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Traffic Run!

Traffic Run!

Geisha Tokyo, Inc.


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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

18.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • Not bad

    by Goostrght

    I read some reviews and they said that this game was packed with ads. One even said there were inappropriate ads on here. I haven’t encountered any bad or inappropriate ads yet. I’m on level 20. This game is really fun. At the beginning you think this game doesn’t have a bunch of ads, but when you past a certain level, you’ll know that your wrong. There is a million ads here! Most of the ads actually do kick you out of the game and that is just not fun. Then you have to start all over! The actual game is fun. It’s just that I want to play more and not watch ads. Some of them are easy and some of them are hard. That’s just how life is. Some things are easy and some things are hard. Some of them are even a little frustrating. Take it from me. And guess what? I’m 10 years old! Even though I downloaded this game, doesn’t mean that you should. It is just a waste of time to watch ads, get kicked out, and start all over! They should make their actual reads harder and they should really make more cars. There is only 36 cars. And we get a lot of coins. Especially if you watch ads to get more coins though I don’t know who would do that. I hope you take my advice and use it. Wisely. My God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you.

  • by Dillon O'Dell

    Way too many ADs. Pretty much everytime you blink, a 30 second uncloseable AD will pop up. The game was on my phone for an all of 10 minutes. AD after every level, you choose a new vehicle, AD, you change the color, AD, you touch the screen too many times, AD. Game is super easy and not worth it.

  • by Amritpal Kaur

    It was fun at first but as you keep on going instead of the levels becoming harder they become easier. When the game introduces a new obstacle when you are on a higher level that obstacle won't show up again until you pass like 40 more levels and the game also glitches as you get to higher levels. I say this game is fun until you get to like level 80.

  • by Holly Benedict

    This game might be a fun an interesting timing and skill based puzzle game if it weren't for the massive amount of ads crammed into the game. The ads are longer then the levels and you get one after every level as well as there being a banner ad at the bottom of the game the entire time. I understand wanting to make money for the work done, but with everything so covered in ads, I can't even decide that I like the game enough to keep it on my phone let alone support you with $3 to remove ads.

  • by jenna isanoob

    It's very laggy. Terrible game. At least fix that it's annoying. They levels are super easy even though I'm deleting the game at level 7. It's still terrible just way to laggy for me. Tbh I wouldn't download this game if I were u it's would be a WAY funner game if it wasn't so laggy and the levels were harder as the levels go up but yeah it's terrible don't download this game!!!!!

  • by Colby Moritz

    Fun for a while, but levels are too repetitive and the worst part is all of the cars perform exactly the same. There's no reason to care about unlocking new ones unless you just want it to look different. Far too many in airplane mode, coins are still plentiful, especially since you don't really need them. It'd be a really fun game if the cars had unique performance characteristics that required choosing the right car to pass certain levels.

  • by yee haw

    this app is insane. absolutely insane. a level takes 15 seconds to beat, and theres a 30 second ad after almost every level. if you lose a level, that's another 30 second advertisement for if you want to respawn. even if you redo the level, it's another 30 second ad. I DONT WANT A CHROMEBOOK. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER MOBILE GAMES. if your going to make me watch more ads than time I have playing the game, at LEAST give me DIFFERENT ADS every time. it's the SAME EXACT ADS. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Ad time over game time epidemic.

    by Anti-Ad Abuse Association

    There are a massive amount of really fun and simple, time-killing games out there. Unfortunately, there’s an epidemic of developers giving into over-bearing greed to the detriment of their games. Games that could reach success levels equal to that of ‘Angry Birds’, but burn out fast and bright under the weight of excessive ads. I understand that these companies need to make money, however, when ad time is equivalent or even surpasses game time - we have a problem. Invasive ads are the biggest detriment to mobile games as they take you right out of your immersion with the game. Also, 20+ second ads after a 10 second level is unacceptable. Especially when it’s after you just watched one to “revive” yourself. Frankly, the best formula to keep a player base is to have ads as an optional feature for more energy, coins, skins, etc.

