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Enjoy your favorite videos and channels with the official YouTube app.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

19.2% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • Form over function

    by Branthony67

    This app looks great. This app is not very useful at times and has a number of critical functionality issues and bugs that need to be addressed. Two of which affect my experience with the app extremely adversely. When viewing a playlist and scrolling through recommended videos, the scroll function will freeze and force you to either select a certain video and then go back to the video you were on or minimize your current video and then being it back up, to re-enable scrolling. When saving videos to a playlist, outside of another existing playlist, the app will automatically add the video to the last playlist that you added a video to, which includes the “watch later” playlist, and will require users to wait for a delayed prompt to manually reassign the video to a different playlist. The function of manually reassigning videos may occasionally fail to work correctly and require the user to remove the video from its “saved” state and save it again and attempt to reassign the video with the same prompt that had just failed to work. These are two of many glaring functionality issues with the app that users will not encounter when viewing on a normal computer. These obvious glaring issues, among others, could have been addressed long ago and could have been easily avoided with even a small QA team that had been given half competent directions.

  • What’s Going On?

    by khosmere

    I don’t know if my phone hasn’t updated it until now or if this is just now happening but when I click to listen to my music playlist it shows the videos in the order they’re usually in when not on shuffle like it used to. But when I click the shuffle button to start it shows the order that it’s shuffled so that I know what the next song will be. There’s no problem with that but the irritating part is that when I find the song I want to listen to and turn the shuffle off, it doesn’t revert back to playing in order like it used to. It continues to play that song and then play the next song on the shuffle list, not on the next song that would normally play if it wasn’t on shuffle. Now, I don’t mind listening to my music on shuffle, that’s the whole point of shuffle, but I have a rather large playlist for songs and sometimes I’m looking for a specific group of songs that are next to each other in the playlist. Because of my having a large playlist, I used the shuffle feature to find the songs I want and then turn the shuffle off to listen in the normal order rather than scrolling through hundreds of songs to find the right ones. The feature of it reverting back after clicking to turn the shuffle off is helpful when I’m looking for specific songs but it’s hard to do that now that shuffle no longer does that.

  • by Mark Smith

    Ya I love YouTube, but I don't like red it's stupid. There should be no reason for me to pay to do something a simple as listen to music while the screen is off. No I have to download a second app just to listen to music.the other features of red I get but paying for the ability to listen to music with the screen of is just plain pointless

  • by Ronnie Santiago

    I recently updated this app, and it must've been the worst action I've made. The captions in the asian-related videos I watch HAVE BEEN CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT. I HATE IT. IT NEVER HAD A PROBLEM BEFORE. Now, I have to check the video and or rewind for a couple of seconds to make the caption appear. THIS IS A MESS YOU HAVE TO FIX, YOUTUBE. FIX THAT DAMN ERROR!

  • How to get 5 star reviews

    by LA in Philly

    Gave a low score this time due to a couple of reasons. The app is giving me problems this evening. I can’t switch my account because each time I try the app just shuts down. I’ll give a better review after I can watch a full video on each of my accounts. Additionally, I think you need to give one of your top content creators a medical leave of absence. It would be a very nice gesture if you paid for her health insurance &/or other medical expenses as well so she can get help at a top eating disorder treatment center ASAP. She’s a young sweet lady and she deserves help. I think a lot of people would really respect the humanitarian side of the company if you did something like that. Her videos are disturbing, dangerous and they’re upsetting an abounding number of people, many of who are young impressionable children. I don’t need to say her name; that’s how bad this situation has become. Please do the right thing; if not for her, then for all the others getting influenced negatively without even realizing. I seriously do not want to believe our society has become so lowbrow and uncultivated that we would accept a young girl slowly committing suicide in front of an enormous audience all over the internet.

  • by simon walker

    since yesterday's update when i have hidden the videos i have already watched they dont disappear after a refresh. now when i refresh my videos, videos from weeks ago pop up at the top of my feed that i cant hide.

