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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

26.7% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Doris Munro

    What I see is that most articles repeat gossip not facts, wish there were more fact based items. also see same things said over and over. with an automatic voice which does NOT say common words correctly. I keep checking you out and you do not change and I also have seen others say similar things. Do you not have a competent staff? I will try again and hope you resolve some issues. Thanking you in advance

  • Finicky.

    by Mreeves336

    Every time I try to do something with the video I’m watching, I end up on a new video. I try to double tap to rewind, I’m on the previous video in the playlist. OK, no problem, I’ll just hit the next button right? Nope, because the next button is not going to take you back to the video you were just watching, it’s going to take you to another video that they want you to watch. So now you have to go find the video you were watching to keep watching it. One top of that, if you make the wrong move, you’re now swiping back-and-forth between videos like tinder matches. I’m sure it was made to be convenient but it’s more annoying than anything because 99% of the time I don’t know what video is next on the playlist and I probably don’t want to watch it. Why would you make it like this? It really ruins the user experience. You’re basically forcing me to watch videos that I don’t want to watch and I’m not going to watch. Seems like they only do this to get you to watch more advertisements. It only benefits them. Because every time I accidentally flip a video, once I get back to where I was, now I’m watching an advertisement. And I refuse to pay them that ridiculous price for you to print. I’ve decided to just start using other websites. There’s too many other options for them to do this.

  • by Ranjit Biswas

    Every time there is an update for youtube! Stop this unwanted updates. Updates can be accepted twice a year ot max 3 times a year but not every 1 or 2 days. Complete fraustating. Youtubr is a part of Google product shame on Google and there Software programmers who are not up to the mark and still a part of Google. Throw them out Mr. Pichai.......

  • Dont ruin something that’s already broken

    by MichelleeRuiz

    Update: it continues to do what ive mentioned previously and now it sometimes wont even connect to my chrome cast. So, this app had already not worked well for me when it came to staying connected to the chromecast but at least before if it would stop working (i.e. when I turn my phone screen off & go back to the app & try to play/pause it wouldnt work) but at least I could still skip through my videos on my queue & it wouldnt completely disconnect which is what happens now. It doesnt even take me turning my screen off, I could just be scrolling down my subscriptions or a playlist or even just scrolling through what I just searched & it will completely disconnect from my chromecast but will still be playing on my TV. I have to close down the whole app & then try again. If I try to just connect it back to the chromecast without closing the app entirely, it will just say it’s connecting to my cast but my queue will be empty & it doesnt show what I am watching because it is still casting the video I was watching. It was better before & even then it wasnt great. Fix it please!!

  • by Andrew Conver

    "We’re always making improvements to YouTube, launching new features, fixing bugs, and enhancing performance. For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it!" = We know you won't like what we changed so we won't tell you.

  • by Rich Mangan

    There's a really annoying bug (feature??) That's shown up recently. I can't tap on the seekbar anymore to skip into the video. I need to tap the screen to get playback controls to show, then drag the little progress dot to move to a different point in the video. This is really irritating, as the playback controls often fade out just as I'm about to move again to other point. I really do hope this is just a bug, and not something more permanent...

  • by John Paulo Ramos

    This app used to be amazing, then came the ads. I know this is business but can you chill with those? In a 5 minute song of Ed Sheeran, there are THREE ADS in between the song. Defeats the purpose of watching the music video. You were cool Youtube, and now you're not.

  • by Cody Thomas

    Take off the dumb video swipe feature, this isn't instagram. You already have two arrows at the end of the video. You dont need a highly touchy swipe feature to get to the next video. Do you understand how annoying it is to be watching a 2 hour long podcast, and then you just barely brush the screen, and now your 6 videos down; an watching an ad for a video you dont even want to be watching. Then having to try and swipe back to find the video you were watching, not to mention where you left off.

  • Why change the 3 dots button????

    by silver.&.silent

    I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it.

  • by Tsianina Vibranietsova

    god I hate gootube. just keeps getting dumber. untalented programmers or extraordinary laziness, I'm not sure which, but maybe both are a factor in the latest "update". screen becomes huge for absolutely no reason. can't make it normal size, have to return to search screen and select the same video again and hope it doesn't take up half the screen.

