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The Magic of Geomancy

The Magic of Geomancy

Davor & Robi

Geomancy, divination method, helps you find the way and make important decisions

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App Description

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Geomancy, from Ancient Greek geōmanteía translates literally to "foresight by earth"; it is a translation of the Arabic term ‛ilm al-raml, or the "science of the sand". Earlier Greek renditions of this word borrowed the word raml ("sand") directly, rendering it as rhamplion or rabolion. Other Arabic names for Geomancy include khatt al-raml and darb al-raml.

Being an ancient method, based on understanding conditions, people and things that surround you, can be used to act properly in otherwise hard-to-decide situations or to better understand things and happenings that can otherwise drive a person crazy.

This app will do its' best to let you peek into your positions and opportunities regarding geomantic reading you provide while concentrated on a specific matter, subject or situation. Remember, the purpose of Geomancy is to give advices, shed new light on misty occasions and help you make decisions, not to tell you the future. Used properly, Geomancy can be your very reliable guide in everyday life or during important turnovers.

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The Magic of Geomancy

The Magic of Geomancy

4.9 9 Reviews

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