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  • Savings Catcher- it works!!! Aug 11, 2018

    By the good RN
    I have been using savings catcher for a year now, been working to catch Walmart NOT giving me deals that I know other stores offer. Nope! Walmart ALWAYS give me those deals, they never ever miss! One time I thought they did but I found out I was wrong. The other store had gone up on their price and it was I that was not aware... If you shop at Walmart you’d better download the Walmart app, use savings catcher, and stop playing around! I’ve already saved $65 so far without even trying, just buying my same ordinary groceries that I normally buy, not doing ANYTHING different. I don’t have time for coupons and price checking and stuff. Wayyy too busy for that! So, after I check out I get into my car, open the app real quick, scan my receipt real quick, then go home. Two days later I check the app and see the savings building up. Just that easy! Once I get to $100 I’ll redeem it for something. And it’s fun, the kids love watching it build up, too!.. You all better get this little extra money, we all deserve a break so why not? 😉
  • Jul 2, 2020

    By Jackie C
    I like and appreciate my apps to be up to date/updated asap, but everyday is CRAZY. Other than that the app is easy to use & very helpful for shopping, comparing prices. My favorite features are the price tag scanner even though there's a trick to it *Don't scan close up - I use Pixel 3a & I have to scan barcodes at least 6" OR more. Plus I like being able to create wish list'/shopping list'
  • Please fix issues May 11, 2020

    By Hatethissomuch!!!
    I was able to successfully make two groceries purchases using my EBT card & had them delivered. Great service, really great delivery people! But now it will not accurately show my EBT balance so I can make another purchase. I have no transportation and am a high risk senior who was counting on this so I don’t have to rely on others to put themselves at risk (and they cannot use my EBT card). I spoke to customer service. They were also very pleasant but unable to resolve this. I sent screen shots of what the Walmart said my balance is & what the true balance is (which is accessed through their app!!!). I feel like I’m being forced to use cash & if I could afford to do that, I wouldn’t need food stamps. I signed up for the 15 day free delivery trial, but what good is it to me? None. Please, please fix this ASAP. Thanks Updated 05/11 I spoke to another representative today..5 stars for her AND the problem is resolved. Thank you so much. This is an invaluable service to me. I’m not really sure why some complain about the grocery app being combined with online shopping...it’s not at all hard to just click on which one you want to use AND it’s one less app cluttering up your device. I’m all for streamlining . I didn’t give it five stars because it’s still a little buggy. But no one’s perfect.
  • Jun 9, 2020

    By Amy Lee Van Rooy
    It's very easy to use. I've never had any issues like I s