  • Loved this game but....

    by lycheelover2008

    I loved this game had my iPhone. Hated the ads but I paid the $2.99to remove the ads was great! Loved playing even got all the cars and colors. Had to deleted, phone was low on memory. So I re downloaded on y iPad, didn’t care I had to restart everything again. Get all the cars watch the ads to get the other colors. That was fine what making me give it 2 stars is that now that I try to purchase the $2.99 to remove the annoying Ads. It says that it already been purchased it be restored for free. The stay on and still pop up. Please fix this? Getting annoying. Yes I can turn the Wi-fi off. I like to watch video to resurrect my vehicle. Please fix this and I will change my review and give it 5 stars

  • Spend more time watching ads than playing

    by NeverDownloadingAgain

    Super short levels that don’t reward you at all for beating them unless you agree to watch an ad right after the level. If you don’t agree to watch the ad, you lose your points and guess what, you still get an ad. Beat a level? Watch an ad. Crash and restart the level? Watch an ad. Again, the only way to even get “points” is for collecting the small amount of coins on SOME of the levels. The only thing you get for beating the 10 second levels is a 30 second ad to watch right after. I get that it’s a free app but at an average cost of $0.10 per ad shown times the 150 levels I’ve played = $15 in the developer’s pocket. Gives the ads a break and let us enjoy the game already.

  • Simple game meant to push ads

    by Jeremy.White

    This is an incredibly simple game with no challenge. The intent is to create a constant stream of ads. They’re shown in between rounds, at the bottom of the screen during rounds, in the middle left of the screen during rounds (at the same time as the bottom ad), at the home screen, when you unlock a new vehicle, and when you unlock the color of a vehicle. The home screen ad sometimes causes the game to become unplayable with screen taps not registering. I’m sure there are a few more instances where you have to sit through an ad but it wasn’t worth keeping the app anymore. Find something better to do with your time than give up 15-20 seconds watching an ad every 30 seconds to 1 minute of game time.

  • Oh My GOSH

    by 🙁😢😭💩😡

    I can’t believe I keep having these problems with games I get. Ads for Choices and Episode are popping up and making me VERY VERY uncomfortable. I am so sad. If you are going to advertise the game age for younger that it truly needs to be then you need to reconsider what age you put it at. I mean seriously!? Change the age for your game if ads for Adults are going to be popping up!!!!!!! Kids that are about 7 be playing this game and when they see Choices and everything the app advertises and said is ok but really isn’t, they could be scarred for life! No parent or kid wants to deal with their 7 year old seeing people “make out” or worse. I wish people would really take into consideration the age limits for what app they advertise and then set the age limit.

  • No ads feature doesn’t work!

    by 🌺🌊

    I love this game so much and it’s super fun, so I wanted to pay for no ads since I play a lot. I paid for the remove ads feature so I could play the game without having to watch ads. However, when I went to go play again after purchasing the no ads feature, I was still getting ads! It was the exact same as it was before I bought no ads. I went back to the App Store to make sure I had actually bought it, and there was money missing from my account so I know for a fact that I paid for it. I also got an email receipt, verifying that I paid for no ads. I’m super disappointed, but if this problem is fixed I’d be happy to change my review.

  • Ads make this literally unplayable

    by Thatonekiritokidwiththesword

    I understand that developers include advertisements to keep their games alive, and that, while sometimes annoying, they are necessary. However, this game takes showing ads to an ungodly level. You will see an advertisement every single time you beat or retry a level. Every time. Considering that each level is less than 10 seconds long, it makes for an extremely frustrating experience. So not only is a game that should in theory be easy to pick up and play quickly completely unplayable, but it’s not even fun to make the ads worthwhile. Add this to the rest of the cash-grab garbage “games” on the App Store.

  • CONSTANT ads

    by Jacque France

    This game is kinda fun but you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. It also never gets harder, I’ve played through over 150 levels and most of them I can do in one try and in a few seconds, the levels never get longer or actually difficult. Played for maybe an hour total and most of it was watching stupid ads, there’s one or two 30-second ads after every single level. There needs to be different game modes or something like one for seeing how far you can make it until you crash and maybe also a timed mode to see how fast you can get through the levels.

  • It has no challenges

    by nerdyneddy

    The point is to get to the other side kind of like Crossy Road. You collect coins along the way but that’s pretty much it there is nothing too challenging about it! Even if you get hit by a car you don’t lose anything if you go to a level that has a lot of coins and fail over and over and over again you still retain the coin! But that’s about it... DEVS IM TALKING TO YOU please make it more challenging like time mode, faster cars, or upgrades/mods to vehicle. It’s rather boring to get a “ skin “ change if the vehicle in question is still the same speed...

  • Too many Ads

    by Kennayy88

    I understand the need for advertisement revenue for any game or app. However, a 30 sec ad after every level is a bit extraordinary, especially because the levels themselves are only about 10 seconds each. I got to Level 50 with no issues with ads (1 here and there), but in the higher levels, I started to force close the app and reload to start the next level. (8 seconds reload compared to sitting for 30 seconds for the ad & 10 seconds for the ad’s download screen that follows to give you the “X” to close it out.) This game is not good enough to warrant such a heavy barrage of ads.

