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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Inc.

Simple. Personal. Secure.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

12.5% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • Facebook ruined this

    by Honore Doktorr

    This app was once quite useful, but it’s caught facebook-messenger-disease — regular nag screens asking for permissions it doesn’t have. Also, after not opening it for a very long time (but keeping it installed, so occasionally updating to the latest version w/ everything else) it 1) sent me a lock screen notification, something I had *not* given permission for it to do, because 2) background app refresh was on, which I did *not* give it permission for either — again, it hadn’t been run in month! — and 3) the notification said I’d been added to "BAD BOYS 😀 AND BAD GIRLS" by some stranger; after I searched for how to mark this group as spam and block I 4) received an immediate request for WhatsApp to access my camera *while I was not using the app, because the same stranger had tried to vid call me*, after which I searched for how to block the stranger themselves… a foolish waste of time from a product that’s spoiled once the garbage people at Facebook had their way with it. This app and product are compromised. Avoid if you have any option. ...and if a Facebook employee is reading this? *Quit your job at that disgusting company before it ruins you. Your actions are objectively making the world a worse place*. F-.

  • by Umar Khan

    Make this app to run in my mobile and may the update fast

  • Missed calls & texts

    by neecagee

    My husband is currently deployed and we rely heavily on WhatsApp to keep in touch. It was going great for months, but suddenly the app has stopped functioning as well as it once had. It doesn’t alert me to incoming calls or text messages until way after the fact. I’ve checked and rechecked all settings to see if there was some underlying reason on my iPhone for it, but could find none. This is the sole reason why my husband missed his first celebration of the 1+ year he will be gone, after I did my best to make sure I was always available during any holiday/party so that that wouldn’t happen. We had a small window during which he could talk, and I missed it by minutes after he called me and texted me 15 times, despite having my phone in my hand. If you have never had a loved one go off to deployment, then you probably wouldn’t understand how heartbreaking that was. The problem has persisted and I’ve continued to miss his call. I guess I’m just supposed to have my app open and never stop staring at it to make sure I don’t miss anymore, right? Thanks a lot, WhatsApp.

  • by A Google user

    Las llamadas en linea son buenas si se tiene buena coneccion a internet, en otro caso solo son molestas y la aplicacion no cuneta con la opción de no recibir llamadas mediante la aplicación.

  • Horrible design flaw

    by NomDePlumed

    WhatsApp has a ridiculous design flaw that needs to be changed immediately. The "Autodownload photos/videos" feature on the iPhone has a severely annoying feature in group chats. While I want things downloaded, I DO NOT WANT THEM ADDED TO MY PHOTO LIBRARY. The reason why is that I was in a large public group, and a spammer joined an started posting porn. This was auto-downloaded, added to my photo library, and then auto-transferred to another photo library. As a result, a spammer ended up adding a bunch of porn to my photo library, which was then uploaded to a second backup, and almost ended up with it uploaded to social media. I had to spend hours clearing multiple libraries of this crap, and I still cannot be 100% sure I got everything. To be clear, I want to be able to see images that the group posts, and I want to be able to download and add them AT WILL. But the automatic addition to my photo library is an insanely stupid feature I never would want.

  • Love it but add filters

    by glory_sk

    I love this app. Everyone in my family uses it and it’s a great way to connect with people all around the world. I love status updates too. The only suggestion I would make is I think WhatsApp should also add filters for the photo button along with lenses a lot like Snapchat. I think that would be rlly cool and I’d be looking forward to seeing how that would look like. Ok so I changed this recently. WhatsApp was working just fine until now. Whenever I open WhatsApp, and I’ve tried restarting my phone multiple times, it crashes and the volume button shows up and starts to flash and do really wierd stuff and it blocks my sight and won’t turn off. But whenever I go back to close the app suddenly my screen is working all fine. So obviously it’s a problem with WhatsApp and I’m really unhappy right now so pls change it I really don’t want to stop using it. As soon as u fix this I will make it 5 stars again

  • Change the game

    by Piiiii12345

    Needless to point the good size, who does't use whatsapp to connect with friends and family? What's missing huge time? Auto-delete media by chat! For iphone users like me, not being able to auto-delete media after a day or so the media was seen or auto-archive them to google photos, for instance, is the most annoying thing I have to manually do regularly in my phone. The only part taking advantage of this lack of functionality is Apple by selling more cloud subscriptions. People will eventually give up and subscribe to apple cloud for more space. PLEASE, enable the auto-delete/auto-archive configuration!! This is an inevitable upgrade to keep the app alive long-term. Even teenagers may start using the app when that happens! This is a win-win-win situation!! 2nd suggestion: Add a speaker versus iphone play button to listen to voice messages.

