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Collect by WeTransfer

Collect by WeTransfer

WeTransfer BV

One app to save everything

4.2 72K+ Reviews
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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

57.5% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by John Malone

    This app stinks. It used to be easy. Now it is completely useless. Sure, use desktop version they say. How exactly do you do that with pics on your cell phone? A real shame.

  • Useless and overly complicated.

    by northpaul

    First of all I’d like to say that I use the desktop version often and it is a great service so thank you for that. I just went to the site on my phone to transfer a video and found it saying to get the app. Ok, fine, I thought, everyone has an app so I don’t mind and if there are ads or something that’s ok too. Instead I find something completely different than what I know wetransfer for, presumably trying to start some sort of Pinterest style network to cash in on that style of media sharing. When I want to send photos to clients I am certainly not going to be sending a board because it is not as professional, intuitive and simply not what I want. It was perfect on the website - even the older people I know who are not tech savvy that intel about it can use it and know what they’re doing. This looks like a “feature” that no one asked for. I am not saying I deserve this or you should change it for me - I don’t have any kind of self entitled motivations here but I did want to mention it because I know that a segment of your users will be pushed away from this and I’m afraid that you will try to do this on the website too. I hope you reconsider, or if you really want to make some Pinterest rival that you do it as some other name and keep wetransfer as what we all know and love, which is a simple and effective file transfer service. It is hard to find a reliable service like this so it would be a shame to see it go down this road.

  • This is NOT WeTransfer

    by JBarn83

    What the hell is this app? I’m trying to do the same thing on my phone as I do on my desktop. Transfer movie and photo files from my phone and send them like I do on my computer. I have large videos that are too big to email, I don’t want to create some board, or organize my files on here. I want to transfer my files that are too big from my phone to my computer or someone else’s computer. I’m not sure what the hell this is, but it’s NOT WeTransfer. Please offer what the website does, you can have all these other options, fine, but I want to transfer from my phone, get a link in my email as I do on my computer to a download link so I can download my large files from my phone to my computer!!! Why is this so hard to do with this app????

  • by Shadow of Focus


  • File Transfer or Pinterest Board

    by Khachadoorian

    I love the actual desktop web version of WeTransfer. I have Plus and use it all the time. Sometimes I’ll upload a huge file and it shows me 30 mins or so until it’s fully uploaded. So I’ll set my timer and go walk the dog and then I log in on my iPhone to grab the link to send to the client when my timer rings. I’m then left scratching my head wondering why and how on earth this iOS app can’t even do that??? I have to log onto their website.. which is fine.. but why have an app if it can’t do that basic function of seeing your recent transfers and being able to access the links to share?? I guess it’s good for creating boards but didn’t Pinterest already corner the market on that? Yikes.

  • Should have a simpler option to upload files

    by Ghostwhoswims

    While I am sure the board and various other options you have, has been made for a reason, I suppose one should also have a option to simply upload a file and share a link. Call me impatient, but I would rather not waste time trying figure out the point of a board and understanding whether the board is located locally on my phone or on your servers, especially when I need the link sent as soon as I possibly can. I spent 20 minutes populating my board and then saw a progress bar that showed “updating” 1 item stuck at 50%. Not to mention the first board that was presented to me had some pre populated junk. Not sure what your aim was. App removed.

  • by Nasrin banu

  • How I rate WeTransfer

    by mcsampery

    I hate the new “upgrade”. It’s a downgrade. How is the change any better??! Firstly, I want to know to whom I’ve just sent my video. What their address was, so I can confirm that I even spelled their address correctly. Sometimes I misspell but don’t realize it, yet wonder why I hadn’t heard back from said addressee. Secondly, I want a confirmation that it went through without a problem, or o have to wonder. And I want that confirmation sent immediately to my email. At the VERY least, it should say “SENT!” Thirdly, I want confirmation that it was received by the party to whom I’ve sent it. How about a confirmation too, once it’s actually been viewed? There’s too much uncertainty and worry with this new “upgrade”. It’s like I never know what’s happening with my videos. I just figure they’re out there floating in limbo somewhere while I worry that I’m missing out on another acting job. BTW, how in the heck do I delete all of my old video auditions from my past WeTransfer “boards” I e shared??? So sad.......what DID you do and who decided these changes were enhancements..... 🤮😠

  • I would give this update zero stars if I possibly could

    by Nashsauce

    We transfer isn't dropbox or even drive… It used to be so easy to send a file from your phone. You literally clicked on the video and hit send to the email address of your choice. Now they make you make sharing boards? So that you have to export the file already on your phone back to your phone (which doubles the storage space a video or picture takes on your phone) I tried to upload 4 videos onto a board to share with my wife, and it would only export three of them saying that now I'm running out of hard drive space while exporting. Stupid! Quit trying to make a great app something that it is not.