  • Dont ruin something that’s already broken

    by MichelleeRuiz

    Update: it continues to do what ive mentioned previously and now it sometimes wont even connect to my chrome cast. So, this app had already not worked well for me when it came to staying connected to the chromecast but at least before if it would stop working (i.e. when I turn my phone screen off & go back to the app & try to play/pause it wouldnt work) but at least I could still skip through my videos on my queue & it wouldnt completely disconnect which is what happens now. It doesnt even take me turning my screen off, I could just be scrolling down my subscriptions or a playlist or even just scrolling through what I just searched & it will completely disconnect from my chromecast but will still be playing on my TV. I have to close down the whole app & then try again. If I try to just connect it back to the chromecast without closing the app entirely, it will just say it’s connecting to my cast but my queue will be empty & it doesnt show what I am watching because it is still casting the video I was watching. It was better before & even then it wasnt great. Fix it please!!

  • by Noah Anderson

    I don't know how they've done it, maybe it was the algorithm, maybe it's the terrible monetization problem, but who knows. YouTube has gone down the drain, and with the last update the app runs even worse, which thoroughly surprised me.

  • by Lily Mee

    I don't understand why out homepage is a bunch of recommendations that dont relate to who we subscribe to and/or what we watch. It's very irritating needing to go to another tab and/or searching who we are subscribed to just to watch what we want to watch.

  • Censorship

    by jastquentino

    I have used YT over 5 years now and I used to enjoy the free flow of information and random vids that were selected with an algorithm based on my preferences and interests. I loved YT and listening to content creators of all stripes and sorts changed me. I can’t believe you people censored Alex Jones and so many others. I listened in the beginning of my political journey, but he is more entertainment than news. I m appalled to see what has happened to YT in the last year with censorship of political ideas and commentary. Just because YOU don’t have the same political persuasions as me, does NOT mean that YOU get to determine what content I expose myself to. I know all you quivering lefties are still suffering with your trump derangement syndrome and can’t understand how the country voted for who they did- I recommend you leave your privileged Bubble of google and find out. Yes, there is crap and random BS but as a consumer I have the pleasure and privilege of using my critical thinking to intellectually dispose of ideas that I find distasteful. And I do. I think that having my political exposure censored by people who’s job is TECHNOLOGY not social engineering a big problem.

  • Why change the 3 dots button????

    by silver.&.silent

    I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it.

  • Update gone wrong!

    by Lilminimoges

    The newest update of 2017 December. The video keeps switching to random videos during a video is going on. I cant watch ten seconds of video without it switching to another. So please fix this bug. Also fix your skip button. It’s showing up less and less. And when it does show up it’s for a 15 second video and not a thirty second video. I don’t know how many people have these problems, but it’s important to consider the viewers when you put a video in the link and can’t watch the video they want. I have many other problems to say, but that’s up to the media to explain not mine. ————————————————— This is a day after my complaint. The new new update to fix the switching the video to another video decreased of chance to another video. I don’t know if your still fixing the problem, but don’t rush to fix the problem. I know you do want to keep us satisfied, but rushing to fix problem is going to make it worse. So please fix the problem correctly by not rushing to conclusion of being fixed and being done.

  • I shared with her the same problem

    by Aloreni

    So when I look at the thumbnail for a video in my home page it automatically starts playing where the thumbnail was with no volume but with captions, and it goes to my history. I can't even choose if I want it to play or not and I don't want some of that in my history! And the worst pat is that when I click on a video and drag it down then scroll through my home page, a video starts playing from a thumbnail and the screen of the video that I clicked on is completely black! So then I have to close the video and go to history and watch it from there. Please tell me if I can fix this or turn it off, Also sometimes when I click on a video it buffers at 5 or 6 seconds and it won't load so l close the video and the app then open it again and it still won't load after 5 or 6 second!! Then I have to watch another video and come back to the video that won't load. Then it finally works. (This might just be a problem with my connection/data but I don't think so

  • Horrible example of what a monopoly can get away with

    by G17_____

    This application is absolutely horrible. Even when no videos are displayed on the device, rather the app is used another device such as Roku or Chromecast this app drains the battery like no other! Even with this constant operation, draining the battery, the app often loses the sync with the controlled device. Battery drain continues even if app disconnects from the controller device. Furthermore, when there is a new release with supposedly bug fixes - the description of the fixes is typically an insult to users intelligence, with statements like “make world a better place” or such. Which barely passes as amusing once but is extremely annoying when repeated time after time in different forms. Had the app been developed by anyone smaller than Google (or one of the big 5), it would’ve been kicked out of the App Store. The development team’s level is very poor. But then, being a monopoly Google can get away with anything. Even Apple is afraid to put this substandard and sloppy team in place.

