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Vernier Go Wireless

Vernier Go Wireless

Vernier Software & Technology

Enhance your study of temperature using a Vernier Go Wireless® Temp probe.

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App Description

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The Vernier Go Wireless app allows users to conduct experiments using Go Wireless Temp, a wireless temperature probe. Users collect temperature data that is displayed in a graph and can calculate basic statistics on a region of data. Additionally, users can export the data as a CSV file for use in other applications for even more analysis.

HARDWARE REQUIRED - Vernier Go Wireless Temp is required to make use of this application. Visit for more information.

Features when using a Go Wireless Temp

From the list of available sensors
• Discover nearby Go Wireless Temp probes and monitor their temperature readings
• Connect to a specific sensor for further study

When connected to a specific sensor
• View live temperature values displayed in a thermometer bar
• Collect data – displayed in a graph
• Graph scales automatically to show all collected data
• Customize the sensor name, view battery status, and flash the sensor LED (identify)
• Toggle units
• °C and °F (US – English only)
• °C and K (all other languages)

With collected data
• On the graph - Pinch to zoom /double tap to autoscale
• Tap to examine the collected data
• Select a region to calculate the average temperature
• Tap the statistics box to view additional statistics
• Export a CSV file for additional analysis in other software

Experiment possibilities include
• Science fair projects
• Monitoring environmental conditions
• Monitoring temperatures in a fish tank or greenhouse
• Measuring the rate of temperature change of a liquid in a Thermos™
• Measuring the temperature of the air coming from an air conditioner or furnace

Vernier Software & Technology has over 30 years of experience in providing effective learning resources for understanding experimental data in science and math classrooms. Go Wireless is a part of Vernier’s extensive system of sensors, interfaces, and data-collection software for science education.

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Vernier Go Wireless

Vernier Go Wireless

2.9 19 Reviews

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