  • by Jennifer Abuan

    We transfer use to be great for transferring 100s of photos in under 5 minutes. Now they've changed everything making it a tedious task; you now have to create boards in order to send multiple photos, and you can only select one photo at a time to add to their board. In the past you use to be able to select photos straight from your gallery and send it right away. This is such a fail for wetransfer! The old version was a thousand times better! Whose genious idea was this?!?!?

  • Old version was perfect

    by anastasiation

    I don’t understand why you would have to upgrade the app that was perfect. It was simple and understandable. With the new update it creates more unnecessary steps. I don’t want to save or keep albums in wetransfer app, I have my camera roll for that. As simple as it is, people use it to share big amounts of pictures with each other. Mostly through email. Now with all these overwhelming options of sharing it makes it even more confusing. I love the idea overall and I love that website. Use it all the time but that is exactly why I care about success of this app.

  • by A Google user

    Hi We Transfer, I agree with the users complaining about having to create the boards and only being able to select one file at the time. You suggested to use your website but the issue is there too, when I click on Ad file, I can only select and confirm one at the time. Won't use the app /website anymore... I used to use this to send many photos/videos at one go via email.

  • by Leo M10

    The interace is ok, and i love using wetransfer on my laptop, but the app is absolute rubbish, crashes every time i try to open a board. my phone is new so it cant come from me. might see to solve those issues

  • by Rimil Hembram

    Wrost app.. Doesn't even allow me to download the files. After 30% showing me please retry and it's happening again and again. Full fed up.

  • We Transfer or Won’t Transfer?

    by afresh614

    I’ve used the desktop version multiple times and have had no issues. With this app that seems to be doing more of a job replicating Pinterest, I can’t even get my video files to go past 70%. If I even do much as go to my texts or open another app the progress starts completely over. Most of the time it’s stuck at an even 50% and takes up to 10 minutes to gain a couple percent of progress. Please find a fix for this soon. You’re a great uploading service, so I would hate to see your reputation ruined on the iOS platform.

  • by William Jorae

    The old WeTransfer was significantly better and streamlined. They added a bunch of problematic features in the name of creative sharing which makes it cluttered and less useful than before. I loved the older version, and despise this one. I recommend finding a different app to transfer files. The developers broke this version.

  • by Edward Bonsu

    This app is poor! I've spent over 4hrs trying to send a 2 zipped files trice, because the stupid app no longer let's you upload folders anymore. I waited for over 90mins for one of the files to upload only to get a failed error for wanting to check upload progress on the app from my notification bar. Useless app; you're better off using ShareFile or Dropbox. I'm so mad for wasting that many hours on this silly app. Don't bother sending me a copy and paste response either!

  • Awful

    by everysortofno

    No instructions. No easy file transfer from app to music via phone. Must also use desktop. Marketed as quick way to save files but can’t look or listen unless in my browser which is extremely less than ideal considering this is AN APP FOR A MOBILE DEVICE. This app needs to be simplified to work with what it’s marketed for. Phones. Shouldn’t have to be a two device process or a work around in the phone with a list of other apps to download in order to organize the files to there respective apps. Would do no stars but it won’t let me.

  • by Wojciech jr Antończyk

    Cannot add to the board from my items, so, by extension, cannot add items from share menu into existing boards. Cannot change names of the items. Good idea, I would use it, but the execution is terrible. EDIT: Believe it or not, I found a way to do it, except it doesn't work, as the app shows me a toast saying that I already added this item to this board even though I didn't and it isn't there.

  • Why is it different than the desktop version?

    by frustrated fiy

    I used wetransfer to send pictures for a very long time. It’s a great tool very easy to use even for an old non tech guy like me. I recommended it to many of my friends all simon it happily ever after. Now I got an iPhone and added the app thinking it will work same. I thought I was doing so throng wrong until I read this other review explaining same frustrations. Believe me I kept trying and trying but the board feature kept coming and I don’t know what to do with it and why it’s there. Too bad.

  • by A Google user

    does not what wetransfer app used to do. now is useless,.complicated and irritating. you guys are working with the wrong consultancy to do such a mistake. This is the new coke vs the classic coke.

