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Township: a great game for the whole family!

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81.7% Positive Reviews

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  • by Tina Lee

    So much better than the old addictive game Farm game. More options, lots of extras, just better game play and cute graphics. Oh and your crops don't die if you dont play daily! There is strategy to this game but anyone can play. You play at your own pace and don't get penalised. If you want to play competitively the challenges are available. You can spend money on the game but it's not forced or necessary. Yes, there are ads to keep it free but they are minimal. A+ to the developers!

  • Great Game and lots of FUN!!

    by Gwynneville

    I’ve been playing for some time now and I always enjoy building up my town and reaching a new level! The pace of the levels helps you to learn new things as you go. I feel that the secret is to join a Regetta (once you reach the level to unlock it) then you’ll have friends that are also in the Regetta that are more motivated to help you because they are on your team! For each Train you may ask for help to fill one train car. For each airplane you may ask for help for one crate on each row! I recommend really using strategy and planning before requesting help on each one. You can’t change it once you’ve “asked for help”. My other tips would be to always keep things working for you while you’re away, and visit often. For example, before bed at night it’s a good time to start items in your factories that take a long time to make since you’ll be away for 6-8 hours. This is a good app to play while also watching tv. I find it keeps me busy, and I don’t snack on junk food because my hands are busy. My 5 year old likes to “feed the animals” and plant crops. We created another account for her on a tablet and she is able to understand “mostly by the pictures” What is required in each train, airplane, etc. The strategy side of the game is lost on a 5 year old though. Even though... it’s still fun for her and she is proud of her very own town! There are also Events that are open ever once and a while and the prizes are worth the participation!

  • by ISSA Jesse

    It's a great game and the seasonal decors are absolutely beautiful especially Christmas and I love the seasonal fast food game. But it takes way too long to get things done like growing cocoa, rubber and silk. Making major diary products, making clothes, shoes and so on. After upgrading all my factories at the Academy of Industry, I haven't noticed any major difference in the Production time. Perhaps this issue should be looked into.

  • Township Fun and Addictive

    by Pab001

    I have been playing for a few weeks now and I’m already at level 52. The game is fun and addictive as my title says. It is so much fun to feed the animals and take care of the towns needs by filling orders, trains and planes. The game never gets boring because there are different activities that you can participate in with your co-op friends and other friends you meet through the app. I have a friendship with a women I met from London, England and I live in the U.S. I really enjoy the game and play it often, sometimes for hours on end. I’m an older person and have retired from work so this gives me plenty to do when I’m not doing things around the house. I’d rather do this game than watch TV. I only have a couple of complaints about the game. In the beginning before you have a chance to upgrade your factories some of the items you have to make for customers take hours to complete. You can get “farm cash” to pay for the items and get them sooner but it could get very expensive doing that. The farm cash itself is not that expensive unless you need a bunch for completing town buildings. One could get a small cash bundle for $1.99 but that only gives you $50 farm cash that doesn’t go very far. The other complaint I have is that they have a King Statue you can decorate your township with, but they do not have a Queen Statue. I think that is a little biased and should be fixed.

  • Good app...!

    by Laura12345678900987654327

    I got this game when I was younger, and it’s been sitting around in my phone. One day I decided to go into it, and its amazing! I love how it’s easy to collect coins when you completely run out, and the prices are reasonable. You can make friends in the app and you can collect profile pictures based on the level you’re on. One thing that bothers me is that you can’t complete a building without adding tools that you can only get by trains, and you can’t even control what the train gives you... for example, let’s say you need brick, slab, and glass to complete the building. You have enough glass and brick, but you need slab. You work to give the train what it needs and about an hour later you get a bunch of brick! You needed slab, and you already have enough brick...but otherwise, it’s really fun and I recommend getting this app if you don’t get annoyed by things like I described. Update—PLEASE READ: after I wrote this, I went to go try some other making-town apps, and I soon realized that if you are deciding to either get this app or another like this app, you should get this one. It’s much more organized then the other ones and the issue I described is the same issue for the other ones... but going back to that I just wanted to add that it costs a lot for those materials taken by train, so don’t try thinking you can just buy them...but overall, this app is great and I recommend it to those who are thinking about getting it.

  • by T Mars77

    This game is awesome. Love the regatta. What I like is that there is no pressure from the game to buy stuff. You can get great prizes from events and the game hands out free dollars. My only complaint is the last skiing event. Way to hard. And you to have to start over to gain your feet back. Way to expensive to keep up with if you make a fall and keep using dollars. I'm sorry but the penalty is too high. Stars were better. Other than that, great game!

  • Tammy Miller

    by Bon Tomps

    I love this game! Going on 2 years of devotion! Not only an astronomical amount of time but also a lot of cash! This is the ONLY game I am so hooked on. It really deserves 5 stars but deep in my heart I just can’t do it because I have some issues. Issues I’m sure are shared by many. 1) Rewards are puny. With the money made from this game I’m sure you can afford to up the rewards. When I don’t have money to buy t-cash it takes me forever to collect enough for the dealer. And I won’t survive without him! Lol...2) Why can’t the train bring zoo supplies? It brings everything else! 3) Let us choose our Regatta prizes again. Most of the stuff I get I end up selling because I don’t need it. Or let us give it to our co-op members in the request product thingy. They can request everything else in the barn. 4) We need more achievements for the players that have gotten them all. 5) Put more collections in the museum for us to collect from the mines and islands. 6) Design a horse race for a new event. I love horses and I’m surprised that you Irishmen and women haven’t come up with something since nobody in the world raises racing horses like the Irish do! I’ve been to your International Stud Farm and that is the BEST on the planet! Well, that’s all I can think of right now. You folks are the best so put them noodles together and figure a way to reward us addicts better! I give this game 4 1/2 stars!!! Love Ya!!!❤️

  • by Kimberly Cary

    Something different and fun. I usually don't play these type games, but I love TOWNSHIP! Still having so much fun I'm enjoying Township more and more with each level. Greetings we're all gussied up for the holidays. It's CHRISTMAS season 2018 still playing.

  • Spending real cash is completely unnecessary! You can have fun without having to spend a penny!

    by LED lamo

    You may have read other reviews that talk about in-game issues, most of which are associated with buying items with real money. Their complaints may have left you thinking whether or not you should install the game. But I'll tell you what: you will only have to go through those type of problems if you actually DO spend real money. You can have fun in the game without having to spend a penny! I am nearly on level 60, and the only money that I have spent are the coins and cash within the game. It is simple to earn coins yourself without having to empty your wallet: 1.)send goods by plane, train or helicopter and get paid for it. 2.) Log into the game daily to get a valuable reward. 3.) Participate in regattas (boat races) to earn chests that contain prizes. Plus many other easy ways to get coins and cash. You can avoid stressing out about whether the payment will go through or if you will be charged extra. Just enjoy the game as it is and spend coins wisely so you won't have to purchase any if you run out. If you can handle your in-game money well, you won't have to spend real money to keep you from going broke. Spending real cash is completely unnecessary when playing the game as there are easy ways to earn in-game

  • by R Divakar

    Fell in LOVE with "Townbuilding". But it gets very difficult to expand and build factories. The fast pace of the game only makes it harder to continue. Please address these issues. Recently the game has stopped showing 'ad' after I once accidentally deleted one 'ad'. What should I do to start seeing 'ad' again?

  • Fun game

    by Commander Adama

    Been playing for awhile now. Patience is a must, unless you want to spend extra real money on in-app purchases. Even if you make some extra purchases, it still takes time to accomplish a lot of things, like what a lot of other reviews say. I deal with that by going into the game a couple times a day to get some things started, and finsh up other things I got started a time or two back. So in other words, it's not a game you can just live get some things going and then go away for awhile. It is true that filling the plane can be a challenge at times. It is a game, so everything that is in it won't always make total sense, but it is fun. If the makers are listening, there is one thing that is a bit irritating. The special events that take place (e.g. the airshow, holiday thingy and such) at the event area. I know it is up to the player whether he\she participates, but there should be a way to opt out of an event. I tried to get out of the pastry event a while back, but by hitting that silly bouncing arrow i ended up with another button on my screen for the events duration, and constant hints that I should push it. I did not do the holiday event, but until it is over with, I have to see the bouncing arrow......sigh. How about a way to just say no, and escape the arrow. Thanks though, for a fun game.

  • by A Google user

    Game is OK. New ads that don't let you opt out, even though they say you can, are miserable. They seriously detract from the quality of play. [New: The miserable ads have gone away. Don't know if the developers blocked them (if so, thanks) or the ad campaign deservedly failed. Game is still OK.]

  • Turtle Speed and Co-operation and painful minimum wage

    by Saarus

    I am going to make it clear, this is not a fast moving game. DO Not spend game cash on balloons or treasure! Someone taught me this valuable lesson. This game is about taking your time and find good people to help you build your city and theirs, otherwise you won’t succeed. If Township offers an extremely great deal for cash, than buy some in game money, not coins. Also, use wheat early on as your main source for making money. Between bread and wheat, think of it as cheap free coins. Don’t spend carelessly or you will get stuck and frustrated. Don’t build what you don’t have cause your barn is limited on space, and it doesn’t expand often. Take your time. The game can be slow, but if you are kind to others and help them, they will help you. This is not a solo adventure if you want to succeed. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars, wish their was a barn icon like the train icon that popped up and showed what’s in the barn. Also, this game’s goals can really drag on. I enjoy it and have met some wonderful people, but really? You could ease up on how long a Pizza takes, by the time you grow tomatoes, cheese, wheat, cows, and etc it begin to grow moldy for me. The big problem, at least give me some better coin amounts in return for doing tasks. I reach a level and you give me 1000 coins but I have to spend 8000!!!

  • by Charlize335

    The developers are very good at the animations they use and ways to play the game. You can play for you or others (or both) through the game of combining farm goods to factories to make goods you can sell or various mini games that get changed out. So, if you like to build your own town, people watch, and play mini games with little to a lot of help from others-- this is the game for you!

  • Completely addictive!

    by DannyTheOne4U

    If you want a game that you can play once or twice a week, this is not the game for you. If you enjoy building, sharing, and generally trying to see what you can accomplish (theoretically that is), then this game may be the one for you. It's additive though, so be sure before you download it. It's fun and very entertaining. I have never played a game like this one, but I'm glad I found it. One of the best things that I discovered was how fast and easy issues are resolved. I have had one issue, I contacted the developer and immediately received a personal message explaining how to fix the issue. Most developers aren't accessible and none are accessible immediately, but this one is. So download if you dare and come on in. Build your city and make new "friends". It's great, but completely addictive! I wrote the review above many months ago and I love this game more now than I did when I wrote the review. I love the co-op aspect of the game the most! I have made true friends in my co-op. I suggest though if you join/create a co-op, don’t do it just to win the regattas, although that’s fun too. Do it to find people around the country and the world that you can connect with and enjoy chatting with. The game is fun, but the co-op aspect is awesome! Enjoy yourself and always’s a game!