  • by XxSchmitty49xX

    This new update where you can connect your YouTube on your mobile device onto a different device and when you click a video it plays it instantly is very annoying. I find it easier to click on the video and add it to queue. Please change back. Its very annoying

  • by Zuline Ng

    I don't understand youtube's algorithm, everytime I refresh, it just keep showing same videos, it's really annoying, youtube don't have any other videos that can show to me already? When i refresh it's mean i want new videos NOT same videos in different order. I really hope youtube can fix this problem soon.

  • by Commodore AutumnFall

    I can not stand the recommendations, you're complete lack of control over recommendations, you'r inability to block specific users from your feed, reporting is pointless, and the history shouldn't count 4 seconds of auto play as a view. Fix all of that for the love of glob.

  • by Osip Channel

    Oversized thumbnails in Up Next makes it unbearable! So much so this is my first review in Play Store! Bigger sized thumbnails is okay when looking at in Home because each video is different from one another. This ain't the case for the videos below your current watching. The Up Next videos usually are all similar, so it's good to be able to see them and compare them to decide on which one. There should at least be an option to revert on UI. Worse is that YT does updates w/o your consent.

  • Great, Until-

    by wet pomegranate

    It’s great, until you realize that this app is supposedly “17+” rated, yet steals add revenue from its own creators, because they said something the moderators didn’t like. And as soon as the creators apply for an appeal for their video, that they spent hours making, it takes months for it to be even looked at, and at that point, all the possible revenue these people could have earned is gone. They’re also extremely biased. I’ve seen many channels I’ve watched taken down for little to no reason, yet showing a dead body on screen to make money off impressionable small children is acceptable? It took three days for that video to be removed, which is absolutely ridiculous considering if it was any other channel who had posted it, they would have the video removed instantly, and probably would have had their channel taken down. Also, bring back the recommendations when watching the videos. I can’t even think of a reason why they’d remove that feature, but I guess they just want to steal even more money from innocent creators who are trying to make a living.


    After the latest update. I am facing an issue which must be fixed, while playing videos on in normal mode(not in fullscreen), video plays well but below that I dont see subscribe button, like, dislike, share, all its written is "an error occured" retry. Retry also doesnt work. though I have a good connection. please devs. fix this issue.

  • by A Google user

    I'm gonna join the masses in saying that the ads are getting WAY out of hand. We all understand that ads make you money, but there is a limit. First, there were ads DURING a video, but now TWO ads in a row at the beginning? Just... STOP! One ad at the beginning that's 15 seconds long is the least intrusive way to go. Even if it is unskippable. Also, why, ffs, can we no longer have the hover-over pic-in-pic option for music?!! 😠

  • REALLY in need of some fixes

    by Zombuddy

    This app is essentially a staple of my LIFE but is really in need of a couple bug fixes. For the past month, it has been crashing CONSTANTLY. The video will freeze and the app will close a few seconds later. A newer issue (started about an hour ago actually) is that the audio will occasionally cut out for 5-10 seconds then the video will pick back up where it cut out. Both are annoying and seemingly very prevalent and do detract from the experience quite significantly. EDIT: 5 minutes later and I’ve now realized the app is totally unusable. The audio freezes every few seconds and the video goes black just as often. Restarted my phone and it’s still happening. This is a mess, what happened? EDIT, a week later: Now that this exact issue has happened many, many more times. I’ve sort of picked up on a pattern. The app will flicker black then crash and when it comes back the videos will stutter and be laggy. Audio will be all messed up and the video will pause itself for the audio to catch up. Makes the app unusable. Not cool.

  • Updates = Decreased functionality

    by Bobjtx

    I have used this app a lot over the last 4 years. It has been a pretty good experience. However, I am not sure what is happening to human engineering at Google. Each new update seems to make the app less intuitive and more difficult to use. Ex: 1. Pausing a video to view something on the video in more detail (chart, text,...) is now impossible unless you know the hidden trick. Paused videos now darken the screen and place a LARGE play icon in the middle of the screen, making it impossible to view the paused video. This makes the large segment of teaching/how-to videos much less effective. 2. When saving a video, you no longer get to select where it will be stored. YT now stores it in the last used playlist. This requires you to stop, figure out how to pull up the saved video, and remove it from the wrong playlist YT saved it to, and then save it to the one YOU wanted it to go to. YT no longer thinks you are smart enough to know where you want to save the video. Youtube/Google engineers believe taking options away from users is some type of “improvement”?! Give me a break!! My recommendation is to no longer trust Google to do the right thing, and not accept YT updates until you research what less fortunate reviewers are reporting about each new update. It’s the only way to prevent losing useful features. And don’t even get me started on the increasing number of Ads YT is showing with almost EVERY video.

