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TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

Intuit Inc

Snap a photo of your W-2, answer simple questions, then e-file taxes securely

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67.5% Negative Reviews

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  • by Roman Brodie

    i want to know how to upgrade so i can get my 2017 return. turbo tax app makes getting the upgrade difficult. why isnt there just an upgrade button? why? im still looking up what i can to do this un app

  • by Robert Brennan

    they want you to pay to access last year taxes, which is whatever, but never provide a way to pay. now im stressing out as if college isnt already stressful.

  • At first it was the surprise price but now it’s the help support

    by TheJakeRate

    Trying to get answers to the prices by using the SmartLook feature they have for the first time. Terrible service. The first time I called the person hung up right away. Second time I got a guy named David, and he only asked for my email and number then hung up at random. I got an email saying that my case number has been closed. TurboTax was acting like my issue was resolved. But it never was. It’s like I only explained the problem to David and he just listened and did nothing. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me. I’ve never experienced this type of Customer Service in a long time. I got hung up on in less than 2 minutes within two calls from the SmartLook feature on TurboTax. A feature that they advertise on TV as a helpful tool. That’s scary if you ask me. Because this thing doesn’t work. TurboTax you should be ashamed of yourself as a company. If this is how your service is I’m doubting you’ll even be bothered to see my honest survey that you had no problem sending me very quickly. But since I see you responding to people on the review app feel free to keep reading because here’s my survey: You didn’t answer my question, the person didn’t have his face shown, he didn’t help me at all or reach out to me after the fact (even though I gave him my number), and no I would not recommend this to my family, friends, employees, heck my worst nightmare.

  • by Jonathan Trice

    turbotax is nothing but the IRS, after you file you'll receive your state but you won't receive your federal until they identify it's really you. and it can be a pain if you don't keep your past W-2,s because you'll have a agent who just love to reject people. it's sad and inconvenient. so once you use turbo tax just know you'll always be under the IRS radar

  • Annoyed, frustrated, disappointed

    by Tippadee

    The last two years I had to have my taxes prepared elsewhere, but for more than a decade before that, I used TurboTax and was always really happy at the ease, convenience, and minimal cost, so I didn’t think twice about returning this year! TurboTax used to cost $0 to maybe $40 a couple of years ago. Now the service they advertise in this app as “free” cost me $125 total (although they have not presented me with a receipt or a way to verify this as of yet, so who know what it will be down the line!). The worst part is they weren’t open about the charges along the way or remind you of your costs or what certain tools you have to purchase, so if you work on and return to your return, good luck remembering why you’re being charged for anything! They also don’t openly present alternative cheaper methods, they present the option like you don’t have a choice while still advertising FREE (I did not want, need, or choose PREMIUM SERVICES but somehow ended up paying $40 for it), they don’t let you change your mind or adjust your “order”, and I still don’t have a receipt to verify anything, nor is the information present in the app to verify. Proceed with extreme caution. EXTREMELY disappointed with the cost of TurboTax this year and will think twice about using them in the future.

  • by melissa lamisere

    I filed in February and had to scramble because my taxes had to be fixed after filing. Just days before 4/15 found out I owed the IRS, and that I wasn't getting a refund. I was extremely confused, and grew more puzzled when I got a refund on JUNE 12th , 2019. First, why so late???? Second, why wasn't the amount just deducted from my refund? I was never able to get any help from customer service and had to deal with the IRS directly. This app used to be amazing, 0 stars is more fitting.

  • Never using turbo tax again

    by tix86

    After having the customer service guy named Romero laugh in my face and treat me like I was idiot I lost my cool. Although the lady I talked to after him (my connection was “lost” while I was being transferred) was extremely kind, I will never use Turbo Tax again. I did not know I had student loans in default, as I am in school now but pay out of pocket. I did not receive a direct deposit (clearly since I am no longer directly receiving my refund) but was still charged a $50 fee in addition to all the other fees. So essentially I paid $50 for absolutely nothing as I did not receive a direct deposit. As I was explaining this to Romero he laughed at me and kept repeating “you chose to do this”. Apparently you’re not paying to have a direct deposit but paying to pay Turbo Tax at a later date. They word it different to trick you so they can still collect the $50 fee for the pure nothingness they did. I paid $130 for ME to do my OWN taxes. I will use H&R Block next year and go in person. Reliable, helpful company. They are cheaper, they don’t trick you, and you have someone educated doing your taxes. There are no complications or additional fees. I used turbo tax a few years back (multiple times, never was it this terrible). Please trust me when I say, stay away! Turbo Tax is awful and overpriced now!!

  • by Mitch Enderby

    the add file button in the cryptocurrency section appears to be broken. nothing happens when tapped.

  • by Felicia Maria Monjarez

    I will no longer be using Turbo Tax. I have always been able to go in and print previous years for free. Now you must upgrade to print. F U Turbotax!!!!

  • TurboTax is a joke now

    by Johnster343

    Filed my taxes for 2017 and it went great. No issues, good customer service. Filed for 2018 and it erroneously told me I owed $1591 to NYS and only got $945 for my federal refund. I made $40,000, claimed zero, I’m 21 and single. Spent an entire hour with one of your customer service representatives in “smartlook,” while she tried to guide me through the app to explain why I owed. I told her I’ve looked through the app and it doesn’t give an explanation. After 45 minutes I asked for a supervisor, or a manager. She said she could only type to her “team leader.” She then proceeded to google “why would someone owe money to NYS,” and read various generic possibilities from a forum on GOOGLE. I spent 50 minutes to get an “expert opinion” from someone sitting in there house with zero information, zero training, and zero ability to admit their inability to answer my question. This service is a joke. Then when I tried to get advice from a “tax advisor,” you guys asked for $120. This is not how you run a business. First I wait for 20 minutes to speak to someone who might as well be my neighbor who delivers pizzas. I want a discount or some type of service. You guys wasted an hour of my life that I could’ve spent making money. You obviously don’t stand behind your customers.

  • Price is very misleading

    by xxlovecrystal

    I’ve used turbo tax for years and didn’t have issues. Always used their free version. This year I had to file for 2 states. One of their questions was confusing and I had to call and ask. To ask a question, they have you upgrade your version. It said it was about $40 to upgrade. I wasn’t super pleased having to pay $40 for a question, but figured I’ve had my taxes done for free for a few years now so not a huge deal. The person I was talking to didn’t know the answer and had to look it up, and then gave me the wrong answer. Then, when I finished my taxes, I saw the price is not just $40 altogether - the price is $40 for federal, and $40 for each state. That turns what was represented as just $40 to $120! And I can’t file without paying it. $120 to ask a question? That wasn’t even answered correctly?? And now that I’ve waited to file, the price went up. I got an email that I can get 25% off, but when I go to the app I can’t use it. Now I noticed in the fine print, some discounts you can’t use in the mobile app. I don’t even have a computer. Honestly this is very disappointing. I’ve recommended TurboTax to many people and now I don’t even think I’ll use this anymore. Pretty ridiculous.

  • by david allphin

    I've used turbo tax for two yrs my phone needed reset and I lost all the login info been F***ing with this site for a hour all I want is to see last yrs return can't get stupid site to work

  • TurboTax is going downhill

    by Sarah R 2018

    I originally used TurboTax in 2015. It followed by the IRS saying my information was obtained and steps to follow. From talking with other individuals and research, it sounded like this happened to TurboTax users. I switched to a different company, TaxAct, to complete my 2016 taxes. I returned to TurboTax in 2017 as it sounded like more security was in place and they had the flexibility of mobile filing. For someone who doesn’t have a working computer, this was a great option! Unfortunately, upon filing, the IRS rejected my information since I did not provide information from the previous year. TurboTax did not highlight this from the get go, but they had to problem requiring me to sign up for several other fees - the site required me to sign up and when I pressed the back button to go back to review my options, it kept refreshing the page until I agreed to the fee to continue. For me, TurboTax is not there for its customers and is not seeing the big picture - making filing taxes easier. I guess at the end of the day when I talked to a representative, my understanding is Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I would suggest looking into another company, since TurboTax is not like it used to be.

  • Demanding a refund!

    by VampireKitties

    Had so many bugs not fixed on tax day. I had used it months earlier to get an idea of what my refund would be but when I found out I would owe money I decided to wait until I had the money before filling. On tax day it said I owed $0 and refund was $0. I got all the way to the end and it said I was ineligible to digitally file my Federal and would have to print it off and mail it to the IRS instead!?? Every time you clicked the link to print the federal the app cycled you through the last 2 or 3 pages. I was unable to file AFTER I already paid $107 to TurboTax! I didn’t have time so I started over with the H&R app instead, was easy accurate and not glitchy as heck. I called my bank immediately to try and cancel the payment but was told because I couldn’t go to my bank that same day I’d have to work with TurboTax to get my money back. I’ve been trying to research how to get my money back while I wait till Monday when their call hours are. From what I’ve read you can’t get your money back from TurboTax after it’s already been paid. I’ll be demanding TurboTax repay me the $107 I paid to file. Wish me luck and never use TurboTax; it’s honestly easier to do it by hand.

  • by Joseph Amador

    1) your ap is broken. everytime i try opening it just shuts down 2) I've been trying to get my 2017 tax return for 2 WEEKS GOING THROUGH THE SAME "ADD STATE, GET MAX" ROUTINE TO NO PROGRESS. ALL I WANT IS TO PAY WHAT YOU ASKED FOR AND GET MY DOWNLOAD. 3) You won't let me or at least show an option to pay out of pocket. all i need is my returns download. all i want is to finish my fasfa and I havent been able to do anything because you guys basically have all my personal information on lockdown.

