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TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

Intuit Inc

Snap a photo of your W-2, answer simple questions, then e-file taxes securely

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

63.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • At first it was the surprise price but now it’s the help support

    by TheJakeRate

    Trying to get answers to the prices by using the SmartLook feature they have for the first time. Terrible service. The first time I called the person hung up right away. Second time I got a guy named David, and he only asked for my email and number then hung up at random. I got an email saying that my case number has been closed. TurboTax was acting like my issue was resolved. But it never was. It’s like I only explained the problem to David and he just listened and did nothing. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me. I’ve never experienced this type of Customer Service in a long time. I got hung up on in less than 2 minutes within two calls from the SmartLook feature on TurboTax. A feature that they advertise on TV as a helpful tool. That’s scary if you ask me. Because this thing doesn’t work. TurboTax you should be ashamed of yourself as a company. If this is how your service is I’m doubting you’ll even be bothered to see my honest survey that you had no problem sending me very quickly. But since I see you responding to people on the review app feel free to keep reading because here’s my survey: You didn’t answer my question, the person didn’t have his face shown, he didn’t help me at all or reach out to me after the fact (even though I gave him my number), and no I would not recommend this to my family, friends, employees, heck my worst nightmare.

  • by Jay Jaska

    I've filed with TurboTax for six years now, but this year they've added hidden fees that aren't communicated to you until the very end (including forcing you to upgrade to Plus for certain deductions, and an additional $39.99 fee for paying for the fees with your refund). The app itself is quite functional and easy to use, but seems like they're charging you for it now and continuing to advertise it as free.

  • Annoyed, frustrated, disappointed

    by Tippadee

    The last two years I had to have my taxes prepared elsewhere, but for more than a decade before that, I used TurboTax and was always really happy at the ease, convenience, and minimal cost, so I didn’t think twice about returning this year! TurboTax used to cost $0 to maybe $40 a couple of years ago. Now the service they advertise in this app as “free” cost me $125 total (although they have not presented me with a receipt or a way to verify this as of yet, so who know what it will be down the line!). The worst part is they weren’t open about the charges along the way or remind you of your costs or what certain tools you have to purchase, so if you work on and return to your return, good luck remembering why you’re being charged for anything! They also don’t openly present alternative cheaper methods, they present the option like you don’t have a choice while still advertising FREE (I did not want, need, or choose PREMIUM SERVICES but somehow ended up paying $40 for it), they don’t let you change your mind or adjust your “order”, and I still don’t have a receipt to verify anything, nor is the information present in the app to verify. Proceed with extreme caution. EXTREMELY disappointed with the cost of TurboTax this year and will think twice about using them in the future.

  • by Casey Barton

    I've never been able to use this app. it will not let me sign in. I am assuming it's because it doesn't ask for my 2 factor authentication, but you would think they know about this but just don't care. Either way, it's useless if I've never been able to log in. YES, I can log into the site no problem.

  • by A Google user

    Forgot my password for last year so I made a new one for the same account. TurboTax instead made an entirely new account instead of replacing the password. now I have two turbotax accounts with different years because of their stupid app. don't bother.

  • TurboTax is going downhill

    by Sarah R 2018

    I originally used TurboTax in 2015. It followed by the IRS saying my information was obtained and steps to follow. From talking with other individuals and research, it sounded like this happened to TurboTax users. I switched to a different company, TaxAct, to complete my 2016 taxes. I returned to TurboTax in 2017 as it sounded like more security was in place and they had the flexibility of mobile filing. For someone who doesn’t have a working computer, this was a great option! Unfortunately, upon filing, the IRS rejected my information since I did not provide information from the previous year. TurboTax did not highlight this from the get go, but they had to problem requiring me to sign up for several other fees - the site required me to sign up and when I pressed the back button to go back to review my options, it kept refreshing the page until I agreed to the fee to continue. For me, TurboTax is not there for its customers and is not seeing the big picture - making filing taxes easier. I guess at the end of the day when I talked to a representative, my understanding is Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I would suggest looking into another company, since TurboTax is not like it used to be.

  • by Nick Baker

    easy to use, misleading on return dates. May go hr block in future due to turbotax being unclear about return dates. When you intentionally mislead consumers and say me and everyone i know using turbo tax are outsidethe 90 percent that get return within 21 days of acceptance you should be more clear on dates especially when turbo tax knows my situation. Give me a better estimate PLEASE. its actually much closer to 41 days if u have eic orchild tax credits. My return should include these estimat

  • Demanding a refund!

    by VampireKitties

    Had so many bugs not fixed on tax day. I had used it months earlier to get an idea of what my refund would be but when I found out I would owe money I decided to wait until I had the money before filling. On tax day it said I owed $0 and refund was $0. I got all the way to the end and it said I was ineligible to digitally file my Federal and would have to print it off and mail it to the IRS instead!?? Every time you clicked the link to print the federal the app cycled you through the last 2 or 3 pages. I was unable to file AFTER I already paid $107 to TurboTax! I didn’t have time so I started over with the H&R app instead, was easy accurate and not glitchy as heck. I called my bank immediately to try and cancel the payment but was told because I couldn’t go to my bank that same day I’d have to work with TurboTax to get my money back. I’ve been trying to research how to get my money back while I wait till Monday when their call hours are. From what I’ve read you can’t get your money back from TurboTax after it’s already been paid. I’ll be demanding TurboTax repay me the $107 I paid to file. Wish me luck and never use TurboTax; it’s honestly easier to do it by hand.

  • by Luis Gallegos

    The app itself is easy to use and ran smooth. The product however is shady. My main problem is that their is a $40 HIDDEN FEE if you choose to pay by having it deducted from your return. I only learned by going thru the reviews on their website. It doesn't show up on my receipt/order details at all. Called Intuit customer support to get told to call the bank they work with, to get told to call Intuit customer support and so on because nobody knew what was going.

  • Never using TurboTax again!!!

    by JaimeDavis1402

    If I could give zero stars, I would! I finished my return and when I went to e-file, and it told me that it could tell that I used a different account to file last year. Which is completely accurate. My ex-husband and I used his account to file during our marriage. It then told me that in order to verify that it was indeed me trying to file my taxes, it prompted me to log out and log into the account that was used to file last year’s taxes, so that they could verify last year’s AGI. I was then forced to contact my ex-husband to get the log in information. I logged into the account the account and then back into my account, but it still said that it had to verify my AGI. Why can’t I just input it myself?!?!? I looked in the helpline, but nothing was even remotely helpful. I then resorted to calling customer service where I was informed I would be automatically upgraded and charged FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS for trying to get help!!! I then changed my filing method to file by mail where it took me to a screen that only had a link to change it back to e-file. I still have not been able to file my taxes...four days later.

  • by A Google user

    security questions include birthdate. only entry option is a monthly calender defaulting in 1989. so if you were born in or near 1989, you're in luck. no way i am leafing through 288 pages to enter a single data item. Ridiculous. helped me get my taxes done great! but wont let me in to track them since i reset my phone. blew it with the app l

  • by Ted Foster

    Not free. Turbotax lowered their income threshold to receive full free tax filing. Now they are trying to charge a "discounted" $39.99 to submit standard items like healthcare or unemployment info. Thanks for picking on those already in a tough position. Dont be greedy!

  • by Philip Grooms

    Dont waste your time...its not free. Im filing a basic tax return and it waited all the way to the end and said I have to upgrade to deluxe 39.99 plus another 39.99 for state. I really wish it would state that upfront before wasting my time

  • by Brandon Hall

    free is the best joke! they will force you to up grade and charge you for state and federal! delteting this app and will be doing taxes elsewhere! I hate false advertisement!

  • by DeWitt Austin

    Do not use this service!!!! this service has you to believe that you'll be paying $44.99 for their service with an actuality at the end of it( which the TurboTax app fails to tell you) you'll be paying 120, they charged me $40 for federal $40 for state and then another additional $40 to have the payment of the service come out of you federal income tax refund. I am never using the service again and I advise you to do the same!

  • by Katie Yuen

    I wrote a different review about hidden fees and the app working 1 out of every 30 times ive opened it, even after installing and uninstalling and reinstalling still same stupid problem. Ive used this Turbo Tax for years now, but this is the worst version. After 5 years this is the first time ive had trouble this is the first time ive seen hidden fees attached at the end. Ive never needed the support team before and was fine. The updates are trash Period no matter what their stupid response was.

  • Upsell Overkill

    by Nushmut

    I’ve been doing my taxes through TurboTax for several years, and I was eager to use the app to input data from the various forms as they arrived. But I think I’m going to try another service this year. The price is what it is, although it looks like the only reason I’m having to use a paid tier is because of my student loan interest form. That’s not the big issue for me. What’s been particularly upsetting have been the constant interruptions to upsell me on MAX benefits. I’ve dismissed that ad dozens of times already, and it seems to reappear every 2nd or 3rd page I swipe through. One would think that seeing a customer respond ‘no’ to an ad that many times might establish a pattern and lead to the ad being fully dismissed until the final review section. I understand that they just want more of my money, but I’d prefer to spend that money on supplies for my classroom. I’m probably going to end my usage of the Mint product as well and use a different budgeting app. This app is a basic replication of the mobile web interface, but offers little else that’s unique. Touch ID integration is nice, but that’s table stakes. (And my login is 1 tap and a Touch ID scan away when in Safari, so it’s not that much more convenient) Even though I’m basically ready to file my taxes, I think I will be trying another service this year. There is a clear decline in respect for the customer by this company.

