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Breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics and everything in-between!
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  • Real News When I Choose! Apr 25, 2020

    By PatLanganJordan
    When I was 27, my life fell apart. I was holding on by a thread. I was in such emotional pain, I also took on everyone else’s pain around me. Watching the news was so heartbreaking, it made day to day function even more difficult. I realized then, “The News” was all about bringing all the horrors of life to the surface with a continual loop of the most sensational and horrific pain. I had to turn off the TV, cancel the news paper and even stop reading magazine covers. Somehow, even though I took myself out of the news loop, I managed to know all I needed to know about what was going on in the world and as I headed from the wounds of my early adult like, I was able to engage in a better way with life, without getting sucked into the despair. Today, I’m 72 and I find Twitter has been the most objective way for me to engage in what is going on in my country and our world. I know who to follow to get the truth of the things that are important to me, without getting caught up in the horrors and despair of life. Life has often been difficult for many people, but I find twitter a more comforting way not only to learn about it, but also to know what can and is being be done about it. It helps me know what I can do personally and also when I have no power, who to follow that does have the power to change things for the better.