  • Never using TurboTax again!!!

    by JaimeDavis1402

    If I could give zero stars, I would! I finished my return and when I went to e-file, and it told me that it could tell that I used a different account to file last year. Which is completely accurate. My ex-husband and I used his account to file during our marriage. It then told me that in order to verify that it was indeed me trying to file my taxes, it prompted me to log out and log into the account that was used to file last year’s taxes, so that they could verify last year’s AGI. I was then forced to contact my ex-husband to get the log in information. I logged into the account the account and then back into my account, but it still said that it had to verify my AGI. Why can’t I just input it myself?!?!? I looked in the helpline, but nothing was even remotely helpful. I then resorted to calling customer service where I was informed I would be automatically upgraded and charged FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS for trying to get help!!! I then changed my filing method to file by mail where it took me to a screen that only had a link to change it back to e-file. I still have not been able to file my taxes...four days later.

  • by Ryan Thomas

    "Free" haha, nothing is free. They now charge $29.99 for you to view your year's prior return. I need it to buy my first home but yet it is unavailable unless you pay up $$...

  • by Geoffery Goshert

    this app is just absolute trash. I filed back in February, here it is the end of June and I still haven't recieved my return.


    by XxTransgenderxX

    Customer service did not help me whatsoever with my problem. They just want to give you the run around and different numbers to call so it’s not their problem. I have still not received my taxes back and it has now been 13 days since they were accepted and no one can answer why I don’t have them. On top of poor customer support, turbo tax claims to be free for everyone when indeed it's not. It's a scam. They make you work all the way through filing and then tell you you have to pay 60 dollars to actually file. It's ridiculous. They ended up taking 190 out total. Like I don't give enough of my money to the government. Never filing with them again. I should have read all of the poor reviews before filing with them. They should have things posted that if it is a complicated situation that you may need to actually pay. I could have gotteny taxes done at H&R for WAY cheaper. They should be ashed of themselves as a "company" or whatever you would call this joke. I have never written a review for a company before but I could not sit by and watch them take people's money. Complete waist of time and my hard earned cash.

  • by Desiree Thomas

    This app really sucks all it do is load. fix it and I'll reinstall it. Maybe give you a better rating.👎

  • by Dylan Zachariah Kruger

    If you use anything more than the free version, the lag time between the app and their server is too long. It crashes. Their software will make all kinds of excuses about updates, etc. But, even, after you do everything they ask, it still won't work right.

  • by Hayley W.


  • by Thomas Wormsley

    I like Turbo Tax because I can do my own taxes and it helps me understand how much I'm taxes in taxes not to mention, it's free BUT I'm giving two stars because Intuit is one of the companies who are fighting against simpler tax laws and free tax filing for everybody.

  • Duplicate Profiles on the Same email

    by Madelaine Au

    I want to submit a suggestion to the product developers of Turbotax. Please allow a way to merge profiles. I am shocked that I was somehow able to create a separate profile for the same email. I suppose I accidentally created a separate profile for my 2018 tax return. There is also no way for me to update my main profile with my tax return for this year or to easily switch between profiles. I’m extremely frustrated as now my two returns I have filed (2018 and 2017) are not linked together. Makes it difficult for me to have an integrated experience and use your other software (like mint). I think of this as a customer service issue. If someone is as distressed as I am you should be able to merge my profiles. This seems like a basic service especially considering that the other profile I created was by accident. Or there should be a way for me to delete a profile. I called and the answer they gave me was no we can’t help you. If there is some legitimate reason why your platform has this bug I would really like to know.

  • by Ryan Fischer

    does not provide anyway to see or download previous returns even if you pay for the premium servives. The help provided does not work and it is a neverending cycle of "you need to pay to access these documents" even after you pay to access them.

  • by Israel Smith

    There's no way to file an amendment and my previous tax returns aren't showing up. When I try to reach out to someone it says they aren't available and have very limited hours. This is very irritating.

  • BEWARE of Deduct TurboTax Fee from Refund

    by Frustrated User (v1.4)

    Turbo Tax does not transparently disclose the fact that when you select to deduct their fee from your refund in lieu of paying with a credit card your refund will be handled by a 3rd party (in my case Santa Barbara Tax Products Group). I received an unsolicited email from this 3rd party requiring personal information (social security number, and tax refund amount to log in, and images of my driver license) with a threat of withholding my refund if I didn’t comply within 5 days. I’m sure Turbo Tax is required to disclose this and does so buried in a web link to some fine print legal document, but they do not disclose this in a transparent upfront way that I would expect from a company like Intuit or a product like Turbo Tax. When I contacted the Turbo Tax help line and expressed my desire to pay with a credit card and not involve a third party they were unwilling or unable to intervene and advised me to deal with Santa Barbara on my own. This lack of upfront transparency is shocking when dealing with financial matters and as such i will seek other tax preparation services in the future.

  • by Carmen Corridon

    filing the taxes is easy but trying to get back to the homepage you can't do it. You're stuck on the page that gives you what your refund is and you cannot get back to the page no matter what you do. For that I'm giving it 2 Stars

  • Disappointed in 2018 return

    by Lazy&Retired

    First, I was disappointed in not being able to find Turbo Tax at my local Walmart and also at Sam’s. Walmart said they stopped carrying the program and I was unable to find it in early February at Sam’s. So I was forced to spend a lot more using the online purchase. At the end of March I saw it available at Sam’s. Second, I didn’t find the program to be as user friendly as in my many previous years. I was told the standard deduction was best for us and then was not informed if my charitable deductions would be used. At other points in the process I felt as I was moving along in the dark...not like previous years. Third, other years I purchased the state form along with the federal when buying the disk. No disk available this year so I was forced to pay extra for the state if I wanted to efile. Before purchasing next year, after many years with Turbo Tax, I’m quite sure I will explore other sources unless I’m told there has been a noticeable improvement for 2019.

  • Upsell Overkill

    by Nushmut

    I’ve been doing my taxes through TurboTax for several years, and I was eager to use the app to input data from the various forms as they arrived. But I think I’m going to try another service this year. The price is what it is, although it looks like the only reason I’m having to use a paid tier is because of my student loan interest form. That’s not the big issue for me. What’s been particularly upsetting have been the constant interruptions to upsell me on MAX benefits. I’ve dismissed that ad dozens of times already, and it seems to reappear every 2nd or 3rd page I swipe through. One would think that seeing a customer respond ‘no’ to an ad that many times might establish a pattern and lead to the ad being fully dismissed until the final review section. I understand that they just want more of my money, but I’d prefer to spend that money on supplies for my classroom. I’m probably going to end my usage of the Mint product as well and use a different budgeting app. This app is a basic replication of the mobile web interface, but offers little else that’s unique. Touch ID integration is nice, but that’s table stakes. (And my login is 1 tap and a Touch ID scan away when in Safari, so it’s not that much more convenient) Even though I’m basically ready to file my taxes, I think I will be trying another service this year. There is a clear decline in respect for the customer by this company.

  • Review

    by Geminikitsune

    I have submitted my taxes four times in the past two days and I keep getting an email that my date of birth is wrong. The app directs me to a website where I had seen I made a mistake and then fixed my date of birth. However the next two times I’ve submitted my e-file it’s been rejected because my date of birth is still apparently wrong. I can’t go back and look at the many pages I had to review and double check where my date of birth was placed. There IS a link in one page during a brief pointless revision but it fails to connect EVERY time saying there is an error. I have just submitted my forms again for the fifth time and if I get rejected again I’m just gonna go back to the agency that I went to last year because they know what they’re doing and how to do it right. I know what all I have to look for but this app isn’t helping me at all, it’s just wasting my time. Well, I was rejected again not long after I posted this review. I will never use this app or any affiliates again.

  • No different from going to a person

    by ComptonPZ

    The one and only benefit of using this app is that you’re doing it on your phone, so you don’t have to go out to an office. And, to be honest, you may as well go to an outside service. It isn’t free. They tell you it’s free. They give you an option to choose the free service. Then, when you’re at the last step of filing, the app tells you that you have to purchase a $60 upgrade. This upgrade gives you prompt access to your previous years tax returns and I’m really not sure what else. So, now with this “deluxe” service you’re forced to purchase, you have to pay for the previously free federal and state filings. How does that even make sense? I pay for an upgrade so that I can be charged for something you offered for free? And this isn’t the only package/upgrade it tries to sell you. I’ll never be using this service again and I’ll be telling people to skip it. At least when you go to a tax preparer your fees aren’t masked as specials.


    by Ccccss

    You guys didn’t guide me in the right direction whatsoever. My entire tax return got screwed up because it was so UNCLEAR what they actually needed. The Obamacare/medical insurance thing is such a crap show, it ruined my taxes completely and I had to amend with a different company. I’m extremely unhappy that TurboTax is going to automatically be taking $30 out my account next month because my federal never came in due to their crap service. I have no money to begin with. I’m on maternity leave without pay and you’re literally about to take half of what’s in my account for your mistake. I have an infant. I needed that return. You, As a company need to understand that there’s people that rely on their tax returns. Nobody has time for errors like this because you failed to disclose. I’m so disappointed. I’ve been using TurboTax for the last few years. Last year it failed me and this year it was a big FAIL again. Never again. There’s a reason why we lay good money for good taxes. Goodbye TT.

