature that I will ever properly use. Please stop it. Edit 05/04/2019: You're never going to stop, are you?

  • How to get 5 star reviews

    by LA in Philly

    Gave a low score this time due to a couple of reasons. The app is giving me problems this evening. I can’t switch my account because each time I try the app just shuts down. I’ll give a better review after I can watch a full video on each of my accounts. Additionally, I think you need to give one of your top content creators a medical leave of absence. It would be a very nice gesture if you paid for her health insurance &/or other medical expenses as well so she can get help at a top eating disorder treatment center ASAP. She’s a young sweet lady and she deserves help. I think a lot of people would really respect the humanitarian side of the company if you did something like that. Her videos are disturbing, dangerous and they’re upsetting an abounding number of people, many of who are young impressionable children. I don’t need to say her name; that’s how bad this situation has become. Please do the right thing; if not for her, then for all the others getting influenced negatively without even realizing. I seriously do not want to believe our society has become so lowbrow and uncultivated that we would accept a young girl slowly committing suicide in front of an enormous audience all over the internet.

  • by Sam Whillance

    I was forced to update because they purposefully broke my subscription feed. Now the app includes banner ads, on top of all the videos that are basically just ads anyway. My subscription feed is still broken, but if i switch accounts it works fine. Google is very shady

  • by Angela Gonzales

    over 10 million views got deleted from a BTS music video in just one go. we went over 90M views to 80M so quick, youtube once tweeted that they dont dELETE views, we need a fair explanation regarding this issue. this issue was encountered to different music videos of the same mentioned artist too.

  • by Nikole Budd

    FIRSTLY this rating makes me sad bc youtube was my fav app/site for most of my life.. & i understand the need for ads with free apps but youtube has the most annoying ads at most annoying times and its hardly ever ads you can skip anymore. listening 2 music i have ads 20-30 seconds at a time at about 3 times per 10 minutes.. i would get youtube red but im trying spotify. if i could try youtube red free to see how it compares to spotify maybe id discover i like youtube better but for now its meh

  • by Jared McCray

    I pay for Premium. The latest update broke Premium on mobile to where I get none of the benefits. The website still lets me view ad-free, but that's only half the reason I use Premium. The other half is background play. I'll change the rating when this is fixed, but not a moment before. (Last update happened on the 27th of March, but from the looks of it this just happened to everyone today. I can confirm that the website still avoids ads though).

  • Censorship

    by jastquentino

    I have used YT over 5 years now and I used to enjoy the free flow of information and random vids that were selected with an algorithm based on my preferences and interests. I loved YT and listening to content creators of all stripes and sorts changed me. I can’t believe you people censored Alex Jones and so many others. I listened in the beginning of my political journey, but he is more entertainment than news. I m appalled to see what has happened to YT in the last year with censorship of political ideas and commentary. Just because YOU don’t have the same political persuasions as me, does NOT mean that YOU get to determine what content I expose myself to. I know all you quivering lefties are still suffering with your trump derangement syndrome and can’t understand how the country voted for who they did- I recommend you leave your privileged Bubble of google and find out. Yes, there is crap and random BS but as a consumer I have the pleasure and privilege of using my critical thinking to intellectually dispose of ideas that I find distasteful. And I do. I think that having my political exposure censored by people who’s job is TECHNOLOGY not social engineering a big problem.

  • Why change the 3 dots button????

    by silver.&.silent

    I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it.

  • Issue with queued videos linked to another device via WiFi

    by CplMSO

    There’s still an issue when linking my phone with say my tv or a console. ANYTIME I would like to link my phone via WiFi with say my console as a remote and or to add more videos to my watch queue, I have to manually take it out of multitasking every single time I want to pair it with my console. Only after that, can I play and pause videos from there. If I recall right, two updates have since been pushed out for ‘maintenance and improvements’. I don’t know if those updates actually do anything significant to performance and functionality or if they’re just bs placebo updates cause this issue still persists. I’d send screen shots and log info through the feedback link in app (which I already have twice the best I could show what it is) but going through that feedback link does not allow for a screen shot of this issue that at least I’m dealing with. Please get on top of this issue, it’s irritating enough as it really seems like some fixed something that wasn’t broken.