  • Can’t Add More Than One Video

    by KylefromtheIL

    I tried this app because I use this website on my computer and wanted to send a bunch of videos together from a recent vacation to Arizona. However, every time I’ve tried to add multiple videos to the same or a new board, it will only play the first video I uploaded no matter which video I click to watch. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app 3 times but it never is any different. Every time I try to watch all the videos I upload, it only plays the first one I did. So frustrating, please fix!

  • by Kim Catherina

    Sending and receiving pictures became a lot more complicated. Sharing 4k videos was done in a jiffy before. Now, it takes ages. Also, I have the idea that wheb the app closes in any way (wether thats a screen timeout or switching to another app) uploading fails. I can't leave my phone out, unlocked and unused for 5 hours. Everytime I want to share a board it starts 'uploading' (for eternity) from 0% again. Also, files won't open, boards appear empty, and downloaded vids cant always be played.

  • CBfromO

    by Very addict

    Completely agree with northpaul I was in a time Crunch today needing to send a video really quick and thought I would use the app since my video was on my phone and I don’t even know if the video got through or not - there is absolutely no way to tell from the App whether or not your files are even delivered. This app did not even ask for my email address so that I could let me know how things are going. I don’t understand why you would create such a useless app when the desktop version works so smoothly.

  • by Agi Walmsley

    App used to be easy and straightforward to use but has gone massively down the pan since some strange board system has been introduced and now it just isn't easy yo share photos at all!!! Fix it please!

  • Desktop is far better

    by carpen424

    I use the desktop version of WeTransfer often for work. The desktop version is very simplistic- just drag and drop a file, enter the emails and send. The app overcomplicates this simple process with the need for boards, and the fact that I now need to type out an email or text to go with the link provided, instead of the instructions being automatically sent with the link. Love the Website, Not loving the app.

  • Awful

    by egdjfijenfhsijebd

    This isn’t Pinterest, why did it change to boards? Now whenever I want to share files they put it on a board and the whole thing is just “updating files” on the sending end, and “board is processing” on the other, can never get the files. It’s a nightmare - really frustrating. They shouldn’t have made any of these updates, you used to just be able to select a bunch of files and send them, that’s what the app is for, it worked perfectly! Really annoying.

  • Better UI then before, BUT...

    by DSMART2003

    I like the new UI, But, the app keeps crashing on my iPhone 6 with 128GB of total space and it seem if the app is closed or crashes the updating starts over, very bad, when you have over 10+ files it needs to be uploaded and it updates a board. Plus, all my videos I take is at the high video rezs (1080P 60FPS), so it going takes forever and week to get them updated it would be nice if it had some kind of icon or some things to identity which files in a board have been updated and uploaded already. Thanks! PS: I’m taking that we can upload unlimited media files using this app with the boards as it doesn’t say in the app or on the app store, their a limit in media size that can be uploaded and shared with others!

  • Email transfer function no longer exists

    by Fortunate€

    I was really disappointed that the original reason I downloaded this app, sending emails that were too large to send directly from my phone, no longer exists. I personally have no use for creating boards. FB, IG, Pintrist, etc are already out there for things like this. This move was a big surprise and from referring my friends to this app as a great email transfer tool, well, that is pointless now. Unfortunately deleting this app.

  • Does the Bare Minimum

    by ChristinaM1288

    Updated: I wish I never did the newest update. This app is the worst. The new boards idea is so stupid. Please just let your users transfer pictures fast and easily like if we were using the WeTransfer website. —— You need a lot of patience and time to use this app if you are sending a large amount of files. This app is in dire need of an update: Freezes Slow You must keep the app open in order to transfer files. The app is not able to send pictures while in the background! This is VERY INCONVENIENT! This app is lacking and needs more functionality: select all/ multiple when sending pictures from a saved album on the phone. WARNING: You can't transfer a large amount of files in one shot because the app will freeze on you. Be prepared.

  • Does this even WORK?

    by Reen19

    Just spent 1.5 hours troubleshooting with someone who wants to do what everyone expects Wetransfer to do: Just send files! The link is sent and it keeps saying the file is uploading please try again later. And there is no support online with this message so we are stuck guessing what is wrong. Desktop still beats the app. The app is confusing and doing to much. Just send large files, that’s what Wetransfer is good at.

  • Not accessible for the blind

    by Azarry

    I am using this app with the latest version of iOS11, on a mini IPad4. I am totally blind, and so use Voiceover to navigate the screen. This app is not accessible with Voiceover. The buttons are just being read as button, button, button, button, which is not helpful at all. Also, I have no reason whatsoever to want to create a board. Many of your users seem to feel the same. Either way, now I have to uninstall this app, because I cannot use it.


    by imacin2000

    This used to be the greatest app for sending images from my phone- then they went and broke what wasn’t broke. Since then, haven’t been able to figure out how to use it and what its new purpose is. So, for confusion-5 ⭐️. For pointless-again, 5 ⭐️. For instructions on how and why to use it: non-existent. No option to use the previous setup. Let me know if anyone can suggest an alternative app to send images in an easy, straightforward way (like this app used to work).