  • by MelC69 Cas

    I like playing the game but the cost of everything is too expensive, there's no need for it apart from the pressure of spending my own money if I really want a curtain item. Come on game developers make it more fare for your gamers & not only will your rating go up but also your players won't quit or play less frequently! You might even get new players by our word of mouth!😐

  • I Love the Game, BUT🤔

    by 1WomanofProverbs

    I find that I either loss purchases & items during the game, be double charged for purchases (in which I currently found to have a separate date “in which I hadn’t purchased”), or my purchases don’t go through (yet I’m being charged). Although the last update ran fairly well (with less freezing/crashes), the purchasing problems has gotten worse. I truly enjoy & love the game (for I find it to be a great outlet), but I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be making any more in-app purchases (because I’ve spent way too much money, to be taken advantage of). However, the purchases made through my in-store “iTunes/Apple” were fine (an cheaper, it just came with less t-cash)... On top of all of that, I’ve found that I’ve paid much higher prices than those “who rarely make purchases” (in which you’d think, would be the other way around), and that’s very unfair😔 (while customer service blames it on our App Store)... Furthermore; I get tired of all these same old replies from Customer Service that’s of redirection to another page or link, for I’ve tried all of that a thousand times without being redeemed. That’s why I feel the best solution is to stop my in-app purchases... I’ll just play the game without the extra boosts and stop losing, what I can’t afford... For I do enjoy the game, I just can no longer afford its perks...😔

  • by Luiz Souza

    This is, by far, the best game I've ever played. You have lots of different, interesting things to do and you can build your town your way. Some activities called events are really lame, but you can just ignore them. Although you can play for free, it is a game worth spending real money on. On the downside, the developers try way too hard to make you spend real money, which often makes playing the game a very frustrating experience. Besides, many game items are ridiculously expensive.

  • Addictive but frustrating

    by Pirate Nan

    This is a fun game, requiring more practical everyday planning skills than moving blocks around. It’s addicting, and I find myself treating the animals as if they’re re real (I can’t stand it when the milk isn’t collected and the cows fed on time or the sheep are cold...). You must see the hens’ eyes when the eggs aren’t collected or the feed not put down right away. Hilarious! But there are some aggravating features (bugs?) and some real problems that others have pointed out. Some products have a way of disappearing from the barn. Unlike real life, after you have loaded things on the helicopter they remain in the barn, preventing you from doing other things. But what has me pulling my hair out is that some clocks run during time you aren’t playing, e.g. overnight, while others keep running. Today the deadline for loading the plane with potatoes kept running while I slept, but the potatoes were not growing/timer running during the same time. Same with the factories. Some keep going, others don’t. Very aggravating and a little unfair. And as with all of this company’s other games, they are stacked to try to force you to spend real money. Lots of self control needed if your funds are limited. I like the game, but...

  • by L D Powell

    Fun and addictive. Designing and decorating my town, Layabout, is my main motivation. I'd be happy living in any of my homes/apartments - most have a view. If not, they're close to water, shopping or fine dining 😊. Been playing longer than any other game.

  • by Alyssa Bodrie

    I really enjoy this game and the graphic are great! It is highly addicting. My only complaint is some tasks take too much time and then instead of being exciting to come back to, it becomes monotonous. For example, they should ask you which goods you want in the train rather than randomly supplying you with things you don't need. I have 6 buildings waiting to be built, because I have receive the same tools everytime.

  • Township

    by Geneharvey

    My review , Township happens to be one good game, one cannot put down , because of it's continuation of the game. At one point I've asked for a more of a reality game when I played gardenscape. This game here township is definitely a game of reality. It is wonderful to watch , looking at all the activities it brings . People that partisapates in it . The most important , part is that you can contact a friend and play along with them also . And get reviews with them never do I get tried off playing , for their is always some new part to discover , and although I have not done so , I find you don' t mind except in my point of view along with the many viewers you have playing the game . There is also educational views also . You can learn from this game as well . Your team are also player . Who are always ready to help whenever needed . Thank you for this wonderful game , I have made suggestions to my friends on Facebook to download this game for it is a game they have never played before. But will enjoy I have been telling everyone everywhere to get this game. I do not regret downloading this game . Anything at all I enjoy it very much . Thank you for this opportunity to write this review on the wonderful game of township.

  • by Linda Jakubowski

    It's ok. It takes way too long to expand your land. It takes too long to build the community buildings. Some of the crops take way too long also. The good part is I am in a great Co-op! I'm disappointed because .I purchased a "Black Friday".special of cash and two free boosters. I paid $17.99. I never received the boosters. I wrote to them and they stated they were located in the Lab. The boosters were not marked for free. I would be very cautious to purchase anything from them.

  • Game of Patience

    by BeastJeebus

    I have been playing for a bit now and it starts out slow, but gets better. I'm in a great active Co-Op and my factories are slowly getting upgraded to produce faster so that's nice. The main thing to get used to is being patient. Most of the game is waiting for things to happen and doing your part in regatta (which is camaraderie in completing specific tasks against other Co-Ops in Township). As much as you want to avoid putting money into this game - to be efficient in regatta as a lower level player (31), it has helped rush things along in certain types of tasks (if you find yourself in an active regatta Co-Op and don't contribute - they will likely kick you out for being deadweight toward their success). Event sales help with special Township cash deal bundles but you can't buy an offer twice! (Which is unfortunate) The events change up the pace of the game though (mini-games) and I wish they didn't take so long to happen each time. They are a lot of fun and they also add variety to regatta tasks you can do as well. They remove some of the boredom while you wait for items to produce. That's my one thing, Township - I like your events. Please make them happen more frequently or last a little longer.

  • by mistER E COrporation

    For one month of playing this game there is something I hate why do the market need to hire the salesman for 1,5 and 12 days and have that freakin cooldown,why??? And why do we need to update the game in xmas theme can we adjust not to have that theme it causes lag in my phone,why??? Well that's all I will play this game over and over again but please can you fix those issue of mine of just explain you have those things why.

  • by Synergy By Design #BeautyBlogger

    Downgraded to 4 stars 12/07/2018: Game is getting way too expensive and harder to move upward, making it far less fun. NOTHING is accomplished without in-game purchases. I'm very disappointed, I loved this game. I found it relaxing and engaging, now it's harder than is within reason and constantly asking for you to purchase their in-game township cash. It's lost its wonder. ______ Way too addicting. Love the game, love the regatta, love the concept. Only wish it translated to the PC or larger tablet, so I could see more. Definitely a must-play game.

  • Township review!

    by Addicating Game!

    I think this might be the best game I have ever played the only problems are one the fact that It takes a while to level up when you are around level twelve! And It takes what seems forever to bake the harder level goods oh also they don’t like give u enough money to help stay afloat I’m currently down in the dumps and so is my bff that I play and help her with I Know that this a lot of complaints but somehow I have managed to stay addicted to this game I still recommend u buy this game since after all this game is pretty fun and one more thing I’m so sorry to the person reading this for swaying side to side you are probably like is this game good or bad lady just tell me! so let me clear this up This IS A VERY GOOD GAME understand?But after a while I’ve expected more from this game you see there’s a problem with the wild park I sold all my tools to get it because I thought that you could customize it by adding or merging other stuff like fountains into the now I’m seriously thinking about deleting this games even though all my progress will be destroyed I’m giving this some time to think about it and pls some sorta person that can get my stuff out of the gone area so please help me township manger

  • by Laura Anderson

    Purchased the snowman that you have to build and it won't go passed level 4. Done level 5 twice now and still no arms on snowman but goods and coins needed have both gone up. I can't finish the snowman and have lost out on goods and coins... pointless addition to my town and very frustrating. Please fix?

  • Loved it, then severely disappointed

    by Apence26

    I was addicted to this game as soon as I downloaded it. I played it in most of my free time and greatly enjoyed the challenges that arose as you progressed in the game. I finally spent some of my hard earned money in this game only to next log in and find a notice stating that I was now banned from the game due to my suspicious activity. I have received NO response to my inquiries into this matter aside from an automated message stating that my message had been received. Nor have I received a refund from my in-game purchase (thank goodness that I had not spent more than I did). I am removing this, and any other games that I might have from this vendor, from my and my family's devices due to this horrible lack of customer support and service. As I am someone who has worked in the customer support field for more than 15 years I am appalled by this lack of response. I urge anyone who is considering (or is utilizing) this or any other games from this vendor to stop before you download any. Also, definitely don't make any in-game purchases, because as soon as you do they will take your money and tell you that you cannot utilize anything that you spent your money on.

  • by A Google user

    Love the game!! However it's a very costly game. Does not pay out when you play. And you can only advance so far without having to spend quite a bit. Have played less than a month and although I love the game will probably stop because I have spent 20.00 to play it.

  • by Danielle B

    the only thing I think u cud change to make it better is when ur helping another person. say for example they need 6 bottles of syrup, if u dont have all 6 u can't help them. i think if u have 2 u shud be able to put in the 2 and then someone else. would add 4 or another 2. to make it all equal 6. but its a very addicting game

  • If only it weren’t so expensive

    by UsedToBeEP

    I really want to rate this game higher. It gave me back the experience I missed from Farmtown so many years back. With one difference, I never paid a dime in Farmtown and I could still play every day. The game is very well done, great graphics and players and it’s fun. But it comes with a cost. A BIG cost. Your barn is literally ALWAYS full. And they only way to continue playing is to upgrade it with farm cash, which you almost never get in the game in the quantities required to do anything meaningful. You need more and more space in your barn very quickly. And inexplicably, planting seeds doesn’t free up space, but harvesting crops does required space. And the increase in your space requirements increase exponentially, not in a linear fashion, because as you grow and get more land and product, so grows your need for barn space. And once you’re out of space you can’t harvest crops, you can’t sell products, etc. it’s a catch 22 which is meant to force you into paying money, sometime multiple times a day at a minimum of $9.99 each time (which is the lowest amount that could get you a little more space). It’s hugely disappointing that you’re made to feel like you’re being taken advantage of. Otherwise it’s a great game.

  • by Tina P

    Love the game, great way to relax. My one real annoyance however is how it limits your number of friends unless you use Facebook. I am sure that there are plenty of players like me that don't use Facebook and have no interest in doing so.