  • Great, Until-

    by wet pomegranate

    It’s great, until you realize that this app is supposedly “17+” rated, yet steals add revenue from its own creators, because they said something the moderators didn’t like. And as soon as the creators apply for an appeal for their video, that they spent hours making, it takes months for it to be even looked at, and at that point, all the possible revenue these people could have earned is gone. They’re also extremely biased. I’ve seen many channels I’ve watched taken down for little to no reason, yet showing a dead body on screen to make money off impressionable small children is acceptable? It took three days for that video to be removed, which is absolutely ridiculous considering if it was any other channel who had posted it, they would have the video removed instantly, and probably would have had their channel taken down. Also, bring back the recommendations when watching the videos. I can’t even think of a reason why they’d remove that feature, but I guess they just want to steal even more money from innocent creators who are trying to make a living.

  • Updates = Decreased functionality

    by Bobjtx

    I have used this app a lot over the last 4 years. It has been a pretty good experience. However, I am not sure what is happening to human engineering at Google. Each new update seems to make the app less intuitive and more difficult to use. Ex: 1. Pausing a video to view something on the video in more detail (chart, text,...) is now impossible unless you know the hidden trick. Paused videos now darken the screen and place a LARGE play icon in the middle of the screen, making it impossible to view the paused video. This makes the large segment of teaching/how-to videos much less effective. 2. When saving a video, you no longer get to select where it will be stored. YT now stores it in the last used playlist. This requires you to stop, figure out how to pull up the saved video, and remove it from the wrong playlist YT saved it to, and then save it to the one YOU wanted it to go to. YT no longer thinks you are smart enough to know where you want to save the video. Youtube/Google engineers believe taking options away from users is some type of “improvement”?! Give me a break!! My recommendation is to no longer trust Google to do the right thing, and not accept YT updates until you research what less fortunate reviewers are reporting about each new update. It’s the only way to prevent losing useful features. And don’t even get me started on the increasing number of Ads YT is showing with almost EVERY video.

  • Update gone wrong!

    by Lilminimoges

    The newest update of 2017 December. The video keeps switching to random videos during a video is going on. I cant watch ten seconds of video without it switching to another. So please fix this bug. Also fix your skip button. It’s showing up less and less. And when it does show up it’s for a 15 second video and not a thirty second video. I don’t know how many people have these problems, but it’s important to consider the viewers when you put a video in the link and can’t watch the video they want. I have many other problems to say, but that’s up to the media to explain not mine. ————————————————— This is a day after my complaint. The new new update to fix the switching the video to another video decreased of chance to another video. I don’t know if your still fixing the problem, but don’t rush to fix the problem. I know you do want to keep us satisfied, but rushing to fix problem is going to make it worse. So please fix the problem correctly by not rushing to conclusion of being fixed and being done.

  • I shared with her the same problem

    by Aloreni

    So when I look at the thumbnail for a video in my home page it automatically starts playing where the thumbnail was with no volume but with captions, and it goes to my history. I can't even choose if I want it to play or not and I don't want some of that in my history! And the worst pat is that when I click on a video and drag it down then scroll through my home page, a video starts playing from a thumbnail and the screen of the video that I clicked on is completely black! So then I have to close the video and go to history and watch it from there. Please tell me if I can fix this or turn it off, Also sometimes when I click on a video it buffers at 5 or 6 seconds and it won't load so l close the video and the app then open it again and it still won't load after 5 or 6 second!! Then I have to watch another video and come back to the video that won't load. Then it finally works. (This might just be a problem with my connection/data but I don't think so

  • Horrible example of what a monopoly can get away with

    by G17_____

    This application is absolutely horrible. Even when no videos are displayed on the device, rather the app is used another device such as Roku or Chromecast this app drains the battery like no other! Even with this constant operation, draining the battery, the app often loses the sync with the controlled device. Battery drain continues even if app disconnects from the controller device. Furthermore, when there is a new release with supposedly bug fixes - the description of the fixes is typically an insult to users intelligence, with statements like “make world a better place” or such. Which barely passes as amusing once but is extremely annoying when repeated time after time in different forms. Had the app been developed by anyone smaller than Google (or one of the big 5), it would’ve been kicked out of the App Store. The development team’s level is very poor. But then, being a monopoly Google can get away with anything. Even Apple is afraid to put this substandard and sloppy team in place.