  • Great on computer...horrendous on phone

    by Scramballs

    The app for iPhone is beyond confusing. I simply want an option to upload a file from my phone and I’ve been hunting and pecking for 10 minutes. I have one tab that says board and I have no idea what that supposed to mean. Then I have an option that says share and when I click it a percentage meter starts ticking away, yet I’ve not uploaded anything. How could the phone version of your product be so terrible?

  • Blows Chunks

    by Mr.Picky

    Website is efficient and to the point. The iPhone app is completely lame. They want u to compose a ‘board’ that others can interact with(?) The only reason people use WeTransfer is because of file size restrictions by ISP’s. So now investment wants to see a return, fine, but it looks like they are attempting to play catch up with countless other formats that are drowning and behind the curve themselves. Youth drives the adoption and success of these social orientated apps - nobody is going to bother with this dead end concept. Please give us exactly what the WeTransfer website does now for our mobile devices unchanged and fire the persons or team who sold you on this weak concept. You want money?, sell ads or make users finish a 30sec add of their choice before they can send file.

  • This is not WeTransfer

    by DavidSlijper

    If you use the desktop version to transfer large files for professional use, then the app will confuse you. The app is a kind of weird Pinterest product for sharing boards. I’m not interested in a social media style app - I just want to be able to use the product to make large transfers. The app has none of the functionality of the desktop version. Totally useless and a confusing waste of time.

  • So confusing! What's the point?

    by junotme

    I just want to use the app for the same purpose as I use the website: to send large audio files to my clients in a hurry. Now I have to create themed "Boards" for some sort of unnecessary collaboration? I'm totally confused as to what the point of this app even is. If the app is not for easy transfers of large files, perhaps they should merge with Pinterest, as it seems like that's what they're trying to be for some unknown reason.

  • Uploading failure

    by Nick MicKensee

    The major issue with this app is that it stops loading videos from your phone when you leave the app or your phone’s sleep mode kicked in, forcing you to have to start the upload process all over again. I love WeTransfer and use it a lot when I am on my laptop, but this app need some serious modifications to ensure functionality.

  • Seems cool. Having difficulty

    by skipimpatient

    This app totally seems cool in order to download and share photos – however it is yet just save the photos & download them. Tried too many times. Disappointing since very easy to do with one or two photos (and share or download one at a time) but when it comes to downloading /saving many it’s not working.

  • Basic fail on first use

    by Gro-uch

    I tried to create a board from a few dozen photos and videos. I left the app running to upload them. When I came back the upload was done and the app was inviting me to share the board. I clicked share and it said it was creating a link, but then that it couldn’t because the WiFi connection had dropped. When the WiFi reconnected the uploaded material was gone - I had no boards.

  • Vacation Photo Blues

    by NRachal

    I have been trying to download vacation photos for 24hrs now with ZERO luck. I’m SO frustrated and ANGRY that the photographer I used uses this service...I feel like I would be happily reminiscing a fabulous vacation had they sent them via Dropbox, instead I’m getting error message after error message and ready to throw my phone out the window and walk back to DR to get my money back. Minus five stars if I could, believe that.

  • Indifferent

    by MikeJenz

    There’s nothing that’ll knock our socks off. Basically does what you would likely need it to do. Upload files and create a link or send from the app. I do wish that I could have he option to click into a Board and manually select specific files (more than one) to send at one time but you can’t. The only options are sending files one by one or sending the entire board.

  • Piece of garbage - WHAT ARE BOARDS?!?!

    by joetweber

    I have seriously gotten more use out of a pile of rotten trash than I have gotten out of this completely worthless application. The last 10 minutes of my life have been an utter waste. We pay for Plus, and still couldn’t get this thing to do the one thing it is supposed to do. “Everyone in this room is now dumber from having used it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  • Once great for transferring files

    by James Vanderwall

    This application used to be my go to for sending files, but since the “boards” update, it’s no longer the we transfer that was a simple file transfer Avenue. It’s become something akin to Pinterest, and sending things now requires a confusing process or posting as a board. Which kills privacy. Sticking to Hightail now.. :/

  • Not like the website, this is confusing

    by Whysocross?