  • Review!

    by Mel1ssaTayl0r

    I don’t ever continue to play games for a long period of time because it always ends up being: the further along you get, the more tedious it gets, and let me add that I am not a patient person. While there are things that take a while the further you get in, there’s also a very good balance of things to keep you busy in the meantime that satisfy my need for immediate gratification and still have the satisfaction that I was able to wait for something else. I am at level thirty, and am still as interested in this game as I was on level one. It also has the nice ability to decorate your town/farm area how you want; you can still make it look nice and organized even if you don’t go for the more expensive decorations. The only drawback I can think of for this game: it takes a lot of patience to expand your area and excavate the overgrown parts. The more you expand, the more it requires to excavate, and your trains are what being your supplies in, of which you have a max of three with a varying number of cars each time they come back. Overall, very, very nice game that I highly recommend.

  • by Jennifer Holt

    Played this game almost 2 years & just hit level 98. I have paid to play, so I have leveled up quickly but leveling up seems to take a little longer now that I've passed level 95. The graphics of the game are very, very cute & much attn to detail has been put into the game. It does seem the more it stays in business, the more it becomes a business & feels like one rather than a company that cares for its players. With all its faults, I still love the game & will continue to play. There are races called regattas, side events or in app games, & a zoo to build, so the game stays interesting... as you level up, there are all kinds of decorations & you can continue to change & redecorate your town. The co-ops are a nice add to the game to find like minded players to chat, help, & race with. I recommend this game for ages 13 & up. Some have allowed their young children to play & I personally dont feel this is a game for them.

  • It’s a love/hate relationship

    by thomoj

    I was looking for a game similar to FV; a laid back, no rush, farming game. Township isn’t really that (it’s a lot more), but it’s fun in its own right. I wanted a game where I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. Township started out that way, and I was having fun playing catch-up while there was no time expectation. Once the Airport came in to play that all changed. The Airport has a timer you have to beat to get the maximum bonus, and the requirements are steep. I felt I was always being rushed just to fulfill the Airport shipment and nothing else was getting done. If you have a ton of cash (which obviously means your spending a lot of real money on the game) you can just buy all this stuff and avoid the wait times, but that’s doesn’t seem like fun (and it would be very expensive). For me, Township stopped being fun after the Airport. I don’t knock the developers for wanting to make money off their product (I don’t see how you can have a real life job and fulfill the games requirements without either spending lots of real money on the game, or spending lots of real world time on the game, neither of which I am willing or able to do) but the game became unplayable for me. Too bad, because I really enjoyed it. So long HotDog Guy 😢


    by Farmer Brown Going To Town

    As part of the game, advertisers debut their new games/apps etc. and you as the player watch a short video to redeem “township bucks” to redeem for aides in the game. Over the past 2 yrs, Township has become so inconsistent on when (or if a video) will be available to watch. It started out 1 video every hr. & progressed to 4 videos an hr. This enabled me to play the game without getting frustrated. It actually made the game challenge relaxing, addictive & fun! Now, I’m ready to move back to Hay Day or FarmVille! In the past several weeks, I am getting 2-4 videos a day, NO rewards for playing each day, NO rewards for helping friends and becoming VERY frustrated! If a game becomes unpleasant, it’s time to move on to something relaxing, challenging and fun. Also, when and IF they make changes/ updates, this will put a glitch in the system to cheat you out of rewards too. I will say they have cleaned up their ads just a bit. I’ve had to completely quit the game before because their ads were so vulgar, way too bloody and so discussing I nor my children or grandchildren could participate in the game any longer. I hope this tried & true review helps you make an informative decision whether to even download the app or not.

  • Enjoyable, do hours or check in a few minutes + friends

    by Tortie98

    I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years. Start with wheat wheat wheat. You can buy cash on iTunes to speed up the game. I didn’t for a long time and prefer not. Join a co-op!!! Find a good Co-op whose main goal is helping each other. Take part in the regattas for your co-op. Join a co-op with a low (1-3) regatta task minimum. You’ll get tools and materials you need faster. Do the zoo when you can. It really is a fun, relaxing, sometimes too slow but they add and improve regularly. Not nearly as expensive as Gardenscapes. You really can do as much as you want. And the co-op is fun because I went by faith, found a core group of about 7 from North & South America that decided to make our own co-op. We now have 30 mostly America’s but around the world. Make sure to make friends with people in the game who play like you do (friends is a game necessity. Co-op is optional but some friends end up in your co-op.) so you can easily track them down and invite them to your co-op. Stick through the slow times if you can’t buy town cash and enjoy.

  • Gloria loves this game.

    by gbx3411

    Keeps you busy. Building. Feeding. Planting. Harvesting. Replanting. Buying more farm animals. Filling orders. The Township needs buildings. People. Shops n homes. Don't spend money. Just follow n upgrade when you can. I also do NOT use Facebook. Like this game a lot. But I also lose products n green bucks for no reason. I make them. Keep them until I need them. Then move to the barn to add to orders. But I still lose a few. I help others when I can. But I am alone in my own co-op. Grew up on a farm. That's why I'm at level 77,As of a few minutes ago. I spend $40. A month. That's it. Can't afford more. So stay within your budget. Or quit. This game is addictive. Enjoyable as it is. I see no reason to suspend someone's playing without a reason. I thank the person with the review. I will remove the other 2 games I have with this by the same people. Good luck. Don't play the Regattas or compete in anything else. Just play without that. The prizes are costly. Competition is worldwide. Rich people play as well. Glad they enjoy it. Hope this helps the average Joe. Have fun. Good luck. Gloria

  • Addicting, challenging fun for adults.

    by PlumariaQueen

    I thought this was a kids game at first. Not even! This is a game that challenges you and sometimes your patience. You can make it what you want. Frustrating because you need land more often. Buildings take to long to build, etc. Organize and pre-plan. Now that I’m at a level to join Regatta and I learned how to play it... I don’t sleep. I am very competitive person and a huge team player to better our team so...this is right up my alley. Restored my faith in mankind because some people actually do share and try to help you to move forward. Some help much more than others. Play the game, share, get involved, watch videos on game play, strategy, etc. I’m learning still everyday. I busted started about two months ago. Stay in a team at your level. Don’t get upset at other teams ahead of you. Some people probably play with a lot of cash. They will always be ahead. Work with your team. Change teams if you’re not happy until you fit in. It’s a game....enjoy, be patient, get competitive, when frustrated...take a break. HAVE FUN NEW IMPROVEMENTS AND ADVENTURES KEEP COMING ALL OF THE TIME. Thanks Township...😁👍🏼🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I like it.

    by Florida Kip

    Have been playing for about a month. Part of the reason I do like the game is that I have a fun and helpful co-op. I’m about worn slick with a full barn, however. If I get rid of something then it is what I or one of my co-op members will need shortly. As others have said some products take an unreasonable time to produce. I have learned to do a special product request if I need a lot of sweaters, for example, for my plane. Most players don’t have that many to spare but can contribute one or two. Also, I have never spent one thin dime nor thick dollar on any of these games and don’t intend to start. I consider it an exercise similar to twiddling my thumbs and I am not in the habit of paying to twiddle my thumbs. What I like the best is being able to rearrange things in my township. In all, good game. Thanks. I took away one star. I can get coin easily but township cash is what I need for building materials. I have been waiting for white panels and my trains are bringing everything but. I want to buy things I need with coin which I get in abundance. If I quit the game, and I may, it will be the barn issues and inability to use coin for what I need to buy.

  • It’s something different.

    by PineyTheTree

    Hi, reader! I wanted to tell you my experience in the wonderful community of Township. Originally, I downloaded Township because I wanted to feel the nostalgia of a previous, discontinued town building game, CityVille. It also has a very charming animation style. I’ve been playing Township for well over a year now, and I’ve got to say- I’m hooked! You may think at first glance, “Township’s just another (insert city/farming game title) clone.” Honestly, I thought so too. But as I progressed through the game, I met friends and strangers to help. I found mini games to challenge myself in. I found myself a place to be an artist! Township is a game that lets you go at your own pace, and rewards you for doing your best on tasks around the city. I love how chill the game makes me feel. Decorating the city with parks, trees, statues, and boats just soothes me. If you get stressed out a lot, and/or considering getting Township, I recommend you downloading it right away, just to try it. Township is one of the best games I’ve ever had, and I hope you get the same love for it as I did. Have fun!

  • Fun game a few bits of feedback

    by Fiddlestix36

    I was a long time fan of Fishdom and saw this game repeatedly advertised by the developer on there. Finally, got to a point where I couldn’t get very much further and decided to try Township. Love it. Not really sure what’s so about it. Lol. I do have a couple of things that keep me from giving it 5 stars. The amount of real money it costs to buy play cash. I would be much more likely to spend my own money if I could get enough cash to accomplish things with. I guess there must be children and rich people that pay $99 for cash, but I cannot imagine that. I paid $2.99 in the beginning for 350ish cash and that got a lot in the beginning. But, to think to pay $2 to finish a building? No thanks. I’ve also noticed that sometimes things I’ve started in a factory are gone by morning. Usually fill everything up before bed and sometimes a bag of feed or sugar won’t be there. Weird. Bottom line, play it. Developers, please consider making the cash an actual value. More people might actually buy it and you might make more money. 😱

  • Variety!

    by Songofjoy61

    Only problem I have is that the game is addicting - I would like to continue playing but if I do I will have to be able to relegate this to a limited time slot and priority in my life. The developers "REALLY" think of the players - it is an ongoing process. Nice background sounds (you can have sounds instead of music). This game combines the best aspects of other app type games but with more variety. It also gives more opportunity to decorate with MANY nice looking items - most of which require only coins you earn in the game. You are gradually able to do more things more quickly as you progress so the game kind of "takes off" with time. It is not necessary to buy cash with real money because you can earn it in the game but I did purchase cash two or three times because I wanted some extra cash to do a few things faster. The optional events are varied - they are like games within a game. Helping other players is optional but rewarding-though I did not do it for a reward there were unexpected rewards built into the game (such as some coins, a thank you letter, or a clover to use in The House of Luck).

  • Really liked this game until.....

    by ...annonymous

    I play this game constantly while recovering from a broken leg, couldn’t get enough of it, but now, it’s getting very frustrating. The higher level I achieve, the harder it is to advance township population, the harder it is to get the tools you need, the trains and planes both want the same materials at the same time, and time consuming materials no less, to get minuscule returns. To build a building now takes days to weeks to accumulate enough tools to do so, and you RARELY get the implements needed to expand you land...and population cap can’t advance without buildings but you can’t get what you need to build buildings...4hours for a train, that takes expensive goods and brings nothing you need back :/ trains used to take an hour...4+ is rediculous....same with the quantities of goods required, and to get no materials back, it’s maddening...planes are getting the same way...I’m only in the 30’s level wise and really got in to the game, but you’re making it impossible to keep the interest and enthusiasm....beautiful graphics, and great concept, just don’t ruin it by time, expense and lack of return.