  • IDK

    by KCM03

    Update causes app to no longer recognize Apple lightening digital a/v adapter. Now my phone will only do screen mirroring (it used to automatically switch it to AirPlay mode), which I personally would not mind, except that for some reason, i can no longer play a playlist if I am using my adapter. The app will play one video and then stop, even though I am supposed to be playing a playlist. I am not talking about auto play. I am referring to a playlist. And auto play does not work with playlists — because it is a playlist. I used to be able to plug in my adapter, shuffle a playlist and go on about my day with my phone playing video after video. Now, I use my adapter and then have to run back to my phone every time a video ends. Not good —not happy. This is not an IOS issue because it was doing this before I updated. In fact, I updated my phone because I thought it would resolve the problem. I keep trying to find solutions, but nothing has corrected something that was not an issue until now.

  • recommendations are stupid.

    by IrisKat:3

    I watched two vine compilations and ONE AlbertsStuff video. Now, my recommendations are piled with dead vines and Roblox videos. There’s not even videos from my subscriptions, which is just dumb, I should say. I always click “I am uninterested” but they never get deleted. Do you people even listen to the reviews? You still have horrible reviews from two years ago. You keep adding new, unnecessary stuff, yet you guys don’t fix the vital issues that were probably there from 2 years ago. I hate to support this app but this is the only video app I prefer to watch from, because it’s the most popular, unfortunately. Don’t expect me to buy any apps or merch from this company until you get more satisfied customers. I only gave you two stars because I feel bad for all of you and your incompetence. Once you fix these stupid bugs I will gladly give you 5 stars. Stop adding unneeded features and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT GIVE YOU MONEY.

  • What happened?

    by isucktoes666

    I have had this app for many years and I have never had a problem with it — until now. The home page of the app does not load and is in a constant state of refreshing. As someone that is constantly looking for new videos that are recommended to me, doing so has become much more difficult. Instead, I am forced to rely on the trending page, which barely ever has any quality videos, and my subscription page, which is satisfactory until I inevitably watch all the videos that my subscribed channels have posted up to that point. Despite numerous updates for “bug fixes and improvements,” since this beginning of this issue, not one of them has solved this issue. Please fix this problem soon, as I cannot live without new and fresh videos. You cannot just provide such a fantastic algorithm for recommending videos and then suddenly just cut me off from all these wonderful recommended video. To do so is like cutting the legs off a marathon runner.

  • Search filters broken with update

    by CouchTraveller

    My iPhone and iPad apps got updated in the last few days. Where previously I was able to use search filters to select the most recent content uploaded in my specific areas of interest, now the filter is completely broken. It doesn’t reliably populate new content fitting the search keywords; and more importantly, despite filtering for recent content uploaded in the last month, week or day, there is no prioritisation of content based on time. In fact the top 20 videos shown can be anywhere from 6 months to 5 years old - and arranged in no sequential order. Very frustrating, because this was the last reliable way of being able to find content I’m actually interested in. The videos in my recommended feed match some mysterious criteria in YouTube’s algorithms - not my own search or viewing history. Recommended videos and notifications are more and more obscure and less and less interesting to me.

  • A slow ride down hill

    by Jzzkaksnd

    Please bring back the ability to view videos in landscape mode while using the app on a phone. It’s really inconvenient having to browse with the phone upright and then flip it over to get full screen once you find a video, when you use to be able to browse in landscape and not require you to flip your phone around at the end of every video. Also why do the updates never actually say what is improved? I know it’s suppose to be cute or funny, but it would really be nice to know what you are fixing, removing, or altering, instead of talking to us like we can’t fathom the technical terms. Just tell us what you are updating in the section that says “what’s new” that’s what it’s for. I’ll never understand why you took away landscape mode for mobile, or why you won’t just tell us what you fixed. Your communication skills as a company are damaged.

  • Put your employees to work!

    by n0ts0subtle

    Since ios 8 came out, I've only seen one patch from you guys. What are your employees doing all day? Here are a few immediate issues that need fixed asap: 1) When commenting on a vid and the vid ends prior to comment completion, the comment box shrinks up and you have to start all over again. 2) Why is there no edit button once comments are posted from smart phone? 3) The channel switches over to the google account by itself which is an issue all its own but the main frustration is that you can't switch back in the options without having to sign out all together. So either your QC team is filling their time with something other than work, or you allow it and don't care since working on mergers is more important than assuring a quality product. Being so filthy flippin' rich, there is no excuse. Hire Terry Tate and straighten out your office! What are you sitting around for? Get back to work!!

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by mahesh mane

    ollllolphxźc lbbcd2rntc33xx. M c r6ryh

  • by Slash JungKunwar

    too slow

  • Horrible

    by calebkyle07

    It’s really bad cuz u guys won’t even let me download it so it’s really sucky

  • Bad

    by nvmvjcmh

    Hey work harder on it

  • This stif

    by yuggbtdtguyt

    Hi this is not good it has nasty and gross And inappropriate like sex

  • What a joke!

    by Ofdhjfdfhcxfn

    Said one month free, after two days they hit my credit card and took half a day on the phone to figure out what the charge was even for.

