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Troll Face Quest: Classic

Troll Face Quest: Classic

Spil Games

Explore, discover, troll or get pranked in this hilarious twisted cult classic!

251K+ Reviews 10M+
  • 89% positive reviews
  • Free
251.5K+ Ratings
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Review Highlights

  • challenging

    in 187 reviews

    The puzzles are challenging and the graphics are great. I approve of this game 100%

  • funny

    in 126 reviews

    This game is hilarious! Loved each level and found very tricky most of the time

  • too many ads

    in 120 reviews

    Absolutely way to many ads and way too frequent

  • addictive

    in 83 reviews

    It is halerios and addictive, and the troll face that holds the sign is sooooo cute! ;3

  • great time killer

    in 28 reviews

    The best game ever. Great time killer and great game. Spil games needs to make more

  • good graphics

    in 12 reviews

    Loved it,it was well done good graphics and sound:-)

App Description

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Return to your troll roots to discover familiar yet fresh silly-stupid challenges with hilarious nonsensical outcomes. No logic required to solve the maddest and wackiest 2D point-and-click puzzles. Troll Face Quest Classic combines and refreshes some of the very best levels of the immensely popular series for a great laugh at the weirdest and wildest moments. The quick and quirky brainteasers will have you laugh your way through hilarious jokes and pranks with a fresh and funny twist.

Explore more than 30 infamous levels to test and tease your way out of unexpected trolling troubles. Get lucky (or unlucky) with the funniest escapes you can play on- or offline - no wifi needed. Release those LOLs to discover more of your favorites in the best trials…all for your well-deserved comic relief!

Fab Features:
- Solve 30+ hilariously illogical puzzles!
- Delirious whacky characters with a comic-cool edge!
- Unexpected hilarious situations!
- One of a kind art style
- Playable offline!

There’s more!
All of the trolling that you’ll find in this game will provide you with a brain workout too…including loads of laughter along the journey. Troll Face isn’t pulling any punches but he sure does pull your leg as he manage to fool his foes and chase away the blues.
Find out if you can escape, win or be trolled? Get punk’d or pranked by some freakishly funny situations for an umpteenth time. Or simply never give up and beat Troll Face at his own game now.

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Troll Face Quest: Classic

Troll Face Quest: Classic

4.6 251K+ Reviews

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