  • Update gone wrong!

    by Lilminimoges

    The newest update of 2017 December. The video keeps switching to random videos during a video is going on. I cant watch ten seconds of video without it switching to another. So please fix this bug. Also fix your skip button. It’s showing up less and less. And when it does show up it’s for a 15 second video and not a thirty second video. I don’t know how many people have these problems, but it’s important to consider the viewers when you put a video in the link and can’t watch the video they want. I have many other problems to say, but that’s up to the media to explain not mine. ————————————————— This is a day after my complaint. The new new update to fix the switching the video to another video decreased of chance to another video. I don’t know if your still fixing the problem, but don’t rush to fix the problem. I know you do want to keep us satisfied, but rushing to fix problem is going to make it worse. So please fix the problem correctly by not rushing to conclusion of being fixed and being done.

  • I shared with her the same problem

    by Aloreni

    So when I look at the thumbnail for a video in my home page it automatically starts playing where the thumbnail was with no volume but with captions, and it goes to my history. I can't even choose if I want it to play or not and I don't want some of that in my history! And the worst pat is that when I click on a video and drag it down then scroll through my home page, a video starts playing from a thumbnail and the screen of the video that I clicked on is completely black! So then I have to close the video and go to history and watch it from there. Please tell me if I can fix this or turn it off, Also sometimes when I click on a video it buffers at 5 or 6 seconds and it won't load so l close the video and the app then open it again and it still won't load after 5 or 6 second!! Then I have to watch another video and come back to the video that won't load. Then it finally works. (This might just be a problem with my connection/data but I don't think so

  • Horrible example of what a monopoly can get away with

    by G17_____

    This application is absolutely horrible. Even when no videos are displayed on the device, rather the app is used another device such as Roku or Chromecast this app drains the battery like no other! Even with this constant operation, draining the battery, the app often loses the sync with the controlled device. Battery drain continues even if app disconnects from the controller device. Furthermore, when there is a new release with supposedly bug fixes - the description of the fixes is typically an insult to users intelligence, with statements like “make world a better place” or such. Which barely passes as amusing once but is extremely annoying when repeated time after time in different forms. Had the app been developed by anyone smaller than Google (or one of the big 5), it would’ve been kicked out of the App Store. The development team’s level is very poor. But then, being a monopoly Google can get away with anything. Even Apple is afraid to put this substandard and sloppy team in place.

  • A late April Fool's joke?

    by TheLurkingGrue

    The new format is an absolute joke. If you tap the screen, there's way too much that appears over the video. Swipe up during this, and you might as well just put your phone away since there's even more display over the video. Showing the creator's channel as an overlay during this is absolutely redundant and worse than useless due to the fact that it's already listed below the video itself (when not in landscape mode), or by tapping on the video in the first place. If you accidentally tap on it, it either minimizes your video and takes you to the channel, subscribes/unsubscribes you, or clicks/unclicks the bell. The new swiping action to change the video is an absolutely horrible way of navigating, for many reasons. Try to wipe off a spec of dust on your screen? It's the next video. Try to wipe off a fingerprint? Next video. Try to rewind or skip forward in the video with the play bar at the bottom, but miss by 1mm? Different video. It's horrible. The entire format overhaul is, at best, a shameful mistake.


    by ShadowKiss432

    Srsly why do we need premium we can just do it for free instead like the old days. Premium triggers me so much bc im trying to get prepared for the airport and it removed all my downloads so I need payment. I’m not trying to be spoiled by asking my mom for an itunes card your just trying to get money thats all you want >:( you just want money and nothing else instead you actually wanted premium and get more money than usual your stupid. Remove premium it’s pointless why is it called premium it can just be permanent but NO its monthly, weekly, or just a year and thats not okay. REMOVE PREMIUM PLEASE JESUS You think your smart but your actually not. Premium is A N N O Y I N G. Remove premium if you hadnt have premium and let us download stuff you probably would get a 5 star but NO you got 2 stars by me 1 stars by other people but mostly 4 stars you have. Tik tok is better but mostly doesnt need premium because there is no point of having it. So what im saying is remove PREMIUM NOW