  • WhatsApp needs a security update big time.

    by Swim with nemo

    I changed my number for the second fine and I’m still getting spam messAges some are even gory and death threats from spam numbers. How does whattsapp allow this? You need to seriously make this app safer to use. If someone doesn’t have me in their contact and I have no idea who they are. How are they allowed to message and spam me with nonsense? You guys should be ashamed with the lack of security updates on this app. That’s what you should concentrate on next. Making sure no one gets spam. Figure it out please. Or are you guys not smart enough or you just don’t care? So sad that this is still happening. So today I send a message an audio message and randomly some Spanish music plays in the audio. The weird thing is that I had no music playing in my car and my windows were up. The song just played and disappeared. How weird is that?

  • Can no longer listen to audio outside of App

    by Finroy02

    With the latest iPhone update I can no longer click out of WhatsApp and hear the audios continue to play. It cuts them. This was a huge perk that everyone I knew as well as myself raved over as it allowed multi tasking while on phone. Another thing WhatsApp has never had and sorely lacks is that there is no option or ability (as there is on every other app and other messaging software or app such as Skype), to be offline or invisible. For those of us with many chats and many friends on WhatsApp there’s no ability to be invisible while on and anyone may say you and contact. Yes you can turn last seen off but you will still show as online when checking messages. This is my largest complaint about the app from a many year user.

  • Needs to keep up with technology

    by Papi maste

    I love WhatsApp and all it’s functions. It is one of the apps I use the most but one thing that really bum me out is the fact that they haven’t innovated or maintained up to date with technology. The two things that will make this app my favorite is a way to make polls in group chats. Imagine being able to know who is going to the event by just clicking “Assisting” or “Not going”. Imagine being able to decide which photo to upload to Instagram by just letting people choose the one they prefer or even tell you which shoes to buy. The other thing that would improve the app would be Apple Watch compatibility. Being able to tell Siri to send a message right from your wrist or even respond whenever you want and not just when they send a message to you. Thanks,

  • Not Apple Watch compatibile...

    by Ducatista996S

    I am sure many people are like me and have an iPhone and the Apple Watch. Now that I have the Apple Watch I find I leave my iPhone in the office instead of carrying it with me. It would be nice if WhatsApp had a compatible app for the Apple Watch so I could receive, respond to and send messages from my Apple Watch instead of a simple notification. I use WhatsApp to communicate with coworkers and it would be very beneficial to have the expediency of using WhatsApp on my Apple Watch instead of having to go to the office and get my iPhone so I could respond to important messages. Though I have an iPhone many teammates do not and we cannot use iMessage. It’s 2017, time to make better use of today’s technology. Thank you. Update - still awaiting an Apple Watch connection

  • Messy/distracting organization

    by darlatee

    Groups that I’ve been a part of have been back and forth between using WhatsApp and GroupMe. We used to use GroupMe, which I enjoyed much better due to the fact that you can like messages and it looked a lot cleaner. WhatsApp is great because it’s easier to share content on it but it is very disorganized and the distracting background makes it feel as though I’m not able to focus on the actual content of our conversation and I feel as though I’m always missing something. I would prefer if the background was a solid color, like GroupMe, because it feels more organized and less chaotic. Those two features (liking messages and more organized/professional) would change my opinion of WhatsApp from a two to a five.

  • You are not in control of your life

    by Ifedayoposky

    Please developer , kindly make it possible to turn off status updates whatsapp. I understand that we may choose to mute the update that we don’t want to see, but most of the time you are tempted to still open your muted updates, the reason for that is because you can still see those updates on your updates list. Either make it possible to finally switch off status updates for everyone , or for individual. And please remember what you told us users when you launch this app, you told us is for chatting and it’s gradually turning to social network. I feel like I’m not in control anymore . I have a lot of contact on my phone and spending to much of time on checking people status makes me hate whatsapp now . Please find a solution to this particular issue urgently . Thanks .

  • New update is terrible

    by Nsjdidosndjcksksnxkxk

    I typically love WhatsApp but this latest update has been terrible from a customer experience standpoint. The app keeps kicking me out throughout the day and asking me to re-enter my phone number every time I try to reopen it. This also means that I can no longer receive instant messages, because the app is kicking me out without my realizing it throughout the day. When I try to manually open the app, I have to reenter my phone and add all of my preferences again, including NOT automatically saving pictures and videos to my phone. Even when I change my preferences before opening any chats, by the time I look at my phone photos, I see lots of unwanted photos and videos that were automatically uploaded from WhatsApp before I updated my Settings. That is so frustrating!