  • Shady. Last resort

    by dontgetattachedtotheporpoise

    I was super late filing my taxes this year and very stressed about it which is the only reason I used this. The app itself is fine but the marketing and ethics of this company are Shady as Hekk. Obviously the app is not free, it’s not designed to be free, and they will never let you file your taxes for free. I was prompted to purchase the Deluxe Package ($50+) to access a deduction and after I upgraded, I no longer qualified. And then I had to “upgrade” again for a deduction I actually expected to have. Altogether it cost me, a single, dependent-free, non-home-owning individual $144 to file. Plan ahead and do your taxes for FREE by hand. Or find a local company and pay a little extra for an accountant that might have an incentive to care about you. Or offer you real advice. Or move to a country where you don’t HAVE to file returns because the government tracks the data your employer sends them and you can just review their numbers at the end of the year and request corrections as needed.

  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD, A Simple Glitch Cannot be Fixed Until May?!

    by SeriousSally1

    I initially thought this app was a dream and encouraged friends and colleagues to use it. Well I take it all back, I am unable to electronically file my taxes all due to a glitch! I am unable to delete a single form on the site and after three days of four calls all over two hours long I’ve been told that software support will not be able to assist me until mid-May! Then they attempted to upsell me saying I should download the full version on my computer which “may resolve” the issue. But even that isn’t guaranteed. I have already paid for the DELUXE version of this app and I am unable to file my taxes! I am beyond furious and confused how I’d need to wait till May to be able to delete a single form. Do not bother to even try to get an estimate using that app, it’s inconsistent and might add an extra 10-15 hours to your filing process just to find out you cannot file at all. This app deserves less than a single star.

  • Stupid, unhelpful and all around a waste of time.

    by Derek Nathan

    I was excited at the idea of saving money this year instead of paying for a tax service. Instead I find myself having wasted most of an afternoon attempting to file my taxes for the first time this way. It’s supposedly supposed to be easy, pain free and FREE FREE as the commercials boast about. I cleared and restarted THREE times. I’ve had the same job for a couple of years now. I’ve always gotten money back for a refund. But this year thanks to TurboTax, despite having the same job and literally NOTHING changing, the app and its “100% accuracy” kindly informed me that for the first time ever, I OWED money to the government. $243 to be precise. The first time before I cleared was nearly $1,000 if you can believe that. But get this! Thanks to the accuracy and helpfulness of TurboTax, I’m STILL getting a refund. Can you guess how much? A whole whopping $16 refund! That’s almost enough to buy dinner. I will not be recommending this to anyone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and TurboTax is CLEARLY broken. I’m proud to say that if I could give this app a rating of zero, I would. A lot of people looking forward to getting there refunds to help with expenses. And at first YOU expect ME to pay nearly a months worth of pay TO the government? THEN you insult me by telling me my refund is only $16? When in the past it’s been considerably more than that with NO money owed. Ridiculous.


    by Jk5x5

    On Tv and Adds its a 4-5 Star add but it’s not!!! I got scammed after doing the work online and this has happen to other people too if you do the research, I filled threw turbo tax, took 20min, everything went good and seemed accurate, now for my returns I was suppose to get 1200 back, then I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going threw and not giving me information if it did so I let it be, then later I got a random email from “1800 tax team pro” thinking it’s from turbo tax and it wasn’t then got tricked from using another party that end up charging me 350$ to get my taxes. Because of lying Turbo Tax somehow 1800 tax team pros got my information from them then lured me into a wrong tax preparer which I rather go to a local preparer where I live that will charge me 80$ rather than 350$. Thank you Turbo tax for lying about being simple and cause of it I can’t get my full refund this year and now some random dude that lives 10 states away from me has most of my information.

  • Very Disappointing

    by NH Tax Payer

    I am a long term user of Turbo Tax and have been generally satisfied using either the cd-rom version or the online version. The latter is significantly more expensive than the former for the same basic tax form preparation, but it has prepared the form accurately. For 2017, I entered all data into the appropriate fields, checked the commas and decimal points, and completed the review. All through the process the tax bill was over a mIllion dollars (!) which I thought might be corrected after completing the final review. It was not corrected. A phone call to TurboTax failed to produce a corrective action or steps and I was told I would have to pay an additional fee to speak to a tax specialist. The person I spoke to could not explain to me how to clear all the fields so that I could start over, hoping that would get me to a completed, accurate return. TurboTax has failed to produce a user friendly, accurate tax preparation process. Very disappointing. I will not be back.

  • Stay away - bad math

    by ida wanna use a nickname

    I have an exceedingly simple return involving 1 person, 1 job, and one standard deduction of 12 grand that it very definitely did not apply. It's simple math. I won't trust a tax service that can't get that part right. But more telling is the response to the staggeringly varied types of customer complaints written in review of the app - and how those complaints are addressed - and not addressed by the developer. For example multiple people complained about being very obviously tricked or manipulated into paying for things they didn't need and hidden charges, but the developer always responds to these very valid complaints about shady business practices saying that the person should go to the Facebook page or get apple wallet. It reminds me of trump! Deflect! What about Hillary! I am confused as to how they do the ratings since so many people are giving this one star, yet it rates at 4. Must be the old version. Believe the many many negative reviews.

  • Unbelievable

    by Killer8972957

    I have used TurboTax for 7 years now. I will now NEVER use it again. I have never experienced Any problems until 2 years ago. Granted last year’s issue was a problem with the state, but TurboTax was unable to get around it and because of this, wanted me to pay $1,500 instead of refunding me a couple of hundred dollars. This year, I have moved to a different state. I worked in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and have just moved to California now. I completed all of my tax forms and tax breaks and everything. I always looked forward to using their “Free” service, but I was unable to do so this year because EVERY corner that I stumbled around was “UPGRADE TO DELUXE NOW” Of course I ignored every advertisement. But once I was about to File, I was prompted one last time and was told that I was Unable To Continue without upgrading to Deluxe due to an issue with my address. So I went through the whole Process of clearing all of my information and re-inputting Everything Manually to insure all of my information was correct. I get back to that page of TurboTax (on the app AND the website) and it gave me A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASON as to why I was unable to continue without upgrading to Deluxe. I quickly signed out, deleted the app, and came here to warn people not to use TurboTax because the whole thing is just designed to steal your money.

  • Disappointed with fees

    by N.Maglio

    App makes it out like everything will be cheap. Then ends up be $40 hear another $40 there because you have this form to file. That was sort of expected and they were up front about. I am really disappointed that I have been using this for years now and either haven’t realized or didn’t use this feature but this year I decided to pay for turbo tax out of my refund. This is a mistake! DO NOT DO THIS. It will cost you another $30-$40. So I expected $80 already not happy about that when just a few years ago it only cost about $30 to file. But now I’m charged an extra $40! just because I paid out of my refund and they do almost nothing to warn you of this I say almost because I assume it is in some fine print somewhere that no one reads. Guess we know who we can’t trust. Might have to give H&R Block a chance next year.

  • Just lost a customer

    by RayLBu

    My credit union I used for direct deposit on TurboTax e-file was closed before I received my refund I tried to explain this but they insist on twisting the information with my turbo card through green dot bank, long story short David passed me to Angela and she hung up on me, what kind of business do you expect with people that incompetent? I told Angela that the credit union said the deposit was rejected so it went back to green dot she said they do not transfer funds to my bank that the irs does so I said how do you deduct fees for your TurboTax service before I receive my refund “click” if you would recommend this service to your friends and family press one. I have used this service since 2015 and now you can bet I am ending everything at this point. By the way I e-filed in February and didn’t get anywhere with my refund until August so I will be first to say TurboTax is not quite the same anymore...

  • Can’t get it to work

    by Tchau1111

    So I was planning to use turbo tax to file my tax again for the 4th year. I don’t mind paying for the service because I do end up getting more money back. Some how this time around I try out the apps on the phone and everything seem to work like how I expected but when it comes to getting a live help, it takes about 10 mins to wait to get someone to help and than when it’s time for me to accepted it they say something wrong. I did this 3 times now and it’s all the same. So I decided to get a call back and of course 15 mins later they call me but again it disconnected me when I hit the number 4 like they said if I still need help. So now I’m thinking I need to go find me a different tax services and file with them since this is not going like they advertise. I’m willing to pay for the service but I’m not getting the full benefit like they say they have.

  • Free=$120

    by Kool-aid pro co

    Was free-had special form-cost $40 (later find out that’s a lie and they double charge you the $40, one time for fed one time for state)-get to payment options page, have choice of “pay with debit/credit card” or “take it out of my refund”........well one sounds way easier so of course I chose the latter, next thing I KNOW I’m at the final screen and it’s telling me I’m being charged another 40 F₩€/|NG DOLLARS FOR THAT OPTION AND IT DOESNT LET ME GO BACK AND JUST PAY WITH VISA... needless to say they’ve lost my business, I can understand $40 for having to file a schedule 3 along with having a 1099-R, but to then triple charge me and leaving me with the option of either biting this bitter bullet or using a different service, you’ve lost this customer (which I’m sure doesn’t matter as you lie in your ads to continue tricking people) but never will I ever recommend such a shady and thieving company to anybody, ridiculous

  • Bugs and Glitches

    by JohnyGatt95

    Turbo Tax . You app has entirely to many faults . People enter SENSITIVE person information on your have for their tax Returns which is a big deal . For your app to crash and constantly not let me in , or have me photographing the same w2 wondering why its not reading and just asking me for EIN all over again , or going back and forth between the “take me to my return “ screen and the “upgrade now “ screen . Is COMPLETELY unacceptable . We put out social security numbers in this app . If simple fixes are accuring with your apps after years being in business , how can i trust you with my personal information . Your app should be a full-proof iron system with minimal errors . I got to submit 1 thing and i cant even get back on the app . The screen stays white . GET ON YOUR A GAME TURBO TAXES Or i will not filing with you next year or ever again and i gravely recommend no one use your app .