  • by Jeannie Jones

    poor i deleted everything and made a new file for free. but then i have to go get my W-2 from 2017. i am not paying the 39.99 when its free. i pushed the wrong thing.

  • Review

    by Geminikitsune

    I have submitted my taxes four times in the past two days and I keep getting an email that my date of birth is wrong. The app directs me to a website where I had seen I made a mistake and then fixed my date of birth. However the next two times I’ve submitted my e-file it’s been rejected because my date of birth is still apparently wrong. I can’t go back and look at the many pages I had to review and double check where my date of birth was placed. There IS a link in one page during a brief pointless revision but it fails to connect EVERY time saying there is an error. I have just submitted my forms again for the fifth time and if I get rejected again I’m just gonna go back to the agency that I went to last year because they know what they’re doing and how to do it right. I know what all I have to look for but this app isn’t helping me at all, it’s just wasting my time. Well, I was rejected again not long after I posted this review. I will never use this app or any affiliates again.

  • by Panda

    update: sent email and still waiting for support. the reset tool is useless if it just takes me to the intuit site to use the same recovery tool that just redirects me back to the intuit site

  • by Nancy Blake

    Misleading TV commercial. Shame on you! It is only FREE if you don't own your home, or want to file deductions. FREE only if it is a single person with dependents. ANYTHING else, you pay a minimum of $39.99. Uninstalled this worthless piece of garbage app and I will NEVER use Turbo Tax!

  • No different from going to a person

    by ComptonPZ

    The one and only benefit of using this app is that you’re doing it on your phone, so you don’t have to go out to an office. And, to be honest, you may as well go to an outside service. It isn’t free. They tell you it’s free. They give you an option to choose the free service. Then, when you’re at the last step of filing, the app tells you that you have to purchase a $60 upgrade. This upgrade gives you prompt access to your previous years tax returns and I’m really not sure what else. So, now with this “deluxe” service you’re forced to purchase, you have to pay for the previously free federal and state filings. How does that even make sense? I pay for an upgrade so that I can be charged for something you offered for free? And this isn’t the only package/upgrade it tries to sell you. I’ll never be using this service again and I’ll be telling people to skip it. At least when you go to a tax preparer your fees aren’t masked as specials.

  • by DeJa Carter

    I will be switching to HR Block. TurboTax trick's it's users by allowing anyone to file their taxes to a certain point in the process. Once you hit that point, TurboTax includes a hidden fee that you MUST pay or you will not be able to finish filing your taxes. I'm extremely disappointment, I had a better experience with TurboTax last year.


    by Ccccss

    You guys didn’t guide me in the right direction whatsoever. My entire tax return got screwed up because it was so UNCLEAR what they actually needed. The Obamacare/medical insurance thing is such a crap show, it ruined my taxes completely and I had to amend with a different company. I’m extremely unhappy that TurboTax is going to automatically be taking $30 out my account next month because my federal never came in due to their crap service. I have no money to begin with. I’m on maternity leave without pay and you’re literally about to take half of what’s in my account for your mistake. I have an infant. I needed that return. You, As a company need to understand that there’s people that rely on their tax returns. Nobody has time for errors like this because you failed to disclose. I’m so disappointed. I’ve been using TurboTax for the last few years. Last year it failed me and this year it was a big FAIL again. Never again. There’s a reason why we lay good money for good taxes. Goodbye TT.

  • by Kevin Gramby

    i dont know why turbo saved and SENT my returns when i wasnt even close to finishing!! im very upset that i have to do extra to ensure that my taxes are all in!!

  • Stupid, unhelpful and all around a waste of time.

    by Derek Nathan

    I was excited at the idea of saving money this year instead of paying for a tax service. Instead I find myself having wasted most of an afternoon attempting to file my taxes for the first time this way. It’s supposedly supposed to be easy, pain free and FREE FREE as the commercials boast about. I cleared and restarted THREE times. I’ve had the same job for a couple of years now. I’ve always gotten money back for a refund. But this year thanks to TurboTax, despite having the same job and literally NOTHING changing, the app and its “100% accuracy” kindly informed me that for the first time ever, I OWED money to the government. $243 to be precise. The first time before I cleared was nearly $1,000 if you can believe that. But get this! Thanks to the accuracy and helpfulness of TurboTax, I’m STILL getting a refund. Can you guess how much? A whole whopping $16 refund! That’s almost enough to buy dinner. I will not be recommending this to anyone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and TurboTax is CLEARLY broken. I’m proud to say that if I could give this app a rating of zero, I would. A lot of people looking forward to getting there refunds to help with expenses. And at first YOU expect ME to pay nearly a months worth of pay TO the government? THEN you insult me by telling me my refund is only $16? When in the past it’s been considerably more than that with NO money owed. Ridiculous.

  • by A Google user

    The layout of this is app is atrocious, navigating the app is not only frustrating but very confusing, dont waste your time on this app, just use your laptop or desktop.


    by Jk5x5

    On Tv and Adds its a 4-5 Star add but it’s not!!! I got scammed after doing the work online and this has happen to other people too if you do the research, I filled threw turbo tax, took 20min, everything went good and seemed accurate, now for my returns I was suppose to get 1200 back, then I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going threw and not giving me information if it did so I let it be, then later I got a random email from “1800 tax team pro” thinking it’s from turbo tax and it wasn’t then got tricked from using another party that end up charging me 350$ to get my taxes. Because of lying Turbo Tax somehow 1800 tax team pros got my information from them then lured me into a wrong tax preparer which I rather go to a local preparer where I live that will charge me 80$ rather than 350$. Thank you Turbo tax for lying about being simple and cause of it I can’t get my full refund this year and now some random dude that lives 10 states away from me has most of my information.

  • by Christopher Childs

    free free free my rear end. Very deceptive marketing...

  • Very Disappointing

    by NH Tax Payer

    I am a long term user of Turbo Tax and have been generally satisfied using either the cd-rom version or the online version. The latter is significantly more expensive than the former for the same basic tax form preparation, but it has prepared the form accurately. For 2017, I entered all data into the appropriate fields, checked the commas and decimal points, and completed the review. All through the process the tax bill was over a mIllion dollars (!) which I thought might be corrected after completing the final review. It was not corrected. A phone call to TurboTax failed to produce a corrective action or steps and I was told I would have to pay an additional fee to speak to a tax specialist. The person I spoke to could not explain to me how to clear all the fields so that I could start over, hoping that would get me to a completed, accurate return. TurboTax has failed to produce a user friendly, accurate tax preparation process. Very disappointing. I will not be back.

  • Stay away - bad math

    by ida wanna use a nickname

    I have an exceedingly simple return involving 1 person, 1 job, and one standard deduction of 12 grand that it very definitely did not apply. It's simple math. I won't trust a tax service that can't get that part right. But more telling is the response to the staggeringly varied types of customer complaints written in review of the app - and how those complaints are addressed - and not addressed by the developer. For example multiple people complained about being very obviously tricked or manipulated into paying for things they didn't need and hidden charges, but the developer always responds to these very valid complaints about shady business practices saying that the person should go to the Facebook page or get apple wallet. It reminds me of trump! Deflect! What about Hillary! I am confused as to how they do the ratings since so many people are giving this one star, yet it rates at 4. Must be the old version. Believe the many many negative reviews.

  • Unbelievable

    by Killer8972957

    I have used TurboTax for 7 years now. I will now NEVER use it again. I have never experienced Any problems until 2 years ago. Granted last year’s issue was a problem with the state, but TurboTax was unable to get around it and because of this, wanted me to pay $1,500 instead of refunding me a couple of hundred dollars. This year, I have moved to a different state. I worked in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and have just moved to California now. I completed all of my tax forms and tax breaks and everything. I always looked forward to using their “Free” service, but I was unable to do so this year because EVERY corner that I stumbled around was “UPGRADE TO DELUXE NOW” Of course I ignored every advertisement. But once I was about to File, I was prompted one last time and was told that I was Unable To Continue without upgrading to Deluxe due to an issue with my address. So I went through the whole Process of clearing all of my information and re-inputting Everything Manually to insure all of my information was correct. I get back to that page of TurboTax (on the app AND the website) and it gave me A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASON as to why I was unable to continue without upgrading to Deluxe. I quickly signed out, deleted the app, and came here to warn people not to use TurboTax because the whole thing is just designed to steal your money.

