Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2


The classic quiz game returns with a fresh look and many fun new features!

4.3 Ratings 485K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
The classic quiz game returns with a fresh look and many fun new features!
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  • Jun 12, 2020

    By Sarah Radley
    Good game. Lots of variety and engaging challenges. Just wish there was a pay to play option that removed ads without a subscription. I understand the need for them in app but the sheer amount of them is ridiculous and interrupts the flow of the game. I don't need unlimited lives or all the extra bells and whistles. Just don't want as many ads.
  • Frustrated. Mar 13, 2020

    By Sunnydipfezz
    So at first when I downloaded this app I was super excited and really liked it. But as I continue to try to do the daily challenges I become more and more frustrated. There are questions that have completely wrong answers but you can’t flag them because as soon as you get it wrong (by selecting the CORRECT answer), there is a pop up and if you just close it out it gives you your percentage of “right” answers. It doesn’t let you actually flag the question as having an incorrect answer. On the same side of the coin there are questions in the daily challenges that have answers that are so long, wordy, and grammatically incorrect that you just have to pick one before time runs out not knowing if you picked the right answer. Again just frustrating, I understand they are supposed to be rapid fire questions, but there should still be away to “report questions” like you can in the first one so more people don’t get frustrated and just delete the app and spread the word that a trivia game has incorrect answers and no way for players to try and fix them.
  • Jun 26, 2020

    By Everett Aguirre
    The game is fun adds are not popping up every 5 seconds. If you play alot, you will notice some repeated questions but they update the game pretty often to keep it fresh over all not a bad game. For the adults its also a good drinking game take a shot if you get the question wrong the goal is to take less shots as possible and win. The game must be played out a