  • What is wrong with these people

    by Shae2525

    So this is the second year im using this app. So they have all my information from last year. But because I didn’t want to pay $30 to file they made me write all my info out again. Which when I accidentally pressed the plus button. It had all my info in the right spots but because I didn’t want that it erased it all so I could write it again. That made no sense. In addition. They camera part they advertise on tv is aweful. I use Wells Fargo app to deposit checks so I know how to do it but I could not get this garbage app to realize a 4 is not a 9. Commas Becca me periods. 1,000 became 1.00. It’s not useless but they advertise it as a selling point and it’s barely helpful. Then once I finished all that I went to e-file. Said my number had to be 2 alpha or above. Apparently “3” is an unacceptable number for efile. Never could find out why that’s an issue.

  • TurboTax Poor Review

    by AntiTurboTax

    I am a first time customer of TurboTax. And in all honesty, this will be my last time using TurboTax. I signed up for the $20 manual set-up fee. But TurboTax never once mentioned the additional $40 I would have to pay to a 3rd party. Now every time I call. Whether it’s TurboTax, the IRS, Federal, or California tax return customer service number. I’m hit with an additional $66 fee, for God knows what. All I’m saying is, I’m not rich. I didn’t even make a big enough tax return salary to begin with. To be dealing with all this nonsense. I received my Federal, but not my California return. I’ve been given number after number to call, and I’m sick of it. I would rather have been told up front, about all the fees that I’m required to pay. Rather than find out about the substantial amount of money being taken out of my return by some money hungry individual.

  • Starting to get greedy like the rest..

    by hotsouthernmess

    Had to pay three fees this year - one to file my state return, one for a mandatory upgrade just because I had one insignificant 1099 form, and another to be able to have the fees deducted from my return instead of having to pay now. I find it very discouraging to have to pay so much in fees just for entering in one 1099 form. Having to pay $40 just for the option for the fees to be taken out of my return instead of having to pay on the spot is also quite ridiculous. That means I’m paying a $40 fee PLUS another $40 fee to pay that fee. The payment costs me as much as the fee? Insane. I’ve been an avid user for years but I’ll be moving my business to someone here in town next year. If I have to pay that much anyway, I might as well have a professional do it for me.

  • Was going to be a 4 star, but.....

    by stuck in tax limbo

    Each year it tells me to skip the state tax portion cause I live in New Hampshire and don’t qualify for it. This year it tells me again that I don’t need to but says I need to in order to finish taxes. The app then brings be back to fix state tax, doesn’t provide hardly any info, wants me to estimate a 2018 tax then says info is incorrect and to fix it again. This is a loophole that I have been stuck in since yesterday. No help from TurboTax cause there is no “Live help” as their commercials say. It’s run by automated software that best guesses your problem with a best guess answer. You’ll have better luck finding an answer by throwing a dart at a wall of answers then taking that dart and jabbing your forehead repeatedly. Oh, and don’t believe that TurboTax is free. In the end you’ll be paying around $80 for a typical 1040-EZ form.

  • Find a good tax person

    by quakie101

    Don’t put your full trust in a program. I just got married last year my wife and I did our taxes together and we were misinformed on how we should go about doing so with the app, and charged to use the program we had to file an addendum. Not thinking this was a huge deal it took almost took moving heaven and earth to get any answers. When we talked to a person from TurboTax they literally were reading off the internet things we already found. So we went to someone to help us with addendum and now instead of a return we owe thousands to the government. I cannot think of a time I have felt more cheated. Don’t trust an app over a real person with a degree. And do not get sucked into the marketing from this company, it might work for you fine but in the end it is just a program that will fail.

  • False Advertisement

    by Weekly optimism

    Don’t be fooled! You’ll see their commercials on TV with the slogan ending in “well at least your taxes are free”, but they’re not. I’m a college student and my taxes are simple and I barely make enough to cover rent so of course I’m going to choose them over another company who traditionally charge $40 for full service. Next thing I know Turbo Tax is charging me $40 then another $40 and then $30. Totaling up to $110 for doing my taxes. When I went back to find out how to not pay they wouldn’t allow me to move forward, so I called for two days and couldn’t reach a representative. I started all over and I noticed that I was being charged because they filed for federal and state taxes. So either or but not both? What! Then charging for efiling! Beware the propaganda they’re pushing is what President Trump would say is fake news.

  • Shocked

    by SaraMichelleRavira2016

    I’ve been using this app every year for the past 6-7 yrs and have had great success. It has always been pretty easy to answer the questions. This was was even easier. I was very happy, until I got to the end when it added the extra $44 dollars for Audit Defense that I never added. I even helped my son with his taxes and it did the same to him. He was very unhappy and said this app was dumb to charge him for something he never clicked on. I was very disappointed in the app this year. I see that they responded to my review and politely insulted me by letting me know it was completely optional. I can’t get it removed because I’ve already finalized it and that’s when I noticed the additional fee. I don’t think I’ll be using this app next year.

  • Expense creep and hidden fees

    by JM in NB

    I’ve used TurboTax forever and have always loved it. But I’m sick and tired of their expense creep, not applying discounts I’m supposed to receive and constantly trying to upsell me expensive add-ons I’ve already told them I don’t want. It sad to see a company that’s supposed to try to legally save you money unethically try to rip you off with fees and added expenses. And who’s know what they are making selling our information to 3rd parties. Maybe it’s time to move on this year. We had an H&R Block Pro do our taxes a few years ago, just dropped off our paperwork, and got, a much larger return than we’re used to getting with TurboTax. And for not that much more, guaranteed and hassle free. TurboTax & Intuit, shame on you for being greedy and making it harder, not easier, to do your own taxes!

  • Misleading

    by Keikoalisha

    Not sure why it is advertised as free if it charges you. Saw an add where it said federal AND date are free. I was charged for state. Don’t care to pay 40 to upgrade if needed. But I had to pay another 40 to file state too? And it is advertised as free. Then I paid ANOTHER 40 for them to take the money out of my refund. I’m sorry I don’t have $80 dollars sitting around for me to pay the charges right away, especially since for half of them I shouldn’t have been charged in the first place. Might as well have taken it to a tax place if I’m gonna spend that much getting them done. I have used turbo tax for years and I’ve never had issues but this year it was INCREDIBLY expensive for a company who keeps boasting about being “free.” I will research a different method to do my taxes next year.

  • I will never recommend this

    by TaxesonTaxes

    First year you file it’s free. They get all of your information and advertise that next year it will be much easier! Well, no. First of all you have to pay $30 for the Plus to even file at all if you’ve filed previously with them. Then by the end that $30 turns into $70 you have to pay just to file your taxes that I would have much rather filed at home for FREE. Complete rip off. Not to mention the app crashed on me 3 times so it took me 2 hours and 4 attempts to even make all of it happen. Don’t know how the camera option has been working for uploading everyone else’s W2s, but it completely entered all of my information wrong and they were still ready to submit it anyway. Complete waste of time. Next year I will be filing by mail.

  • Not happy

    by 804Tinkerbell

    I went through all the steps of entering my information just to find out that my “free” filing would end up costing me over $40! The only reason I considered filing with Turbo Tax was because they advertised free federal and state filing. The only concern was that I had contributed additional money towards my retirement plan that has to be filed with the “deluxe package” and I’m not able to even go through the final review until I do. Secondly, a message pops up saying there will also be additional fees for the state when upgrading! I feel completely duped and should’ve went with my first instinct of choosing another company. Now I have to go through the headache of filing all over again. Thanks again for the “free” filing.

  • Disappointed

    by Warzau1

    Like many I used TT religiously for years after leaving another tax software. This review has to do with the desktop version but it will touch on the same issues of price. The prior two years I had questions regarding my taxes. Nothing major but a clarification of a new tax law or wording. I had chosen the usually priced tax preparation level. Each time I was greeted with help and my questions were answered quickly and clearly that I could understand This year when I had a question about a wording I clicked the tax help and was surprised that I had to pay extra just to talk to someone. Even when years past it was included. With the new tax laws. This left me feeling very disappointed with the new pricing.


    by alice1435

    After filing my taxes with TurboTax for two years in a row I didn’t think they were a scam until I had to order a tax return transcript and noticed my name wasn’t even fully on there even though I received a pdf file of the taxes I filed with Turbo Tax that displayed my name correctly! Which means that the pdf file they display or the information you input will not be the actual data sent to the IRS! Also I went to the IRS to make sure it wasn’t their end that made the mistake and the guy assured me the error was made by the company I chose to file my taxes with so after trying to call turbo tax they demanded for like $30 before I could get assistance on the phone, like what type of company requires you to pay money to speak to a customer service representative?!?? SCAAAMMMMM!

