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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Inc.

Simple. Personal. Secure.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

18.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Matfei Nikolaev

    Hello, Whatsapp! Have been using this app for quite a long time, satisfied, but i have a problem: when my screen is locked, I dont receive any calls, and I dont receive messages that are sent to me. I receive all the messages and notifications a couple of seconds after i unlock my display. When my screen is unlocked, I receive calls and messages, my internet connection is very good. All the settings are switched to receive it. Maybe you could suggest, what could be a problem. Thank you

  • Facebook ruined this

    by Honore Doktorr

    This app was once quite useful, but it’s caught facebook-messenger-disease — regular nag screens asking for permissions it doesn’t have. Also, after not opening it for a very long time (but keeping it installed, so occasionally updating to the latest version w/ everything else) it 1) sent me a lock screen notification, something I had *not* given permission for it to do, because 2) background app refresh was on, which I did *not* give it permission for either — again, it hadn’t been run in month! — and 3) the notification said I’d been added to "BAD BOYS 😀 AND BAD GIRLS" by some stranger; after I searched for how to mark this group as spam and block I 4) received an immediate request for WhatsApp to access my camera *while I was not using the app, because the same stranger had tried to vid call me*, after which I searched for how to block the stranger themselves… a foolish waste of time from a product that’s spoiled once the garbage people at Facebook had their way with it. This app and product are compromised. Avoid if you have any option. ...and if a Facebook employee is reading this? *Quit your job at that disgusting company before it ruins you. Your actions are objectively making the world a worse place*. F-.

  • by Lorenzo Frigerio

    Invaluable these days, with a good interface, but the code is rubbish. It ought to be possible to move it, or at least the downloaded media, to the SD card, as this app is not CPU-intensive. Also, the QR code reader for WhatsApp Web no longer works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the problem remains. It's not the phone, a standalone reader app still works. But there is no option to use other reader apps. To make matters worse, the developer does not allow installation of older versions, which might fix this. Total incompetence.

  • by Vanessa Gonsalves

    WhatsApp keeps saying my number has been used in another account and keeps sending for verification. right now it's not working and says that since I've attempted to verify many times I have to wait for a verication call for an hour or sms for 7 hours. despite waiting they say they can't get in touch with me and I have to wait another hour for the call. I am using the same number that I'm trying to verify!!!! Please help!!

  • by Brian McCalla

    REQUIRES me to give them complete access to all of my contacts (so that they can spam them or whatever) to even be able to send a message. Sorry, "What'sApp", not falling for THAT same lame trick. No wonder everybody is using your app. Nothing to do with the quality of the app, only that they HAVE NO CHOICE. Any company making apps doing things this seedy can't be trusted. What are they doing with my data, media, communications, and logs that I DON'T know about?! INSTATRASH!

  • Missed calls & texts

    by neecagee

    My husband is currently deployed and we rely heavily on WhatsApp to keep in touch. It was going great for months, but suddenly the app has stopped functioning as well as it once had. It doesn’t alert me to incoming calls or text messages until way after the fact. I’ve checked and rechecked all settings to see if there was some underlying reason on my iPhone for it, but could find none. This is the sole reason why my husband missed his first celebration of the 1+ year he will be gone, after I did my best to make sure I was always available during any holiday/party so that that wouldn’t happen. We had a small window during which he could talk, and I missed it by minutes after he called me and texted me 15 times, despite having my phone in my hand. If you have never had a loved one go off to deployment, then you probably wouldn’t understand how heartbreaking that was. The problem has persisted and I’ve continued to miss his call. I guess I’m just supposed to have my app open and never stop staring at it to make sure I don’t miss anymore, right? Thanks a lot, WhatsApp.

  • by A Google user

    I think the so-called updated versions of WhatsApp are getting more and more weird. Because of having to forcefully change to a new version, I have lost most of my contacts names. Now I only have huge list of phone numbers without any names attached. Now I have a mammoth task of having to call up all the numbers one by one and find out who the owner of the number is. The new versions of WhatsApp are all RUBBISH. This unecessary change was probably effected by a drunkard.

