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App of realtime quiz, survey and SNS<br>Be used in various TV show program

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App Description

Google Play

Real-time Quiz play Application

Quiz show, Festival Event
KBS Follow Me
tjMBC Good Morning, Listen Up – broadcasting
EBS Scholarship Quiz, BoniHani - broadcasting

Smartmob ThankyouAge Introduction
ThankyouAge is a smartmob platform application for smartphone that allow user to join and play Quiz Event in real-time in order to creat collective intelligence
- Open platform allowing user to creat, operate and play Quiz games and events
- More than 3,000 Quizzes registed by expert
- Be able to join Quiz Event anywhere and anytime
- Using Quiz and Survey Event for school, university, company and other organizations
- Two-way interactive show allowing 1.000.000 to join at the same time
- Provide community service for user
- Be albe to broadcast Smartmob Event via TV cable, youtube, internet
- Be albe to use in various area like Quiz Event in school and university, smartmob Quiz golden bell, Quiz event in comapy, talk concert using new media

Interactive smartmob TV show example
KBS Smart Talkshow 'Follow Me'
EBS Smart Science Quizshow 'Go and go', 'Show me the Science'
EBS Scholarship Quiz 'Go to school'
tjMBC live show 'Good Morning', 'Morning and Quiz'
EBS live show 'BoniHani'
tjMBC Smart Talkshow 'Listen Up'
KBS '2017 Quiz On Korea'
KTV 'Policy HomeshoppingK'
KBS Fourth Industrial Revolution Science Concert
tjMBC 'Dinner for Kids (AhHae's dinner)'
YTN Collective Intelligence Quizshow 'The Rival'
Vietnam Version NTV 'The Rival'
Vietnam DienQuan 'Love Coin'

Smartmob Interactive Event
2014 Creative Economy Quiz Competition
2015 Hyo Culture Festival in Korea - Hyo Quiz Competition
2015 WTA Global Event Quizshow
2015 2016 Talk Concert for parent
2017 University Talk concert and Orientation events
2017 Company and Organization Events

[Access authority guide]

* Required Access Permissions
- Storage : Permission is required to save or upload photos, videos, and files in your device.
- Camera : Permission is required to provide photo / video recording, QR code recognition, and video conversation function.
- Microphone : Permission is required to provide video chat function.

* Optional Access Permissions
- Phone : Permission is required to provide phone call with members who public their phone numbers.
- Address Book : Permission is required to invite friends in your address book in Event.

* The service is available even if you do not agree to the Optional Access Permissions

* ThankyouAge App access permissions are compatible with Android 6.0 and above, and implemented by dividing into Required and Optional Permissions. If you are using a version lower than 6.0, you can not select the Optional Permissions. We recommend that you could check if the manufacturer of your devide has provided new operating system upgrade, and update to 6.0 or higher if possible.

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