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Lars Meynberg

Track the feedings of your animals easy with your Android Phone.

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App Description

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Time2Feed is an App for reptile owners who wants to keep track of all the important data of their animals.

Keep track about your snake, Lizard, Tortoise or any other animal with larger feeding intervals.

You can register your animals and keep track of the feedings and other data. Enter your feedings with time and comment and the app will calculate the days between the feedings and the days since the last feeding.
On one quick look you will know how long the last feeding has been. The own smartphone is quick at hand so you can save the key facts of the feeding to Time2Feed directly after you have fed your animal! With Time2Feed you can dispose your paperwork right now.

Main functions:
- Register animals with data and picture
- Enter and edit statistics:
-- Feedings
-- Sheddings
-- Weight measurements
-- Length measurements
- Enter and edit generic events: Vet consultants, matings or egg deposition.
- Animal groups, create groups by type, age or any characteristic you like
- Quick-Feeding
-- Enter the same feeding for multiple animals or groups.

More features will be added in future releases.
So stay tuned!

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