  • Their email system is broken and can only pay with Apple Pay

    by Trever1234

    Their email system will only send the emails required to certain domains . Rather than fix the system , they put the burden on the customer to change their email after you’ve paid them . This is completely unacceptable from one of the world’s largest IT companies . Secondly, you only have two options to pay (can’t file the return until you do): Apple Pay or from your refund . If you aren’t getting a refund, that leaves only one option : Apple Pay . This forced me to go through a process which I had zero desire to do . Again, they trap you into this after you’ve already gone through the whole process . I’m extremely unsatisfied with TurboTax and intuit !!!!!

  • Buggy sign in

    by Peyu39

    Trying to login to the mobile app and am presented with a screen to update my password- cool. After changing it a pop up appears asking if I want to save my password in some password manager. Okay, why? I hit “continue”, I don’t want that, just update my password. The same pop up appears again, I hit “cancel”. It appears again. Fine, it’s forcing me to save it for some reason, I hit “save”. The pop up appears again! I can’t leave the screen, and I can’t update my password. Why was this added in the first place? Password managers are usually where the password is generated, why would I want to type it in turbo tax and copy it to the password manager? That’s so backwards and unnecessary. I’ll have to try another way to reset my password.

  • Awesome Interface but Scam-Link Feel Gets in the Way

    by Bermz36

    I was having a great experience using TurboTax...until the end when I found out I was being charged fees for my ‘free’ tax filing. I never knowingly selected anything that had a premium, so I was shocked to see a charge at the end. Sure enough, there was no way to remove the fee or to advance without paying that fee immediately. There is great potential for this app, but I will never use it again due to this awful experience where I felt scammed by TurboTax. To others, i say be wary of using TurboTax. You may think you’re only doing the free version, but you’ll find out later you unknowingly selected something that will add a premium. Nothing is straight and up front about the way TurboTax does business

  • What happened TurboTax?

    by Kimber&MooMoo

    I’ve used TurboTax ever since I started doing my taxes. I really didn’t make mind paying the $60 some odd dollars to have the plus and audit defense. I always paid for the fees with my return. Well this year they charge a $30 fee to have their charges taken from your tax return. I am so disappointed in TurboTax this year. I ended up filling to get it over with since I was pretty much already done and since I’m a college student I don’t have much spare time. I spent $100 on taxes this year, I’ve never spent that much! The only reason why I gave 2 stars is because the ease of filing was great but not worth $100. Sadly I’ll be ending my use of TurboTax and using something different for future taxes.

  • I wouldn’t recommend

    by Madbrig69

    I filed my taxes on the 9th of this month so I could reach the dead line! I filled out all the information and even set up for efile but for some reason I can’t! I tried to fix the problem but I can’t even get ahold of a real person to talk to over the phone!!!! Terrible customer service I even called back and got hung up on!!!! I tried amending my taxes I finished it and the app froze on me and for some reason now I guess I’m getting 0 dollars back for my taxes! Turbo tax gave me the hardest time! I thought it was supposed to be fast and easy well I guess not. Next time I’ll make sure not to file with you guys. I’ve had nothing but a bad day trying to get my taxes filled on your app! Also I never recieved ANY emails even after I filed

  • Very unsatisfied!

    by MattyRay84

    I’ve been using TurboTax for awhile. Always been happy with it. I’ve always had mixed income with W2’s and 1099. Never had any issues before. I’m a working artist and I need all the income I can get. This year however, they decided that in order to file a 1099 I had to pay $40 for their service. This is ridiculous. People with a 1099 generally don’t have much income and are generally artists. The fact that they won’t even process my taxes because I have a 1099 without paying $40 is ludicrous. I tried talking to someone and was told I had to pay $30 just to talk to someone. What kind of business works this way? Why do they feel it’s appropriate to charge someone for having anything but a W2? I will never use this system again.

  • Very Annoyed

    by Grapes2017

    Everything was fine when I got to the end to e-file. I sent it just to get an email telling me I’ve been rejected. I went back fixed what wrong mind you after telling where to look. I thought I fixed it. Sent it again, another email telling me I was rejected. I did this 3 or 4 times. I was willing to pay for the plus package with the understanding I could speak with someone if needed. The last rejection I decided to just mail it in. I thought what the heck I’ll pay $32 just for someone to tell me what I did wrong. BIG MISTAKE!!! The only thing I got help with was I was sent an email that was not helpful at all!! I couldn’t even speak with anyone on the phone. This maybe the last time I use Turbo Tax. I will not recommend them to anyone..

  • Frustrated!

    by balla29582010575

    I’ve used TurboTax for a few years now and I usually get through the process just fine. This year, it hasn’t been so easy. Towards the end of filing for my state taxes, I ran into a message saying I needed to fix one last thing then I can file and be done. I tried to go back and got another message saying “Schedule MN1C: Your return requires Schedule MN1C, Federal Adjustments which have not been finalized. Do not file this return until the upcoming release of TurboTax Maine.”. I tried to go back (I even started completely over) yet still run into this message. Why is says “Maine” when I’m filing in MN, I have no idea. If anyone knows any information about this message and/or what I need to do, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Poorly designed and frustrating process overall

    by 98104-Seattle

    Ended up paying almost $200 for services I neither wanted nor used. Was first pushed to select Self-employed online (because I needed to report one instance of car rental) for $137. Paid and decided to file later. 2 weeks later came back to file and software lost record of my payment and switched me to self-employed live. Support rep spent almost an hour trying to help, but couldn't get this product to work (service codes didn't work, couldn't link my payment back to my account, couldn't change my account back to online). I ended up paying $200 to file and a promise my previous payment will be refunded. Will I use or recommend Intuit software again? Hell no.

  • Can't get ahold of anyone

    by Zac duh

    Overall the app has been good however the last few days I've been trying to get ahold of someone for a specific question and I can't. "Connect to an expert" doesnt connect me to anyone and when it fails after like 10 minutes it asks if I want a call back. I say yes and then I either A: never get a call back or B: it pretty much says error try again later. If I go to the website to get help or "app support" in the app store it always brings me back to a page saying "log into app and connect with live person" which is impossible. Seems like they need a backup communication channel or a means to complain when it's not working. I guess it's ok though I only paid $50 for their services....

  • Fool me once

    by GrnImpact

    The app is beautiful and intuitive. Their software developers deserve high praise — all Intuit products do their job well. That said, I really, really hope TurboTax got all the money they need to keep themselves alive for 2020, because I predict a large portion of us that felt scammed this year won’t be coming back next year. We’ll probably be using HR Block or TaxAct. That’s right friends, the reviews are true. “Free” is naught but a lure; and once you’re in, it’ll be hard to get out. Expect to pay over $100 to file your taxes. It may be because you have student loans, or maybe you have to ask a TurboTax customer service rep a question: either way, the fees will pile up, and you won’t know it until the very end (literally — it’s not until the last few pages of filing that you see what you’re being charged for). TurboTax, please be more clear about what’s included and what’s not with included in “free”. It’s terribly misleading and frustrating. You’ve lost a customer and I will be letting everyone I know to beware.

  • Turbo Tax is horrible

    by Nate1554

    Every time I use turbo tax whether it’s online or in the app they tell me that I owe the state I work in money despite the state I live in being reciprocal with the state I work in. They also constantly tell me that I need to upgrade because of my “special tax situation.” I don’t have any special tax situation because I work one job and have no rental properties that earn me income and don’t qualify for any special tax breaks. I’ll just fill out the paper forms and send them in the mail to their respective destinations. No matter what turbo tax tells you nothing is free with them. The will bs you into paying them and don’t actually offer a free filing service. Doing taxes on paper is much easier and a lot quick than this garbage program.


    by Ohmyjeasuus

    TurboTax is absolutely infuriating to use!!! I spent a good 30 minutes just trying to GIVE THEM MY MONEY so I could just LOOK AT my 2016 documents, but every link or button or ANYTHING that FALSELY CLAIMED to provide the information or instructions on how to F*#^ing PAY was just a dead end and didn’t ACTUALLY lead you to any way to pay for the Deluxe!!! Will never use this terrible app or your website or desktop version because it’s literally causing me to have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE for how irritating it is to try to find a simple answer!!! I really tried to give you my money turbo tax to the point that I was about to throw my phone across the room, but you obviously didn’t want it and only made an app for the purpose of wasting my time!!

  • Credibility?


    Not sure how credible this service really is. I’ve heard both great and awful things about turbo tax, so I figured I’d give it a try. But the only issue I’ve having is even though I’m entering everything to the dot (app is explanatory and pretty easy to use so that’s why I gave it two stars), I feel like somewhere I’m being screwed out of what my refund should be. I’ve made double the money I did than the 2017 year, haven’t done anything different that would affect my taxes, yet turbo tax is saying my refund should barely be half of what I got last year. No thanks 👋🏼 I’ll just pay the little money it costs me to get them done by a professional.

  • Untruthful in the beginning

    by alizabethtasha

    I spent about a hour and a half filing my taxes. I chose the deluxe which is an extra $40. It says it includes state taxes as well. Once I was finishing my total I as $80. They charge me an extra $40 for state. Ok fine. But I was got to the last click and they did a total and because I chose to take the fee out of my tax refund, they CHARGED ME ANOTHER $40. A total of $120. At this point, I don’t want to start over or go back because it’s 12am and I just want to go to sleep and afraid if I go back I can lose everything. I did file with them last year and was pleased. But because they pulled this, next year I most definitely will not. And will definitely not recommend them as I have before.