  • IDK

    by KCM03

    Update causes app to no longer recognize Apple lightening digital a/v adapter. Now my phone will only do screen mirroring (it used to automatically switch it to AirPlay mode), which I personally would not mind, except that for some reason, i can no longer play a playlist if I am using my adapter. The app will play one video and then stop, even though I am supposed to be playing a playlist. I am not talking about auto play. I am referring to a playlist. And auto play does not work with playlists — because it is a playlist. I used to be able to plug in my adapter, shuffle a playlist and go on about my day with my phone playing video after video. Now, I use my adapter and then have to run back to my phone every time a video ends. Not good —not happy. This is not an IOS issue because it was doing this before I updated. In fact, I updated my phone because I thought it would resolve the problem. I keep trying to find solutions, but nothing has corrected something that was not an issue until now.

  • recommendations are stupid.

    by IrisKat:3

    I watched two vine compilations and ONE AlbertsStuff video. Now, my recommendations are piled with dead vines and Roblox videos. There’s not even videos from my subscriptions, which is just dumb, I should say. I always click “I am uninterested” but they never get deleted. Do you people even listen to the reviews? You still have horrible reviews from two years ago. You keep adding new, unnecessary stuff, yet you guys don’t fix the vital issues that were probably there from 2 years ago. I hate to support this app but this is the only video app I prefer to watch from, because it’s the most popular, unfortunately. Don’t expect me to buy any apps or merch from this company until you get more satisfied customers. I only gave you two stars because I feel bad for all of you and your incompetence. Once you fix these stupid bugs I will gladly give you 5 stars. Stop adding unneeded features and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT GIVE YOU MONEY.

  • What happened?

    by isucktoes666

    I have had this app for many years and I have never had a problem with it — until now. The home page of the app does not load and is in a constant state of refreshing. As someone that is constantly looking for new videos that are recommended to me, doing so has become much more difficult. Instead, I am forced to rely on the trending page, which barely ever has any quality videos, and my subscription page, which is satisfactory until I inevitably watch all the videos that my subscribed channels have posted up to that point. Despite numerous updates for “bug fixes and improvements,” since this beginning of this issue, not one of them has solved this issue. Please fix this problem soon, as I cannot live without new and fresh videos. You cannot just provide such a fantastic algorithm for recommending videos and then suddenly just cut me off from all these wonderful recommended video. To do so is like cutting the legs off a marathon runner.

  • you ruined it

    by E3vee :D

    The initial idea-a platform for anyone to express themselves- was beautiful. However, your fear of insulting irresponsible parents by having swearing or otherwise on an app that is made for adults is ridiculous. The algorithm you’re using is terminating harmless channels that do not even curse, being apparently using a word that might “hurt someone’s feelings” is bad, and talking about a natural human interaction makes creators be so vulgar that they can’t even be seen by the general population. The way you’ve created this app has been disappointing. I was truly expecting something better of this. However, as this is the only platform I can easily use, I will continue to fuel your greed by viewing your stupid ads. Which, by the way, just show how much this isn’t intended as a way to express yourself. (BTW, you’ll get more money if you monetize people who curse or have different opinions because that’s what people want to see~)

  • Crashing with comments; can’t sign in

    by deniseryan

    I usually have no issues with this app but in the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve noticed some glitches. Every time I post a comment, the app crashes, or “quits unexpectedly.” Never seen this happen before. I can write out the whole comment and read other comments fine, but when I press post, it crashes immediately. Sometimes the comment will successfully post anyway, but other times it will just disappear. Another recent problem is not on my app, but my sister’s. She has a child account, and every time we try to sign her in, going through all the steps and authorizing it with the parent account, nothing happens. Her account is listed under accounts when we click the sign in icon at the top of the screen, but it’s faded out and we can’t click on it. I don’t know if this one is user error or an app issue, but we haven’t been able to figure it out.

  • Search filters broken with update

    by CouchTraveller

    My iPhone and iPad apps got updated in the last few days. Where previously I was able to use search filters to select the most recent content uploaded in my specific areas of interest, now the filter is completely broken. It doesn’t reliably populate new content fitting the search keywords; and more importantly, despite filtering for recent content uploaded in the last month, week or day, there is no prioritisation of content based on time. In fact the top 20 videos shown can be anywhere from 6 months to 5 years old - and arranged in no sequential order. Very frustrating, because this was the last reliable way of being able to find content I’m actually interested in. The videos in my recommended feed match some mysterious criteria in YouTube’s algorithms - not my own search or viewing history. Recommended videos and notifications are more and more obscure and less and less interesting to me.