  • by michelle birbeck

    1: you can't delete contact in the app without deleting them off your phone. 2: no way to be offline. 3: non phone contacts are displayed as numbers making it hard to see who is who in group chats. 4: no way to turn it off without turning net off. overall, horrid app that I am only using because I have to for a bridesmaid thing. soon as that is over, this thing is getting deleted.

  • by hate001

    after ~10 years of using without any issues, they banned my number, same number i always had, THEY BANNED MY NUMBER, just like that, and i found out they banned at least one other of my friends the same way. from support u get automated emails, they didnt even want to consider it might have been a mistake or investigate at least a little bit. so basically, if you want an app that you never know when you cant use anymore, because you will get banned without any reason, this is the way to go.

  • by Dave M

    BEWARE when changing device. I activated my new device, then found that chats don't transfer, then went back to my old device and backed up to google drive. But the security procedure to restore is broken - it doesn't find my google id and when I enter it, it says it exists. So when I try the manual transfer method, it fails to open the msgstore file. Then I try a few more times, and it blocks SMS, then makes me wait longer and longer each time. Now I have to wait 2 hours before another try. There's no help, other than reassurance of what to do. Which doesn't work. Oh, and suggestion to use iphone or windows restore. WHY oh why is there not a simple RESTORE option, to match the backup option? Rating 1 now that it's totally broken for me. I hope someone reads and helps.

  • Horrible design flaw

    by NomDePlumed

    WhatsApp has a ridiculous design flaw that needs to be changed immediately. The "Autodownload photos/videos" feature on the iPhone has a severely annoying feature in group chats. While I want things downloaded, I DO NOT WANT THEM ADDED TO MY PHOTO LIBRARY. The reason why is that I was in a large public group, and a spammer joined an started posting porn. This was auto-downloaded, added to my photo library, and then auto-transferred to another photo library. As a result, a spammer ended up adding a bunch of porn to my photo library, which was then uploaded to a second backup, and almost ended up with it uploaded to social media. I had to spend hours clearing multiple libraries of this crap, and I still cannot be 100% sure I got everything. To be clear, I want to be able to see images that the group posts, and I want to be able to download and add them AT WILL. But the automatic addition to my photo library is an insanely stupid feature I never would want.

  • Why set a wallpaper for all chats?

    by Destinyfredricka

    I’m having a problem with this app, How can you guys (WhatsApp) have a choice for chats to set wallpaper, but that wallpaper automatically goes to all chats? I don’t like that. I think WhatsApp needs to give more options and have that Chat wallpaper optional, not just one wallpaper for all the chats. Why can’t different chats have different wallpapers. I think that was dumb of WhatsApp to do that. And I’m not satisfied with this app until you improve that in your next update because having one option doesn’t seemed qualified. I just think people should have the option to set a chat wallpaper for an individual contact and not have the same wallpaper for all chats. What if that person doesn’t want that chose, and wants different backgrounds for different people. Please reach this situation soon. I bet a lot people are requesting this message as well.

  • Love it but add filters

    by glory_sk

    I love this app. Everyone in my family uses it and it’s a great way to connect with people all around the world. I love status updates too. The only suggestion I would make is I think WhatsApp should also add filters for the photo button along with lenses a lot like Snapchat. I think that would be rlly cool and I’d be looking forward to seeing how that would look like. Ok so I changed this recently. WhatsApp was working just fine until now. Whenever I open WhatsApp, and I’ve tried restarting my phone multiple times, it crashes and the volume button shows up and starts to flash and do really wierd stuff and it blocks my sight and won’t turn off. But whenever I go back to close the app suddenly my screen is working all fine. So obviously it’s a problem with WhatsApp and I’m really unhappy right now so pls change it I really don’t want to stop using it. As soon as u fix this I will make it 5 stars again

  • Change the game

    by Piiiii12345

    Needless to point the good size, who does't use whatsapp to connect with friends and family? What's missing huge time? Auto-delete media by chat! For iphone users like me, not being able to auto-delete media after a day or so the media was seen or auto-archive them to google photos, for instance, is the most annoying thing I have to manually do regularly in my phone. The only part taking advantage of this lack of functionality is Apple by selling more cloud subscriptions. People will eventually give up and subscribe to apple cloud for more space. PLEASE, enable the auto-delete/auto-archive configuration!! This is an inevitable upgrade to keep the app alive long-term. Even teenagers may start using the app when that happens! This is a win-win-win situation!! 2nd suggestion: Add a speaker versus iphone play button to listen to voice messages.

