VR ONE Cinema

VR ONE Cinema

Carl Zeiss

The ZEISS VR ONE Cinema app enables you to enjoy your movies.

3.0 Ratings 459 Reviews 100K+ Downloads
The ZEISS VR ONE Cinema app enables you to enjoy your movies.
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459 Ratings
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  • Lots of potential... ONE big problem Jun 21, 2015

    By MovieWatcherVR
    This app is amazing if I could use half stars I would give it 3 and a half stars, but it has one big problem, you can't add movies you downloaded from iTunes, even though it says this in the description, I went through a lot of trouble to try to get the movie to work on the app etc: trying to screen record the movie so it would be the proper format and non drm protected. In the end though I ended up just having to record the movie with my built in camera to get it to play. I know the vr world is up and coming but this app would be my number one if you could somehow upload iTunes downloaded or any type of drm protected media to the app. In the end though what I'm asking is that please, please could you guys get a deal with iTunes or something so that you're app could be a proved to play drm protected media. If you're looking to download this app though please do... It's awesome at playing all the videos in you're camera roll and for me never plays videos sideways, so if you're going to download this app I recommend to record you're favorite old movie with a screen recorder... AND MAKE SURE ITS NOT DRM PROTECTED, either way I hope you like old movies, because unless you're a pirate this app doesn't play you're favorite new movies, like interstellar or other newer blockbusters like Jurassic world. Please fix this...please.
  • Lots of potential Jun 11, 2015

    By Ikarian
    Obviously this is a new technology, and as such this app is a bit buggy. HOWEVER, the user interface for this app is a fantastic idea. Just turn your view to hover over a button. Brilliant! The tracking/accelerometer is not working very well, and sometimes movies play upside down. But all the same, I'm looking forward to future updates. A couple suggestions: add a full screen mode in the media player, and if there's no easier way to fix the movie/picture orientation, just add a button to flip the image. With a little smoothing out, this app could be a huge hit when Cardboard/Stereoscopic tech goes mainstream (right about when the Oculus and Vive come out next year).
  • Jan 2, 2019

    By A Google user
    dont show the video selection "camera roll " videos list beneath the seats , project them in roof top of the theatre cealing to select video among all. Iam having issues to select videos which completely hide underneth the before seats row. please zeiss developer team , please update the app that resove the concerned issue. It wont cost much for such a Ziess brand & multi billion dollor multinational company. I bought Ziess VR plus and imported from NY B&H photo store just relying the brand
  • Nice but a bit hard to use. Aug 8, 2015

    By Assignmeanameplease
    I like the idea of a "virtual cinema". In this version there are other movie goers present in the cinema which adds to the experience. That being said, the app is pretty clunky to navigate. While it is true that you can view videos from your camera roll, there are no thumbnail views, so it is trial and error to pick the video you want to see. In addition there does seem to be some performance/framerate and screen formatting issues that other cinema apps don't exhibit (To be fair, I am using the iPhone 6 plus which the VR one doesn't support). All in all, t