  • Censorship to downfall

    by Mephistopheles

    Since the employees at Utube can’t seem to figure out simple logic and unbiased opinion, the business as a whole has taken a huge loss in revenue and users. Once an open forum of ideals and amateur everything, Utube has forcefully implemented a manufactured algorithm/s to search for any channel or opinion that is different than the select few they deem allowable. In a ridiculous ploy to show favoritism to some and hatred to others these algorithms were specifically designed to show extrem prejudice to any opposing view other than that of the few that run the company. Now with new platforms that are non discriminate and free from tyranny control being created, the future of Utube is bleak and needs to be. Those that forced Utube to undergo this extreme liberal change should be held accountable by all facets and re-educated on what reality is and is acceptable. As well as legal implications are due civilly to correct this type of bad behavior.

  • Downloads section needs work

    by nbrewno

    I will definitely change my rating to a 5 star if they address the download section. I watch most videos offline so I spend a good amount of time downloading videos to watch later. Deleting previously watched videos takes too many clicks when trying to delete even 5-10 videos. Let alone if there are 30 or delete. You have to select each video individually and go to delete. Why can’t it be like every other iPhone based app with an edit button that lets you select a bunch at one time then click delete. The other thing is that they play in the order that they were downloaded with most recent first. We should be able to reorganize the list so we can make them play in any order we want without having to get out of the video and back in the list to pick a video. Just my two cents.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Hassan Attakal

    Hassan, attakka

  • by T le

    Please change your name to Ads- tube.

  • What happened ????

    by catscool9

    Ads too many.. Same ads...


    by Jen loves this app

    Ok so I was browsing my recommendation and then I saw the topic Red Velvet then when I looked at the videos it had EVERGLOW!!! How did it end up there?! They have different companies I’m so confused!

  • Stuck

    by sosagarcia

    My youtube videos always keep on stucking the audio still going but the video always stuck. Also the youtube home always stucks I try to go to subscription page or others like trending but it doest let me.

  • To many ada

    by agent ram

    Youtube is listening to what I speak

  • الاعلانات مزعجه جداً

    by رجل الكويت

    الاعلانات مزعجه جداً

  • Lame

    by Mark G II

    Was GREAT before they started censoring channels

  • YouTube hates its creators

    by thesimpsonbutthead3

    You can’t see fun content anymore because YouTube wants everyone to be pg

  • The ads

    by wagonwheel58

    I’m watching a 5 minute video and I had about 6 ads before I even reached halfway this is ridiculous I remember when it was one ad at the beginning and one close towards the end YouTube is really messing with people and trying to get them to buy premium for 12 dollars

  • slow none responsive very laggy

    by Ced1011

    Every since the update its been very frustrating to use the youtube app sometimes its very laggy sometimes its just non responsive and some times it laggs out and crashes at first I thought maybe it was my phone but no it literally just does that on the youtube app

  • stupid mechanics

    by serenixbeans

    i hate how you can just barley put your finger on one side and it will swipe to a new video no problem right? wrong cause an ad always plays and now they have those 2 ads as one where you can’t skip either stupid feature

  • $14.99 just for background app support

    by Mrtonyd

    No features besides background process support for $14.99. Won't even let me share the bill with my family easily.

  • Crashing

    by bk1080

    Plays couple seconds of a song and app closes. Reinstalled app but does the same thing.

  • Trash

    by Fartheadbubblebut

    The fact that there’s a hacked version of YouTube, which doesn’t crash in the multiple situations the normal YouTube would, just shows the effort YouTubes large development team puts into their app.


    by thebigsteveman

    Ok I get it, you have to make money somehow, but man, TWO pre-roll ads, tons of other ads in the feed, plus you are tracking me, remarketing me, and selling all the data you have of me to anyone, including political super-pacs from the creepy side? The user experience is just so crappy because of all the ads at this point that the app while a wonderful piece of code has crossed the threshold of being unusable. It’s just not worth it anymore, and that’s just the user experience. Underneath the hood is the all seeing Google profiling machine, God knows what the heck it is doing. I think people are realizing what a tremendously high cost “free” actually is. I would even pay, if I knew my privacy was being protected but I don’t trust Google. So back to Firefox with adblockers and privacy extensions on desktop it is.