  • Can’t get it to work

    by Tchau1111

    So I was planning to use turbo tax to file my tax again for the 4th year. I don’t mind paying for the service because I do end up getting more money back. Some how this time around I try out the apps on the phone and everything seem to work like how I expected but when it comes to getting a live help, it takes about 10 mins to wait to get someone to help and than when it’s time for me to accepted it they say something wrong. I did this 3 times now and it’s all the same. So I decided to get a call back and of course 15 mins later they call me but again it disconnected me when I hit the number 4 like they said if I still need help. So now I’m thinking I need to go find me a different tax services and file with them since this is not going like they advertise. I’m willing to pay for the service but I’m not getting the full benefit like they say they have.

  • Free=$120

    by Kool-aid pro co

    Was free-had special form-cost $40 (later find out that’s a lie and they double charge you the $40, one time for fed one time for state)-get to payment options page, have choice of “pay with debit/credit card” or “take it out of my refund”........well one sounds way easier so of course I chose the latter, next thing I KNOW I’m at the final screen and it’s telling me I’m being charged another 40 F₩€/|NG DOLLARS FOR THAT OPTION AND IT DOESNT LET ME GO BACK AND JUST PAY WITH VISA... needless to say they’ve lost my business, I can understand $40 for having to file a schedule 3 along with having a 1099-R, but to then triple charge me and leaving me with the option of either biting this bitter bullet or using a different service, you’ve lost this customer (which I’m sure doesn’t matter as you lie in your ads to continue tricking people) but never will I ever recommend such a shady and thieving company to anybody, ridiculous

  • Bugs and Glitches

    by JohnyGatt95

    Turbo Tax . You app has entirely to many faults . People enter SENSITIVE person information on your have for their tax Returns which is a big deal . For your app to crash and constantly not let me in , or have me photographing the same w2 wondering why its not reading and just asking me for EIN all over again , or going back and forth between the “take me to my return “ screen and the “upgrade now “ screen . Is COMPLETELY unacceptable . We put out social security numbers in this app . If simple fixes are accuring with your apps after years being in business , how can i trust you with my personal information . Your app should be a full-proof iron system with minimal errors . I got to submit 1 thing and i cant even get back on the app . The screen stays white . GET ON YOUR A GAME TURBO TAXES Or i will not filing with you next year or ever again and i gravely recommend no one use your app .

  • What is wrong with these people

    by Shae2525

    So this is the second year im using this app. So they have all my information from last year. But because I didn’t want to pay $30 to file they made me write all my info out again. Which when I accidentally pressed the plus button. It had all my info in the right spots but because I didn’t want that it erased it all so I could write it again. That made no sense. In addition. They camera part they advertise on tv is aweful. I use Wells Fargo app to deposit checks so I know how to do it but I could not get this garbage app to realize a 4 is not a 9. Commas Becca me periods. 1,000 became 1.00. It’s not useless but they advertise it as a selling point and it’s barely helpful. Then once I finished all that I went to e-file. Said my number had to be 2 alpha or above. Apparently “3” is an unacceptable number for efile. Never could find out why that’s an issue.

  • Find a good tax person

    by quakie101

    Don’t put your full trust in a program. I just got married last year my wife and I did our taxes together and we were misinformed on how we should go about doing so with the app, and charged to use the program we had to file an addendum. Not thinking this was a huge deal it took almost took moving heaven and earth to get any answers. When we talked to a person from TurboTax they literally were reading off the internet things we already found. So we went to someone to help us with addendum and now instead of a return we owe thousands to the government. I cannot think of a time I have felt more cheated. Don’t trust an app over a real person with a degree. And do not get sucked into the marketing from this company, it might work for you fine but in the end it is just a program that will fail.

  • Was going to be a 4 star, but.....

    by stuck in tax limbo

    Each year it tells me to skip the state tax portion cause I live in New Hampshire and don’t qualify for it. This year it tells me again that I don’t need to but says I need to in order to finish taxes. The app then brings be back to fix state tax, doesn’t provide hardly any info, wants me to estimate a 2018 tax then says info is incorrect and to fix it again. This is a loophole that I have been stuck in since yesterday. No help from TurboTax cause there is no “Live help” as their commercials say. It’s run by automated software that best guesses your problem with a best guess answer. You’ll have better luck finding an answer by throwing a dart at a wall of answers then taking that dart and jabbing your forehead repeatedly. Oh, and don’t believe that TurboTax is free. In the end you’ll be paying around $80 for a typical 1040-EZ form.

  • False Advertisement

    by Weekly optimism

    Don’t be fooled! You’ll see their commercials on TV with the slogan ending in “well at least your taxes are free”, but they’re not. I’m a college student and my taxes are simple and I barely make enough to cover rent so of course I’m going to choose them over another company who traditionally charge $40 for full service. Next thing I know Turbo Tax is charging me $40 then another $40 and then $30. Totaling up to $110 for doing my taxes. When I went back to find out how to not pay they wouldn’t allow me to move forward, so I called for two days and couldn’t reach a representative. I started all over and I noticed that I was being charged because they filed for federal and state taxes. So either or but not both? What! Then charging for efiling! Beware the propaganda they’re pushing is what President Trump would say is fake news.

  • Shocked

    by SaraMichelleRavira2016

    I’ve been using this app every year for the past 6-7 yrs and have had great success. It has always been pretty easy to answer the questions. This was was even easier. I was very happy, until I got to the end when it added the extra $44 dollars for Audit Defense that I never added. I even helped my son with his taxes and it did the same to him. He was very unhappy and said this app was dumb to charge him for something he never clicked on. I was very disappointed in the app this year. I see that they responded to my review and politely insulted me by letting me know it was completely optional. I can’t get it removed because I’ve already finalized it and that’s when I noticed the additional fee. I don’t think I’ll be using this app next year.

  • Expense creep and hidden fees

    by JM in NB

    I’ve used TurboTax forever and have always loved it. But I’m sick and tired of their expense creep, not applying discounts I’m supposed to receive and constantly trying to upsell me expensive add-ons I’ve already told them I don’t want. It sad to see a company that’s supposed to try to legally save you money unethically try to rip you off with fees and added expenses. And who’s know what they are making selling our information to 3rd parties. Maybe it’s time to move on this year. We had an H&R Block Pro do our taxes a few years ago, just dropped off our paperwork, and got, a much larger return than we’re used to getting with TurboTax. And for not that much more, guaranteed and hassle free. TurboTax & Intuit, shame on you for being greedy and making it harder, not easier, to do your own taxes!

  • Misleading

    by Keikoalisha

    Not sure why it is advertised as free if it charges you. Saw an add where it said federal AND date are free. I was charged for state. Don’t care to pay 40 to upgrade if needed. But I had to pay another 40 to file state too? And it is advertised as free. Then I paid ANOTHER 40 for them to take the money out of my refund. I’m sorry I don’t have $80 dollars sitting around for me to pay the charges right away, especially since for half of them I shouldn’t have been charged in the first place. Might as well have taken it to a tax place if I’m gonna spend that much getting them done. I have used turbo tax for years and I’ve never had issues but this year it was INCREDIBLY expensive for a company who keeps boasting about being “free.” I will research a different method to do my taxes next year.

  • I will never recommend this

    by TaxesonTaxes

    First year you file it’s free. They get all of your information and advertise that next year it will be much easier! Well, no. First of all you have to pay $30 for the Plus to even file at all if you’ve filed previously with them. Then by the end that $30 turns into $70 you have to pay just to file your taxes that I would have much rather filed at home for FREE. Complete rip off. Not to mention the app crashed on me 3 times so it took me 2 hours and 4 attempts to even make all of it happen. Don’t know how the camera option has been working for uploading everyone else’s W2s, but it completely entered all of my information wrong and they were still ready to submit it anyway. Complete waste of time. Next year I will be filing by mail.

  • Not happy

    by 804Tinkerbell

    I went through all the steps of entering my information just to find out that my “free” filing would end up costing me over $40! The only reason I considered filing with Turbo Tax was because they advertised free federal and state filing. The only concern was that I had contributed additional money towards my retirement plan that has to be filed with the “deluxe package” and I’m not able to even go through the final review until I do. Secondly, a message pops up saying there will also be additional fees for the state when upgrading! I feel completely duped and should’ve went with my first instinct of choosing another company. Now I have to go through the headache of filing all over again. Thanks again for the “free” filing.

  • Buggy sign in

    by Peyu39

    Trying to login to the mobile app and am presented with a screen to update my password- cool. After changing it a pop up appears asking if I want to save my password in some password manager. Okay, why? I hit “continue”, I don’t want that, just update my password. The same pop up appears again, I hit “cancel”. It appears again. Fine, it’s forcing me to save it for some reason, I hit “save”. The pop up appears again! I can’t leave the screen, and I can’t update my password. Why was this added in the first place? Password managers are usually where the password is generated, why would I want to type it in turbo tax and copy it to the password manager? That’s so backwards and unnecessary. I’ll have to try another way to reset my password.

