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UP® – Smart Coach for Health

UP® – Smart Coach for Health


Track your health & fitness with UP to get personal tips and beat health goals

44K+ Reviews 1M+
  • 77% positive reviews
  • Free
  • Feature Rich

Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

40% Negative Reviews

Out of 20 most helpful reviews

  • by matchamaki mochi

    I had to change my positive review of the app I left last year. I am experiencing the same issues one of the reviewers here, I believe Subhankar Ghosh has. The app is paired with the band, it seems to be working, but nothing shows. None of my steps! Can you please explain why this is happening? Is UP not providing support anymore?

  • by Afroz Ahmed

    Changed my rating to a 2. I have a Hauwei talkband and everything is synced up to UP but none of my steps or workouts reflects. When I disconnect and reconnect it again, it will work for a few days but only if I open the app - after a few days nothing! Why isnt it syncing properly? Why cant it automatically update my steps very day with me having to open the app. Very annoying and seriously considering uninstalling.

  • by Elaine Scheller

    I used to love this app. I could drill down on sleep etc and add notes. I use this for medical tracking. I loved it. At some point after an update, I can no longer drill down on anything or add notes. I have an up3 and a Droid Moto z. No support response from UP at all. What little I got was worthless. I followed all online suggestions repeatedly with no positive effect. Now my app, my band and my tracking are of no use to me. Looking at a replacement. I hope you have better luck.

  • by Lisa Jackson

    I had loved this app. But they just shut down one day with no notice and no options for the many users. But the useless wearables were still being sold. The company closed to focus on health products, but I wouldn't trust this company. Imagine you are hooked to one of their monitors and th e next day the servers are shut down..then what?? Not to far-reaching because that is exactly what they did here. I wouldn't trust them. How you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING. So unprofessional.

  • by Janese Knight

    I'm very dissatisfied the app. 🎯doesn't even work it keeps showing up " internet connection required" I'm not understanding WHY I'm watching Netflix, I'm watching Amazon Prime, Tubi and using services from the same phone. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still does not work. I've taken it off of Wi-Fi (in house) I have a high-speed data at that and it still doesn't work still shows connect to the internet. 😯💩💩💩 I don't even know if the devices features work well because I can't connect to the app this really sucks

  • by Subhankar Ghosh

    The App is not showing any data since today morning. It's showing as 'syncing data' or 'crunching numbers' as usual, but not the readings. The internet connection is ok. The band is also fully charged and paired with my OnePlus 5 device. Haven't faced this issue since the last 6 months of usage. Can you help?

  • by Amara MacLeod

    Suddenly not recording my or my roommates steps. Re-paired, no live... ALSO The app needs to allow the user to manually correct information. I can not always wear the device. It gives erroneous sleep information. When it's on the night stand AND put into sleep mode. The band's data to the app supercedes mine. Also is reading my nightstand's BPM apparently. Needs a "not wearing band" feature. Desperately.

  • by Carol-Anne Phimister

    Like other reviewers my UP does not sync for days. It says it is, is crunching the numbers then nothing happens. It frequently loses connection or can't find the band and isn't holding a charge for the amount of days it should. An email to the company has not been granted the courtesy of a reply. It worked perfectly up until 3-4 weeks ago and I was delighted with it (my second one as I was so pleased with the performance and accuracy and had been a 5star review). Sadly, not now. Very disappointing and very poor customer service.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Geneva Marshall

    cant get it to even begin the process of syncing.

  • by Kaustabh Basu

    it's not working or opening for me. I can't do anything starting from creating profile, etc.

  • by Liliana Catalan

    Can someone build an alternative app for this? You might as well delete the app! You're bankrupt and we can't even use the app. "No Internet Connection"? I sure do have an Internet connection! JawBone do you even read these reviews? How unfair that I paid 180 (Bought it when it ead new and didn't open it until now) for a non-functioning device without a working app!

  • by Ernst Nolte

    I can't even get into the app. I can't sign in or choose my device.

  • by marina nazarenko

    won't even let me start anything, can't create account can't connect devise, gives me error "internet access required", I do have internet.

  • by Carol Warland

    it wont even let my sign in or set up a new one. its an older model i have. Up4. why doesnt this bloody app work?! 😠😡

  • by taha10toes

    dose no work


    App doesn't respond at all i tried logging in and i even tried creating new account, but no use. I have UP2 and can you please give some solution to this and how do i connect it to app.

  • by holly patterson

    since the company went belly up-you would think that the Play store would remove the app from their offerings. nope

  • by Javed Abbasi

    not pyring

  • by Hitesh BHUVA

    can not connect

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UP® – Smart Coach for Health

UP® – Smart Coach for Health

4.0 44K+ Reviews