  • I will not say this again!!!!

    by Creeper❤️'sminecraft

    AMAZING!!!! You have just made youtube worse! Thanks a lot!! That has really helped. NOT!! Ads are taking over EVERYTHING!! I can't watch ANYTHING without a STUPID AD getting in the way! Take! Them! Out! Now! I'm sick of it! Ads are nothing but trashy, time wasters, beggers to buy stuff, biggest UNNECESSARY crap in the world!!

  • Estresante

    by pugk9

    Exageradamente muchos comerciales

  • tooo many ads these days...

    by GouthamMiryala

    Time for an alternate video channel...

  • STOP asking me if I want premium.

    by Demon Deacon20

    App works fine, but I am sick of it asking me if I want premium every single time I open the app.

  • Always griping

    by Artsy girl2

    I watched few of his videos,always griping going on.

  • Why double ads?! This isn’t prime videos!

    by I<3games42🐷

    Single ads are bad enough but these double ads are even worse. I know that the money YouTube makes from the ads is how they pay the YouTubers but maybe make it back to one ad? Not everyone can afford the cost of YouTube red or premium or wants to bother paying the monthly cost of due to more important expenses that I think we all know about. Anyway, there is a bug I found. When my phone is horizontal in another app and then I go to YouTube with my phone vertical, only half of the front page is shown. This causes me to force-quit YouTube and retry.

  • Quran

    by roumany

    Too many advertisements in Quran aayat any religious stuff should not have advertisements because the link is broken please songs n movies u can put as many advertisements as u can please thank you 🙏🏻

  • garbage content

    by 954689973688

    from a lousy company. Google likes to show your kids Hitler videos. Also, Sundar Pinchai had a sexual relationship with a dead cow.

  • Keeps crashing

    by 0001rm

    Randomly locks up then crashes on iPad Pro.

  • Suggestions videos

    by RJ 505 FTW

    I hate when suggested videos pops up at the end of each video

  • I've solved the YouTube Comment System...

    by 😪👌🏽

    Just let us use the comment dislike button.

  • A

    by TheDreamerM

    Imagine twitter if you couldn’t block the poisonous users and keep yourself from having to see their content. YouTube does not allow you to do that. It badly needs to give us the ability to block whole channels and toxic users and no longer have them show up in our “recommended” feeds or searches. Give us tools to meaningfully curate our experiences, and my experience on this platform will greatly improve

  • Appealing your strikes

    by lmaolovesme

    To be completely honest, I am at the point where I am going to give up. My channel is Perfect Playz, I have 69 subscribers. I feel really upset. I got a Community Guideline Strike! I uploaded a video, and instead of striking it maybe it could of been Age Restricted. The video I uploaded got taken down, so I uploaded it again. Than it got taken down again! So I stopped trying to upload it. I left it alone, and got off of YouTube. The next day, I am ready to upload a new video! Than this is where it hit me. I attempted to upload the video, and it says “Error uploading video”. I was really confused… and than I searched it up. I have a Community Guideline Strike!! I’m on google scrolling through the “help” section. Than I found a way to appeal my Strike... on Computer. I don’t have a computer, desktop, (etc.) I am on Mobile. I am now at the point where I am done with my channel.. and I don’t want to give up yet. Please help me? Please! I beg!

  • It’s good

    by RubiksTheCube

    Good app but google definitely needs to fix the demonetization problems with content creators.

  • Gacha

    by GachaIsAss

    Would rate it 5 stars if gacha didn’t exist.


    by a mad son of a soldier

    I was watching a military tribute and I got ads left and right but as a test I try a song about murder for fun and guess what happened......NO ADS!!!!!!! And now I got an update so that every ad is a double ad you are SO lucky my favorite you-tubers are only here or I would be on twitch and happily so

  • U are

    by 1pug


  • Ad

    by pmdhr

    Advertisement distract too much

  • 💩

    by youtube lồn

    This app likes a dog

  • Poor functionality

    by Dancing Grasshopper

    It is extremely hard to grab the button and fast forward through a video on this app. I hate it.

  • Too many ads

    by Your uncles cousins baby mamma

    Its too many ads

  • Reordering.

    by audacitas

    If I want to reorder the videos from newest to oldest it doesn’t do it, or any other way. Fix it.


    by RussianManChan1

    I pay for no ads and i still get youtube ads. Fix it

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