  • IDK

    by KCM03

    Update causes app to no longer recognize Apple lightening digital a/v adapter. Now my phone will only do screen mirroring (it used to automatically switch it to AirPlay mode), which I personally would not mind, except that for some reason, i can no longer play a playlist if I am using my adapter. The app will play one video and then stop, even though I am supposed to be playing a playlist. I am not talking about auto play. I am referring to a playlist. And auto play does not work with playlists — because it is a playlist. I used to be able to plug in my adapter, shuffle a playlist and go on about my day with my phone playing video after video. Now, I use my adapter and then have to run back to my phone every time a video ends. Not good —not happy. This is not an IOS issue because it was doing this before I updated. In fact, I updated my phone because I thought it would resolve the problem. I keep trying to find solutions, but nothing has corrected something that was not an issue until now.

  • recommendations are stupid.

    by IrisKat:3

    I watched two vine compilations and ONE AlbertsStuff video. Now, my recommendations are piled with dead vines and Roblox videos. There’s not even videos from my subscriptions, which is just dumb, I should say. I always click “I am uninterested” but they never get deleted. Do you people even listen to the reviews? You still have horrible reviews from two years ago. You keep adding new, unnecessary stuff, yet you guys don’t fix the vital issues that were probably there from 2 years ago. I hate to support this app but this is the only video app I prefer to watch from, because it’s the most popular, unfortunately. Don’t expect me to buy any apps or merch from this company until you get more satisfied customers. I only gave you two stars because I feel bad for all of you and your incompetence. Once you fix these stupid bugs I will gladly give you 5 stars. Stop adding unneeded features and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT GIVE YOU MONEY.

  • Add to Playlist feature is now broken on IPhone 8 as of July 22, 2018

    by royhicks26

    You can no longer add videos to a specific playlist because of the last update that made it to where instead of clicking on the playlist you want to add a video to and it adding it now you have to click a check mark box next to the playlist you want to add the video to but it doesn’t do anything nor does it save the video to the corresponding checkbox or playlist. Also you can no longer remove multiple videos from the Watch later playlist at the same time because after each individual video you remove it glitches and won’t let you remove any more videos besides just one video until you completely refresh the page by pulling down until the page reloads. In previous versions you could remove as many videos as you want from your watch later that you watched already without having to reload the page each time you remove one video and it glitching.

  • What happened?

    by isucktoes666

    I have had this app for many years and I have never had a problem with it — until now. The home page of the app does not load and is in a constant state of refreshing. As someone that is constantly looking for new videos that are recommended to me, doing so has become much more difficult. Instead, I am forced to rely on the trending page, which barely ever has any quality videos, and my subscription page, which is satisfactory until I inevitably watch all the videos that my subscribed channels have posted up to that point. Despite numerous updates for “bug fixes and improvements,” since this beginning of this issue, not one of them has solved this issue. Please fix this problem soon, as I cannot live without new and fresh videos. You cannot just provide such a fantastic algorithm for recommending videos and then suddenly just cut me off from all these wonderful recommended video. To do so is like cutting the legs off a marathon runner.

  • Simple to use but

    by Wyurf

    Crashes and freezes all too often, the video will keep playing but the app becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it even keeps playing in the background lol, even after I’ve closed out of it (I don’t have premium or whatever). Thought it was my device/s for awhile... also sometimes my video will just straight up pause (NOT buffering/loading. Another annoyance, this one slight-the the app sometimes acts as if I touched the screen (I even checked to see if some material got on the screen, nothing) but it’s never changed to another video, just brings up the pause button, darkens screen, etc all those things. One more irritating thing is the comments, if I tap on a comment to bring it up and read responses, it acts like I want to reply, they should just have an actual button to reply (I know I can press read comments for this not to happen but it’s more convenient).