  • Ads ads ads ads ads

    by Morrvahria

    I don’t know if I can state this enough, there are ads all over the place. If you win, you get an ad. If you lose you get an ad. When you start up, you get an ad. There is an ad at the bottom of the screen. There is an ad to revive. There are ads to unlock different color vehicles. There is ads to unlock new vehicles. Rarely does the game complete one of the above without giving an ad. The only reason I got it was because my three year old needed something to do. The phone spends more time in my hands closing ads then it does in his playing the game.

  • Let’s go over something...

    by This is awesoommmeeeeee

    I just got this game and after level 8 I was done. The reason is that I can barely play because every time I get hit the button that I don’t have to watch an add but I have to watch an add! And after the add, I can’t even play! I have to reset the whole game and leave! I found this very annoying and so I deleted it. It was fun on the levels 1 and 2 but then the fun switch just flicked off. I will download it again if theirs and bug fixes or updates. I need the creaters to hear this. Thanks for reading all of this anybody. 😔

  • Needs some work

    by Emi jones02

    I love this game! The mechanics are very fun, but the ad spam is too much. Every few rounds you are forced to watch an ad, or play other games demo. There is also a big problem with Traffic Run glitching. After a few minutes it will glitch mid game (while I had my high score, I might add) and makes you restart. This game is fun to play when you’re bored but there is no challenge. It doesn’t get harder or longer obstacles. I am on level 375 and it feels more like level 4. Please fix these problems before you lose players!!

  • Kids like it. Parents hate it.

    by OrlandoDad11

    It's a great game for kids. Mine love it. I paid for the no ads version because the free version is INSANE with ads. It's like every 10 seconds. After paying for the premium version, the app is still annoyingly pushing other apps at every chance. The paid version is not worth the hassle. Nothing is more annoying that paying for an app and the premium version is 95% as bad as the free version. App Developer-- just give us an app that we can pay for that doesn't have ads or a million scammy ways to push your other apps at every chance you get.

  • FIX THIS!!!

    by TysonLove7

    There was updated on July 10th and it started to have issues! Whenever there was crash there was “revive” option to continue to finish the game however it was froze after I clicked revive button. It was active in the background where the cars and buses were moving. Has the similar problem when I clicked “next level” then froze however background was active! I had to wait until the next day or 2 to go back to the “welcome” screen before start to play! SMH! If this continue then I am uninstalling this game! Fix this ASAP so I can play!

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Kim M

    I paid 2.99 for no ads because my 3 year old child loves this game and I didn't want him dealing with the oversaturation of ads. Guess what. They took my money and the game still has ads. I have proof they took my money. I dont care about it I just wanted my son to be able to enjoy the game without all the invasive ads and pop ups. Great game for kids but they need to fix their system. I dont even know how to request a refund Totally disappointed

  • Paid for ad free but it didn’t work!!!

    by Bruce Wayne 317

    I paid for ad free install but my kid keeps getting ads anyway!!! This is very frustrating and is terrible!!!

  • Trash

    by cijckcxztjtjhE

    Literally a black loading screen fir 45 minutes axx

  • Adds

    by idkkg

    I don’t like the game not because the actual game it’s just we need to actually play it it’s like 80 percent add and 20 percent game and when I try to get on and off the losing screen is there for thirty minutes it makes me mad because its not worth taking time out my day for a game that lethally only has adds

  • Easy

    by ghutte

    Way to many ads during play time

  • Traffic run

    by mαkenzie

    I think this is very fun and addicting but the levels should be harder I’m only on level 235 and it is still wicked easy

  • More Ads than a newspaper

    by BananaKey

    This game is fun but there are entirely way TOO MANY ADS! I don’t think it’s worth it. 20 second playing time with 1 minute ads between every level! Ridiculous.

  • Tea

    by gore_17


  • Ugh ADS

    by Djhkfnxhchdbshchxhdb

    I love this game and it’s super addicting but after every level their is an ad and it gets really annoying! It makes me not want to play even though I enjoy the game theirs also not option to turn off ads so love the game but could you not ruin it with ads

  • It’s not the best but...

    by ac356JMsoccer12

    This game is fine but it’s very simple and a little bit boring. Also a lot of ads... I don’t recommend it.