  • Playrix is a solid brand.

    by Xandallia

    Having played their other games, I can honestly say there is an obvious commitment to building player trust, and I don’t mind spending real money in this game. As a timer game, you’ll find there’s a lot of waiting, and you can get timer locked (be unable to play until the timers are satisfied) but it hasn’t been a real problem for me in this one. The sheer number of things you can work on/toward in this game is amazing, and often provides me with places where I can make a game out of farming coins by growing crops or manufacturing goods to sell. I have (rarely) gotten tasks that were impossible to finish in time, but there is no real consequence for failure, and my co-op often covers those items that are too much for me. Also, this is to be expected because they are custom generated based on what you *should* be able to procure at your level. If you’re reasonably conservative with your cash, and watch the short commercials when waiting on timers, I’ve found no need to purchase cash. This game just has so much to offer. I love it.

  • Fun and Cute as heck

    by RevelationAdept

    I’m having a good time with this game. I love the graphics and all the humorous little details, like the hedgehogs in the forest and the sims running around going about their lives. The tasks are fun and well paced and the storyline is engaging. And I like that you can completely customize the look of your town including the terrain. I think people who get a city builder game like Township have to realize that they’re marathons, not sprints, meant to be played at a slow and steady pace with patience and strategy. If you’re the type of person who craves instant gratification and hovers constantly in a game, anxiously watching the timer tick down, then a city building game is just going to make you crazy. The same if you feel compelled to always get the newest cool thing right away as soon as it comes out, because part of the strategy of this kind of game is that you have limited resources and have to invest them wisely, meaning that sometimes you need to buy the boring infrastructure that keeps your city going and wait a bit for the nifty fun stuff.

  • Do you have $100/week to spend on a game? Go ahead then.

    by mstar08

    I’ve been playing for a little less than 2 years, and this game started out to be my absolute favorite. The graphics, the characters, the decorations, etc. are wonderful! However, Township/PlayRix has steadily (sometimes abruptly) been adjusting prices for in-game purchases.. the costs are beginning to far outweigh the game play experience. I have made so many friends from around the world by joining in a Co-Op early on, but my entire group is about to abandon the game we’ve been loving for so long because it has become just outrageously expensive to maintain the same level of game play we have enjoyed for so long. The developers have been pushing their luck with increasing prices in the past, but I don’t see how anyone could possibly afford to continue playing this game with the same enthusiasm now that almost all of the game features cost “Township” cash.. which is incredibly rare to acquire unless you are willing to pay real $$ for it. Happy to have had the experience while it lasted, but I would caution anyone with addictive spending habits from starting this game if just starting out.

  • Great Game!

    by DWV

    I would like to say I really like this game. It’s one of the best I’ve seen. Other games charge extreme amount of gems or whatever currency just to customize your farm, or whatever it may be. With this game it doesn’t cost a dime to make roads, paths or make a lake or river? Want a floating city? Go for it you can do it, want snow? great want grass?great want dirt? That’s great too, whatever you want as many times as you want it’s all free! There are certain things that cost but with gold that you can easily earn and sure some things cost in game currency but that’s all good after all they deserve to get money back on their investment and to keep bringing us a great little game. I do wish things didn’t take so long to make but if it didn’t then I would spend more time on the game then I really should lol. I used to think storage space sucked but when you make items you do not have to pick all items up you can pick and choose and that saves on space, thank you so much for this option other games do not give this option. So there is my two cents. Thank you for a great little game.

  • Love game wish joining a winning regatta team was easier

    by Onmyown&prospering

    I am too addicted to this game and probably spend more time than I should on it. I only have two comments to add, I agree with others, some of the tasks take entirely too long but it bothers me more that I want to WIN and continue WINNING regattas and I race every time and always do the 15 tasks and have even paid to do more sometimes, and I also help each chance I get so I can stock pile my turns at playing at the house of luck and wait for the task to come around in the regatta....boom task done in 2 minutes and off to the next one but I can’t seem to find a team where everybody races and helps each other out and actually WINS!!! The teams that do win have closed regattas so u can’t join them and u don’t get invited to those teams because u can’t communicate and send messages to folks on other teams far as I know so I just wish there was a way to get on a team where everybody races and wins instead of just joining whichever coop happens to be open and accepting new members. I love the game and I love the regattas but I love winning too!! Thank you

  • Five star worthy! But...

    by 1234BW

    Ok this game has got me hooked!!! I’ve only had this game for 1 day, and I can’t stop playing it! If you love town-building games, this is the best one by far!!!!! It is mist definitely the most organized and least confusing. Yet, it still manages to challenge you. It is insane how much detail and how many elements they’ve packed into this one game. So props for that, but.... Every time I build something highly important, it takes a ridiculous amount of time for it to finish. Like the market; 18 HOURS for it to completely be finished. Seriously? This is just one of them that takes so long. It takes 24 HOURS to restore the airport. I am probably just impatient, but it does seem like quite a while to get things done... right? I WOULDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT EXCEPT whenever you have to build factories that take 5-10 hours to build, whatever it creates is already being requested. You can’t deliver fast food to a customer when you haven’t had the time to build the fast food restaurant.

  • Unfair competition

    by Judimar

    I love the game that's why I'm giving 3 stars, but be aware that this is a competition game with an unfair competition. Even though it doesn’t make sense for a competition game to start at different times this one does therefore some people in better time zones will always have an advantage compare to those where the game starts and ends in the middle of the night. This is completely unfair. Most games I play other than this one reset at midnight everywhere even the ones that are not competition games because that’s the right way to do it. Since this game has the worse customer service I have ever experienced in a game, I haven’t been able to get an answer as to why this game starts the regatta competition at different times and not all at the same time like midnight. So be aware that if you have a crappy time zone you will need to play harder to try to win and in many cases you won’t be able to catch up due to the unfairness of their regatta start and end time. Developers if you read this and want to make your game a fair competition game please fix the time issue. Make the game fair for ALL players.

  • Could be my favorite game

    by Sunshine Watson

    As many people have said this game takes patience. This could be my favorite game if they changed a few things. It’s nearly impossible to expand your land and it takes forever to earn the tools to do so. I hate having everything piled up together. I understand the trick is getting people hooked and making them spend money on it (which I don’t mind here and there) but land expansion should be way easier and it would actually make me want to purchase more items to create and build the town I want. Im almost about to give up if they don’t make it easier because everything else already takes a long time to get. I love the graphics and the fact that I can play with my kids! But I don’t want to spend money to expand land so hopefully the makers see this and change it. I will try to email as well! Whoever created the game is genius graphic wise and I also love the seasonal changes. Halloween and Christmas were fun. I bought items during the holidays now all I need is more LAND to put things on lol

  • Great game

    by Data Queen

    I love this game. I've played this game every day for over 4 years now and they are always adding and tweaking this game to make it better. I no sooner get close to having all the buildings, land, etc complete when something new and fun is added. They add decorations and food for holidays and seasons too. And an extra mini game or two are added for a short time to keep things interesting. You will never be bored! Lots of fun! Some people use real money to help them along. You don't have to. It takes longer but it isn't necessary. I have bought money but use it very sparingly and I play this game every day. It's a relaxing type of game, which I enjoy. No time limits, etc. i have enough stress; I enjoy playing games that are relaxing. I play for a while - selling, planting, building, etc and then go about my life and come back later and continue. I can not speak highly enough about playrix. I have many of their games and they are all great. They are interesting, fun, have great graphics. And the programmers listen to your suggestions. Thank you Playrix for all the new stuff and for all your hard work. Suggestion: Playrix PLEASE update some of your old games like Gardenscapes (the original game not the new one) and 4 elements. I can't update my software anymore otherwise I will not be able to play these games that I love so much!! I play them regularly with my grandchildren. We have many happy memories playing these old games together!

  • It needs some changes. I strongly suggest not downloading this game.

    by Tap Tate

    Please please please, add a cancel button in the factories. So we can change the items we are producing!!!! At first I loved playing this game. But I don’t like buying a building only to find out I have to wait for supplies to finish it. But my biggest complaint are the items the barn holds. You should be able to stock pile a lot more than the limited amount for every upgrade. I am constantly having to sell something to get something. Then I get a new train or plane and and the items I sold are the items I needed. We should also be able to clear a spot a lot faster and and some of the plants take forever to grow. It is a slow moving game. If the barn doesn’t improve the storage amounts I will be deleting it. It takes a lot of patience, it is a slow moving game. If the game techs would increase the storage in the barn without having to purchase the upgrade, it would be a much better game. Because you have to purchase almost everything. IM DONE!

  • Cows cows cows!

    by L.lklee

    I absolutely love this game and am completely addicted! I play at least ten times a day on weekends and 3-4 times a day on week days. I love how you can go to the mines to look for treasure, planes to pack, and trains to unload/reload goods. In the title of this review as you can see is about cows. I. LOVE. COWS. If the owner of this game is reading this review, would you be able to add more cow profile pictures or more foe decorations? I have already bought all the cow decorations and even bought the cow sign for your township name. But what I really want is the cow profile picture. I am on level 42 and to get one of the cow profile pictures is to get to level 84 I think and to complete something. Another is to play at the house of luck a lot of times and the other is to earn $1,000,000. I am currently at 500,000 coins but it has taken me 2 years to earn that much! Would it be ok if you added a cow profile picture that’s much easier to get for a person at level 42? Thank you!

  • Most Enjoyable Build-Your-Own-Town Game

    by Freakygirl09

    I enjoy playing this game so much. I find myself loading the game up every hour or so to check on my progress and my recipes. The pace at which you progress and level is wonderful too. It doesn't take forever to grow the ingredients you need to make recipes like other games. I am constantly making more and more recipes in order to fill orders and send the train and plane off. Being able to be a part of a community and help each other out is also a nice feature. If you love building your own town and being able to move buildings arouns the way you want and building streets, dirt paths, sidewalks and decorations... this game is for you!! It is so much fun and I can promise you will get addicted so beware!! And please if you join a regatta, actually participate. If you don't think you will have much time to participate in events, don't join a regatta team. Thank you! Edited- I have now been able to connect to facebook.


    by MamaRoss123

    First, I absolutely love this game and the co-op I am in. It’s fun to share and help and compete in the Regatta. I would like to suggest a change to the Regatta point system. Some crops and items take way too long to grow/cook so those should be worth more points in Regatta. Rather than 135 points for a train or plane, why not establish points for each item. Like cookies 1 point cause they are easy and potatoes 10 points because they take 4 hrs. I would also like to see the planes and trains be open in all cars and cargo bins for help from friends rather than just one for each car. This would enable us to have more help when a plane asks for a huge amount of each item. It would be nice for some of these crops not to take 4 hrs or an Eskimo ice cream bar to not be 4 hrs. That is a long time to wait, especially when competing in the regatta. I gave this 5 stars for fun, but would give about 3 for the point system and time it takes for goods. Thank you

  • Really fun

    by BloodyPrincess16

    Really fun game from day one. I downloaded the game on a whim, thought hey I like level up games that are simple to play and don’t require tons of money. Basically a free play game. Of course you can purchase packs and items to help you along the way like most games but it’s really not necessary. You play the game leveling up your town. Expanding land, raising animals, opening a zoo, sending planes with goods, and so much more. It’s pretty enjoyable. When you level up you get more things out of the games like side games (ie: the safari zoo and ships.) the game will keep you busy so if you have a long commute to work or if your just looking to pass some time this is the game for you. My only con is that I play the game for such a long period of time on my phone that my battery actually drains pretty fast. So I would limit playing music in the background or using other apps so you have some juice left for other apps when your done playing

  • Addictive

    by Megathie

    I have a love/hate relationship with this game! The game is very challenging, with multiple venues to keep track of, goals to meet, and limited space for resource building. The ability to work with others is helpful, but team building can be a challenge. Fortunately, it’s optional. The further you progress, the harder it becomes to do some things. The game has kept me interested for over a year, which is unusual for an app game. There are also some very frustrating things about it, like the limitations on barn size (storage), but to be honest, they eventually get solved. That’s part of the reason it’s so addictive for me. If you love a challenge (I do) this is it. But you do have to put time in, to enjoy this game. If you’re a casual, 15 min gamer, this game requires too much of your concentration and time to get much out of it in a short period. It can be done, but the payoffs may not be quick enough to keep you playing.