  • A slow ride down hill

    by Jzzkaksnd

    Please bring back the ability to view videos in landscape mode while using the app on a phone. It’s really inconvenient having to browse with the phone upright and then flip it over to get full screen once you find a video, when you use to be able to browse in landscape and not require you to flip your phone around at the end of every video. Also why do the updates never actually say what is improved? I know it’s suppose to be cute or funny, but it would really be nice to know what you are fixing, removing, or altering, instead of talking to us like we can’t fathom the technical terms. Just tell us what you are updating in the section that says “what’s new” that’s what it’s for. I’ll never understand why you took away landscape mode for mobile, or why you won’t just tell us what you fixed. Your communication skills as a company are damaged.

  • Put your employees to work!

    by n0ts0subtle

    Since ios 8 came out, I've only seen one patch from you guys. What are your employees doing all day? Here are a few immediate issues that need fixed asap: 1) When commenting on a vid and the vid ends prior to comment completion, the comment box shrinks up and you have to start all over again. 2) Why is there no edit button once comments are posted from smart phone? 3) The channel switches over to the google account by itself which is an issue all its own but the main frustration is that you can't switch back in the options without having to sign out all together. So either your QC team is filling their time with something other than work, or you allow it and don't care since working on mergers is more important than assuring a quality product. Being so filthy flippin' rich, there is no excuse. Hire Terry Tate and straighten out your office! What are you sitting around for? Get back to work!!

  • Horrible

    by Bill2go

    Sloppy, cluttered, and extremely disorganized are the best words to describe this horrible app. Just to watch a simple video occasionally, you’re required to swipe left, swipe right, swipe down, click on this, click on that, etc. This app isn’t something you would expect from such a big company with unlimited resources, like Google/YouTube. It’s more like a child’s science project gone horribly wrong. Maybe if you guys at YouTube/Google would stop making the app so complicated, with all these useless features, maybe it would play a video, like it's supposed to. Try some simplicity, for a nice change! This app is low-quality, poorly designed and over-complicated just like everything else associated with YouTube/Google/Android. They never seem to get ANYTHING right, unless it's some type of process or scheme to invade their users' privacy or force their users to watch some invasive, irrelevant advertisement. (They're experts at that.)

  • Excruciatingly bad performance.

    by NeoChrome1997

    I have an iPhone 6plus, and while I get that my device is a bit old and I shouldn't be expecting buttery smooth performance, at the very least I expect the app to be usable, quite frankly the way it is now, it borderline isn't. The scrolling is incredibly bad, and it gets even worse when I have the video window in the corner. I've given up on the comment section because the lag and again terrible scrolling. I literally cannot complete a single task without a stutter or two. And from time to time the app freezes completely forcing me to relaunch it. The quality switcher has become incredibly obnoxious. I have to go and tap the desired quality multiple times just for it to change, Sometimes I just give up and leave it on auto resolution. This is simply not acceptable Ever since YT had a major design change, things have been constantly going down hill with every update, and this was just the cherry on top. At this point your application has no redeeming factors period. These type of problems really have me wondering if your dev team even demo devices before releasing updates. I know I may sound obnoxious, but if this wasn't such an essential app I wouldn't be complaining. YT is easily the worst app I currently have on my phone. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase fix it!

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • Movie titles

    by Unhappy 68

    Titles do not match movies Audio inconsistent on movies

  • Not creator friendly

    by big boy ronald

    the algorithms are broken and none of the people that get a lot of views are ever on trending ex: pewdipie. Youtube dosent recognize what the community wants and it is obvious how they really dont support individual creators. The app is good to watch videos, but from the standpoint of a content creator it is not that great. If you use any music or say a phrase from a movie then your videos are at risk of getting cooyrighted by larger companies such as UMG. This causes all the revenue that the creator would have made to go to the company that copyrighted them. This app could use some work and the people that are high up in google are not addressing the issues.


    by Olivianne C

    Good lord. We literally pay for YouTube red so we can watch with no ads on our tv and you can’t even get that right. You guys advertise how you can stream videos but you really can’t cause the streaming option is so glitchy. Sad!!!