  • Problems with pictures saving to Photos

    by Jandresgomez16

    I have been an avid Whatsapp user for about 6 years now. Honestly, I’ve always been a fan of the app. It gets the job done, and it has a wide range of useful customizations. Despite all that, since I upgraded to an iPhone XS I’ve had a problem with the app. I have the “save photos to camera roll” option deactivated, yet all my pictures keep saving directly to camera roll. This is really annoying because of the absurd amount of pictures people send nowadays, cleaning 40-50 pictures every day gets kind of boring overtime. I’d like some help regarding this issue. Maybe take it into account as a bug for the next release. Needless to say, I am running both the latest iOS and Whatsapp versions. If this gets fixed, I will update this review to a 5 star one.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Bittu jana

    Bittu hsvsb

  • لا أستطيع إرسال رسالة الى اكثر من خمسة جهات

    by younes yousef

    لا أستطيع إرسال رسالة الى اكثر من خمسة جهات مما جعلنا نستخدم برامج ثانية مقاربة لبرامجكم و شكرًا

  • Crashes

    by zeinmel

    Help me , I can’t even open it!!! I tried updating, clearing storage but as soon as I tap on it , it crashes!!!

  • Please fix do not disturb

    by makhmalkhan

    Whatsapp simply ignores “Do not disturb mode” and also it is impossible to mute ringing.

  • Ruins quality of videos and images

    by Benevolent Clown

    I shoot some glorious HD videos on my iPhone and this stupid app compresses them with the worst possibly quality like I am on a dial-up connection from the 90's. Are you kidding me? Telegram is much better!

  • Hate whatsapp

    by avgam

    They ban me from no reason and they don't give an explanation

  • terrible calling

    by Iremas

    this app used to be really good for video calling my family that is far away now it is just so terrible because it keeps reconnecting every 5 seconds like it is not really worth it anymore. deleted.

  • Fingerprint

    by Hahgcacac

    This new update doesn’t let my fingerprint work except I lock my phone and reopen the app again please fix it

  • Notifications

    by lil duck 24

    I never know when I have a text or get a call from someone. Ever.

  • Racism

    by amir nevo

    U are racist

  • Lack of many things

    by reza rsh

    Why other can see your deleted massage , securing chats is just a simple lie(you know what im talkin about) , voice recorder is kinda retarded and slow , you can not clear you cache at same time, the desktop version is worse , the only reason i use whatsapp is others use whatsapp and i have to do it , i recommend any other messengers

  • Not opening

    by kro22222

    I just downloaded the app and as soon as it gets to the, “confirm your phone number” screen it closes out of the app. I tried multiple time and it’s not working.

  • Auido mesaages

    by Dublas3

    Last update won't let me hear any audio messages sent ? FIX IT

  • Things that need fixing

    by Powerful lyrics

    Needs to have an update where you can have multiple numbers added. Its ridiculous how whatsapp doesnt have that flexibility yet. Its been an issue for a long time.

  • Fwd limited to 5???

    by Rockfairy4

    What the hell update did you guys do that now I can only forward to 5 people something???

  • Huge glitch in this update

    by Dame_diggla

    You cannot access and share your photos thru whatsap post the latest update.

  • Messages

    by Cristina Pruett

    WhatsApp limited to 5 the number of People to receive messages at the same time. Not good at all!

  • Not connecting at all

    by kashmiriff

    Since last day, whatsapp isn’t connecting at all. I’ve tried everything (resetting iPhone, reinstalling WhatsApp) but its still not working.

  • Should be like messenger

    by Best fax app

    So recently my phone went out on me . I bought me a new phone try to set it up and I lost all my information because when I try to back up data try to get all my information comes up it didn’t even allow me to do it so I lost all my conversation. Then the other part of it you have to only use one phone at a time which is a hassle. Is should been like messengers which you can use any phone any tablet and you don’t lose your data or use your contacts of people of conversation that you talked about

  • Connection

    by shay1246

    It doesn’t let me view any of the messages in the group chats , it keeps saying connecting but doesn’t connect!

  • Difficult when using w NEw phone!

    by fincalamaya

    Needs more customizing to survive Apple overriding choices when transferring to a New iPhone !

  • Sound is bad

    by 12345rakhshi

    My voice is not going other side and my whatsup all msgs got deleted what I do all my photos

  • Reenvío

    by reenvio

    Porque no puedo reenviar fotos a más de cinco personas y antes si podía hacerlo?

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