  • Bad update

    by i wanted to give 0 star

    The latest update of youtube is bad for me i have a xs max and i cant skip thrugh the video becouse it catches on the thing of the new generation iphones that lets you close the app please fix this its really Annoying

  • Where's the PiP?

    by MTBPatriot

    The fact that Google hasnt added PiP to this app shows they're intentionally limiting their iOS apps to sell more Android devices. I think that's a terrible way of doing business.

  • Full screen

    by BikerBryan

    Since the update I can’t get full screen; seriously aggravating!

  • Bad app

    by omg could not find a name

    Too many ads

  • Too many adds

    by Lionel dante

    I do understand putting ads in video this is where the money come from but every 2 or 2 mins a diff ad keep popping up while watching a video is really frustrating and this is one of the reason why I never update YouTube cuz when they said bug fix it’s a lie they just want you to update so they could add more ads in the videos not gonna fall for it no more

  • Too many ads

    by Pizzaman96

    Too many ads, I listen to YouTube music videos on my way to work and every video has an ad at the beginning and end of it, it’s just back to back ads...

  • Functionally useless.

    by Ioli The Scout

    Glitchy piece of sh!t. Random freezes, the end card appears completely messed up. BUT WORST OF ALL IT KEEPS CRASHING! EVERY THIRTY MINUTES! With each update that you release every five minutes, you create more bugs than fixes. I have an iPad 5 from 2017, so it’s not like my device is just an old, slow, piece of junk, either. History of bad updates: 1. Whenever the comment couldn’t be posted and the request times out, you have to click OK. After that, you can try posting the comment again. But it doesn’t show the box where you typed your comment! You have to click elsewhere, and then it asks you if you want to discard the comment or not, and then you can send/edit your comment. That was fixed, and new bugs arose. 2. The Inbox button would disappear, and when you turned the orientation of the iPad to portrait and back to landscape, it would show a black bar to the right of the screen as if it were trying to fit the portrait mode into landscape. These weren’t fixed. 3. The end screens look completely messed up and jumbled many times. When you open the app, the first video you watch is unable to go into full screen. But it crashes SO MUCH! I literally came here after it crashed three times in one 30 minute Shane Dawson video because it kept crashing. Fix your bugs.

  • .

    by phuckkyewww

    Why does my phone screen turn off when I got auto play on 😡

  • Amazing

    by Luken706

    Would rate 10 stars if I could.

  • Demasiados anuncios

    by aitubo

    Demasiado anuncio

  • Smh

    by nickname99674

    Stop the demonization of the outdoor & gun videos

  • Help please

    by Pkmntrainer101

    One day YouTube disappeared from my phone I tried to redownload it and it wouldn’t let me I updated my phone and it still won’t let me

  • Great but inappropriate

    by Peppercooper

    There are many inappropriate contents that I have clicked on that swear and do bad things and that scare me. For instance pepa pig videos. I let my 3 year old watch this pepa pig video on YouTube and out of no where this mommo thing that I had previously heard about popped out and told lily to kill herself. She is still having nightmares and I am planning on taking her to a therapist.

  • STORIES REALLY ? Fix your recommends

    by sanchezmia

    Homepage is a mess ,same recommended video for days and new auto play video is trash and I don’t want stories give us a option to disable it. Give me option to only have videos on the homepage not posts

  • Double advertisements

    by VanezaJT

    Is it to convince people to install your premium? Well, won't work for me and I'd rather uninstall this. Bye!

  • Ads

    by Thedoggoeswoof

    One night I was gonna watch and ASMR video to help me sleep. I tunes on the video. After a few minutes it was fine but then at FREAKING 3 IN THE MORNING I got an ad about some weeping woman movie and I couldn’t sleep. So thanks YouTube;)

  • Restricted videos

    by Boulder40mma

    I recently updated my phones iOS and now I can’t watch most the videos I was able to and I have under subscriptions. I am a 37 year old man and I don’t go to school so it’s not an administrator thing on my WiFi. I can’t watch them if I'm not on WiFi. Also I am still logged into my YouTube account. This is the message I am getting this video is restricted try signing in with your google apps account. Never needed one before now and I don’t get why I do now.

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