  • Their email system is broken and can only pay with Apple Pay

    by Trever1234

    Their email system will only send the emails required to certain domains . Rather than fix the system , they put the burden on the customer to change their email after you’ve paid them . This is completely unacceptable from one of the world’s largest IT companies . Secondly, you only have two options to pay (can’t file the return until you do): Apple Pay or from your refund . If you aren’t getting a refund, that leaves only one option : Apple Pay . This forced me to go through a process which I had zero desire to do . Again, they trap you into this after you’ve already gone through the whole process . I’m extremely unsatisfied with TurboTax and intuit !!!!!

  • What happened TurboTax?

    by Kimber&MooMoo

    I’ve used TurboTax ever since I started doing my taxes. I really didn’t make mind paying the $60 some odd dollars to have the plus and audit defense. I always paid for the fees with my return. Well this year they charge a $30 fee to have their charges taken from your tax return. I am so disappointed in TurboTax this year. I ended up filling to get it over with since I was pretty much already done and since I’m a college student I don’t have much spare time. I spent $100 on taxes this year, I’ve never spent that much! The only reason why I gave 2 stars is because the ease of filing was great but not worth $100. Sadly I’ll be ending my use of TurboTax and using something different for future taxes.

  • Awesome Interface but Scam-Link Feel Gets in the Way

    by Bermz36

    I was having a great experience using TurboTax...until the end when I found out I was being charged fees for my ‘free’ tax filing. I never knowingly selected anything that had a premium, so I was shocked to see a charge at the end. Sure enough, there was no way to remove the fee or to advance without paying that fee immediately. There is great potential for this app, but I will never use it again due to this awful experience where I felt scammed by TurboTax. To others, i say be wary of using TurboTax. You may think you’re only doing the free version, but you’ll find out later you unknowingly selected something that will add a premium. Nothing is straight and up front about the way TurboTax does business

  • Very unsatisfied!

    by MattyRay84

    I’ve been using TurboTax for awhile. Always been happy with it. I’ve always had mixed income with W2’s and 1099. Never had any issues before. I’m a working artist and I need all the income I can get. This year however, they decided that in order to file a 1099 I had to pay $40 for their service. This is ridiculous. People with a 1099 generally don’t have much income and are generally artists. The fact that they won’t even process my taxes because I have a 1099 without paying $40 is ludicrous. I tried talking to someone and was told I had to pay $30 just to talk to someone. What kind of business works this way? Why do they feel it’s appropriate to charge someone for having anything but a W2? I will never use this system again.

  • Very Annoyed

    by Grapes2017

    Everything was fine when I got to the end to e-file. I sent it just to get an email telling me I’ve been rejected. I went back fixed what wrong mind you after telling where to look. I thought I fixed it. Sent it again, another email telling me I was rejected. I did this 3 or 4 times. I was willing to pay for the plus package with the understanding I could speak with someone if needed. The last rejection I decided to just mail it in. I thought what the heck I’ll pay $32 just for someone to tell me what I did wrong. BIG MISTAKE!!! The only thing I got help with was I was sent an email that was not helpful at all!! I couldn’t even speak with anyone on the phone. This maybe the last time I use Turbo Tax. I will not recommend them to anyone..

  • Frustrated!

    by balla29582010575

    I’ve used TurboTax for a few years now and I usually get through the process just fine. This year, it hasn’t been so easy. Towards the end of filing for my state taxes, I ran into a message saying I needed to fix one last thing then I can file and be done. I tried to go back and got another message saying “Schedule MN1C: Your return requires Schedule MN1C, Federal Adjustments which have not been finalized. Do not file this return until the upcoming release of TurboTax Maine.”. I tried to go back (I even started completely over) yet still run into this message. Why is says “Maine” when I’m filing in MN, I have no idea. If anyone knows any information about this message and/or what I need to do, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Can't get ahold of anyone

    by Zac duh

    Overall the app has been good however the last few days I've been trying to get ahold of someone for a specific question and I can't. "Connect to an expert" doesnt connect me to anyone and when it fails after like 10 minutes it asks if I want a call back. I say yes and then I either A: never get a call back or B: it pretty much says error try again later. If I go to the website to get help or "app support" in the app store it always brings me back to a page saying "log into app and connect with live person" which is impossible. Seems like they need a backup communication channel or a means to complain when it's not working. I guess it's ok though I only paid $50 for their services....

  • Turbo Tax is horrible

    by Nate1554

    Every time I use turbo tax whether it’s online or in the app they tell me that I owe the state I work in money despite the state I live in being reciprocal with the state I work in. They also constantly tell me that I need to upgrade because of my “special tax situation.” I don’t have any special tax situation because I work one job and have no rental properties that earn me income and don’t qualify for any special tax breaks. I’ll just fill out the paper forms and send them in the mail to their respective destinations. No matter what turbo tax tells you nothing is free with them. The will bs you into paying them and don’t actually offer a free filing service. Doing taxes on paper is much easier and a lot quick than this garbage program.


    by Ohmyjeasuus

    TurboTax is absolutely infuriating to use!!! I spent a good 30 minutes just trying to GIVE THEM MY MONEY so I could just LOOK AT my 2016 documents, but every link or button or ANYTHING that FALSELY CLAIMED to provide the information or instructions on how to F*#^ing PAY was just a dead end and didn’t ACTUALLY lead you to any way to pay for the Deluxe!!! Will never use this terrible app or your website or desktop version because it’s literally causing me to have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE for how irritating it is to try to find a simple answer!!! I really tried to give you my money turbo tax to the point that I was about to throw my phone across the room, but you obviously didn’t want it and only made an app for the purpose of wasting my time!!

  • Don’t opt to pay from return

    by Masterpred

    I haven’t first hand experienced too many issues with the company. This is the first. They give you the option to pay for the fees using your tax return. Seems easy, and stress free, so I opted to do that. They don’t tell you until you are completely finished with the lengthy tax return process, that they are charging you an additional $40, just to have them take your payment directly from your return. Absolute rip off if you ask me. Shady charges like this, is what causes personnel to stop using a company. So, 7 years of using TurboTax, and next year, I will most certainly be finding a new company to do to prepare my tax return.

  • Credibility?


    Not sure how credible this service really is. I’ve heard both great and awful things about turbo tax, so I figured I’d give it a try. But the only issue I’ve having is even though I’m entering everything to the dot (app is explanatory and pretty easy to use so that’s why I gave it two stars), I feel like somewhere I’m being screwed out of what my refund should be. I’ve made double the money I did than the 2017 year, haven’t done anything different that would affect my taxes, yet turbo tax is saying my refund should barely be half of what I got last year. No thanks 👋🏼 I’ll just pay the little money it costs me to get them done by a professional.

  • Untruthful in the beginning

    by alizabethtasha

    I spent about a hour and a half filing my taxes. I chose the deluxe which is an extra $40. It says it includes state taxes as well. Once I was finishing my total I as $80. They charge me an extra $40 for state. Ok fine. But I was got to the last click and they did a total and because I chose to take the fee out of my tax refund, they CHARGED ME ANOTHER $40. A total of $120. At this point, I don’t want to start over or go back because it’s 12am and I just want to go to sleep and afraid if I go back I can lose everything. I did file with them last year and was pleased. But because they pulled this, next year I most definitely will not. And will definitely not recommend them as I have before.

  • Waste of money and time

    by mass mind

    I started using this app because I heard it was a quick way to get your taxes done. I took a chance on it this year and my taxes were not filed correctly and I was charged $80. That was around $40 for my federal return and my state return each. This app advertises quick easy service and guarantees it will make sure to double check that all your tax information is filed correctly, but it has actually made the process a lot harder and longer. Now my taxes won’t be coming back to me for another month and a half and while my original filing date was a month ago. I strongly advise seeking an actual person to do your taxes rather than this faulty software.

  • Hidden fees not free at all(overcharged)

    by (:)-)

    Being my first time using this app it was easy, I watched a commercial about it being free and at the end they tell me that I have to pay $76 dollars and depending the method of payment they charge you more. But the fact that they first wanted to charge me $116 but I change my method so I only have to pay $76 but when i check my card I got charge much more. This is a great app for file tax but I don’t trust it no more, it made me feel used and scammed, why all the hiding fees where do they come from, and why can you be straight and give a ultimate price from the beginning instead of tricking people. It is not even about the Money it just feel wrong, tricks and hidden fees.

  • Student loans? Look elsewhere

    by rsvlswimx3

    I have used TurboTax since 2009, and this year when filing I was informed that “due to tax law changes” I would have to pay for the $40 deluxe version to deduct my student loan interest. I have been able to do this without any issues in the past, and claiming that an extra page for a 1040 requires not just the plus version but the most expensive version to do so is insane. I don’t have any other reason to use the deluxe version. I went with a different tax software this year, and I have been sure to let everyone know my experience with how this company has decided to treat its customers.

