Urban City Stories

Urban City Stories


Play in your very own city, with lots of places to explore and neighbors to meet

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Play in your very own city, with lots of places to explore and neighbors to meet
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  • AMAZING (but can I suggest some things Jun 2, 2020

    By Otter the Jester
    Alright so I really really like this game I’m starting to think ur better then Toca world 🌎 or the same level but I would like you to add somethings first I know this is already in the game but the Metro station plz make it where u can go to stops on the map but yeah great game and also plzzzzzzz add a airport or school? Because I really want there to be that so my characters can pretend go on the plane and stuff and plz make the backpacks 🎒 open and u can put stuff in it thanks for reading and don’t listen to the haters because I think this game is not a copy of toca world at all u made your own ideas witch I like! Thx for reading and keep up the great work!
  • Jun 2, 2020

    By Paul Coggins
    i like this game a lot! But the reason i gave it four stars only is because the only things you can do without paying are the cafe and the little apartment or you have to spend money to unlock the rest! It also does not save what your doing, so if your doing a roleplay kind of thing then in the next time you go on you have to make the scenes all over again! I like this game but please fix these things!
  • Jun 20, 2020

    By jaya palawon
    I really like this game the fact that you can style your characters but i still want the store and ect to be open...i know that the cafe is open so you can play in other places...one thing that i didn't like is the fact that when you put the house in the way you want it turns back into the way it was the first time i opened it...please fix that part...thx...
  • Pretty good, please read Jun 2, 2020

    By Ke ke kiwi
    This is a fun,entertaining,free play game. I really did enjoy it! Although here is some constructive criticism and some suggestions — I think the x-store should have more items, I also think that it would be nice if the subway actual took you to other apps, I also think you should lower the price down to 2 to 3 dollars because 5 dollars for a game is quite expensive and honestly it’s a nice game and all but a if a game is going to cost five bucks it should be AMAZING don’t get me wrong it is fun and all but I hope you see where I am coming from at the customer point of view. Thanks Xx, Sunshine
  • Jun 19, 2020

    By Regineoh Valentin
    This is a great game. It is like a real city there are apartments and a store,cafe, grocerystore and a police station but the police station, grocery store and store are closed.There is also a club that is closed but it is still realy fun you get a beautiful apartment .It is soooooooo fun your going to love it!🙂♡ you should download this game.