  • Terrible help after hack

    by Lauren_555

    My WhatsApp was hacked and hijacked more than 24hours ago. It’s been used by another person who has access to all my data and is using my identity to scam my contacts and has pretended to be me to hack into several of my friends accounts too. During this time I’ve been trying through as many means as I can think of to get someone useful at WhatsApp to listen to my story and deactivate my account. You would think this would be a priority of theirs but I’m afraid most of my messages have gone unanswered and the only person who has responded has simply cut and paste scripted responses to me without actually helping or doing anything. It’s a disaster, I’ve had to go to the police, I’m having to try to spread the word via as many different means as I can think of to get people to realize the other person isn’t me. And it could be stopped by WhatsApp but I can’t get help.

  • WhatsApp needs a security update big time.

    by Swim with nemo

    I changed my number for the second fine and I’m still getting spam messAges some are even gory and death threats from spam numbers. How does whattsapp allow this? You need to seriously make this app safer to use. If someone doesn’t have me in their contact and I have no idea who they are. How are they allowed to message and spam me with nonsense? You guys should be ashamed with the lack of security updates on this app. That’s what you should concentrate on next. Making sure no one gets spam. Figure it out please. Or are you guys not smart enough or you just don’t care? So sad that this is still happening. So today I send a message an audio message and randomly some Spanish music plays in the audio. The weird thing is that I had no music playing in my car and my windows were up. The song just played and disappeared. How weird is that?

  • Can no longer listen to audio outside of App

    by Finroy02

    With the latest iPhone update I can no longer click out of WhatsApp and hear the audios continue to play. It cuts them. This was a huge perk that everyone I knew as well as myself raved over as it allowed multi tasking while on phone. Another thing WhatsApp has never had and sorely lacks is that there is no option or ability (as there is on every other app and other messaging software or app such as Skype), to be offline or invisible. For those of us with many chats and many friends on WhatsApp there’s no ability to be invisible while on and anyone may say you and contact. Yes you can turn last seen off but you will still show as online when checking messages. This is my largest complaint about the app from a many year user.

  • Needs to keep up with technology

    by Papi maste

    I love WhatsApp and all it’s functions. It is one of the apps I use the most but one thing that really bum me out is the fact that they haven’t innovated or maintained up to date with technology. The two things that will make this app my favorite is a way to make polls in group chats. Imagine being able to know who is going to the event by just clicking “Assisting” or “Not going”. Imagine being able to decide which photo to upload to Instagram by just letting people choose the one they prefer or even tell you which shoes to buy. The other thing that would improve the app would be Apple Watch compatibility. Being able to tell Siri to send a message right from your wrist or even respond whenever you want and not just when they send a message to you. Thanks,

  • Not Apple Watch compatibile...

    by Ducatista996S

    I am sure many people are like me and have an iPhone and the Apple Watch. Now that I have the Apple Watch I find I leave my iPhone in the office instead of carrying it with me. It would be nice if WhatsApp had a compatible app for the Apple Watch so I could receive, respond to and send messages from my Apple Watch instead of a simple notification. I use WhatsApp to communicate with coworkers and it would be very beneficial to have the expediency of using WhatsApp on my Apple Watch instead of having to go to the office and get my iPhone so I could respond to important messages. Though I have an iPhone many teammates do not and we cannot use iMessage. It’s 2017, time to make better use of today’s technology. Thank you. Update - still awaiting an Apple Watch connection

  • Messy/distracting organization

    by darlatee

    Groups that I’ve been a part of have been back and forth between using WhatsApp and GroupMe. We used to use GroupMe, which I enjoyed much better due to the fact that you can like messages and it looked a lot cleaner. WhatsApp is great because it’s easier to share content on it but it is very disorganized and the distracting background makes it feel as though I’m not able to focus on the actual content of our conversation and I feel as though I’m always missing something. I would prefer if the background was a solid color, like GroupMe, because it feels more organized and less chaotic. Those two features (liking messages and more organized/professional) would change my opinion of WhatsApp from a two to a five.