  • Not user friendly

    by Edge2sharp

    Went thru thru the whole return process. Paid and everything. My federal was accepted but state says started. What does that even mean? I can’t even click on anything to even get to my state return. I was under the understanding that I got everything in. I read that federal has to be accepted first and it is so why isn’t state saying pending instead of started. You guys need to explain things better. It’s so hard to even try to get to your returns after they are submitted. I have used turbo tax the last 4 years and I don’t remember it being so glitchy and complicated and they don’t explain what’s going on.


    by Luis Kingtero

    I did my tax through turbo tax, payed 150$ which I don’t really care about. WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT, is waiting 3 weeks .! To receive a letter from the IRS saying I needed to verify my identity, so I called and what do they say .? TURBO TAX CHANGED THE ROUTING NUMBER AND ACCOUNT NUMBER ON YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION, so I spoke with the manager over the phone and since it’s AGAINST LAW they mailed my return in check through mail and said I’ll have to wait 6-9 weeks to receive it. So 3 weeks a waste of time. THEY ACCEPT YOUR APPLICATION BUT YOU MUST WAIT TO BE APPROVED ( That’s the catch line ) IF YOU KNOW A PERSONAL ACCOUNTANT. GO TO THEM. It will save you time and money. Huge disappointment. NO HELP FROM THEM. THEYRE RUDE OVER THE PHONE AND TELL YOU TO VISIT THE WEBSITE AS A WAY OUT. My tax guy charges me 100$ and it’s in MY ACCOUNT 2 WEEKS MAX

  • No updates

    by BDR Racing Development

    I’ve been waiting for the status on the app to update and it never did. Checked with the irs website and my refund was deposited a week ago...the app still hasn’t changed. So between it not updating its status and trying to force you to spend money or make it hell to use the app...I’m going to be finding a new way to file next year. TurboTax isn’t user friendly Edit: pretty much they admit their tracker is useless by saying “...they (the government) take over the status update duties, since they hold the purse strings. Use the IRS where’s my refund site for the latest word on your refund...” Yea, I’m going somewhere else. Why offer features you know won’t work?

  • Disgusted.

    by rocketiakman

    Yes I filed recently, but it will be my last with TT. I patiently scrolled through its obnoxious amount of animations showing papers being signed and read yet was met with a fee that was added from where? I don’t know?! And then you pay to have your filing saved for next year but to get that filing the next year you have to pay again?! These guys claim to be free but it’s all money grabbing. I’m not a guy thy easily gets triggered by these tactics but this company makes it near impossible to understand what you’re getting charged for and how to opt out and what opting out does for your filing. Frankly I’m just not intuit it. Just saw that credit karma does filing, will definitely try them next year.


    by Gandhii

    Been trying consistently to log back into this app all year. Reset passwords and recover crap and when I do it still sad I’m locked out for 15 mins. I wait the 15 minutes then try again, yet nothing!!! Doesn’t have a number to talk to a live person so that’s another red flag. You’d think that a company that has to do with taxes/running a business would operate differently. Sadly no. -Update: They attempted to make contact with me NOW.. To whomever deals with customer support for Intuit/TurboTax: You had all year to fix your issues with me. I find it laughable that you tried making an attempt to contact me now that it’s close to tax season. You’re all set. Good day.

  • Less Impressed Every Year

    by Grace Kessels

    The app gets worse every year, navigation is impossible, and this year when they botched the information they took from my W-2, they didn’t even have a button that allowed you to say “this is incorrect” and go back through it. I had to jump on my laptop to keep going, which wouldn’t be my first choice. They also make you go through 20 pages of ads for their ridiculously expensive premium models - I’m a student, I don’t do anything fancy, just let me file for free and leave me alone. Yes, I’m sure so don’t want it. I just wish their app was simple and easy to use, but I guess that’s too much to ask for.

  • Frustrated and annoyed

    by VelmaMae

    I’ve used turbo tax since 2013 but this year was the last. Next year I’ll go with something else. I had to use the paid version because I had a health care savings account-one extra form! But ok that’s fine, I’m paying for the convenience and hopefully quicker turnaround. Nope! My e-file was repeatedly rejected for “incorrect 2016 AGI” I filed with turbo tax last year-the AGI was automatically entered and was correct In the end I was forced to pay almost $80 to mail my taxes. If I had wanted to mail my taxes I could have done that for FREE! I will no longer recommend turbo tax to anyone

  • What happened?????

    by Miyeaa

    I used to love using turbo tax to do my taxes. I don’t know what happened but the way the app and website was redesigned isn’t as helpful as it used to be at all. Not only that but something happened where I “started” my state return and because the app isn’t as thorough as it used to be I e-signed and can’t amend them online. I’m sorry but I don’t have a computer or a printer OR the time to find one and print out and mail the paperwork in. I’m completely frustrated and 100% done with turbo tax. And let’s not forget that I was expecting ALOT more in my return and somehow I’m receiving almost $1000 less than expected. Never again.

  • Won't let me change my password any way

    by Missalay

    I tried changing my password, and tried it 10 different ways over and over. My old phone number is on there, and the other option is to recover my account a different way, and the only option it gave me was to "update my email." I do not want to change my email. I called customer support and she told me she could not help me change my email, and was rude. The only thing she could tell me to do was make a new account with a new email. She also told me to do all the things I already tried, but nothing helped. She told me my phone number could not be changed.

  • Oregon State 2017 kicker amount not calculated correctly!

    by StitcherIam

    I recently received a letter from the Oregon Department of Revenue stating that I was paid too much money for the 2017 kicker amount. Arggg! I used TurboTax, and it automatically calculated the “correct” kicker amount for me. UNFORTUNATELY, the amount it calculated was not correct (I thusly imagine that it was not calculated correctly for ANY Oregon folks who used TurboTax last year)! The amount I owed back to the state was listed in the letter, but the letter did NOT include calculations for the DAILY interest they charge for the amount. NO MORE TURBOTAX FOR MY STATE TAXES FOR ME! I personally think that TurboTax ought to refund me this incorrect amount they calculated that I had to pay back to the state!

  • Forced to pay for deluxe

    by Cutiee_101

    I have filled for free with no issue before, but this year they decide that after I consistently clicked no to the payed version and I wanted to stay with the free version at the end at the very end when I was done imputing all my information they decide to say that I HAD to get deluxe that I would not be able to do my taxes without it I did the exact same thing I did last year but I was forced to pay this year 100 dollars this year. I could of just gone with a professional and payed the same amount. Last time I am using turbo tax. False advertisement. Even my boyfriend had the same issue with his taxes.

  • Robbed

    by Bird137

    I have never felt so robbed while doing my taxes. I have used Turbo Tax for years and never had an issue. It always went smoothly and I filed for free. Not this year. Because I’m a server and had to claim my own tips - one extra screen mind you - Turbo Tax charged me $40. There was no way around it. I even restarted my whole tax return thinking it was an error on my part. After I’d finally accepted the fact that Turbo Tax wasn’t going to give me any other options, I proceeded to finish my taxes. Then they ended up charging me an additional $40, totaling in $80 for 1 extra freaking page. WHY? I’m livid. This will be the last time I use this service.

  • Oops Something Went Wrong

    by Laurzzzy616

    The app is stuck on a screen with a glitch. It says oops something went wrong. It won’t let me go forward or backward. Tried contacting them but they will only let me speak to a tax specialist for $30. I don’t have a tax problem. I have an app problem. I closed the app and logged in again today but it’s still stuck in the same place. Even more annoyed I’ve seen advertisements for scanning your W2s into the app but the app doesn’t have that feature. I had to manually enter mine like every year. Don’t waste your time. Go to another app or get on a computer. This app does not work properly.

  • Tinder For Taxes

    by Tazzy1300

    This has nothing to do with taxes as much as BAD USER INTERFACE. This app is extremely difficult to navigate & relatively frustrating. This is coming from a tech lover, not your mothers book club, I know simple tech. This app however, does not make the consumers life any easier (maybe you wanted confusing, you shady tax lover). Sitting here swiping back & forth like it’s tinder for taxes. Not into it. Also I called for help (because of bad UI design) it was little awkward when a costumer service representatives’ face popped up on my screen. Can they see me too? It was just odd... Creepy tinder for taxes.

  • Very Stressful+Confusing

    by Brina1973

    I have spent all morning stress-crying because my taxes were rejected, and I could not for the life of me figure out why. I had about a million tabs open on my computer and I was jumping from screen to screen on the app trying to “fix” my return. TurboTax never gave me a definite answer on what was wrong, so I had to start from scratch. Different things kept popping up that I didn’t see the first time I tried doing my returns. Very unorganized. I was also forced to pay $30 for the Plus edition, it wouldn’t let me choose “free edition.” I got my returns done and finally it was accepted, but my experience was terrible.