    Are you trying to become Dropbox? Why can’t I use the app in the same way I use the website? Changing your system is confusing and these boards take forever to upload. I have already deleted the app twice but decided to give it another try. No luck.

  • Um?

    by bravoecho

    I’m a new user of WeTransfer. From what I understand, it was formerly a quick and easy way to link to a file for sharing. Now, I’m not sure what it is. Must I share a whole board? Or must I now send the file itself? If I wanted to do that, I would have no use for your app. Please improve. Please simplify. And PLEASE, PLEASE allow file names to be changed before sending/sharing! Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Trouble

    by Organized dummy

    I may not know how to properly use this app however I have been struggling for a week or more trying to see pictures that were sent to me. I contacted Support who gets back to me and I have done what they have asked me to do and I still cannot get my pictures. So I don’t know if it’s the fault of we transfer or my fault but I am not able to get the pictures which is very disappointing.

  • Never worked - I would give 0 stars is possible

    by sherlinc

    Both my wife and I added the app. She took a video about 15 mins long and tried to send to me. Both she and I kept getting same message - “Board uploading- the board is uploading please try again later.” It NEVER resolved. We tried on a shorter 10 second video as well and the same thing occurred. She also emailed me the link and I tried to open on my PC. Never would open. I sent inquiry to customer service who replied in one day. I replied back immediately and then never heard from them again. I cannot recommend this app or this company. We both deleted the app and will look for a similar app elsewhere.

  • What are you trying to do?!

    by Jeff Bodart

    Your app is useless. I just want to send a video to a friend. You asked me to download the app so I did. Instead I’m faced with a Pinterest style social media platform. What are you doing?!? You’re not social media!! I’m tired of social media anyway. Why can’t you just do what you’ve intended to do? You’re screwing up your own purpose. If I wanted to create and send a vision board, I’d make one on Pinterest!! Get it together!!

  • Terrible and so complicated to use

    by Nikki knotty

    Why can’t apps just be like the regular website? I don’t use we transfer to create ‘boards’ I literally just want to send my videos like normal to people. It’s also really confusing. It takes ages to upload the video to the ‘boards’ then the links don’t work or there’s nothing there when you click on it. Ugh. So not what I want from an Ap.

  • Horrible and pointless!

    by Morpheeus007

    I’ve tried on numerous occasions to upload videos and send a link to my receiving party. I could be on CIA level high speed internet, a NASA caliber system that could send signals to Mars almost instantaneously. But this thing will upload even the smallest of videos files at a dead snail’s pace. If you want to miss deadlines for wanting stuff delivered in time, by all means download this crap-app. Annoyed beyond all measure.

  • Won’t save all

    by Girly girl5

    This app is awful a photographer I shot with sent me the photos through this stupid app and when I save 100 photos only 40 photos save and it won’t load correctly no matter how many I select it all the photos I select to save all of them don’t go to my phone it is so annoying it is not user friendly and sometimes it doesn’t even respond

  • No access for Premium Accounts

    by MusicMonster09

    No login option for premium accounts..why? I love the web platform, use it religiously for work, and recently upgraded to premium. I couldn’t be more dissatisfied to learn there is an app, yet it does not provide accessed even to the services paying customers. Seriously disappointed.

  • Transferring photos.

    by CLGHE

    I use WeTransfer to get photos off my phone and onto my work desktop. It was once easy to use and I recommended to all of my friends who are not tech savvy. Now I am removing the app from my phone. It has become difficult to use and doesn’t transfer all of the photos selected. Don’t know why you had to change something that worked so well.

  • absolutely the worse

    by Ktlovewrites

    why would you build an app for IOS that is impossible to use? the free computer version is perfect for what i use it for, and i really needed the same for my iPhone. oh well, i have downloaded the Hightail App and will use it. When WeTransfer comes out with a the simple version like i use on the computer for the iPhone, then and only then will i be back.

  • So much junk

    by Simoncam

    This used to be a great app. Now they have added something call “Boards” filled with crap that no one wants to see or read. It clutters up the whole process, pops up when the app opens and generally just gets in the way of doing what the app does best - transfer files in a simple and quick way. I don’t know why they insist on adding this rubbish. I am junking it and going to Hightail.

  • Too much going on

    by Kaylani77

    If I am getting an app it's because I want it to be able to do things in the most simplistic and fastest way. I don't want another social media platform advertising over the top app. Too much going on. Not particularly ready for the fast paced, short attention span, go go go we are in. I appreciate what they are trying to do but it's too much too busy. Remember KISS (keep it simple stupid)

  • Update is a disaster

    by JulyaAntoinette

    I’m also very disappointed with how they updated this app. It’s simplicity was what was so great about it. Now I can barley upload anything, and it’s giving me more options than I need. If there is any way you can give the option of going back to the original version PLEASE DO THAT! In the mean time I will not attempt to use this app again...back to google drive.