  • Censoring

    by FootballBoss37

    Monetizing good quality videos.

  • Weird sound glitch

    by maximus2491

    There this annoying glitch that happens when I’m click on a video a background noise from another video for no reason at all starts to play

  • Cry

    by Just using

    Too many adds.

  • Too much Advertising

    by yuthseirikkhun

    Annoying advertisements


    by American Krout 1

    How about letting people have the ability to convey their thoughts without BIG BROTHER censoring every video. Geeee, you censor videos about nazi’s that are historical, NOT political, don’t know what you tubes problem is??

  • Uninstalling, indefinitely because of issue.

    by BiOsLaSh

    I love YouTube. I watch it a lot but for the first time since an iOS app came out I have had to uninstall the app permanently (until a fix is announced). I have an iPhone XR and almost every time I play a video I get audio from at least 1 other video playing on top of that video. Sometimes it is an ad’s audio and sometimes it is one or two other video’s audio playing. If I had to guess I’d say it has something to do with the videos autoplaying while scrolling. Unacceptable.

  • Plz

    by dhegdyfkbedirbev

    U need to fix ur copyright issues

  • Still broken on new iPad Pro

    by BarrettF77

    Bottom bar and the close screen slider still overlap. Fix this!!!!!

  • No picture in picture

    by x+x-x

    Netflix has picture in picture, YouTube doesn’t.

  • Not Working On iPad 1!

    by Erick Whosoever

    Get the app back on track and working on iPad 1!

  • Anti Content Creator

    by Stream X By Poppy

    YouTube only shows you what they want you to watch, regardless if it’s related to your interests or not. They demonetize smaller creators over nothing. Comments need to be moderated better. Stop asking me to get YouTube premium every time I open the app.

  • Blocking content?

    by fuckyallandyourstupidnickname

    Would love to be able to BLOCK specific videos and channels without having to report them because obviously a lot of things fly under the radar when it comes to “appropriate content”

  • Corrupt

    by Best parts free

    Ran by google, this is the communist version of YouTube

  • This app suckkkkks

    by BITCh😆

    I hate it soooo much!!!!!

  • Needs an update

    by Shuttle hellholes

    My phone keeps playing two ads in a row, y’all should give me YouTube red for free I’ve been dealing with this for awhile. Please fix this ASAP

  • Too many adds

    by Ezzy0811


  • Remove video preview

    by Angel Gutierrez (Panda)

    It’s such a useless thing to have, it just wastes data

  • Ads kill program

    by Weiner bob

    Every time an ad plays it either stops the app and then have to manually start the app again just to finish watching a video. Goes from a 5min to 1hr by constantly booting and rebooting the app just from an ad. I started just using the browser. Could this be apple's way of telling me to buy a new tablet? If so I'll use This iPad mini tablet as a cutting board and buy a Samsung.

  • Pew die pie

    by doctor doggo

    Why was he not in rewind?!?!

  • Downloaded videos not playing

    by Kaumba

    Am having issues where some videos I’ve downloaded are not playing. The screen is just black and the bar at the bottom is just moving.

  • 4K vids

    by Tavon Nevins

    Not pleased with video Quality I have the most expensive iPhone and can’t view in 4K quality

  • Demasiada Publicidad

    by Inmensum

    Últimamente se ha vuelto muy tedioso con tanta publicidad. En lo personal, por cada 10 horas que lo usaba antes, ahora lo uso unas 7 horas y seguirá en descenso, pues estar observando un vídeo de una canción y que salga anuncios en pleno vídeo es bastante molesto. Mi sugerencia es que los vídeos de canciones NO tengan anuncios, para hay películas y documentales que pueden contenerlos.

  • You broke it again!

    by netlom

    Aww come on! The last update was perfect. Now everything is broken again. Revert. Undo. Go back. Make it like it was. Please! Also, while your at it, can you please add full screen support for usb-c to external HDMI 4K 60hz on 2018 iPad Pros. Thanks!

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