  • Love this game, hate the amount of wait time for products

    by sammiblueyes03

    This game is sooo ADDICTING!! I play any chance I get. I just wish there was less waiting for products to be made. I also don’t like how it keeps increasing the amount of items you need for expanding and building. We should be able to purchase building supplies and not hope and pray they come on the next train! It is sooo frustrating that I go through long periods of time and cannot build anything new or expand. Another huge pet peeve of mine and makes me frustrated the most in the game is that you cannot turn buildings a full 360 degrees. You can only view two of the same sides on all the buildings. This makes it difficult and irritating when designing your town. All the building have to face the same way and thus can only be build on one side of the street. It would also be nice if fences didn’t take up the whole walking area and just the perimeter.

  • Perfect game

    by Pfphhs

    I just Loooove Township! I had the game in 2013 but never had space in my old cellphone but just downloaded it about 6 months ago and the quality of the game is perfect, the regatas and co-ops ate super fun! I understand what the other reviewers pointed, but this is not one of those games that one day you play after a week you come back. I mean you can do that, I did that, but you must understand that you will lose a regatta for example or miss a plane. Which is completely fine if you understand that Township is just a game! I love how cute the game is, and the dynamic of it. Of course you will not have enough money to have the most perfect and beautiful and complete town, mine is not, except if you buy cash and coins and spend it all in the game. There are some events that are super fun... I miss some of them because I am busy sometimes, but they are super cute. So I love Township and I am so glad I downloaded it again! I love it!

  • Jury still out

    by Team csi

    I am on level 15 I think and I still haven’t hit a stride. So far it’s more frustrating than fun. Nothing grows at the right speed to handle the orders pending and there are not enough crop areas and you never know what to plant. All factories all depend on the harvest and everything takes way to long to refill then the barn gets full but there is no place ready to receive the contents. My train is stalled and will be for days because it’s requesting stuff I can’t get ready for a long time ahhhhh! It’s like having a daycare full of kids all who need to eat or nap or or get their diapers changed BUT they are ALL on different schedules and I CANT get them sink to my schedule. 😳 I love the concept of building and creating but truly, things need to flow a little smother, especially in the beginning here. It seems like all this pressure is there to get you Spend Spend Spend your money but it depletes it way to fast, I can see this turning into a money pit. I’ll give it a little more time to see if I can get a good flow going here.

  • Highly addicting and rewarding!

    by Iluvdzny

    I love this game and every detail of it! Of all farm/city/town building games this is the best by far. The game allows opportunity for earning dollars to spend whereas other games require you to pay real money for currency in the game. I like how they have “regattas” that allow you and a group of others to compete against other groups to get prizes. This is why the game never gets boring as new challenges and regattas come up all the time. I learned that the higher you level up, the longer it takes to build xp which is a bummer since I just feel stuck sometimes. Other than that, I love this game, the ability to personalize your town and terrain, and the detail that makes playing it fun. There are also little side games that come up within the game. I also love communicating with other players to get help from them and accomplish tasks. This game is a must have!!

  • Township is the tops.

    by Gama Richardson

    I switched from another city/farm game to Township. I liked the way you build your town, farm, and all the extra decorations you can get. There’s always room for improvement but I think Township is the best so far. It’s addicting. For an old grandma who doesn’t get around much it gives me something to do for myself that is relaxing and enjoyable. I love the interactions of the townspeople, the mining and regattas, and especially the ability to rearrange my city and farm. Getting to put a river through your town all the way to the ocean and the different land covers. I spend too much money and the factories and other things get way too high in the higher levels but that doesn’t stop me from working to get to the next level. Finally got with a good co-op that helps each other as much as they can and share in other activities like regattas. Overall think this game is a winner. Thanks.

  • Favorite Game Ever! ❤️😍👌🏼

    by Angel91623

    This is my favorite game of all time! I play every day and it never gets old or boring. It was a bit slow at first, but once you join a co-op and participate in regattas, there’s a lot to do and you make friends from all over the world who you can chat and share goods with. There are so many decorations to make your town unique and beautiful, and seasonal regattas increase the decorations. I love the zoo and all of the adorable animals! Unlike in other games, Township cash (equivalent to gems or gold in other games) isn’t hard to get, which prevents players from getting frustrated and stuck waiting for cash to come in to continue playing. You can give and recieve help on loading trains and planes, and request goods from your co-op members. This is such a well-made game, the graphics are beautiful, and game-play is smooth with no pop-up ads and plenty to do in your town! It’s the perfect game!

  • Absolutely amazing game!

    by Brittabratt

    I absolutely love this game. I originally downloaded this game for rewards for another game and thought to myself oh I’ll just delete it going Days. Then I started playing. And I absolutely became hooked. There’s always something to do, or veggies to grow, or new goods to produce in your factories. I like to keep my factories constantly going producing new products so I have them on hand in case I need them later. Then I was able to level up, and join co-op, and I just made the game so much better. My co-op is awesome. (SHOUT OUT TO CO-OP RAINBOW!!) Everyone is very active, and truly helpful. I had a few technical difficulties with my phone, and was able to play for a few days. And my co-op actually missed me. It makes you feel more important and part of something a little bigger than just a game. I can honestly say that I’ve made some friendships from this game. And I am truly excited about the next regatta!!!

  • Love it!

    by Anna Xena

    I been playing for years then I stopped and now I’m back. Too many to do in this game like filling cargo planes and trains, digging, sending ships, sending helicopter for the orders of your town people, etc. It is time consuming. Only good if you’re not busy and if you love decorating, growing your business. I do enjoy decorating my town. The only thing I don’t like is, it is very hard to expand and the train takes too long to bring what u need for expansion or building. Good thing I have a lot of patience. If you do have lots of patience, and you enjoy decorating, farming, growing your town and business, then this game is for you. So far, I didn’t spend any dollar for this game because I knew how to play this type of game. To the developers of this game, please do something about expansion to make it easier for us to expand and that we don’t need lots of materials before we can expand. Thank you.

  • Nice slow pace game

    by Dixiemummy

    I love this game have it is a game… you can play without spending any money . I don’t like joining CO ops or asking friends to help and this allows you to make that choice . The reason I give it four stars is that the trains bring the building materials and that takes forever. And again, I don’t like to play with other people. I like the peace and quiet of playing by myself. But because o this it takes days to finish a building . Also I think some kind of chart would be helpful, to keep track of how long until things are ready . I spend so much time checking and rechecking if I can move things into the barn it gets a little frustrating . A timed inventory list would be so much easier. But on the whole it is a really lovely game. It’s nice to be able to personalise it how ever you want . I would love to see regular gates offered , for the farm . Also I would love to see some kind of sea wall, promenade or piers for the coast line !

  • Love the game

    by its2good2betru

    I really like the game, it’s fun to fill order and do the competitions with the Regatta. There are just a few things I would change. The further you go along in the game the more items you need for community building which understandable but one it’s takes a long time to obtain the items you need. In the process it takes up needed space in your barn that can be used to store items to fill the orders you need to complete trains orders in order to get the building items. I would store them separately like they do the mining equipment. I would also love to see more ways to get building equipment. Maybe the airport orders or helicopter orders or even adding additional trains to the platform. I don’t mind the issue with spending real money since they usually have deals and I only do in Game Purchase once and a while. Sometimes it’s worth it, but you can play the game without needing to spend your real life dollars.

  • Ex-Hayday player

    by Ammojimmy

    Ex hayday player, this was fun at first but it soon turned to all the rest, money, money, money. On second thought, I'm already getting bored with the game and how much money it takes to play this game. Hay day is better and didn't cost me money to play.😩 Now that I've said that. The game doesn't give me all the building supplies that you get on the trains, now I have to buy the red bricks needed to finish the buildings that I have bought. Just another way, that wasn't that way at first, to get you to spend money. To bad, I would rather quit the game then spend money on it. I'm learning to hate these types of games. Eventually you get to a point when buying is impossible to do. The factories cost more money than you can raise by just playing the game. Which means you would have to buy coin and that’s expensive. The game for me has come to a dead end. To bad

  • Nice game but could use a change or two.

    by Betternbogie

    I like this game as it keeps my mind active ( and at 67, I need things like this), but it is easy to hit the wrong button at times and that can change your game later on. One that irritates me is the “free” load right in the middle of the load and ask for help buttons. There were times I had the product but accidentally hit the middle “free” one and used it when it wasn’t needed. It would be nice if the game could give you a notification about you having enough product in stock and asking if you want to go ahead and use the free load or go back and use your own in stock product. All in all, I enjoy the game and have put some cash into it, but that isn’t a big deal. I pay cash for other things I enjoy. For beginners, I would use caution with your cash at first, don’t try bring every manufacturer into full mode. See which you use the most and put it there.

  • Fun, challenging, and at times frustrating

    by FQXD

    It can take time to build up your township just the way you want it. Staying patient and going about it the right way are key factors. Earning coins is easy enough, the Tcash can be a bit harder to come by at times. Avoiding in-game purchases with real money can be done. Just stockpile whatever in-game currency you earn and go from there. It can be frustrating when you’re not able to upgrade the barn and finish buildings in a timely manner. You’ll find that the townspeople ask for goods from factories you have yet to build or crops you have yet to plant. Some goods and crops take longer than necessary to manufacture or grow. Better rewards for filling helicopter/plane/train orders and finishing regatta tasks among other things is what I would like to see. All in all even with its flaws I still enjoy Township for what it’s worth. A fun and challenging game worth playing with time and effort.