  • You are not in control of your life

    by Ifedayoposky

    Please developer , kindly make it possible to turn off status updates whatsapp. I understand that we may choose to mute the update that we don’t want to see, but most of the time you are tempted to still open your muted updates, the reason for that is because you can still see those updates on your updates list. Either make it possible to finally switch off status updates for everyone , or for individual. And please remember what you told us users when you launch this app, you told us is for chatting and it’s gradually turning to social network. I feel like I’m not in control anymore . I have a lot of contact on my phone and spending to much of time on checking people status makes me hate whatsapp now . Please find a solution to this particular issue urgently . Thanks .

  • New update is terrible

    by Nsjdidosndjcksksnxkxk

    I typically love WhatsApp but this latest update has been terrible from a customer experience standpoint. The app keeps kicking me out throughout the day and asking me to re-enter my phone number every time I try to reopen it. This also means that I can no longer receive instant messages, because the app is kicking me out without my realizing it throughout the day. When I try to manually open the app, I have to reenter my phone and add all of my preferences again, including NOT automatically saving pictures and videos to my phone. Even when I change my preferences before opening any chats, by the time I look at my phone photos, I see lots of unwanted photos and videos that were automatically uploaded from WhatsApp before I updated my Settings. That is so frustrating!

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by A Google user

    Good. now you can only share a picture with 5 contacts where previously you could do 20 shares..this is an downgrade not upgrade....

  • The LAG in delivery is maddening!

    by JR Constructs

    Yes, I can see my friends online and typing but at least once a day (MINIMUM) there seems to be a bottleneck through which the messages can’t get through. Delivery can take from 1 min to 6 min. What happened !!!!

  • Update

    by paisano683

    Needs update. New themes

  • Won’t open

    by Adexios

    The new version crashes my iPhone 6s. Can’t even get to the opening screen.

  • Since the last update i can’t even open the app

    by Kes1ca

    Since the last update that i did 2 days ago, I cannot even open the app, reseted my phone twice and everything but nothing is helping

  • Broadcasting less than 5

    by hamman review

    When I want to forward more than 5 I have to select again and again to complete the list

  • Why can’t I verify?!

    by princesseverything

    I’ve used WhatsApp in the past with this same phone number. I have tried everything on the website, including deleting, readding the app, trying to verify with data roaming off, with it on, sms is turned on. I’ve contacted ATT, the APN is correct, they went over all my settings and said everything should work with WhatsApp, but I still never receive the frickin verify code. I finally emailed and received an email solution that had nothing to do with my problem!!! There is no support. I’m so frustrated!!

  • Owned by Facebook

    by dianepbh

    Why is this app not identified as being owned the Facebook?

  • Can not open the app

    by majed001

    I cant open the app I download it many times couldn’t open

  • Why me, why now.

    by minopormas

    I’ve used whatsapp for as long as I have a smartphone. Now im using an iPhone 6 and it doesn’t connect to the Wifi. Every thing else does except for whatsapp. Such a shame.

  • Banned from Using WhatsApp

    by je.nnnny

    I give it a one star because don’t get me wrong, WhatsApp is a really great app to send messages. But, one thing I hate is that I got banned from using WhatsApp because I had sent stickers to contacts that weren’t registered. They asked me to send them stickers and I did and now I’m banned. I honestly don’t even know how to get my account back 😒 I’ll give it a 5 star once i get my account registered back! Please help me get my account activated, I’ll do anything!

  • Calls

    by B10_Eden

    Connection is very poor. I can’t hear the other person talking to me

  • Removed a nice feature

    by Sadilak

    One star because whatsapp used to have the ability to call people without giving access to my contacts (for obvious reasons). Now they have taken away that ability. I hardly use whatsapp, but now, even more less.

  • Horrible

    by Geraldimdv

    No me deja enviar audios, y me corta los audios por pedazos.

  • WhatsApp for iPad

    by kervenst

    Make an iPad version of the WhatsApp app.

  • WhatsApp problem

    by Love_india12

    Hello WhatsApp I cannot open my WhatsApp I don’t know what happened since 2 days when I click WhatsApp it’s direct to exit can’t open please settle this problem why this issue now ? I’m user iOS device

  • Fail

    by paupe218

    no me entran las llamadas, me salta llamada perdida sin sonar el teléfono

  • Horrible

    by gmsho

    Not connected

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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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