  • Frustrated. Big question they aren’t asking

    by dberty

    I used to love this product. I found it to be very accurate over the years. This year I was really frustrated to see that the was a significant difference ($1.5k) between this app and TurboTax. I finally sat down and went line by line and realized they on TaxCaster they aren’t asking about state tax refunds from the 2017 year received in 2018. Sure enough once I plugged that into the mix the numbers closely matched. Pretty frustrated as I had made some plans based on what TaxCaster had predicted and now I need to change. Get it together people. That is a big question on income to neglect.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Byron Hernandez

    really disappointed! they rely have hidden fees I just finished my tax return and the even charge for taking the payment from your return, that's another $39.99 dollars per return, I was supposed to get $1,119.00 and with all their fees I will only get about $800.00 I am really sad I tried Turbotax for the first time and this is the last one, I though I was only going to get the charge of 39.99 for federal and 39.99 for state, but they killed my refund with all the fees that the don't explain.

  • by Falcon 1

    after explaining did I qualify for free service I go through the steps necessary. at the end of which I had to pay $79. now I cannot get them out of my email because there is no way for me to unsubscribe. just take it to a damn tax preparer at least I'll leave you alone and let you know that there will be a cost involved. simple clickbait

  • by Yvonne Riley

    I like others thought this was free..will you pay 39.98..them you are paying 117.00 for I dont know I have no idea how to stop this from the fine print..its not free.

  • by Samantha

    Horrible stole my money and didn't allow me to file. Don't waste time or money

  • by A Google user

    most useless app in the world.

  • by Lisa Nicholson

    Can't pay with federal refund.

  • by Christina Nelson

    got overcharged and got hacked after using this app. no refund yet......

  • by Casey Barton

    I've never been able to use this app. it will not let me sign in. I am assuming it's because it doesn't ask for my 2 factor authentication, but you would think they know about this but just don't care. Either way, it's useless if I've never been able to log in. YES, I can log into the site no problem.

  • by A Google user

    Were my taxes go?

  • by Panda

    update: sent email and still waiting for support. the reset tool is useless if it just takes me to the intuit site to use the same recovery tool that just redirects me back to the intuit site

  • Double charges if you pick to pay with your return

    by wildflowers-

    It would have been nice if you would let your customers know when you’re going to do shady crap and charge them twice for something. You have the option to pay off my return, I thought no problem whatever. You did not let me know until after I filed that I was getting charge $80 because I chose this option. I probably wouldn’t have cared and still just let you take it out of the return. It’s the fact that you didn’t inform your customer. It says a lot about a company when they’re not transparent about what they’re charging before hand. I will be filing a complaint with the irs.

  • Dont use the money advance

    by danika:(

    Please don’t get the loan from turbo tax.... they don’t send you the debit card, it’s gonnatake a several time to get your refund and they don’t answer, wait a little bit more using your bank account, it’s worth it.

  • False Advertisement

    by iluvvstaxx

    it’s not about the fact that you have to pay for it...well yea it is but they’re not upfront about it. THAT’S the problem. They wait until you’re at the end and ready to complete your taxes and then tell you it’s $40+ to file. Idgaf if it’s free money or not...ppl work hard for their $ and even w/ getting a tax return you’re still not seeing NEARLY as much $ as they take out & for turbo tax to falsely advertise as if it’s free to file your taxes on here & then make you pay...yea that’ll never sit well w/ me.

  • Wow

    by Jimmyflavo

    Guys do it in credit Karma, this app is trash :( 👎🏽

  • Won’t be using Turbo again.

    by Deejae82

    I’ve been using TurboTax for years and I haven’t had any issues until now. I was charged so much on my taxes and they was rejected. I got back more with another tax service

  • Turbo Tax is such a scam now

    by punchayobunz

    I used it for the first time last year & was amazed at how easy it was & that EVERYTHING was free. This year, I couldn’t find out if a specific form was included for free on TT on any of their websites so I clicked the help icon on the app. A woman helped me & after she told me that it was free (it wasn’t even the form I needed-she didn’t tell me that) *I* had to ask if speaking to her was, in fact, free because I was not notified that they would charge me to ask a question. The woman told me that there is always a fee for tax advice. Not only did I NOT ask for advice, but she didn’t even care to inform me that it was the incorrect form. I only asked her because the information was not public knowledge regarding the price of the form. I was not told that I’d be charged for getting help, nor did she inform me herself that I would be charged. The feature was also supposed to show her camera but it did not-so what “face-to-face” advice am I being charged for? That’s not even the only problem. They waited until I was done filing to tell me that I didn’t qualify for the free version anymore. They tried to charge me $40 to upgrade although the only thing that changed from last year was my income. They ALSO started charging for direct deposit. What in the world?? Mailing a check costs money, direct deposit doesn’t. Why would you charge someone to deposit money into their account when that is free for you to do?? TT is turning into a scam. Another truly FREE & trusted tax app got my business this year & will from here on out.

  • Captcha

    by FatPeterdugg

    Everything would work but the stupid captcha to verify me being human doesnt work so i just gave up

  • Now makes you pay for the upgrade just to print a basic 1040

    by blowj594923

    Total rip off and makes a previously good app now a money grubbing scam. I will never use this app again.

  • Hidden fee

    by aqwati15

    I selected to pay a fee of $39.99. For the federal taxes. When I neared the end of filing I could see an additional charge of $39.99 for the state taxes. What really up set me was an additional charge of $44.99 which I did not chose. There was no way for me to remove this even though I went backwards. In total I paid $124.97. It would’ve been cheaper to go into a business to get my taxes done.

  • Last year...

    by amirosane

    Crashes on start.

  • Not worth it

    by mikjoo

    My taxes were drastically different this year compared to last even though my numbers were almost the same There is no way to access a document that shows the differences and why the end result is so much less this time around I know I have had access to these documents to do side by side comparisons in past years Also there is no way to email support help with this lack of information

  • Sad

    by SedonaTony

    Read the negative reviews and most are true. Dumping it and filing by hand.

  • TurboTax is a scam

    by noahn13

    Don’t use turbo tax! Avoid at all cost...they will overcharge you for services you don’t even need nor use! STAY AWAY!

  • Trash.

    by XDiosdePene666X

    Took me through the whole thing just to tell me I need to upgrade to finish my taxes. Going to H&R Block.

  • Beware of “Hidden Fees”

    by Joselosada88

    Usually TurboTax tells you “we charge (and take it out of your refunds) $42.63 and thats what you sign for BUT, when I got my tax returns I was missing another $42.63. Now the total TurboTax took from my taxes was $85.26. The explanation one of their representatives gave me was “there is a 3rd party company that receives the money from the IRS and then they give us the money that we put on your account, so they take a HIDDEN FEE that is not mentioned anywhere plus our fees, and is not on the contract you signed but it works like that.” Very professional and very hidden. So be aware of their “hidden fees” since they DO NOT deal directly with the IRS, they have another company that does that for them and they WILL take their cut. TurboTax lost me as a customer, that’s a fact!


    by Miki8866

    I tried doing my taxes with turbo tax and it doesn't give you the right deductions for you. As a result it will give you a lower return money than you deserve. I spoke to many people and after trying turbotax they found out they lost anywhere between $1500 to $2500 in tax return. DONT USE IT. Go to a tax expert and get the money you deserve.

  • Annoyed

    by RonaldAlexander

    I’m annoyed I filed almost 2 weeks ago and they still haven’t been sent out this app just keeps saying ready to mail. Something is up

  • Fraud

    by PieIzGud

    “Free. Guaranteed.” Is a LIE. They continue to use the word ‘free’ on everything tied to the Turbo Tax name. I was charged $120 after an hour and a half of filing my taxes right before I submitted the paperwork. All the while ‘free’ is plastered on every page. $40 filing, $40 state, and $40 in taxes. Really?? $40 in taxes?? They force you to pay, otherwise you can’t use the service. This company is a scam and should be sued for committing fraud.

  • Allow me to paste password

    by Sonofdirt

    If you don’t allow me to paste a password it discourages use of complex combinations that would e more difficult to break. Or drives me away from using the phone version at all.

  • Hello????

    by Ejej snd

    Alp wont even open after I say I already have an account?? Is it a bug? Will it be fixed soon?

  • Free?

    by Chi town Kenny

    Why is it charging me?

  • Unusable on iPad

    by Dr. Detail

    The app is unusable on an iPad as the back and continue buttons do not appear anywhere on screen.

  • Unorganized

    by MusicLUver1221

    It’s a terrible system and I cannot login and sign in to my account at all

  • Sad

    by ToniPunsss

    I thought it was free 😭

  • Fees...fees...MORE FEES!!

    by Woho Brandon

    I paid 0 dollars last year. By the time I was done for this year, I accumulated $140 in fees. $60 for a 1099, $40 to file state, then another $40 to pay them through my refund. Ridiculous. Charging me $40 on top of the high fees is just overkill, $140 is beyond ridiculous when there’s cheaper options for more value. I won’t even consider TurboTax next year. Who knows how high their fees will be

  • My review isn’t on the service only on the app

    by S.j.cashmusic

    This app is crap. Have to reset my password every time I long in. There are no clear links to press to find an answer you might have. It was build very poorly. Garbage!!!!


    by subreee

    Not free, free...NOT FREE!

