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Time Out - Kids Device Time

Time Out - Kids Device Time

Applauz Media Solutions

Effectively managing your kids device time and encouraging good behaviour.

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Welcome to Time Out, the first app for effectively managing your kids device time as well as encouraging good behaviour. Time Out is super easy to use.

**** You can now create an account. This allows you to download the "Time Out - Behaviour Meter" app on your kids devices so they can see their behaviour, device time remaining and internet cut off time all in real time. ***

1.) Set how much device time you want for your child or use our defaults.

2.) When your child misbehaves tap the red sad face. Every time your child misbehaves 15 minutes will be reduced from their daily device time. Good behaviour is rewarded by tapping the green happy face. Extra good behaviour earns bonus time.

3.) Time Out remembers the daily limit you've set to help you be consistent with daily device usage in your home.

4.) Regularly show your child the BEHAVIOUR METER and encourage them to stay in the green. Or even better download the Time Out - Behaviour Meter app for their device.

5.) Some times kids just need a break from their devices. Use our built in Time Out feature for that!

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Time Out - Kids Device Time

Time Out - Kids Device Time

2.6 20 Reviews

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