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Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid.

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Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid.
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  • Private Commerce Public Benefit Jan 3, 2020

    By MrRyanB
    The creation of Venmo with its rapid success and broad public acceptance of the ubiquitous private wire transfer-like service, has affected the way we pay our rent, paid our friends for our share of a group vacation, bailed out our college student son when he had unexpected party costs at his fraternity, and there are now myriad other examples of private commerce being conducted constantly between the people of this fair city. But are the exchanges on Venmo more than a mere convenience? I believe that the legitimacy and subsequent public trust of doing business through Venmo has benefited our society in the most positive way by providing a legitimate and convenient way to pay or be paid by anyone with a bank account and internet access. The widely accepted nature of the effect Venmo has had, increasing the ability for people to pay and receive debts and the perhaps unintended consequences have been that Venmo helps the economic conditions of the places it is used, putting money in people’s pockets in a fast convenient way and with Venmo, gone are many excuses for why a debt cannot be paid, which will be the greatest benefit to our economic life that Venmo has provided. This private sector venture is creating public sector benefits and for that I am grateful.
  • Jun 24, 2020

    By Stephen Ward
    Easy to use app for paying or requesting money & for keeping track of it all. Easily shows your accrued balance, which can be easily transferred to your bank account. If there are no funds or not enough, then it simply takes it from your connected bank account. The thing I don't like is that I'm not fond of seeing other people's transactions among your connections, which means others can see mine as well, so you need to be careful of your transaction descriptions or change your privacy settings.
  • Absolutely ridiculous! Dec 9, 2018

    By Kingston Remix is AMAZING!
    My friend transferred $400 to my account I go to do an instant transfer to my personal checking account and it will not go through. And oh how convenient no customer service support to call because apparently they work bankers hours. How in the world are you going to be a 24/7 cash application and not have any sort of online tech support or offer any live tech-support?? This is literally an emergency situation where I needed to borrow the funds which I did.....I now have my funds sitting in this stupid account which I am unable to touch or have access to and will have no way to contact their customer service until Monday morning it is currently Friday 7:30 PM. I am beyond furious. I knew I should’ve gone with my gut and used the other three different cash apps I have on my phone which worked beautifully and have never had an issue with. I only last minute decided to use this one for the first time tonight never thinking for a second that I would not be able to access my funds. USER BEWARE PLEASE don’t use this stupid application....no tech-support after 4 PM M-F.
  • Jun 19, 2020

    By Jesse Stewart-Austin
    Nice and easy way to send and receive money FAST! You have the option for transferring to your card (for a small percentage fee) or you can wait the day or so through the bank transfer option. Easy to use. User codes make finding your friend, family, or customer simple. You also have the option of requesting funds from a user that they can then pay or ignore. Would recommend if you're buddy is always bugging you for money and says he'll pay you back, but never does. Accountability people!
  • Jun 25, 2020

    By Steven Marshall
    Very good app. I have the debit card from it and it works well. The only thing I don't like is when I transfer money to reload it, it takes a while week before they credit the account. So schedule it wisely or you don't have any money in your debit card. I guess venmo probably put your money to good use for one week before transfer it. It's ok as long as I don't have to pay a fee everytime I use it.
  • Jun 27, 2020