  • I hate traffic run

    by mimi dllas

    I hate the game . The cars go to slow .periodtt and to many ads

  • Easy

    by 🐢🐢🐢💩💩💩

    It was so easy

  • Loved this game but....

    by lycheelover2008

    I loved this game had my iPhone. Hated the ads but I paid the $2.99to remove the ads was great! Loved playing even got all the cars and colors. Had to deleted, phone was low on memory. So I re downloaded on y iPad, didn’t care I had to restart everything again. Get all the cars watch the ads to get the other colors. That was fine what making me give it 2 stars is that now that I try to purchase the $2.99 to remove the annoying Ads. It says that it already been purchased it be restored for free. The stay on and still pop up. Please fix this? Getting annoying. Yes I can turn the Wi-fi off. I like to watch video to resurrect my vehicle. Please fix this and I will change my review and give it 5 stars

  • Not very good

    by foppish idiot

    I got the game as a commercial for another game. It could hold your concentration for about five minutes then you just start to realize it is really stupid. I do not recommend it but thank god it is free. If you have a kid that is like 5 years old they might think it is ok but as far as I am concerned it is a waste of time and effort.

  • ***Parents beware***

    by Shipping is a joke

    Not appropriate for 9 year old or any age - there’s inappropriate ads. Shame on this age range being added, ads are completely sexual.

  • Sooo many ads !!!

    by Clownpuncher1977

    Will delete

  • Pretty boring

    by Lady of the Pacific

    Not so great, got bored quick, but deleted within 5 minutes because the ads became highly inappropriate.

  • Not the worst game

    by Poawkins06

    At first when I was playing the game everything was fine I made it to level 248and when I try to do 249 my car end up turning into the grass and I end up falling off the map if you don’t believe me and if the game sees this review please email me because I have taken some screenshots so it might not be working like that for your phone but just watch out for level 249

  • IAP not working

    by Shug916

    I have that there’s not way to sign in and link an account so that your progress can be saved across devices but that’s fine. I am having a problem restoring my add free version and I can not just repay for it either. My son is 2 and loves the game, has unlocked every car, and got himself to level 315 and we just want ad free back.

  • Get rid of ads!!!!!!

    by Stephanie456

    My toddler loves this game so much he plays constantly but I’m forced to hide it from him until the ad thing is under control. I’ve even purchased numerous times for no ads and yet still we have ads. So infuriating.

  • Ugh

    by Playerxxxvvv

    I paid $2.99 and it didn’t get rid of the ads

  • Traffic Run

    by Kenpoman.

    I did the in app purchase for no ads. The money was taken from my iTunes account and I still get ads. Please fix or refund money. Thanks.

  • Sepanta

    by 09336963366

    Very fun and good

  • Premium doesn’t unlock ads?

    by Firesword277

    Why are there still ads popping up Constantly after purchasing the Premium? Frustrating.

  • To much

    by Al CCL

    Waaaaay tooo much ads...

  • Good

    by toothless_ dragon


  • Ads

    by jesus :))

    The app is great and fun to play. But there are too many ads and that makes it not as fun to enjoy.

  • The worst game ever

    by hcbgcbh

    The worst game I have probably played in a while.

  • WAY too many ads.

    by SeriSixx

    I don't know if I like this game or not, because I can't play it for more than 10 seconds before an ad (or several) start playing. If a game is enjoyable & well made, & has limited ads, players will gladly pay a couple bucks to remove them. If a game bombards you w/ ads incessantly, it only feeds frustration & resentment... which leads to uninstalls. Well done, devs. You've made a terrible business decision, & thus your game will be forgotten in a week. P.S. It also makes my iPad heat up alarmingly....

  • Boring

    by Yohanna Salinas

    This game has too many ads and it is so annoying

  • To much Adds

    by dogsfordayssssss

    I just don't like the game because there are just too much adds with a game with too much adds i mean once you download it sure you might see as a normal game.But the higher you go there is more adds so this game needs to work on less adds and less glitching thank you if your read this I'm not saying that the game is bad i just saying that its glitches and sooooooooooo much adds.

  • Too many interruptions!!

    by TanaRenee

    Can’t even stand to play this! You get like two tries then have to watch a demo for another game that is a pain to get rid of. I ended up with two other games stuck on my screen with an App Store pop up to get them! Deleting it now after having it for 5 minutes

  • Deleted within a five minutes of playing

    by Toritoochill

    Seems like a decent game but wayyyyy too many ads. I mean it’s a pretty decent concept but I couldn’t enjoy it because of the frequent ads ,so I just deleted the whole app altogether.

  • Remove adds

    by unjoliedame

    When purchasing the game to remove the adds, it only removes the adds that show up at the bottom of the game, it does not remove the game adds that show up after you complete a level. Not worth the purchase.

  • ...

    by ChrisBreezyWife

    TOO MANY ADS . Very annoying .

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Traffic Run!

Traffic Run!

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