  • lies, lies, lies

    by franchiske

    they made me pay 80.00 dollar because “i needed the deluxe because i needed a 1095”, why would i need that if i paid my insurance, there goes your free free free.

  • It’s not good If you have multi w2 forms and other income

    by Samooo man

    It’s not good If you have multi w2 forms and other income It’s just not easy to deal with They should make it easy and smart Like if you have 2 or more income source they shout put an option very clear to add another w2 form and another income option So its easiest to ask someone with experience

  • Go Elsewhere !

    by Low-Key Gamer🤷🏾‍♀️

    I have been using this app for years and now all of the sudden it is trying to make me file a state tax ! I live in Tennessee there is no state tax it has options to pass and everytime I click them it brings me right back telling me my state tax is incomplete! 0/0 wish I had never used them in the first place . Go elsewhere and file your taxes

  • Where’s the costumer service??

    by LunaFang65

    I recently just filed my taxes and After hearing that my roommate and other people I knew were getting there taxes early I thought I should check the status of mine and i went through all the filing steps but when I went and check the status it was not even sent to the irs, I then tried calling and getting live support (that wasn’t even up and running) it’s ridiculous, how am I supposed to know what’s going on with my taxes if I can’t even speak to someone about them

  • Intrusive

    by kvdig

    I only got your app because of a game I was TRYing to play it was constantly interrupted by your add If I wait your app I would’ve gotten it. You bugged me so much that I got your app just so I could write a review and tell you how I feel. Don’t be so greedy. If your ad came up perhaps one time during our game, that would be that bad. However since it came up every single time I’d send a text or receive the text, I will never get your app.

  • Hard getting help using 1800 number

    by Had so much hope

    Good luck using the one 800 number for help with the Turbo Tax. Seems impossible to speak to a live agent. You are directed to go online And press help that takes you to a Search engine that is not likely to be of any help. I was just trying to email a previous year return to my email needed help with that. Emailing should be a function in the app.

  • Doesn’t work

    by Ws6Mike

    Trying to do taxes for the first time on turbo tax simply causes my phone to crash. Keeps trying to create secure connection and then just keeps refreshing until my phone crashes what a waste of time.

  • Free?

    by Rick40475

    I tried to file for free then using the cheaper $19.99 plan. It pushed me to the deluxe plan and I couldn’t return to change it. So I used H&R Block for free and got $40 more back. Not to mention I didn’t have to pay the $80 that TurboTax was going to charge me. So that was $120 swing by using a competitor. I like the TurboTax app better though.

  • Awful Fee’s!!

    by Button513

    I was only to get a couple hundred back and your fees took almost half of it. I’m the easiest status to file and yet the fees are over 100 dollars. I am filing elsewhere just because I don’t want you getting my money after the FALSE advertisement of “ FREE FREE FREE”!!

  • Child tax credit

    by Beware...Heresy promoted

    Turbo tax gave me $500 for my child age: 1 1/2 for the child tax credit. This should of been $2000 but no matter what info I put in nothing changed. Went to use the H&R Block app and no issues with getting the $2000 child tax credit. You lost my business on this one and my recommendation. Also unless you want to pay to get real help, they have you post you question to be answered by other customers... I received an email to answer a question from another customer about an issue relating to mine... how about you do your job and help your customers out.

  • Not Worth It

    by aal1998

    Though the app walks you through and makes the process easy, they charge an unnecessary amount of fees. Because of this, I went to see if Credit Karma tax would save me money. They charged $0 fees, whereas TurboTax was going to charge me over $100, and they got me over $1000 than the estimate TurboTax gave me. Will not be using again.

  • Stop saying it’s free

    by Desilennay

    I’ve been using TurboTax for years because it was free. This year they wanted to charge me $40 just to be able to add Student Loan deductions. Nope. I switched to Credit Karma where it was actually free (with audit protection). I don’t think I’ll ever switch back.

  • Maybe it’s just me

    by zakeel O'speel

    Trying to just launch this app takes about six tries for it to actually load anything then all it does is continuously cycle through the login screen an optional search engine update screen and a review tax refund screen, none of which actually does anything and if you try to click anything it just doesn’t do anything, I may have just gotten a buggy download but this is my experience so far, hopefully this helps

  • Garbage For Tax Returns. DONT USE

    by faded325

    Not only did they say my basic return wasn’t basic, they wanted me to pay $80 this year to file fed and state. Previous years I was foolish enough to pay them $60 for this return. This year my return was smaller and now TurboTax wants more money? I hope intuit goes out of business. Worst company ever. They even lie on the government website saying it’s all free. GO WITH CREDIT KARMA, IT’S ACTUALLY FREE AND I PAID NOTHING THIS YEAR TO FILE.

  • Super glitchy

    by Dirty501

    Slow doesn’t load right

  • Credit Karma

    by Chricksterr

    Credit Karma

  • Not Helpful

    by lord-of-tays

    This app required me to pay close to $200 in fees just so I could get a $24 deduction. I literally lost money because the app did not allow me to decline that deduction and take a standard instead of itemized for their deluxe benefits. I’ve used TurboTax for 5 years, and I never will again. I’m livid.

  • IPad version does not work

    by JazzVM

    There is no OK or Next button on the iPad so you can not get past the first question. I assume it is designed for iPhone portrait mode or for web and that the button is somewhere outside of the screen area for iPad. If you are planning to use this on an iPad, try another app.

  • Wish I could do 0

    by IrritatedNene

    Turbo tax isn’t free. I wish you’d stop advertising it is though it is. It’s never been free.

  • Serious issue for Iphone 8plus

    by Neuronic Analysis

    The app is missing next button when entering info. When checking for help it asks money money money. I already pay to file return and do not need a live advice just a way to find this next button!!!

  • Scam DONTUSE!! H&R much better! And free!!

    by St3phan13s

    I was forced to pay for the premium version prepared by myself for $110 after fees and taxes. Only to get screwed over!! Support included??!! Haha from virtual people sitting at their own home reading off the same FAQ page I just read off of online! They didn’t know anything more that I couldn't find myself. Then I got an email saying ACCEPTED!! With a picture of thumbs up. very small print it says I need to mail in a form! WHAT?! That defeats the purpose of E-FILE! Never have I had to mail in a form...WHAT FORM?? Email doesn’t specify much details..customer support has no idea?? Why did I pay $110 WOW!!..I don’t even have a printer at home anymore. NO WHERE ON WEBSITE OR IN APP DOES IT SAY TO MAIL ANYTHING! But in the very small print of the tax papers and email. I have been doing my bf own taxes for years I had always did my own with H&R Block. (Never paid or had to mail anything w/H&R) But got tired of going back and forth between sites. And thought it would be easier To do mine on Turbo...hahah BIGGEST MISTAKE!! Biggest HEADACHE!!! My bf taxes is very simple took 20 min to do not mine I should have stopped right after the first headache in the first 30 minutes. I claim our daughter and EIC & head of house. But somehow it filed as single and doesn’t send in the rent certificate why was I forced to pay $110 for the premium version? Oh I had an extra tax form that turbo didn’t cover under the free or the $20 plus version...I had already waisted 2 hours and was just beyond frustrated so I just paid. Thanks for NOTHING!

  • Missing Next and Back buttons

    by 55NFKE

    Every page is missing next/back options. There must be a bug. First tried the app on my iPhone then on the iPad, both platforms don’t offer next or back buttons. I can’t complete my return.. will be using the website version. Major buzzkill.

  • Terrible App will Scam you out of your money

    by slamdunc420

    I tried to file 4 simple W-2 forums but the app forced me to file only one of them and rufused to let me go back and add the rest of my W-2s. They will not give you any live help unless you give them 20 dollars. No option to cancel or edit your W-2 before its filed.

  • Beware, hidden fees, BAIT & SWITCH

    by I hate Retail & macys

    Used this tax service before over the past years and they have gone down hill. Hidden fees and the constant up selling. “At least your taxes were free.” No, their not! It’s always you need to upgrade to this package, you have have a mortgage, you have a HSA (health savings account), you have student loan interest, always up selling and at the end you’re only getting an extra $56 back because of the tax credit, the service they offer you ends up costing you $159.96 Was it worth the upgrade. No, it’s cheaper to leave that credit on the table. Their system won’t let you back out and go back to the free edition. Will no longer be using your service nor will I tell others about it, oh maybe I will, tell others how deceptive YOU are when at least your taxes where free. You want a 5 star glowing review, you have to upgrade to that package, it will be $39.99, then another $39.99 to have it pulled from your bank and transferred to my bank. At least I’m telling you up front, more than you do. Oh, one more thing, I will not reach out to you on any social media platform. You tell everyone to reach out to you on some social media, did those social media’s file my taxes, did I pay them to it. Maybe social media should file my taxes instead of you. Just look at how you responded with any and all complaints from service to cost to how unprofessional you are. “Reach out to us on... we’re sorry for...” You are sorry, a sorry excuse for how to conduct yourself.


    by Ayeeeee!!!