  • Game is so much fun you have to download it now!

    by wiegehts

    I’ve only been playing this game for a couple days now but I know I already love it I don’t usually games like this where we have to build a town but this one is so much more you have to download it now! this game is very addictive so you might be checking on this game every single minute of your life just kidding but a lot you also maybe thinking why am I spending money on this game well don’t be sad girl because I do it to Like when you don’t have enough cash to finish things faster you wanted to be done so much faster because it takes like an hour or more just finish a house or just to finish your cow food so you spend money I don’t even know how much I spent on this game you should not feel sad because you spent real cash on it but it’s fun addictive game so yeah please download you’ll thank me later!

  • Sinfulpuddin

    by Sinfulpuddin

    LOVE this game! I have had over 400+ consecutive days 😁. I have read many of the other reviews that say it is “hard” and ‘takes too much time or money to expand. But life is not easy every time—-soooo for me? I love the challenge; then the reward of completion. I like the regattas as I am super competitive and proudly can say I am the leader of a first place gold team.🌟🌟🌟 So, if you want to play a GREAT game that allows you both independent achievements and team achievements this is the game for you. My team ( I am leader) have people on it from US, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Hawaii, Europe and India. It is amazing how close our group has become and how much fun it is to hear of things happening in their own lives. ie: the recent hurricanes around the holidays, we had members directly affected who got help thru communication through our group. Try it! You WON’T be disappointed! 😁❤️😁❤️😁❤️😁

  • Finally

    by controlfire

    I have played a lot of farming games. But this game is very addictive and attention grabbing. It keeps you engaged with the mini games while also giving you task to complete. For goal setting person this is a very good addition to the game. This is the first game to keep me past level 15. I like the fact that you can ask for help from other people playing the game. The task are challenging but not too far beyond what you can do at the level that you are playing. I also like that there are many different ways to accomplish your goals in the game. The wait time is a very logically laid out. You really have to use some strategy to accomplish things that you need to accomplish in a timely manner. I would recommend this game to all my friends. This is a fine addition to the Gardenscapes and Homescapes. Playrix, you have done good with this game!

  • I love it 😄

    by Silverspark77

    I'm so addicted to this game. To get the most out of it and progress at a steady rate, you have to continuously check on your crops, factories, trains and planes multiple times a day. If you are like me and don't mind doing that, then you may also love this game. If you check in once or twice a day you will still progress, just at a slower rate. This game does offer in app purchases, which I take advantage of from time to time, but it is certainly not a must to progress. There are achievements and rewards when you will earn cash within the game to spend anyway. With a helpful system of friends and co-ops you might get the help you need while being at work all day. You help them, they help you and everyone gets rewarded. There is no harm in trying it for yourself. The worst that can'll love it and want to play all day😉

  • Ridiculously addictive!

    by Pukk8

    Township is a great game! I have enjoyed playing this game for the last 6 months or so! It’s easy to earn coins and in game cash. There are always exciting new events going on in the game and they keep me playing. I’ve had fun trying to find just the right co-op (which I’ve finally found) and it’s exciting to try to get to first place in the golden regatta. My only complaint is that when participating in a regular regatta it would be nice to see how far teammates are in their current tasks like you can in the treasure chest regattas. I also wish we could ask co-op players for building materials as it can be difficult to get all of the materials needed. I often end up with a ton of two of the items and have next to none of the other. 🤷‍♀️ But this game speaks for itself and once you download it you won’t want to put it down! Enjoy!

  • Patience Required

    by Babythump

    This game is fun and really cute, but it moves slowly. You might find yourself waiting 3-6 hours until you can progress. The premise is you produce crops, animal products, minerals to use in factories you’ve built. Then you ship them away by plane or railroad. Sometimes the plane will only have one product you lack and it may take hours to produce it, so you’re stuck for awhile. I wish they would reduce the production time in next update. Updates are often which keeps the game from getting boring. The graphics are great and you can spend a lot of time watching the townspeople. This game has it all: strategy, organizing, a lot of thinking ahead and is fun too. Co-ops require team work. As a teacher of over 30 years I would recommend this game for kids ....ages 11 and up will benefit in learning how to prioritize tasks! FUN for adults too!!!!!

  • Fantastic... But has its quirks

    by DJKyleMcFlurry

    This game is one of my favorites, and I am absolutely addicted to it, but it's got small problems. These problems are so small though, that I still gave it five stars. For example, the trains to get you supplies take FOREVER!!! Also, the food and supplies that you make take a long time. One more is that, when you ask for help when trying to supply the train or airplane, and you fill up the one that you asked for help on, it won't let you ask for help on another one even though no one helped you load it. But I love how you can help other players when they ask for help. I also love how no one's town looks the same. You are free to create your town to look like anything you want! I love this game, despite its minor quirks, and guess what? In my opinion, those are the only problems! Everyone should download this game!!!

  • Loving the game

    by Gogui62

    This is one of the best games I have played. Although the waiting time to make some of the items or food can be frustrating, you can just go and come back a a later time to continue playing. Some of the decorations are ridiculously expensive and some others are ok. You don’t have to spend money to use this game, you just need to be patient. I enjoy building roads and changing the layout of the game. I would like to see more small houses available as you move in the game. Buildings are Ok but the charm of the houses is more appealing to me, maybe to create a more elaborate mansion could do the job. I am not a fan of the treasure chests. If you spend your dollars to open it the prize should be a decoration or something more expensive than a fruit or a tree. I do love the game. It keeps you coming back and that is a good thing.

  • Love, but pluses and minuses

    by AmyS add

    I love this game. It's so much fun to play that it gets addicting. BUT, I totally agree with some of these other reviews. You end up having to spend money to play and advance, and if you don't spend money, it starts being less fun. The materials brought by the train aren't always the ones you need to build, especially glass. So I end up buying bills (using my own money) so that I can buy supplies. Same with mining, you end up buying tools so that you can mine and get items you need. You have to spend money to speed up the process or buy other items that you need sooner than later and it gets frustrating instead of fun. I've spent way more money than I had intended on this game. I'm up to level 35 and I'm not sure how much longer I'll play, considering I probably spend around $20 a week on it! Id rather get entertainment elsewhere, like with my family.

  • Better if more

    by Dymand Crystal emily

    Hello I am a programmer. I program games and I have my 5 year old daughter test other games not just my games to see if they are good or not, and when I heard that this game was not as good enough she told me what to tell your game. I'm just trying to make this game better. So my daughter has the same problem as most of the other people were having. The game is okay but it just need to improve. The game just needs more levels and more ways to get the money and the food and stuff. I think it should be more of an adventure to make the game more interesting so when we are done with a farm and all it's levels, you can go to another country and make a farm and do all the levels there. Sincerely, Programmer

  • Fun thinking

    by Emma's Grandma

    This game has me very addicted! I actually started playing while I was hospitalized because I couldn’t just lie there and stare at the TV in a mindless stupor. I happened upon the game quite by accident, but once I was playing I was struck by the fact you need to think a bit about what you are doing. Game scenarios mimics real life as one thing depends on another while another informs another. You can make it as fast paced and complicated as you like or you can treat your little township as a quiet country world where life is quaint and slow. I have played for sometime now...more than a year.....and I highly recommend building your own little fantasy realm where you can learn and work your mind a bit instead of blindly watching TV. It is truly a delight. I love the community I have built, and continue to build.

  • I love this game,but I have a few recommendations

    by Login bieber

    I have been playing township for a few years now and I have been here to see a lot of different events, races,etc. I genuinely enjoy playing this game and constantly finding myself going back to play it. I have a few recommendations to make the game flow a little better and possibly be more fun. I enjoy the current event which is the underwater one it’s just like mining but its underwater so I think they should add it to the boats to continue to allow that option. Another recommendation would be to make zoo and possibly the mine a tab on the screen just like the airport and helicopter. By doing this it will allow people that have a lot in their town to easily access those things. But overall this is an awesome game if you don’t play this you’re really missing out.

  • Accused of cheating - UPDATE

    by Sbcactus

    Finally I have the t-cash back in my account and I will go back to playing. I wanted to thank the developers / Playrix for returning my purchase. I really enjoy playing especially since I got my sister into playing and it keeps us closer. Those who complain about it taking long to complete tasks, you can use reduced time from the lab with gems you get from the mine or planes. Also, I am constantly upgrading my factories with the ingots, I go for reduced time when available, if I do not have enough gems, I use the t-cash to purchase the gems need. I spent over $1500 in 15 months and considering I have no other vices, I choose to spend my money here, everyone needs to make a living. All apps I download, I spend at least $20 on the app, fair is fair and as stated before we all need to make a living.

  • Great Family Values game I would pay a monthly VIP for this game

    by Issues888

    Teaches lot of good things town building, what to grow and the things that go into manufacturing other things. We can actually help other players showing good team building and communication skills. Some nice team competitions so teams can earn some nice stuff. Helping other players could be improved a bit at least twice a team member has seen a player in need of an item and had asked for help but so far we have found no way for our team members who do not see this player needing help to actually get to them and help them. I even went as far as to look up the co op they are in and go visit their town but still could not see the same help request as my team mates? Also does not have a global or private chat for those that like those kind of things or maybe you do not like to be chatted up? But makes it harder to build teams because of the lack of open communications to other potential team members. So often it looks like there are maybe 5 or less active players in a 35 member team and the other ones look to not be playing at all ? But I would beat if they are smart they will figure this minor things out. So still a great game and I would pay a monthly VIP for it.

  • Completely addicting, but AMAZING

    by queenjuliegamer

    I found lots of reviews saying it takes to long to do things in this game. But let's be honest here, growing wheat only takes about one minute, and lots of orders just want wheat so try to focus of that! I can agree that it can be ridiculous at times, like how is takes 1 hour for chickens to finish eating, then just focus on something else! I am not trying to sound angry but I want all to see the beauty of the game and enjoy the gameplay as much as I do. I also have played there game Gardenscapes and was obsessed as soon as I started! I highly recommend that game as well. I know I am not that far in township, so it might get worse and I don't know. But I do know it's a fun game and I highly doubt it gets any worse so I totally recommend this game to anyone and hope you try it and love like I do!

  • Back to my game! YES!

    by Puz~~zler by night

    Back to my original rating! Once I asked for help, I received it in less than 10 hours. Thanks! I get the update game notification and can’t get into the game! I have tried to update it, but when I push the notification button, it takes me to the App Store and the only option is OPEN. I press open, and it takes me back to the update game notification. I’m so sad! My co-op friends are going to think I have quit on them😩. I don’t want to be kicked out... help??!! I have been playing this game for several months now. I love my town and the members of the co-op I am part of. We play the regattas, and we help one another selflessly. I have had no problems at all so far. I am actually amazed that I haven’t gotten bored and quit, but there are so many things to do, it isn’t possible to get bored.