  • Completely difficult to use

    by Will not order again

    The person that takes our portraits uses this app to send to me. I can never figure it out. I have an Apple IPhone and IPad. I tried to download the IOS app and it says I need an Apple device to download. Furthermore I can never open the files he sends me. Somehow I eventually figure it out but don’t understand how I figured it out. This is the worst system.

  • Before was much better

    by Pigyios

    Good evening, Very disappointed the new style upload, since beginning of this style is basically not working properly and stopping anytime the phone go in standby, everything stops, with old system I never get a problem and was a pleasure to use that app. Sorry for 1 star rate, until you don’t fix problem that will be the rate. Thanks.

  • Download completed and then it disappeared

    by Heidinmi

    We downloaded a file, saved it, then when we opened the app again, the files were gone. We tried a few more times to download them- no luck. Then the WeTransfer file expired! Had to contact the sender to start over. So frustrating!

  • Unable to cancel service!

    by minnieq4326

    I have been unable to cancel service with this company. I deleted the app months ago and they continue to charge me. I have sent countless emails requesting to discontinue my service. I have also tried calling, but their phone number does not work. Don’t sign up to pay for this service, as you will not be able to opt out!

  • Used to be a great app, friendly and easy to send videos and photos with

    by Orenge2241

    But it’s been updated and I don’t understand how to do anything anymore. I don’t get why fix if it aint broken. Not only is it very unfriendly in comparison to older version, but the app gets stuck all the time and crashes unexpectedly too. God only knows why you needed this update. Used to be a top notch app.

  • This app is awful

    by SB indifference

    My wife had some pictures of my kids done. The photographer sent us a link to use. I had to download this app to open them. Well I am going on days of getting the message that the board is still loading so try back later. First impressions are everything, and needless to say this has been a terrible one.

  • Doesn’t live up to desktop version easiness

    by romyrodiek208

    Too complicated to just share files... Tried to share files but the app tells me to go ‘online’ first... Cellular service for the app is enabled and I couldn’t find anything in the menu about going online. I’d love to have a WeTransfer version for my phone that is just as easy as the desktop version.

  • Update destroyed the app?

    by ZoIsPro

    I’ve been using WeTransfer for a long time. I recently noticed that the app is now called “Collect”. Since that change I have not been able to send or receive files using this app, making it useless. It crashes the second I open up a link. Please look into these bugs. (I am using an iPhone X, if that matters)

  • Has never worked for me. Not even once.

    by jennj79

    This app is worse than no app, because no app wouldn’t be a waste of my time. The whole purpose of wetransfer is file sharing, but the files never upload to the ‘board’ (whatever that is). I’m on a high speed (business class) WiFi connection, so that’s not the problem. Total waste.

  • I don’t understand this App

    by Caroleillo

    1) All my items are grayed. 2) I can’ find what I transfered yesterday 3) I just want to transfer and receive files, it simple but you made it complicated with features I don’t need I certainly missed something. Which shows that this app is not intuitive.

  • User unfriendly

    by Sinsona

    I could not share videos with another person; it was impossible to send them; the app is complex and unclear directions. On top of that when I tried to open those same videos on the iPhone where I originally took them, I realized that trying to share them with wetransfer damaged them. They do not open

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Shadow of Focus


  • Your app

    by Robert L Forbes

    Ridiculous. Why delete the files after two weeks? Not at all useful

  • Worst app ever

    by datblisanti

    This app is terrible, the download either never work or take two days to complete.

  • Trash

    by miss'philly

    My photos never saved. Total waste of time

  • 6+ hours

    by Nieshhh

    It takes for ever for something to download I’ve been waiting 6 hours for 1 item to down load !

  • Awful app

    by Harlee Cummins

    This app is garbage. I just wanted to transfer some videos, but of course they wouldn't upload to the stupid board properly. So thanks for costing me money.

  • Terrible App

    by Lamilam

    Horrible app! I had to delete so many personal videos because i couldn’t transfer them nor download them (the app has too many bugs and is too slow). I’m really upset that I lost all this content! I won’t use it ever again. Wetransfer was a good app, this one is to be avoided!

