Checkers - Classic Board Games

Checkers - Classic Board Games

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The great Checkers game, on your phone and tablet FOR FREE!

4.4 Ratings 8K+ Reviews 100K+ Downloads
The great Checkers game, on your phone and tablet FOR FREE!
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  • Custom rules! Jun 15, 2018

    By dcuellar44
    This is the first game I’ve played that has allowed me to play the rules I am used to playing. The ads aren’t bad but I paid to have them removed because I like what the developer has done. My only recommendation is to allow people to agree on rules when playing online. Seems like I can’t choose to play against people with the same rule set I am used to.
  • Jun 28, 2020

    By Allan Leeth
    Hands down the best mobile checkers game i've played !
  • Good game, but... Dec 30, 2019

    By Ahango
    Good game, but I have been asking for 3 years to correct a glitch: when taking 4 pieces the program sometimes stops the 4th move and when taking 5 it ALWAYS crashes. Also, it always forces one to take the larger number of opponent’s pieces whenever there is a choice which is not the Internationational rule. I contacted the programmers several times without success. This is the fourth time I’m writing about the problem with no results. The program crashes when 5 pieces are taken every time! And the rules don’t force one to choose taking the larger amount of pieces if there is a chive. Never got an answer from you about it! And years later the same problem remains unresolved ! Ridiculous!!!
  • Feb 8, 2020

    By Keith J