  • Great idea but lots of flaws!

    by BabyKandie

    Just in this past month, I have made an in app purchase and was charged double. Prior to that I lost barn supplies and as of today, I have lost almost 100 Green (purchased not earned), all of the nails in my barn and I was just ready for upgrade and 55 clovers! Have reached out to tech-support have reached out to Apple and have had zero response and zero action taken. I love the concept but tech-support and the glitches are getting too much! This is becoming extremely frustrating and challenging for me to actually want to play the game. I am a faithful player and love my co-op and playing the regattas and the extra games. But, recently I feel like I’m being ripped off. I don’t think a customer should ever feel taken and have support never address the issue or contact back! Actually there was a response on Township Facebook blog but they try to blame me for not contacting the right support. Which is completely incorrect which I clarified and not only did I contact support… I sent pictures, date and time. This all needs to be resolved. Members in my co-op are becoming just as frustrated. Would be sad to lose such faithful and loyal Players especially, when we actually use extra funds to buy in app purchases.

  • Great Game!

    by Cheris Apples

    Great game and is my go-to to relax for sure. Game moves along quickly at first, keeping you well interested with immediate successes. I'd definitely go to Facebook though and look for the post that was made (I think) first few months of 2017 that asks experienced players what advice they would give to new players. This post was INVALUABLE to me! It changed my game! I probably wouldn't still be playing if it wasn't for all I learned from that Facebook post! So find that post and you'll have a great game plus the best advice you can find! Have fun & if u want to join a great co-op that will teach you a ton of tips and successes, look for my co-op called, "ForTheLoveOfJesus" # FRP875! PS The game support was pretty shabby for a while but has really stepped it up, so I give 5 stars. Other games, Gardenscapes, Fhishdom and Homescpaes are all great too.

  • Improvement needed & Expensive over time!

    by msbeckser

    Township is a fun but overtime it requires $$$ to progress. The game has some tasks that provide you with towncash so if you don’t mind slow progress you are good. You can only chat within a coop which is not good. It would be nice to converse with gaming friends as well. Regatta races within a coop get to many & boring repetitive tasks. You will find some coops are more demanding with requirements to participate or get kicked out. As you level up factories and other buildings require way too much in game coins. Also, when you purchase you may wait for days or weeks before you can even may have spent > 150,000 of in game coins only to then have to use building items to finish...that’s just nuts. Forget ever getting an answer from any support it’s non existent. If you can put up with issues mentioned the building of your town, harvesting& farm animals it can be fun!

  • Mayor of my Township

    by Favor-IsMyName

    I really love this game I have gotten so far and my town looks awesome, never taught that I would have last this long. Found some crazy’s yes crazy’s in this game that had to delete. And on the other hand I have found some really good neighbors in my town. One thing that I think a lot of players will agree with me is that we need more interesting mission in the regatta. It is getting very boring and we have lot players and some of them are deleting the game. We need new and better 🎁 and higher points for those of us that have maintain the gold level for three race. I’m trying to hang in their but not sure for how long if they don’t bring more new changes. We also need more land Take us across the mountain lots of land over their...... Make Changes Before All The Neighbors Leave!

  • I like it.. but it’s not perfect

    by Dizzyplayer

    I play this game when I can-a few times a day. It’s usually fun and different. However, finding a group to be affiliated with is difficult (I’m about to leave my 4th group- I’m tired of doing tasks and no one else and they get benefits of my labor). Some of the side attractions range from fun (ghosts and flying airplanes) to ridiculous and glitchy ( their last snowboarding game was glitchy-I tapped to jump and it didn’t jump. I wrote an email to complain and got a form letter, telling me to look up my problem). I have spent considerable money-but I’ll admit it was for my enjoyment. Not like other games where you have to buy things. The other problem is the higher up in levels means less and less things to buy. You just keep going, farming, producing things, etc. I do like the game-it’s almost a year and I’m still logging in. But it’s not the excitement I had when I first started.

  • Love it

    by some else appreciateve

    It’s easy to play and my sis got it and we help each other out we even made a challenge for us to see who can go with out using dollars and I’m racking up on the contrary it’s time, time I use that makes keep checking on my phone easy levels and if I have to chose township vs hay day y’all probably will say township and y’all are.......... CORRECT township is way better then hay day you rarely get diamonds to speed up you work but in town ship you can get dollars real quick and please do not change that even my sis agrees im surprised if any one read this because it’s thanksgiving and it’s really really really long! That’s why it a five star and I’m picky btw! P.S I’m sick and I still play it. And writing a review while sick is hard it’s worth it haha! Happy thanksgiving to all read this today. -Christopher

  • Love The Game, but...

    by cassiaalexis

    My boyfriend and I got into playing this game maybe a year or so ago and we got so into it we played everyday. Constantly checking it and we kinda got out of it after my bf broke his phone because it was no fun if we both weren’t playing it. I just recently downloaded the game again to have something new but familiar to play again and I was thinking that the creators should make an update where users now have the ability to cancel queued items and possibly get a portion of he resources back in return? That’s a kink that will be up to the discretion of the developers but please make this a reality, I think that would make Township that much more enjoyable if you didn’t have to sit and wait for irrelevant items that you don’t need at that given moment. Idk maybe I’m the only one, but it wouldn’t hurt to consider! 🤙🏻

  • Fun ... but Hay Day is better...

    by dsw54

    The graphics here are quite good. The variety of houses and businesses is quite enjoyable. This has many unique aspects like the Helipad and Airport. There is a daily bonus of coins. The most disappointing & FRUSTRATING aspect is the difficulty getting correct building materials to finish construction of community buildings. Play will be going right along and then stops like the train hit a brick wall. No further progress can be made until the train delivers materials ... then upon arrival, these are not the ones needed! Three trains later, I am still waiting! 😡😡😡 There is also no way to know what the train orders will be in advance so some preparation can be made. Consequently, a train can easily sit waiting hours to be filled, which only delays its return with building materials ... which, of course, will be the wrong ones anyway! And intervals between trains seems to increase exponentially, also ... Repeat ... Repeat ... Repeat! 😡 (Can anyone say Catch-22 !?!) Other reviewers blame this on greedy creators wanting players to spend real world cash to buy money in order to speed up game progress. I turned off that ability as I am on a fixed income and am only here to enjoy myself! But once one reaches a certain point, that is really difficult to do ... unless, I guess, you want to get out that money card! Errgh!

  • Great fun if you like to play a little at a time but build and build

    by diviana22

    Township introduces expansions and fun intermittent games as you level up and time goes on. My daughter and I regularly play it together, a great for us to talk about supply chains, systems, commerce, saving money, and improving what you have. Also good for us to do mental math together, and imagine herself running a business or leading a community. I like it for the humor in the details, the math of trying to optimize the coins I earn, and the social interaction is just the right amount of personal vs anonymous engagement to feel like a community without being too personal. The best though is how positive the game is. My coop has friendly competition to see who can help more people. I appreciate the people in my coop and the game is a bight spot in every day.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Angel Welch

    I like the game

  • by Laquesha Miller

    im totally addicted to the app

  • by Cecillia Ledford

    Keeps me sane.

  • by A Google user

    very addicting, but fun.

  • by Chloee Alexis C. Bautista

    its the best farm game ever! ☺

  • by A Google user

    love the game! wish we had an option to buy materials needed for upgrades and land with the coin though.

  • by Shah Shahir


  • Great game BUT Horrible Regatta

    by Lykot

    Unless you can literally sit on this game, the regatta is impossible. Not enough space in the barn to even do crop tasks...too little time to complete timed tasks. Why have time limits on anything??? It’s a major accomplishment just to complete them at all when you can only play the game once or twice a day... Yes, some people enjoy games AND have a life! This regatta is NOT for them or me!!! Definitely not my favorite.

  • Township

    by townsip is fun

    This game is so much fun you can make your own town.and send food and goods to the people that live in your town. I play this all day it is just so much fun. I recommend it to everyone all ages. I am sure you will enjoy it.😄

  • Best town game!

    by Robertsnapier

    If u want a app to win stuff easily try very dice it has free 2 day shipping and I've already redeemed several prizes use my code 3520170 for 50 free spins..

  • Review of Township Rip

    by peapie54

    It is a fun and visually festive for the eyes, but as you get almost mid way into developing the township, it raises the saws to 8 and up. This means it takes a long time to open land. So it gets boring unless you are willing to spend big bucks to keep it interesting. I don’t mind spending money but this is ridiculous. Just like Hay Day it takes too long to open land. I am looking for something else as both of these get you hooked in and then you are bored or have to “ gamble” to be entertained.

  • Game

    by natlalltheway

    Takes too long to get land, crops boats makes frustrating.

  • This game is so much fun!

    by Mamabear1025

    I LOVE this game so much.. I've been playing it for a few years and I'm still not bored of it. 😀

  • Life consuming

    by Paula3236

    So fun, but it is like a job. I feel responsible to take care of my town and my co-op members. I enjoy helping people and getting help from all over the world. This makes me feel good about all people.

  • Great game but

    by monika.exe

    I would have given this app five stars if it wasn’t for the fact that it totally eats your battery otherwise it’s very fun

  • Fun

    by beckypurpleg


  • Township Williams

    by amaginme2

    Best game ever I love it

  • Priyanka

    by piyumilin

    Love it

  • It’s pretty ok. It could really use some work with the money-earning.

    by Cooper Sellas

    There you go.

  • ❤️💚❤️

    by DisneyBraelynMinnieLover

    My mom downloaded this game and I got ADICED to the game ❤️

  • Overall pretty good.

    by ryleemarie2006🏐🏀🍓🍓🍓

    It glitches me out sometimes it is very rare though. Other than that it is very good.

  • Whew!Great fun and cute grafic

    by Sanbanorpop

    Lots to do!!!!!

  • Fun games

    by PitsyPatsy

    I am so addicted to this darn game. Love it

  • Thanks

    by townshipmaria's

    I’m enjoy this game make fill relax thanks!

  • I’m in love

    by lovemuffin63

    I’m in love It help me to Beat Colon Cancer I could not allow my Farm to die and I did not die 63 years old 17 year Free

  • Fun game

    by regatta champ

    I enjoy the friend ship that this game brings with the regatta’s. The graphics are great for a game like this. Being able to play and talk with people around the world is amazing!!

  • Great game!

    by Connie.h

    Really fun, great graphics, ever changing!

  • Steals my money but otherwise it’s ok

    by uebduej

    There is this piggy bank that puts my money in it but I don’t want it to take my money because I don’t have enough money to buy the piggy bank but otherwise the game is great and it’s not like other game when you have to solve a puzzle to get money

  • The Best

    by rootycakes

    Township is an awesome game that keep you interested and excited about the things that you could do in your town and the fact that you can make your town the way you want and how you want. You have to check it out,it takes time and patience and it is challenging and fun.