  • Needs a native ipad app bare minimum

    by the beeve

    I really wanted to like this app. Ive been searching for a place to put things I want to remember for years, and none of them have stuck. I really like the ui and feel of the app , unfortunately Collect has no native ipad app so you are forced to use it in portrait and hit the zoom button. (i only use my ipad in landscape so this is very frustrating.) Also unless I’ve missed it there is no kind of account syncing so the collect app on my iPhone, and the one on my ipad are essentially two different brains until i text myself a link to join an individual board. This works perfectly if I’m sharing something with a team member or my wife but I’d really like just one place to put stuff and keep track of it on all my devices. I already have a paper account that keeps all my journals in sync why not just make it universal? This doesn’t have anything to do with the app but i dont see how adding by we transfer to the name is necessary. As a normal person who has only heard of we transfer advertised on a podcast or two it doesn’t really add anything to the experience. Ill keep this on my devices for now with the hopes that we transfer continues development on this app. But I’ll just keep throwing junk i need to keep track of in notes for now.

  • Not download

    by joye53

    Not downloading

  • Arranging photos not available

    by ghhdhjdsgj

    Doesn’t let me arrange photos that I want next to each other

  • You can’t play mov files?

    by 50 tons

    It’s a pretty important file type and I cannot view or play the file at all on iPhone. Need to fix that

  • We stuck

    by TX Slew

    App apparently hangs up and will not download. What's the purpose of the app if it doesn't work.

  • Could be better

    by DrTran!

    Would be better if there was an option to create an account, so that I can access my saved items from any device!

  • Facts

    by SwiperTheDon


  • Why all the changes?

    by menacethegr8

    I do not like these updates. I can never send a board to a friend. It always says it’s “updating” but never gets to 100%. When I send it the person receiving can never open it. I always have to refresh the app because 90% of the time it shows it’s nothing there!!!! Please fix

  • Payed for it for what?

    by Tragenthestar

    Won’t load photos

  • Kept crashing

    by AnonymousUser1983456721

    Whenever I’d try to download my files it would just freeze at 81% every time and then crash, very buggy app.

  • Everything didn't get up there

    by AnneBfromNY

    Not all the pictures I asked to be uploaded made it to the board. Not even close to all

  • Horrible

    by jadecrosby

    Can’t even view my files

  • horrible

    by Sirap01

    doesnt work at all, It never download what I recieve

  • It doesn’t work —> Zero stars

    by susanakeimer

    It never opens my videos 🤯😾

  • Worst app

    by Caweddings15

    This is a terrible app. Every time you try to save your photos to it it freezes I would never recommend this

  • Giving up

    by HHMiNSpired

    I’ve had to download what was shared with me now for the 4th time. Still waiting and can’t use what was to be very valuable content. Takes forever, then doesn’t save on iPhone or computer. Waste of time.


    by AdGjL16

    UPDATED ONCE AGAIN: Although I still dislike the fact that the pictures are not in numerical order, the app has started to freeze after the initial items have been saved but before the board is created. I’ve tried MULTIPLE times to get it past that point and nothing seems to change. I do NOT want to uninstall and reinstall due to the fact that I will lose all my boards. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!! UPDATED REVIEW: I used to love the app with one exception (the random picture order) but now with the recent update I feel the need to drop my original rating from a 4 to a 1 star. The recent update made the app stuck in ‘optimizing storage’ for DAYS and when I reached out to cs I was told I would need to delete and reinstall the app. When I did so, I lost all the previous content. Reloading and now (sorting) all the pictures is going to be a daunting task!!! 😡

  • What happened to file transfer?

    by VoicingWhatsAlreadyBeenSaid

    This app is not the same. It’s a wannabe Pinterest.

  • Scam

    by Oz Chapman

    No download. Same behavior as safari in a clean interface.

  • Downloads are the apps death

    by Mattiewalk

    I have been trying to download one set of pictures for 45 minutes now. It keeps sitting at self up and restarting and not completing a download. Super inconvenient

  • Disappointing

    by MickeysDaughter

    We had some photos emailed to us from a trip to Thailand. A link for this app was included. I have been trying for three days to ‘save’ photos with no success. I got to 95% and no further. If I try to start over I’m told I have a save in progress. What a waste.

  • Greg the unhappy user

    by greg the unsatisfied user

    Didn’t work. Kept getting to 33 percent downloaded and then failing and starting at the beginning. Was only downloading 2 GB. Waiste of my time

  • Wow.

    by dh.

    How badly can you break this with each subsequent version?

  • Useless

    by disappointwithapp

    Absolutely worthless.

