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UP® – Smart Coach for Health

UP® – Smart Coach for Health


Track your health & fitness with UP to get personal tips and beat health goals

44K+ Reviews 5M+
  • 77% positive reviews
  • Free
  • Feature Rich

Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

95% Negative Reviews

Out of 20 most helpful reviews

  • by Lynn Pichette

    App doesn't even begin to work. like another reviewer I downloaded app and when you try to select your device (or any device) you get a pop up "internet connection required" (definitely got one of those!) and that's the end of that. Jawbone device i used to like, lost for a couple years and just found again is now absolutely useless 😡

  • by Liliana Catalan

    Can someone build an alternative app for this? You might as well delete the app! You're bankrupt and we can't even use the app. "No Internet Connection"? I sure do have an Internet connection! JawBone do you even read these reviews? How unfair that I paid 180 (Bought it when it ead new and didn't open it until now) for a non-functioning device without a working app!

  • by Michelle Dallimore

    Useless! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! Cannot connect to Internet or band to phone, nothing, nish, nada, naff! Having read reviews I now know why. So why even have this app available to download is beyond me. Really sh1tty.

  • by Ldyok Yan

    I was honestly so disappointed when I found out the company shut down, and I had spent $180 down the drain. I've seen the reviews and all the happy ratings, so I'm unsure why you even shut down the company. There is so far no alternative app, and due to servers being down, it's pointless getting this app. After all, you can't connect to wifi, and don't even try to sign up. I'm guessing if the servers were still on, the app would have worked just fine. Just am super disappointed by this.

  • by Tommi McDade

    Been trying to set up for over a hour the app is useless it keeps telling me I need access to the Internet but I full signal & connecting to WiFi doesnt help either. Completely useless & frustrating what a waste of money

  • by Semmi Kozod

    They closed the servers. Without server this application is not starting. Useless. So throw away all jawbone thing, because not working without application.

  • by Lisa Jackson

    I had loved this app. But they just shut down one day with no notice and no options for the many users. But the useless wearables were still being sold. The company closed to focus on health products, but I wouldn't trust this company. Imagine you are hooked to one of their monitors and th e next day the servers are shut down..then what?? Not to far-reaching because that is exactly what they did here. I wouldn't trust them. How you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING. So unprofessional.

  • by Ella Wright

    I just got an UP 3, and when I go into the app and select my band, it says there is no internet connection even though there is. I have tried different wifi networks, and my data. I have also uninstalled and installed the app multiple times. Please help!


    App doesn't respond at all i tried logging in and i even tried creating new account, but no use. I have UP2 and can you please give some solution to this and how do i connect it to app.

  • by Tim Pashley

    Company folded. No servers for this app to work, required. Why is this still available for download since it stopped working over 7 months ago?? All jawbone products using this app are now plastic waste unless this app was installed and logged in prior to company pulling the plug. Unable to find any alternative app :(

  • by Evan Lewis

    Why does this app still have an overall positive rating? I installed the app to work along with a smart watch I received as a gift. It wouldn't let me sign in! Then I Google the app and find that they are bankrupt. Why are they allowed to continue to offer the app? Why are people not giving the app bad reviews? It doesn't work.

  • by susan dawson

    UP is no more! The app should be removed from the app store as the company no longer exists. Anyone who has purchased a new device can ask for a refund - details can be found on Google. Such a pity as was the perfect wearable to not interfere with life but the best app I've found. RIP my little UP

  • by Gayatri Phatak

    It gives me a continous error of 'internet connection required' . I have WiFi and mobile network both but it does not work on either. I am not able to use see the app at all so now I don't know what use is the jawbone device which I bought!

  • by Abbie Faddell

    This is the worst app ever. Keeps telling me I need internet access, but all my other apps are working. I cannot get my Jawbone to work at all. Absolutely ridiculous. Not at all user friendly.

  • by Emmanuelle Lemarquis

    Great app but the company is liquidating and not proposing any after-sale support. Such a pity to have spent this price for a bracelet that will have lasted just a few months!

  • by Katrina Murly

    Well this is new to me and won't even let me start an account all its saying is need internet connection! I have internet access but still nothing ! I'm so frustrated!!!

  • by A Google user

    Decided that i wanted to use my UP3 again after a year of neglect. The app wont help me reset my password, nor will it let me start from scratch. If I try to create a new profile, it tells me an internet connection is necessary... each time I am successfully connected to the internet. Im very upset I can't use my old tracker.

  • by Kaustabh Basu

    it's not working or opening for me. I can't do anything starting from creating profile, etc.

  • by teddy Brekhus

    Used to be great as so many have said, but offline. i would pay at least a few bucks to get compatible app, please kind and smart stranger out there

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Victorion Dneprovski

    can't create an account

  • by Lehua Sy

    doesn't work. app keeps saying internet connection required even though I'm connected to my home wifi

  • by mz twixy

    This app doesn't work I can't even register on it.

  • by Valerie Thompson

    said no internet connection when i had connection...

  • by Darla Moore

    I cannot get past the create account screen. tell me what to do at this point.

  • by Hello_Kaida P

    google team please take away this app. it is not working it shows no internet your bum hair. the company closed

  • by rodrigo sajam

    this app is extremely useless it only says internet connection required this app is so bad I hate it

  • by Serghei Tolstov

    Not working anymore

  • by kat kat

    cant sign up

  • by sean pickett

    I used to like this and gave it four stars, but when downloading with a new phone, the app just keeps saying "internet connection required". The phone clearly has an internet connection. I think it's some sort of weird excuse so they don't have to say they aren't servicing older jawbone/up products anymore.

  • by Hope Bowen

    this app does not work

  • by Sudakar Moodley

    keeps asking for internet connection, can't even sign in!

  • by Rob

    cant connect just constantly says no internet connection.

  • by Andrea Allen

    App did not work on my phone. Downloaded but didn't allow me to set up.

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UP® – Smart Coach for Health

UP® – Smart Coach for Health

4.0 44K+ Reviews

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