  • Waste of money and time

    by mass mind

    I started using this app because I heard it was a quick way to get your taxes done. I took a chance on it this year and my taxes were not filed correctly and I was charged $80. That was around $40 for my federal return and my state return each. This app advertises quick easy service and guarantees it will make sure to double check that all your tax information is filed correctly, but it has actually made the process a lot harder and longer. Now my taxes won’t be coming back to me for another month and a half and while my original filing date was a month ago. I strongly advise seeking an actual person to do your taxes rather than this faulty software.

  • Hidden fees not free at all(overcharged)

    by (:)-)

    Being my first time using this app it was easy, I watched a commercial about it being free and at the end they tell me that I have to pay $76 dollars and depending the method of payment they charge you more. But the fact that they first wanted to charge me $116 but I change my method so I only have to pay $76 but when i check my card I got charge much more. This is a great app for file tax but I don’t trust it no more, it made me feel used and scammed, why all the hiding fees where do they come from, and why can you be straight and give a ultimate price from the beginning instead of tricking people. It is not even about the Money it just feel wrong, tricks and hidden fees.

  • Terrible for military

    by Brannyboi

    I am stationed at fort polk and this app forced me to file for Louisiana and Illinois,(my hone of record.) Because of this I had to pay about 120 dollars more. When you’re in the military you only pay for home of record taxes. Instead of doing my taxes free through the army, which I should have, I chose to use this app, because I thought it would be quicker. 2 months later I am still waiting on my refund, which I think may have to do with how I claimed I owe Louisiana nothing. You would think this app would be a bit more aware of how military members file taxes. If you’re military, just use the free onpost tax peeps. It’ll take longer but at least you won’t owe and have to wait for your money.

  • AGI is incorrect

    by Michele Sargent

    We have used TurboTax to file our taxes for mine and my husbands returns as well as our daughter for years. . Filed this year and it says my daughters AGI is incorrect for last years return. It NEVER asked us for this information, TurboTax used our records to fill in this amount. The IRS has rejected her return because of this. When I try to access her 2017 return, TurboTax wants us to PAY 50 dollars to access her information. Why is it incorrect???? Why can't we access her last year return??? The information BELONGS to our daughter, and we SHOULD NOT have to pay for her information THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE STORED CORRECTLY!!!! We are NOT going to pay TurboTax for THEIR SCREW UP.

  • Student loans? Look elsewhere

    by rsvlswimx3

    I have used TurboTax since 2009, and this year when filing I was informed that “due to tax law changes” I would have to pay for the $40 deluxe version to deduct my student loan interest. I have been able to do this without any issues in the past, and claiming that an extra page for a 1040 requires not just the plus version but the most expensive version to do so is insane. I don’t have any other reason to use the deluxe version. I went with a different tax software this year, and I have been sure to let everyone know my experience with how this company has decided to treat its customers.

  • Not user friendly

    by Edge2sharp

    Went thru thru the whole return process. Paid and everything. My federal was accepted but state says started. What does that even mean? I can’t even click on anything to even get to my state return. I was under the understanding that I got everything in. I read that federal has to be accepted first and it is so why isn’t state saying pending instead of started. You guys need to explain things better. It’s so hard to even try to get to your returns after they are submitted. I have used turbo tax the last 4 years and I don’t remember it being so glitchy and complicated and they don’t explain what’s going on.

  • Double charges if you pick to pay with your return

    by wildflowers-

    It would have been nice if you would let your customers know when you’re going to do shady crap and charge them twice for something. You have the option to pay off my return, I thought no problem whatever. You did not let me know until after I filed that I was getting charge $80 because I chose this option. I probably wouldn’t have cared and still just let you take it out of the return. It’s the fact that you didn’t inform your customer. It says a lot about a company when they’re not transparent about what they’re charging before hand. I will be filing a complaint with the irs.


    by Luis Kingtero

    I did my tax through turbo tax, payed 150$ which I don’t really care about. WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT, is waiting 3 weeks .! To receive a letter from the IRS saying I needed to verify my identity, so I called and what do they say .? TURBO TAX CHANGED THE ROUTING NUMBER AND ACCOUNT NUMBER ON YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION, so I spoke with the manager over the phone and since it’s AGAINST LAW they mailed my return in check through mail and said I’ll have to wait 6-9 weeks to receive it. So 3 weeks a waste of time. THEY ACCEPT YOUR APPLICATION BUT YOU MUST WAIT TO BE APPROVED ( That’s the catch line ) IF YOU KNOW A PERSONAL ACCOUNTANT. GO TO THEM. It will save you time and money. Huge disappointment. NO HELP FROM THEM. THEYRE RUDE OVER THE PHONE AND TELL YOU TO VISIT THE WEBSITE AS A WAY OUT. My tax guy charges me 100$ and it’s in MY ACCOUNT 2 WEEKS MAX

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Bobby Chadwick

    Scam!!! Cant file without "upgrading"!! I will file myself. I will never use this program again!!

  • by William Jones


  • by Terry Ekern

    Some how my taxes weren't right. Went from $2300 - Nothing. I called n called with no help from turbotax.

  • by Rainy Day

    Upgrading to view a prior year is too confusing. Please make it simple by supplying a simple upgrade icon wothout having to manuever through so many tabs. Plus give the ability to UNSELECT when the wrong upgrade choice is made, please do not gray the selections out so we can correct theupgrade choice. If that were fixed on this app, i would give 5 stars. To me, these "bugs" give it a one star. Plus my time of 2 days spent trying to do something which shoulf be simplier. And 2 long phone calls.

  • by Christopher Cossio

    Fails to mention that you need a special paid online account and you cant use TurboTax free file

  • Just lost a customer

    by RayLBu

    My credit union I used for direct deposit on TurboTax e-file was closed before I received my refund I tried to explain this but they insist on twisting the information with my turbo card through green dot bank, long story short David passed me to Angela and she hung up on me, what kind of business do you expect with people that incompetent? I told Angela that the credit union said the deposit was rejected so it went back to green dot she said they do not transfer funds to my bank that the irs does so I said how do you deduct fees for your TurboTax service before I receive my refund “click” if you would recommend this service to your friends and family press one. I have used this service since 2015 and now you can bet I am ending everything at this point. By the way I e-filed in February and didn’t get anywhere with my refund until August so I will be first to say TurboTax is not quite the same anymore...

  • No access to files

    by Waxmanak

    Downloaded app to get access to my filed returns. Each time I login it says I need to go online and can’t use the app, logs me out. Worthless.

  • This app doesn’t deserve any stars

    by sierradactyl

    I downloaded the app because the website was giving me trouble. Funny enough, the app was having the exact same issue. If you need to edit or delete a portion of your tax return, good luck! Not to mention how they pride theirselves on being “free” “free” “free” That’s just to get your attention. After taking the time to enter all of your information you will be surprised by a fee ranging anywhere from $80-$300 That’s like half my tax return! I don’t even have a livable income and they’re trying to take from me. This app makes filing your taxes far more stressful than it already is. You’d think they would take their scamming profits and invest it in a decent app. When Candy crush functions better than your dang tax app, you have a problem.

  • Trash

    by 👉🏽🚪

    They’re trying to charge me $104.98 to get my taxes!!!!!

  • Disgraceful

    by Proximo Danda

    While the software is good, I’m morally done with TurboTax after they successfully lobbied a bill that the government would not produce free tax filing software/services which would have helped millions of lower income people save money to get there money back from the government. It’s high time people put there money where their mouth is. Don’t use TurboTax. You’d save a lot more money over 1 or 2 years by taking a basic tax preparation class and doing it manually.


    by Samthediva

    I usually file with H&R Block but decided to see if this would be a nice software. It was not and I paid for the deluxe only to wait 6 weeks for the IRS to send of an additional form that I had not been prompted to fill out. I will continue to use H&R Block. Their process doesn’t allow things like this to happen. I wish that I were prompted.

  • .CROOKS !!!

    by ixisksks

    Crooks !!!! The people who work inside who release the debit cards for your refund in green dot bank the employee are stealing your information and spending your money.. let me break down how the do it ... it’s not just one person it’s a group of employees. They print the card and save the info with your personal information and the same day your refund or payment hit the account the start spending your money and it’s mainly happen in Illinois Pennsylvania , be careful.

  • Complete SCAM!

    by Chicagoproud

    I was just charged $16p when they told me I could file everything for FREE! That is not the case. If anyone was charged I urge you to dispute this with your bank! They are a scam company and I will never, ever use them again! I also urge you to get them to a 1 star. I’m sick of these mega companies preying on the poor! I’m nearly homeless and now this! It’s time to take to the streets and hold these companies accountable!

  • Turbo tax screwed me

    by Y3ssir83

    I filed my taxes with turbo tax, they were supposed to deduct payment from my tax refund, a month or so later They charged my account for the payment leaving my account -$90.00, I never gave them permission to charge my account anything the only reason they had my info was to deposit my refund, had they sent me a bill I would’ve paid it after I got paid but instead they screwed me on my off week, so all in all, poor communication poor customer service and absolutely no consideration for people I would give zero stars if it were possible

  • Repugnant

    by on tye spot repair


  • Fake app

    by Pun S

    They just take the money for nothing all we have to do I filed my tax with this app but got nothing so this is fake.