    Turbo tax is a scam

  • Bull$hit

    by it $ucks

    Was filing my taxes, a screen came up saying that if I upgraded I qualified for $600 additional tax return. Upgraded and it told me I didn’t qualify but wouldn’t let me downgrade again.

  • Horrible experience

    by Jonnyhenn

    Customer service hung up on me every time I called. One girl asked for my name then hung up. Others picked up and hung up. Don’t recommend this service. Was my first and last time trying you guys out. Will tell everyone to not bother with you guys.

  • Absolutely unusable

    by Habib21

    The interface is completely unusable for much of a normal return. This app is full of dead ends where one is sure that there should be a box saying ‘next’ or something like it, but there is noting and no way forward. I am sure there is no way one could complete a tax return using only the app.

  • Doesn’t even do it right

    by Fernandaruiz12

    All those 5 star ratings look fake too 😂

  • Can’t enter w2 in mobile

    by benjaminchodroff

    Entering employer ID and there is no option to click next - I’m stuck! Must be a bug

  • Horrible app

    by Griyfyifuyfuyvuyvuyv

    They just love to charge you

  • Ripoff

    by Iberg34

    Spent my valuable time filling out all of my tax information and was prepared to pay the $39.99 just to get it over with. I then see 3 separate charges of $39.99. For what? I did all the work. I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  • $120 just to file and $50 more if you have any questions Fees fees fees greed greed greed

    by dejayyy96

    They charge $39.99 to file federal $39.99 for State AND A $39.99 FEE FOR PAYING THE $39.99 literally a fee for paying a fee. So 3 fees of $39.99.Just greedy and if yo I want any help or have any questions THEY CHARGE $50 MORE!!!! So they charge $120 just to file and if you want any help they charge $50 more

  • Scam

    by Antazma

    Bait n’ switch, this app is a joke, and I’ll make sure I tell my guys not to even waste their time with this.

  • Scam - lies

    by kelw1961

    No direct depot options- got unemployment so had to pay at least $40 to get that added to my federal taxes do amount would be accurate, then my local state income would be taken care of then charged like 78.98 BEFORE TAXES FIR BOTH STATE & federal. They have a rebuttal for state tax charge like so many states don’t have that tax and employees etc but everyone who pays to file federal don’t get charged for state so??!!!! Can’t speak to anyone with out upgrading packages Scam

  • Misleading

    by Keikoalisha

    Not sure why it is advertised as free if it charges you. Saw an add where it said federal AND date are free. I was charged for state. Don’t care to pay 40 to upgrade if needed. But I had to pay another 40 to file state too? And it is advertised as free. Then I paid ANOTHER 40 for them to take the money out of my refund. I’m sorry I don’t have $80 dollars sitting around for me to pay the charges right away, especially since for half of them I shouldn’t have been charged in the first place. Might as well have taken it to a tax place if I’m gonna spend that much getting them done. I have used turbo tax for years and I’ve never had issues but this year it was INCREDIBLY expensive for a company who keeps boasting about being “free.” I will research a different method to do my taxes next year.

  • Default pricing

    by frankyj12

    Easy to use, however sales strategies are force in to you whether you need to upgrade or not TurboTax decides for you.

  • Beware support won’t make anything right leaving us unjust

    by watersidegerms

    Beware support won’t make anything right leaving us unjustified with i was do my taxes I doing my taxes a i accidentally tap the assistant instead free do it you self well this app won’t allow you to go back So options is to go forward well they charged me $53 for nothing I can’t get my tax info login so so support says they won’t refund me nor help me fix this issue so good luck people don’t make a mistake in this app because it will cost you you’ve been warned...

  • TurboTax free file not working on app

    by Bherzb0987

    When trying to start my free federal tax returns, app keeps redirecting me to update my browser... while in the TurboTax app. Not sure if this is a bug or a “feature”

  • F turbo tax 😤

    by NiggaPlz369

    Used turbo tax for the last 3 years and they seem to always charge me more each year even though it’s supposedly ‘free’ tried everything I could to not pay but it refused to let me continue without paying $124! Do not use this! Next year I’m filing with H&R Block for sure!

  • Bait and switch!

    by nloveland26

    They claim it’s free but force you to spend $40 to qualify for certain deductions and then charge $80 for state taxes and to direct deposit your refund!! Used instead and it was easy to use and actually free

  • Scam

    by Dee4three

    Not free anymore !! Don’t waste your time.

  • Sneaky excess fees

    by Phuq Ya

    When i filed my fed and state, TurboTax said my total would be $40 for each. $80. Fine. Sounds good. I agreed to have it deducted from my refund. I got the refund today to find that $130 was deducted! I emailed customer support and they said “oh well there’s a handling fee for our third party partner”. Would have been super cool to know that and not get charged $50 more than i was told it would cost/what i agreed to. I am so disappointed. I’ve used TurboTax for years, but because of this i will never use them again. This is unacceptable and dishonest.

  • Review

    by Geminikitsune

    I have submitted my taxes four times in the past two days and I keep getting an email that my date of birth is wrong. The app directs me to a website where I had seen I made a mistake and then fixed my date of birth. However the next two times I’ve submitted my e-file it’s been rejected because my date of birth is still apparently wrong. I can’t go back and look at the many pages I had to review and double check where my date of birth was placed. There IS a link in one page during a brief pointless revision but it fails to connect EVERY time saying there is an error. I have just submitted my forms again for the fifth time and if I get rejected again I’m just gonna go back to the agency that I went to last year because they know what they’re doing and how to do it right. I know what all I have to look for but this app isn’t helping me at all, it’s just wasting my time. Well, I was rejected again not long after I posted this review. I will never use this app or any affiliates again.

  • Felt like a scam

    by Ariel Nox

    Told me for free at first then told me it only cost me 39 usd then you told me since it’s three paper work so 39*3=117+2tax=119. I feel like I was scammed and robbed. I will not use this again. And be ready for them to squeeze money out of you at the last minute. It’s definitely easy to file your tax through this app. But the design makes me feel cheated. Very unsatisfied.

  • Doesn’t work if From NY

    by barlowboy73

    If you are either from the state of New York or just moved and still have a New York License Turbo Tax does not work. NY license have a document number on the back that is required to finish filing your taxes. This is fine as the document number is easy to find, however TurboTax has NO PLACE FOR TOU TO PUT THE NUMBER. Also you cannot speak to a living person unless you pay them money. Turbo Tax is a scam and I will never file with them or even attempt to ever again. I called the “help” number so many times that the stupid robot won’t even take my questions. If you are from NY or have a NY drivers license you cannot use this program. TurboTax @ me.

  • $300 is missing

    by vinsan2019

    My refund is $300 short for some reason and this after they took out the fee and plus the advance. So they took an additional $300. BEWARE

  • App closing

    by Neiimii18

    I keep trying to open the app and it just sends me to go online then when I hit cancel it signs me out for the first time having it I dislike it I thought it would of been a better app so sad I can’t even open it

  • Horrible horrible horrible!!

    by Luckycharm7878

    I can’t believe turbotax changed so much. Last year I was so happy filing my taxes for FREE because it says “FOR FREE”, but now, I would have to pay $119???? Are you serious? The worst part is that they don’t explain why. Delixe fee? New York return fee? Fee because I wanted them to take from my refund? WHAT?!??? I’m sorry but you guys are a fraud.

  • Never again!!

    by Michelle-B

    This went from free to 117.00!!!!!!! Never again

  • At first it was the surprise price but now it’s the help support

    by TheJakeRate

    Trying to get answers to the prices by using the SmartLook feature they have for the first time. Terrible service. The first time I called the person hung up right away. Second time I got a guy named David, and he only asked for my email and number then hung up at random. I got an email saying that my case number has been closed. TurboTax was acting like my issue was resolved. But it never was. It’s like I only explained the problem to David and he just listened and did nothing. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me. I’ve never experienced this type of Customer Service in a long time. I got hung up on in less than 2 minutes within two calls from the SmartLook feature on TurboTax. A feature that they advertise on TV as a helpful tool. That’s scary if you ask me. Because this thing doesn’t work. TurboTax you should be ashamed of yourself as a company. If this is how your service is I’m doubting you’ll even be bothered to see my honest survey that you had no problem sending me very quickly. But since I see you responding to people on the review app feel free to keep reading because here’s my survey: You didn’t answer my question, the person didn’t have his face shown, he didn’t help me at all or reach out to me after the fact (even though I gave him my number), and no I would not recommend this to my family, friends, employees, heck my worst nightmare.

  • Going to H&R Block next year

    by Infamous Broadcaster

    Filed my taxes same time my sister did. Basically same everything and she got her money back less then 10 days while I'm still waiting for my direct deposit... 👎😒Lost a customer

  • Can’t get started.

    by i wont tell em your name

    I have an account. The app sends me an email with my username but will not let me reset the password. When I click the link to reset it takes me to a useless intuit home page.

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TurboTax Tax Return App – Max Refund Guaranteed

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