  • Fun game

    by Dez1!

    I love this game

  • Something to consider

    by Tiaunalovee

    I really enjoy playing this game, however I think you guys should make it a little easier to get building supplies, or charge less. Trains barely supply but so much at a time.

  • Best game ever.

    by JacksonOliver

    The designers of this game have done a fantastic job! Great game and love the social interaction!

  • Today

    by glimmer12001

    Ok have always liked building games, and this is no except toon. It wants you to buy more game bucks than I would like. but what game doesn’t

  • Great game!

    by d hill dale

    I love this game! I am NOT enjoying this new challenge. It is extremely disappointing. So difficult to control the bridges. I usually participate in all the challenges, I will not be helping Santa deliver packages. The everyday Township is a great game!

  • Fun but expensive

    by Lynn Samuelson

    I love my town but you are always having to pay for every little thing! The new Holiday deliveries event wants $$ for measuring tapes that you lose if you fall, don’t last for the whole delivery and if you make your delivery and there is time left on the tape you lose it so you have to get a new tape for the next delivery!! Just one example of a game that isn’t for your enjoyment but for their profit.

  • Great Game!

    by Pippa4247

    I love this game! I can hardly believe I have been playing for over a year! I love all the helpful friends from all over the world.

  • Love this game!

    by Ddhawk2

    Fun and exciting! Creators are an excellent group of people!

  • Great game

    by caltaker

    This is a great game, you’ll enjoy it.

  • Addicting and fun

    by azuralu

    Very very addicting and easily one of my fav games.

  • Best game ever!

    by Desirae9895

    It’s so addicting! Occupies much more time than I’d like to admit but I’m not complaining. I love building my own town and watching it thrive!

  • Farming

    by ezra's baby girl

    Great game having lots of fun there’s lots to do

  • Perfect except for one thing

    by DesteryPinto

    This game is so much fun! The graphics are cute but still somewhat realistic. The tasks are a good combination of challenging and easy. The events are fun and festive. However, you cannot delete things from your farm! Buildings and farm plots cannot be removed from your farm in any way! No selling, storing (there is temp storage for when you are rearranging, or deleting. It’s such a useful ability and really frustrating the developers didn’t include it. I would also like more decoration options but that’s less important than the ability to remove things.

  • No time-

    by ann446

    Don’t have time to write review ..... game is too much fun!!!

  • One of my best games

    by hehdhdhbshshe

    I deleted this game a time because I wanted other games

  • Free time

    by Sharonaswe

    Great game!

  • Great Game!

    by Kim 3065

    Very Addictive

  • The best

    by jdjfjjfrhhf

    This is the best game ever I love it it’s the best

  • Township

    by djabj

    This is an amazing game I wish I could play it all the time

  • Seems like a awesome game....

    by frustrated_cook

    I would love to play but I can even get past the first step to even get a look around!!! I have an IPhone XS and this game isn’t compatible with the home bar!!!! The downward arrow to let Earnie show you around is right there so my phone thinks I’m pressing the home bar!!! Sooo frustrating and I was looking forward to playing this game...

  • Very Fun

    by Buffmiket

    It’s kind of addictive, trying to coordinate services and supplies.

  • Upgrade

    by flyguyp51

    Can you make airport runway airstrips to match the airport??? I think instead of making all these things you make, make it possible to build up the airport

  • Fun, but Costly

    by Casey498762

    I love this game and could play for hours. It has lots of different features and even adds holiday decorations. Unfortunately, the more you get into the game, the more costly it gets. It's pretty addicting, so I've spend what too much money. I prefer inexpensive apps.

  • Township beta

    by Scorpion king🦂

    I thought this version was to be a better version of the original but is exactly the same,it crashes a lot. You don’t give us the videos to get extra notes, on neither version. Watching other games videos was how I found this great game. You still owed me 2000000 coins & 30 notes for tasks completed back in 2016-17.Another thing you wrote that games was going to be harder with time passing ,lord you were right but I thought not this much.

  • Fun Game

    by Mr. Zucker

    Simple to play. Do not have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Well supported...always something new.

  • Recommend

    by trumpimpeach

    Warning! Game is addictive and can be expensive if your hooked.

  • New Update

    by nrico21

    The update. Why is it asking for my billing address. It’s supposed to be a free game. I loved playing it but if it wants to charge me I can’t play it anymore.

  • Township is amazing

    by 🤯🤩🤠

    Township is amazing! It lasts so long!! I’ve had this game for over a year and it’s still very fun! U have no idea till u experience it! Have fun playing it

  • My game

    by momand danish

    I like this because I can build and do what I want to do.You are the first one I have ever rate and wrote a review.

  • Better NOT to buy game cash

    by Sarasara Bo Bara

    The less real life cash you spend on this game, the more in game cash it gives you for watching ads. Once you make in game purchases, you get fewer game cash offers from ads for 3 months. The clock restarts each time you pay, so don’t! Plus, most in game purchases are not worth it. This is a game of patience and planning. Is your purchase getting you something good, like a permanent additional box in a market or factory, or is it unknown, like a treasure box, or worse, just feeding your impatience to finish something early? Base in game purchases on what you know they will get you, and you will not need to spend a real life cent.

  • Es una lástima

    by Marien Acosta

    Después de esta última actualización no lo he podido usar más.

  • Viv township

    by v y h

    This is a fantastic game challenging and a lot of fun very addictive I love it

  • Relaxing, allows you to work and play

    by plyingdrake45

    Kind of reminds me of 1602 AD game for the PC along time ago. I just reset all of my crops, factories, and buildings and I can do other things while I’m waiting. Can’t wait to get the co-op building. Sometimes it’s just fun to watch. Great game!

  • Fun game

    by CaitlinRjones

    I love playing this game! I would only change a few things, I think the the trains should bring materials that are actually needed versus random. I have 4-5 buildings that have just been waiting because I need 1 of 3 materials. I think that the cash versus coins awarded are not equally awarded. You need more cash than coins to move forward in this game. The last thing is that I don’t like that customers in the store should be able to request items that cannot be made, bought or shipped yet while waiting for a building to be constructed or repaired. Overall I do enjoy playing this game and building my little town.

  • Trouble playing Township

    by 💫Star Bright💫

    I am Mayor of Shooting Star Cove with a team of 8. I play all the time! However tonight I tried to get in only to be greeted with a sign to update. When I followed through I was directed to the page to put our charge card info in. My 2 cards need to be refilled,I haven’t had a chance since I just got out of the hospital. So. NOW I CAN NOT GET INTO THE GAME. That STINKS. I CANT PLAY WITHOUT A CARD ON FILE? I’ve ALWAYS HAD ONE. THIS ISNT RIGHT OR FAIR. It is DISCRIMINATION . I want to play. Come on. Mari-jo Hart Judd 💫Star💫.

  • Great

    by janya0

    This is a great game.I think there should be ATMs where you can get township cash.And you should get the mine, airport, and ships earlier

  • Game is so much fun you have to download it now!

    by wiegehts

    I’ve only been playing this game for a couple days now but I know I already love it I don’t usually games like this where we have to build a town but this one is so much more you have to download it now! this game is very addictive so you might be checking on this game every single minute of your life just kidding but a lot you also maybe thinking why am I spending money on this game well don’t be sad girl because I do it to Like when you don’t have enough cash to finish things faster you wanted to be done so much faster because it takes like an hour or more just finish a house or just to finish your cow food so you spend money I don’t even know how much I spent on this game you should not feel sad because you spent real cash on it but it’s fun addictive game so yeah please download you’ll thank me later!

  • Best game ever!

    by Bubbles :-)

    Love this game! Amazing way to get away from reality and relax

  • Suggestion

    by Granny64040

    Wish you could back items out of queue if you change your mind.

  • Totally addictive!!

    by Pink Belt Master

    I love this game! It pulls you in and keeps you playing. You don’t run out of lives like most games. You can play around the clock. My one complaint is the barn fills up too quickly and is difficult to make room again. I wish I could build a second barn or a tool shed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


    by sparkley galaxy

    I love this game! I play it almost every day and I just can’t describe how great this game is. If there could be a 10th star I would rate it that out of 10.

  • ص

    by mohamed dabab

    لعبه ممتعه

  • Township

    by RighthandedRascal

    I loved this game. Creating my own town from nothing has taken over my spare time. To bad I can’t play until I update my phone app.

  • Best ever though

    by gamer 283874849

    I really love this game but it takes a long time leveling up and not only that but u have to be on this game lots of times to level up

  • This game is so fun I mean it’s just great

    by kimkeh

    There’s no problem for me that’s why I gave it a five

  • Texas Forever

    by Firewomanina

    Township is so fun to play! I love how the people and animals do things all the decorations and team work with fellow players. We are a small coop looking for active (not overly obsessed) players. We play regattas above 125 no reserve task come join our team, Texas Forever.

  • Township is awesome

    by hugo dudo

    I’ve been playing for some time now and i love this fun and awesome game. The game is addicting I never want to stop playing it, plus you can design your very own town anyway you want.It also helps learn new things as you go. I personally enjoy the regattas because it gives you task and you have to do them to help your co-op(when you unlock it) win and get rewards. If your having trouble filling your plain create or train car you can always ask you friends and they’ll be happy to help. Also a lot of other fun things in township like searching for treasures in the mine and the fun mini games that anyone can play and much more. If your reading this i hope you decide to get township, I really do love this super fun game and I hope you can join the fun.

  • Fun but expensive and very small rewards

    by Pawness

    I like this game but often feel like I should just quit cause the rewards are so cheap considering how much you have to spend to play regattas. I think they need to tweak their algorithms so you get much better rewards and little encouragements when you are spending money on the game.

  • A daily addiction

    by Deb3069278

    I play this game daily and love to make improvements to my town and design how it looks 😊

  • Good

    by Jordan Vaisman

    Good game

  • A lot of fun


    Fun game, just takes a lot of time and patience to level up or complete regatta tasks.

  • Expensive

    by cdubssss

    Too expensive, doesn’t give u rewards for downloading like promised (diner dash)

  • Addictive but fun!

    by Alacazoey

    A fun game that keeps you busy and lets you be creative.

  • Township

    by sister lily

    This game is absolutely amazing. It’s so good, fun, and fresh that it’s addictive. It almost makes me feel like I should just one day build a town outside.>< O

  • Fun but.....

    by Me vbh

    I love the game the only problem I have is getting a lot of construction equipment for buildings I don’t need and never having enough to upgrade my barn So I stop playing.

  • Township

    by >)kr1st1n(<2

    This game is great fun. I like doing the mayor of this community!

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