  • Disappointing

    by cortez212

    I am very frustrated,I have all of the correct information and it is not allowing me to file my W2 Forms and I need assistance and no one is answering for help:(

  • Terrible

    by ksm097

    I filed my tax return on January 28th and have yet to receive my return. Every time i check my status it still says "you're return is still being processed". Never using this again...

  • I’m so mad at turbo tax

    by 2(67$?$'n

    They are no help I called irs they said that they never got my taxes I will never do this ever again and they want to much money to help u I’m very disappointed wish I never ever did it this way I should’ve went to a tax place my self

  • Wow sad

    by chach1988

    So this will be the third time if used this for my taxes and every single yr I don’t see anything back and I never wanted the package that cost 82 .the deluxe cost me and I didn’t want it when I called to see why after all this time I had to pay out of pocket. The way I understood is they took out the money from ur taxes. I will never use this for my self my family or the friends I had using it. It a joke and so it customer service.

  • Con Job... beware

    by mcmontegue

    Beware, although they’ve made a deal to offer a free service in connection with IRS, they do ABSOLUTELY everything within their power to keep it from you. I earned well under 30k and a simple 100$ 401k retirement payment had them charge me for the deluxe edition, wiping out entirely my retirement of the year in state and federal filing fees. A phone call reversed nothing.

  • Too confusing

    by Abdjnru

    This app cost too much to be this confusing.

  • Horrible Service.

    by Ant.sphinx

    I absolutely HATE turbo tax. Their customer service barely speaks English and they are rude. They give you the wrong information by giving the customer information that they think is right instead of telling me what they know or can do. I will file my taxes through another party next year. I had the worst experience.

  • So obnoxious

    by kat435628&

    I’ve used Turbo Tax for years and never had an issue. This year, I purchased a desktop version and used the same email address, but it apparently created a new account so now I have to pay $80 to get my old returns (I’ve used turbo tax for the past 6 years). I could deal if that was the only issue, but the website and app are nearly impossible to navigate. I am a tech savvy late 20/early 30 something and trying to get my 2017 return without simply seeing “you need to pay” has been a nightmare. It’s the most infuriating thing I’ve ever dealt with. I’ll use a real person next year. I hope you lose plenty more business, Intuit turbo tax.

  • Free? Pfft

    by % Faon %

    I did my taxes on this app some time ago around march But i would have filed them when i got my paperwork from my work area you wanna know why? That is because i had to pay money ............. yeah shocker........ i had to pay in order to finish my taxes/file! And of course since some on else took my refund (personal problem) you intuit Yeah you intuit decide to put me in the negative in my bank account when you should have gotten it from my refund like the other people did now i am very close to breaking a promise that has to do with depression So thanks for making my life a living hell! And taking from me and making sure that i am nothing buy money in your eyes i never thought i would have to break my promise just for taxes Or for that matter never telling me that you are going to have to bill me directly a warning would have been nice and CIVIL So we could have avoided this issue if you actually treat people LIKE people not numbers on a screen and treat us/me like money cows

  • Mass confusion

    by Xxzztiupppoihvvttttggffssjj

    Got our state returns right away. Waited on federal returns and we were told they were on the way. Did not show up when we were told. Tried to call the helpline and were sent in circles between them and the IRS. Come to find out they mailed it instead of EFile that we signed up for and got our state returns by. No notice that there was a problem but we were charged an additional fee for mailing it. Not happy with my first experience. The helpline was absolutely worthless.

  • Never got my refund


    Did my taxes on turbo tax this year. My refund was accepted in 2 days and the refund was in the way that quick, but I NEVER GOT MY REFUND IN THE MAIL! I called support and they bounced me around for a while and said “we’ll resend it”, never got it.

  • Never using turbo tax again

    by tix86

    After having the customer service guy named Romero laugh in my face and treat me like I was idiot I lost my cool. Although the lady I talked to after him (my connection was “lost” while I was being transferred) was extremely kind, I will never use Turbo Tax again. I did not know I had student loans in default, as I am in school now but pay out of pocket. I did not receive a direct deposit (clearly since I am no longer directly receiving my refund) but was still charged a $50 fee in addition to all the other fees. So essentially I paid $50 for absolutely nothing as I did not receive a direct deposit. As I was explaining this to Romero he laughed at me and kept repeating “you chose to do this”. Apparently you’re not paying to have a direct deposit but paying to pay Turbo Tax at a later date. They word it different to trick you so they can still collect the $50 fee for the pure nothingness they did. I paid $130 for ME to do my OWN taxes. I will use H&R Block next year and go in person. Reliable, helpful company. They are cheaper, they don’t trick you, and you have someone educated doing your taxes. There are no complications or additional fees. I used turbo tax a few years back (multiple times, never was it this terrible). Please trust me when I say, stay away! Turbo Tax is awful and overpriced now!!

  • No money

    by Cheekybootys

    Where is my money 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • The worst.

    by Kev503

    Single worst experience I’ve endured as a customer for any company or service. Can’t speak for anyone else tho.

  • Scam

    by steve_delao

    They hid additional filing options that would’ve allowed low income individuals to file for free. Absolutely ridiculous, deleting immediately. Seems like profit is priority.

  • Will not finalize free return

    by omg305

    Will not complete the final 3 steps in filing 2018 tax return. The wheel just keeps spinning and spinning. I’ve been trying to complete the return for over an hour now.

  • Terrible

    by MissV_3

    If you run into a problem don’t bother looking for a number to call. YOU MUST PAY for technical support and that is not cheap! Even then, there’s no guarantee they can help you and you’ll end up having to mail your return to the IRS.

  • Never Again

    by Frozen Gears

    I’m missing 300 dollars not 30

  • Turbo Tax is great!!

    by whoreallycaresanyway

    Simple, easy, and fast! But it’s buggy. Couldn’t complete my taxes because Turbo Tax wouldn’t let fix some simple issues so I filed with H AND R BLOCK and they were great!!

  • Trash

    by itsyaboidylan10

    They took $163 from me, don’t use them.


    by rabjob6927


  • False advertising not Free

    by Sith101

    Going with another tax service that will be free instead of getting bait and switch with TurboTax.

  • left me it a lurch


    doesn’t bother to tell you what you’ll need to e-file before you give up all your information but MAKES SURE TO CHARGE YOU BEFORE IT TELLS YOU THAT YOU WONT BE ABLE TO E-file. the poster child for the need for negative stars

  • Shady Company

    by pws5068

    Surprise pricing. And they lobby to keep the tax code complex. This is the most morally bankrupt company on the planet.

  • From Free to “Free”

    by Just done..

    Done taxes through TurboTax for the last several years, no fees or minimal. Not to forcing a “Premium” service I didn’t sign up for and doesn’t do anything for me. Which ends up costing 120 dollars, then to go back through the filing to see where I fixed up the premium service to say now it cost 209 dollars to file (both Federal and State). I’d absolutely advise against this service at this point. There are other alternatives, both mobile and it’s sad that it cost less to meet someone in person at this point.

  • Go to H&R Block

    by smokeinabong

    You only get help if you pay extra.

  • Don’t use this app!!!

    by stich888

    This is the WORST thing you can do to file taxes. They advertised everywhere that it was free. I filled out all my information myself for me to find out until the very end that I needed to upgrade. Then a $49 fee was added at the end for basically copying & pasting everything from federal to state. At the very end, another $49 fee was added, which wasn’t very clear what is was for. It costed an additional $49 if I wanted to talk to someone for help. This is insane!! Just go to your local tax person! I’m more bad about the fact that I wasted time to fill out everything only to find out in the end it was going to cost me $200 to file when I have a simple W2 form!

  • I don’t recommend this app to anyone

    by bmania72

    My first go around with turbo tax what a shame .... they clearly make it so that everything is automatic which is great until u wanna talk to an actual representative about why it only gave a deluxe version and did not in any way shape or form show me I could pay only 40 bucks for the cheaper version y’all just lost a customer and when I was asking the customer service person he tried just blaming it on me u guys are full of it

  • Works

    by cfanaic

    It works, but it’s important to remember that Intuit spends millions of dollars in lobbying to fight any effort to make filing taxes easier. In fact, they do everything in their power to make the tax code more complicated, thus requiring average citizens to buy Turbo Tax in order to do their taxes, which makes Turbo Tax a scam. Crony capitalism and corruption at its finest.

  • Bad business

    by Doc 10ghk

    Bad business . Fraud

  • Customer service calls take forever

    by BPSK600

    They like to take your money but when you want a product refund they don’t like to give it back and try everything to convince you to keep the service and won’t give you a refund unless you beg for it, the customer service line puts you on hold forever too

  • Shady. Last resort

    by dontgetattachedtotheporpoise

    I was super late filing my taxes this year and very stressed about it which is the only reason I used this. The app itself is fine but the marketing and ethics of this company are Shady as Hekk. Obviously the app is not free, it’s not designed to be free, and they will never let you file your taxes for free. I was prompted to purchase the Deluxe Package ($50+) to access a deduction and after I upgraded, I no longer qualified. And then I had to “upgrade” again for a deduction I actually expected to have. Altogether it cost me, a single, dependent-free, non-home-owning individual $144 to file. Plan ahead and do your taxes for FREE by hand. Or find a local company and pay a little extra for an accountant that might have an incentive to care about you. Or offer you real advice. Or move to a country where you don’t HAVE to file returns because the government tracks the data your employer sends them and you can just review their numbers at the end of the year and request corrections as needed.