  • Deleted a very important file

    by infinite 0ne

    Never fully loaded file, kept stopping at 35%, and then deleted a very important file😢

  • First thing I put in this app

    by sleepy beepy

    Will not play recorded conversation that I transferred

  • Meh

    by _Charmoss

    Extremely slow

  • You destroyed your products

    by aNewsJunkie1

    You are a bunch of idiots. You ruined this app. I will now find some other way now to transfer my videos. Greed makes people stupid. If I wanted Pinterest I would download Pinterest. I look to you to upload my videos. Morons

  • Horrible

    by wowser7

    This is the worst app and site I have ever used!

  • Intermittent

    by cssg82

    Doesn’t consistently download/ upload. Stalls

  • nxchill

    by nxchillprince

    it’s says i cant open on this device

  • App not working on iPhone XS.

    by This app is stupid and a good waste of battery.

    Trying to share my footage from Indonesia. It’s an 8 minute video in 4K 30FPS. App keeps crashing and won’t load the video to the board.

  • Hard to figure out how to send to anyone!!!

    by pjsere

    The app is difficult to figure out how to send. No problem with WeTransfer website. Just the app.

  • Bad


    Not working properly.

  • LmLAalnddagos

    by alooblbAaklgm

    My LLC kb

  • Terrible and so complicated to use

    by Nikki knotty

    Why can’t apps just be like the regular website? I don’t use we transfer to create ‘boards’ I literally just want to send my videos like normal to people. It’s also really confusing. It takes ages to upload the video to the ‘boards’ then the links don’t work or there’s nothing there when you click on it. Ugh. So not what I want from an Ap.

  • Terrible!

    by Webman

    I have great respect the guys from weTransfer, but this time someone took the wrong turn. REWRITE the app. It Just not workable.

  • Playing games ????

    by PShekoski

    App vastly different than web site Was trying to upload files to my Plus account but then seem to get posted to some public board It’s not clear how is it the app version is connected to the web version Careful.

  • Error occurred

    by Mommay01

    Process is simple but couldn’t open the file.

  • Poor large file acquisition from neighboring APPs

    by SnyderMD

    Consistent difficulty moving Drop Box keynote presentations to WeTransfer APP

  • Trash

    by icownngkcksngj

    App struggles to download photos, layout is boo boo

  • It is just awful

    by mariamkhutsi

    I don’t even believe that people waste time creating applications such as Collect by Wetransfer, it is extremely useless, meaningless and terrible app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

  • Terrible.

    by Cagativo

    What is the point of this app. It does nothing related to wetransfer. Same as your other wetransfer app. Pay money to download your own stuff... rip off. Thx for nothing.

  • App rating

    by toyachung

    Pics will not save!

  • Good Idea needs improvement

    by DKDCS

    constant app crashes viewing pictures and saving them is a hassle. other than that the boards concept is great.

  • Not able to save photos to my library, I moved it to the dashboard and tried still not working

    by Aloo Wala

    Not able to save photos to my photo library

  • Dissatisfied

    by GayushaJamil

    Drops the app in the middle of download

  • Not easy to use

    by jweek001

    Not user friendly at all. Not sure how to use this app

  • What the HECK is a “Board”???

    by AdrienneR

    And why can’t I view files my brother sends of my great nephews hijinks on my phone, when I used to be able to. There needs to be a “zero star option.”

  • Wanted to like this...

    by Caddisbug1994

    ... until i realized your ipad app is an iphone app. There is nothing worse in the world than that experience. #nope Infolio app is better.

  • Practically useless

    by johnlenin1

    I pay large amount of money for years for WeTransfer Plus, and this app still can't just give me a simple way to upload and share large files to my Plus account from my phone. No way to log into my Plus account at all.

  • Download time

    by Chicken&Bug

    It will take hours to upload your board to shareable link.

  • 😡

    by Hhzbxjs

    Too difficult to operate

  • All my pics where gone

    by Hannah Corrine

    Redownloaded the app and all my precious pics where gone. What’s the point of the app if you can’t keep them on there. Now my pics are lost forever.

  • No iPad support, no sync

    by thecoles

    It’s fine, but no iPad support, no sync

  • Boards are showing up

    by Artpoetrybooks

    I keep redownloading the pictures that were sent to me, but they don’t appear :(

  • We app is hard to use

    by Mamavision

    I do not like how I am able to share these photos. They are mine and I should not have to share your website for my family to see these pictures.

  • What else?

    by J.Cel

    Very limited app

  • Downloads don’t work

    by smhslh

    Downloads keep getting stuck at 98% and won’t complete

  • A very useful app completely trashed

    by IMissWetransfer

    This used to work very well. Easy transfer of large files with a button push. Now? It’s trying to be some kind of variation of Pinterest? Or something? Garbage. Please return former functionality.

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