  • Bull

    by bbfrhb

    Wasted an hour of my life just to find out I have to upgrade because I contributed to a HSA. I’ll find another app, thanks

  • Public scam

    by Shogun9000

    The app is advertised as free but it wouldn’t let you file unless you pay for federal and state. What a scam that’s supported by the irs.

  • Frustrated & Disappointed

    by Dondizzle26

    This is not right. I filled my taxes for 2017 went great & no issue. Filed my 2018 and saying I owe money from Federal tax. I’m single and claimed ZERO. I paid $104 to complete my files and I want my money back and fix my income tax files. I would never file my tax this app again NEVER!!

  • “Free”

    by FreshAsaMinT

    How are you going to advertise “free” yet charge people close to 100$ not going to use turbo anymore everyone should read up on consumer affairs this is very scammy, will gladly accept your payments when they trick you into upgrading but when you decided you don’t want to pay close to 100$ for an easy tax return they say sorry no refunds. Will not be using anymore

  • Stay with H&R

    by MadX93

    Just bad, the worst

  • One of the worse apps I've ever used

    by Idontdrinkwater

    Yeah everything's great on the surface until the app starts making decisions for you, I clicked on the tax home tab when it decided it would auto file my taxes without me approving it or even added a w2 yet and now I'm gonna receive $0. Thanks for that


    by Bornofmayasosiris

    Absolute garbage app, can’t get anything done without getting asked 16 times the same question without it moving on to the next part. Thought filing my taxes would be easier but no absolutely not do not download this app

  • No real people to help

    by Chin.doll_7

    This service has a computer doing all the talking and it’s impossible to get live help. I will not be using this company next year.

  • Frustrating experience

    by SLC.Knight

    This app is extremely frustrating. I entered some of my information, and moved on. Later on I needed to update previously entered information, the app wouldn’t allow me to go back. The app would process the review and take me to where I could only file my taxes. I had to clear and enter my information again. I also found the filing fees expensive. I will try something else next year.

  • Ddd

    by dwfinisher

    Would of given the app more stars but they advertise free free free but charged me $60 for federal $45 for state and then charged me another $40 to be able to take it out of my return, none of this was brought up until you were committed to hitting the final e file button right at the end

  • It’s terrible

    by kev4444444444444444

    It was taking me no where

  • Terrible app

    by ZT46

    Went from free to 250 dollars before I knew it

  • Free!?!

    by ilikemusic do you?

    Not free. They forced me to upgrade or wouldn’t file. I lost money using this.

  • NOT FREE. Not even close.

    by SaraLee3

    False advertising up the wazoo. Everywhere you look they have “free free free” banners. Pretty much the only thing you can do for free is give them your email address. Once you get going in the process, and it’s too late to turn back, every other step is $50 here and $50 there. For the money they want, I’ll just pay a real human to do these for me. Never using Turbo Tax again.

  • I wouldn’t recommend

    by Madbrig69

    I filed my taxes on the 9th of this month so I could reach the dead line! I filled out all the information and even set up for efile but for some reason I can’t! I tried to fix the problem but I can’t even get ahold of a real person to talk to over the phone!!!! Terrible customer service I even called back and got hung up on!!!! I tried amending my taxes I finished it and the app froze on me and for some reason now I guess I’m getting 0 dollars back for my taxes! Turbo tax gave me the hardest time! I thought it was supposed to be fast and easy well I guess not. Next time I’ll make sure not to file with you guys. I’ve had nothing but a bad day trying to get my taxes filled on your app! Also I never recieved ANY emails even after I filed

  • Not very nice

    by 1111al7777

    I created an account and it won’t let me in, I won’t be coming back because it won’t send an email to me or my phone number or anything Seems to be poorly set up

  • S C A M!!

    by ChristineXfab

    I went to fork my taxes and it asked my if I wanted deluxe, I said no and went to checkout, I check the bank account and it charged me 59.99 more!! So I tried to contact them and explain there’s something wrong with the site and I needed my money back, but because it was already filed they refused to refund me even though it was a site error and when I asked to them girl a complaint because I didn’t want anyone else to gee falsely charged, she hung up on me! Now I’m just out of $60, customer service is terrible and it’s a scam

  • Some snakes

    by JU👁CE

    Deadass turbo tax is that grime you pick up along the way, they advertise yo we can get your taxes done for free. P.s. jk lol there’s actually only like 5% of you that get free taxes cuz most of yours have special shot you need to pay for. And we only tell you this at the very last step to the process because you can’t actually file your taxes any other way by that point. So $200 of my taxes later they’re done. Sick. It’d be dope if I learned to this in school.

  • Wish I could give it 0

    by Lumosity~lover

    Turbo tax tried taking over 80% of my refund and had me clicking through the same 10 screens in circles over and over don’t bother just find a professional it’s easier than you think

  • Extreme Pay Walls and straight up scums.! But good U.I.

    by Mexicano415

    Let’s get this straight, the app has one of the best User Interfaces I’ve ever encountered, but their way of getting more money out of you is absolutely disgusting. Besides pay walls for certain tax credits and brackets. The one that got me writing this was them charging you an extra 41.90$ for not paying with your credit card. Absolutely unfortunate to those who do not have enough funds in their checking account but don’t you worry “TurboTax always has your back, why don’t you pay with your refund and we’ll only charge you 40$.” P.S. TurboTax we can work something out just email me.

  • Poor Support After You File

    by Cljmccarty

    I needed to file an amended return. First I had to pay to do so and it took me an hour and a half just to figure out how to pay without filing a 2018 return. Then I had a pdf doc (they can’t use the pdf doc you save when you file) and tried to download their tax doc format to amend and spent another hour and a half and was unable to do that. I spent a heck of a lot of money to be unable to file an amended return. Very unhappy with the inability to get help through this issue.

  • Deceptive pricing and advertising

    by Iceyice$

    Claims to offer free tax filing but makes you pay $100+ to complete a simple HSA form that is very common these days. I would happily pay for this software and app but not $100 and I don’t appreciate the bait and switch tactics.

  • Disingenuous company

    by fpdavis4

    Waits until after you fill out everything to then charge you way more than advertised.

  • Porqueria

    by angel d rivera


  • Not working. Useless!

    by White374662626

    When I launched it for the first time, it was asking me to update browser settings (come on; I am using your app on iPhone. It has nothing to do with a browser. Why would I need to update internet explorer???). There was an option to skip this update but when pressed it closes and brings back the same screen to update browser settings. I closed the app and tried to re-opened it multiple times. It just comes up with white screen( nothing at all on the screen, just white). I waited for minutes, nothing is loading. Useless app!!!

  • Mandatory expenses

    by Zack Krupp

    I file because it’s supposed to be free federal like it has been the last 2 years. Now it forced me into a $44.99 payment for each state and told me on the last step. Will never use again.

  • Free my Butt

    by Roni8888

    Used to be free now there is a fee. They seem to be practicing some shifty wording. Our relationship is over. I’m done.

  • Penny-pinching hidden fees

    by Knoettgen

    Even if you are good at opting for all of the free options, there are so many hidden fees. Or it won’t let you file your insurance unless you pay. I ended up with almost $200 in fees alone. I could have had someone do my taxes for me for less.

  • Poor quality !

    by keyblademasterfaith

    Easy to file taxes but then super hard to get any assistance !!! Literally the help chat will be like what do you need , tell it, you sure you don’t want to research an answer or post it , yes I’m sure. Okay is this what you need Help with ? Yes and repeats it over and over ridiculous.!

  • So dissatisfied

    by CVilla333

    Very disappointed. They constantly say it’s free till the end and they want to charge you 60 dollars to submit . No !!!

  • Taking advantage of student loan payers

    by Brownies9

    Stop charging us to get a deserved tax break, and give us the option to remove it without totally starting over if you’re forcing us to buy it with a 1098-e. We’re poor, we don’t have 60 dollars for Deluxe and 45 for State when we’re barely getting a refund to begin with. Crappy way to get a buck.

  • The only reason we have to file taxes is because turbo tax lobbied to stop the IRS doing it for us.

    by The last watershufflelow

    Turbo tax is the reason we have to file our taxes. Take your money anywhere else.

  • Horrible

    by Cary_156

    Go to other companies they’re cheaper and better.


    by Horirae

    Thanks for lying to me and taking a bunch of my hard earned money when your company swears up and down that it’s free. I tried to start over MANY times and it didn’t work. Who wants to keep starting their taxes over and over so they are free like you advertise? What a scam


    by Anonymous pizza addict


  • Misleading

    by The super blur

    They advertise heavily about being free but I feel like it’s misleading because they stir you toward paying I personally can’t find a way to complete my taxes on this without paying over $100 unless I’m missing something that’s well hidden I would like it more if they were just upfront with what they are doing don’t bs me with this free sh*t

  • They’re making me do it by mail

    by luna ephraim

    Used to be a good service I’m going back to h and r block

  • Scam.

    by Laoidfjnfkd

    Not free, no 100% guarantee refund. Steer clear. It’s a fraud. I couldn’t finish filing through them and will have to pay to go elsewhere but now they still get to pull money from my taxes for attempting to use their app. Yay.

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TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

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